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The Supplement Industry Is Changing, The Future Looks Bright

Imagine if the supplement industry received a Studio McGee makeover. It sounds like the next award-winning docuseries on Netflix, doesn’t it? Although our idea for a TV show probably won’t air anytime soon, the makeover is nevertheless underway. Supplements are changing, and so is the entire landscape of health, wellness, and well-being. As a society, we’re redefining what it means to truly be well; and in many cases, functional supplements are a critical component.


What is a functional supplement?


When we describe a supplement as “functional”, we attribute the following qualities to it:


It features a biology-based formulation.

It identifies and addresses the root cause of an imbalance.

It takes a holistic approach to treatment.

It prioritizes long-term health and longevity.


In short, functional supplements are a spin-off of functional medicine, which focuses on returning the body to its most optimal state of functioning. Supplements that fall into this category are formulated with the intention of using natural and alternative remedies to increase the efficiency of each bodily process; as well as bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance for comprehensive healing.


Individuals are no longer popping pills to mask their nagging complaints or general malaise. Instead, we’re consciously choosing to find wellness practices that support and enhance our body’s inherent healing (and thriving) abilities.


CURED: Supplements of the Future


Let’s take a look at Aura, for example.


Aura is a family-favorite nootropic. It combines broad-spectrum hemp extract (one of our signature ingredients) with a blend of mushrooms, adaptogens, and vitamins to promote mind-body balance and enhance overall vitality.


The full ingredient list includes our CURED Radiate Mushroom Blend (Turkey Tail and Chaga extracts), turmeric root extract, ginger root extract, licorice root powder, zinc, and vitamin D3. Each of these components was hand-picked with functional health in mind. They pack a punch on their own, but create an even more powerful cumulative effect when combined.


When taken consistently as part of a daily routine, Aura works directly with the immune and GI systems. While its effects can be felt acutely in each of these systems (as in, increased resistance to colds and viruses, decreased bloating, and improved digestion), the entire body experiences positive changes. Brain fog is lifted, mental clarity is refined, energy is elevated, cellular stress is ameliorated, and holistic health is bolstered.


In other words, the entire body is treated and healed; as opposed to a single symptom associated with a single health problem.


When our proprietary blends were first released, they sat squarely at the cutting-edge of supplements and science. Undeniably functional, each herbal formulation was (and continues to be) an invitation to an optimally functioning mind, body, and spirit – which is what we deem a truly elevated existence.


The changes underway in the supplement industry are exciting, aren’t they? What herbal innovations are you most looking forward to seeing in the coming years?

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