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Symptoms of Stress: Can Adaptogenic Mushrooms Help?

No matter who you are, you can be affected by stressors in your life. Even if nothing in your life has visibly shifted, stress can creep up on your quickly. What are the symptoms of stress? Can adaptogenic mushrooms help? The Cured Nutrition team will help uncover these essential questions. 

What are the Symptoms of Stress?  

Stress looks different for everyone. While stress doesn’t always “look” the same, there are many commons symptoms of stress. You might experience one, a few, or many symptoms – less or more doesn’t necessarily measure how stressed you might feel.   

Restless Sleep  

Do you normally sleep pretty well? At least 7 hours a night?

Have your sleep patterns suddenly changed? 

In the night, you may be tossing and turning, or unable to stop racing thoughts – this can be a sign that you’re under stress.

Maybe, you feel like you’re sleeping well, but then you wake up and feeling extremely tired or groggy in the morning. If this happens, your body might be responding to increased stress levels.  

Sleep hygiene is incredibly important, and when our lives are disrupted, our sleep patterns change. 


Headaches are a common symptom of stress. When you experience stress, the muscles in your face and jaw often tighten. This can lead to headaches that are both uncomfortable and distracting.  

Sometimes, this muscle tightening in your face happens without your knowledge. Oftentimes, if you’re stressed, you might grind or clench your teeth during the night.  

Many people get frustrated with this symptom because it can be highly disruptive to your day, happiness, and work, which inherently causes more stress. 

Common Cold  

When you experience stress, your body’s mechanisms physically respond. The immune system’s defenses are down, and your cells aren’t able to fight off infections property. This causes the common cold.   

This symptom can be perplexing – how can something you can’t see, something that isn’t even a germ, cause you to get sick? It just goes to show, stress can impact not just your mental health, but your physical health as well.  

If you’re under extreme stress, a visit to the doctor might even be required. 


Can Adaptogenic Mushrooms Help Reduce Stress?

For centuries, adaptogenic mushrooms have been utilized for their medicinal purposes. The question is, can adaptogenic mushrooms help with stress specifically? 

A recent review of the nutritional level of adaptogenic mushrooms provides us with these insights into how mushrooms can alleviate symptoms of stress:

As strong antioxidants, adaptogenic mushrooms promote healthy cell duplication. Antioxidants combat oxidative stress, which damages cells and how the body fight infections. To boost your immune system, which could be compromised due to stress, adaptogenic mushrooms are excellent and all-natural options. 

Adaptogenic mushrooms are also amino acids. When the body is in recovery from physical stress due to activity or yes, mental stress, amino acids help to repair the body. Additionally, amino acids help us to break down the food we eat, allowing for more nutrient bioavailability, which is important when the body is experiencing stress. 

Mushrooms for Stress-Relief

While adaptogenic mushrooms can’t take the stress out of your life, research suggests that they could help reduce the symptoms of stress you’re experiencing. As you find ways to reduce stress in your life, adaptogenic mushrooms might play a role in how to begin to prioritize your wellness. 

Cured Nutrition offers a variety of CBD products containing mushrooms. For a wellness boost, check out our Rise and Zen gel capsules.

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