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Set Yourself Up For Success In Four, Easy Steps

With the challenge just one week away, we’re here with a few tips and tricks to set you up for success. The Elevation Challenge is designed to help you reboot your daily routine and create a radically new reality, but…that may require approaching your list of to-do’s in a new way. Right?


So, let’s chat about a few ways to do exactly that.


Make yourself a checklist!


First and foremost, take advantage of the social cards and checklists we send your way. Did you know that crossing off a task triggers the release of dopamine? It sure does! Just read this blurb from the Harvard Business Review, “Your brain releases dopamine when you achieve goals. And since dopamine improves attention, memory, and motivation, even achieving a small goal can result in a positive feedback loop that makes you more motivated to work harder going forward.”


The article goes on to explain that, according to one of their 500-participant research studies, individuals who check tasks off of a list report higher levels of motivation, satisfaction, and performance. Throughout the challenge, share your social cards to your Instagram story and have some fun checking off your daily tasks. That way, you’re more likely to get your hands on the grand prize. Cha-ching!


Stack your way to success!


Habit stacking is another way to set you up for longterm, sustainable success. The purpose of stacking (also known as chaining) is to create simple, repeatable routines. Pairing a new habit with one that you already have in place is a surefire way to build strong neural connections.


Let’s walk through an example. You already brush your teeth every morning, right? So, starting November 1st, your habit-stacking morning may look like…


After I brush my teeth, I’ll put on my walking shoes.

After I put on my walking shoes, I’ll call a friend and loop through the neighborhood.

After I finish my walk, I’ll sit down and answer emails.


Get cold and confident!


If you aren’t already accustomed to cold exposure, we have an inkling that this specific daily task may trigger the strongest aversion. If you’re ready to jump into a 40-degree cold plunge, we won’t be the ones to stop you! If that feels daunting, or if you don’t have access to an ice bath or true plunge, a cold shower will suffice!


Take your usual warm morning shower; but instead of finishing with that cozy, warm temperature, blast yourself with the coldest setting. When you turn the faucet to cold, start alternating your front and back beneath the cool spray. You can either go for the 2-minute exposure, or you can try this cycle – 


Turn the water to its coldest setting for 60 seconds.

Turn it back to a warmer temperature for 30-60 seconds.

Turn the water to its coldest setting for 60 seconds.



Just be sure to finish with cold water to ensure your body receives the most benefits.




Create a sense of community!


Last but not least, enroll a friend or family member into the challenge with you! It’s human nature to set goals. Just look at the January surge in gym memberships as proof. Less common, however, is actually declaring those goals in a way that fosters accountability and personal responsibility.


Studies have shown that you are twice as likely to achieve your goals when you share them with others. Understandable, right? When you openly verbalize what you are working to achieve, you’re not only motivated to save face (ahem, nobody wants to come off as flaky); you’re also communicating to yourself and your social group that this thing you’re doing is one of your top priorities.


It takes more than thinking about making changes to actually change your life. An accountability-buddy can be there for camaraderie and connection, as well as motivation to follow-through when it’s the last thing you want to do.


Hey, we know you won’t wake up with a burning desire to jump into the cold plunge every single morning. BUT knowing that you and a buddy are doing it together, even if your miles apart, will give you enough gusto to get the job done!


If you need more tips and tricks along the way, just pop into the Facebook group. Your success is our chief aim. We’ll see you there!


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