11/23/21 | Wellness

The Cannabis Gift-Giving Guide

Newsflash: it’s 2021 and grandma doesn’t need another pair of house slippers. We have something much better in mind for her and for everyone in your life. With new states lifting the restrictions every year, partaking in cannabis isn’t isolated to the young and rebellious. In fact, we would argue that there are benefits to marijuana that most people, regardless of age, can enjoy.


Make the holidays extra special this year and stuff your stockings with something guaranteed to leave your loved ones feeling (extra) good. When it comes to cannabis, there’s a treat for everyone and every mood. Let us help you check off your gift-giving, to-do list with our favorite products.

Grandma wants to take the edge off.


Speaking of grandma, the family matriarch deserves to be at the top of the list. Don’t you think? Slippers are a predictable present, and we understand why that’s the case. Winter and cozy clothing go together like a mug of hot cocoa and our minty, CBD tincture. Even more important than feeling cozy, however, is feeling comfortable.


Winter can be a difficult season for anyone suffering from chronic discomfort. Whether it’s due to arthritis, a metal hip replacement, or just all-around achy joints, cold weather tends to exacerbate aches and stiffness. If that’s the case for someone in your life, grandma or otherwise, we recommend gifting them Everest Delta-8 Gummies. The organic, vegan, non-GMO gummies come in three flavors, are thoroughly tested by GMP-certified labs, and can be shipped to most states in the US. 


Delta-8 THC is a milder, less intoxicating form of the more common strain, Delta-9 THC. It’s more likely to create deeply relaxing, discomfort-relieving benefits; as opposed to the nervousness that can often occur with large doses of delta-9.

Mom wants to ease the pressure from her growing to-do list.


What’s one surefire way to trigger a cloud of mental stress and tension? Create a to-do list that adds new tasks quicker than it crosses off old ones. Well, that’s arguably the most common experience for homemakers this season. No matter who is responsible for coordinating the holiday parties, picking out the perfect presents, maintaining a spotless home, keeping the kitchen fully stocked, and remembering to take the family’s dog out on his daily walks (you’re anxious just reading that, aren’t you?), the best gift for them is a balanced blend of CBD and cannabis. 


When it comes to a smooth effect, it’s hard to beat Stillwater “Balanced” Ripple. The dissolvable powder contains 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC to help even your most wired loved ones find their center. The packets are individually wrapped, which makes dosing simple and seamless. The final perk? The powder is tasteless, so it can be added to literally anything. That’s right — what sounds better than a cannabis-infused soup that leaves your mind feeling as calm and comfortable as your belly? We’ll answer that for you: nothing.


Your sibling wants to feel euphoric despite Aunt Nancy’s prying questions.


Everyone has an Aunt Nancy. Although she means well, the way she hovers over the appetizer board and plays “20 Questions” is less than ideal. Help your little brother (or, ahem, yourself) beat the heat and still embrace that holiday cheer with 1906 New Highs Bliss Pills. This specific blend is formulated with a handful of carefully chosen plant medicines and cannabis to support a blissed-out state. Already, we’re fans.


With natural ingredients like Magnolia, Kanna, and Theobromine, the high that follows one of these little orange pills is perfect for easing social angst, enhancing the fun, and flaunting a permasmile. They’re portable, fast-acting, and pharmaceutical grade. Stuff them into a stocking (or five) and rest assured you’re gifting your loved one with unbreakable joy. 


What do you think? Is your circle ready for a gift-giving season they’ll never forget? Oh, and if you want to order doubles and stash away a few products for yourself, we’ve got your back. Tis the season for self-care, after all!

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