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BROAD SPECTRUM CBD | Supports stress management and overall balance within the body

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

[Pure Daily CBD Oil] has become a part of keeping my general stress at bay on a day to day basis. I have been using it over a year now and it is a staple in the daily routine!"

Amanda J.

Absolutely blown away by [Pure Daily CBD Oil]. I take it daily for stress and stress and it has been completely life changing."

Mona T.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter where you’re at in your journey, there’s something for you! If you’re not sure which one is right for you, here’s a quick breakdown:

Full Strength: 25mg CBD per serving and perfect for consistent use and general wellness.

Extra Strength: 50mg CBD per serving and ideal for frequent use and maximum relief.

The answer is a resounding YES. All of our products have been specially formulated by our in-house clinical herbalist to be effective on their own or as a part of a daily CURED stack!

Yes, Pure Daily CBD Oil is formulated with Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract making it completely THC free.

594 reviews for Pure Daily CBD Oil (Mint)

  1. David Kasperowicz

    I purchased Pure Oil, Regular Strength for my girlfriend, who has trouble managing her stress. She’s had much success with Pure Oil! She now has more uninterrupted nights of sleep and better stability during the day. I’ve also used Pure Oil and can testify that this stuff works! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to seriously curb their stress levels and experience a more restful night’s sleep.

  2. Elena Riker

    I have been using the CBD oil Pure for sleep. I was using low strength, and last time I accidentally ordered the full strength, and it was ok, I think it left me a little groggy, but not to bad. I just started taking it earlier in the evening. The last time i ordered the full strength, and they were out so they sent me (at no additional cost) the extra strength. I SLEPT SO GOOD! I am definitely groggy this AM, but with the sleep that I got last night, I’m hoping it goes away over time and will continue to give it a go. I have tried MANY CBDs for sleep, and have NEVER found one that works as well as Cured products. I LOVE it!

  3. Danielle

    I was hesitant to try this since I usually don’t like how cbd tastes, but this has a nice mint taste to it! I take this daily and it just calms my mind down without making me sleepy. It also works well in your coffee!

    • Customer Support

      Hey Danielle!
      Thank you so much for leaving a review! We are so happy to hear that the Pure Oil is working! Putting it in coffee is a great idea and great way to easily add it into your daily routine! We appreciate you and look forward to continuing to support you 🙂 — Brielle C.

  4. Araceli L. Aguilar

    This has been a wonder in my life. It helps with my pain, anxiety and stress. It makes the pin and needle feeling in my legs disappear, I actually sleep well. It also helps my fibromialgia symptoms. Thank you very much CURED team !!

  5. Karissa Marshell

    This is by far the most effective CBD I have used. I have a lot of anxiety but since I have started using this I feel like I can manage my anxiety much better. I take this once in the morning and once at night. I can not recommend this enough to anyone who is looking to try CBD!

  6. tfmorrow26

    Love this product! Helps me sleep at night. Great taste.

  7. Rebecca Stanton

    I originally got this oil to help sleep at night, and I didn’t realize how helpful it was with my anxiety during the day too! I use 1 dropper of the full strength in the morning and again at night. Amazing results – I can sleep through the entire night and am so relaxed during the day!!

  8. tfmorrow26

    I got it to help with my anxiety and insomnia and I really noticed an improvement. I will definitely purchase again. I even recommended it to friends.

  9. James Rockey

    This stuff is amazing !! I take 1 dropper at night to help with my recovery from lifting and to help me get a better night’s sleep. I take another in the morning, my anxiety doesn’t bother me any more.

  10. b.greenwood18

    I love this! I take my dosage between dinner & bedtime & piggy backed with Zen, it leads to amazing rest & recovery!

  11. Mona Trouville

    Absolutely blown away by this product. I take it daily for stress and anxiety and it has been completely life changing. It’s wild and I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t try it myself. Definitely a devoted customer from now on! 🙂

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Mona! Thanks for leaving us such a great review. I’m thrilled that you’ve found a natural solution to relieve your stress and anxiousness! We look forward to continuing to serve you 🙂 – Ashleigh J.

  12. gracemirabito

    I take 1 dropper every night and it has worked wonders on my sleep anxiety, it helps me get sleep better and not wake up groggy! 10/10 amazing!!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Grace! Thanks for leaving us a review. I’m happy to hear that our Pure Daily CBD Oil has done such wonders for your sleep and leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning! – Ashleigh J.

  13. Lillian Mosco

    The best! I use before bed for sleep and it’s the only way I stay asleep, fall asleep quickly, and wake up alert and refreshed. Love that there is a THC free option and how informative/transparent the company is about all of their products. I’ve tried a couple other brands here and there and always find myself coming back to Cured 🙂 It’s great for anxiety and muscle recovery as well, definitely worth every penny!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Lillian! Thank you for your continued support of Cured. We’re so glad that you’ve found the relief and better sleep with Pure Daily! We know how important that is for feeling your best. – Ashleigh J.

  14. Amanda Jones

    This oil has become a part of keeping my general anxiety at bay on a day to day basis. I have been using it over a year now and it is a staple in the daily routine!

  15. Amanda Jones

    This oil has been my go to daily dose for over a year now. It helps keep my general anxiety at bay and after all this time using it I can say my osteoarthritis and inflammation in my joints is nothing like it used to be. Will continue to be a staple in my daily routine!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Amanda! Cheers to finding Your Daily Dose and thank you for your support of Cured. We truly appreciate you and hope to continue to provide you with the relief you need! – Ashleigh J.

  16. mariaringer

    Use this every night about an hour before bed to help relax me and put me in a calm state before bed. I sleep so well and wake up without feeling groggy. Love this product!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Maria! Thank you for the positive feedback. We’re so glad to hear you’re sleeping well and waking up refreshed! – Ashleigh J.

  17. Kristin Robinson

    I don’t use daily only when I’m anxious about an appointment or something at work and it really helps keep me calm. I also use at night before bed if I’ve got too much stuff on my mind. Works wonderfully!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Kristin! Thanks for the positive review! I’m glad you’ve found a go-to option for those moments when you need to take the edge off! – Ashleigh J.

  18. Donald Lustenberger

    Started with the low strength oil, and enjoyed better sleep and it helped take the edge off my anxiety. Looking to get the full strength next! Tastes great, too!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Donald! I’m so happy that you are enjoying your experience with our Pure Daily Hemp Oil. You can’t beat the classic mint taste and better sleep! – Ashleigh J.

  19. Tyler Whitt

    Such a great product! You can tell how high quality it is and how much effort is put into making sure it’s of the highest standards. The mint flavor is perfect at night before bed and helps me relax greatly. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Tyler! Thank you for such kind words. We take great pride in ensuring Cured products are top notch so we can provide our customers like you with only the best. We’re glad to hear that our Pure Daily Hemp Oil has helped you relax when you need it most! – Ashleigh J.

  20. Jessica Beatty

    Excellent product!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Jessica! I am so glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed our Pure Daily Hemp Oil. It’s such a great staple product for any wellness routine and you can’t beat the refreshing minty tones. – Ashleigh

  21. Michelle Oelke

    I love this! Decreased my anxiety and most importantly hip pain I’ve been suffering from for months! I 100% would recommend this for pain and inflammation!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Michelle! I am so pleased to hear you’ve seen such an improvement in how you feel with the addition of our Pure Daily Hemp Oil. We are so glad you’ve found us. Here’s to feeling our best, naturally! – Ashleigh

  22. Dominique Johnson

    I started using this back in September of 2020 when I noticed that I was having significant trouble sleeping, I tried Benadryl, melatonin and Zzzquil. None of which worked long term. The pure CBD tincture has been the only thing that’s consistently worked well for me, I take one full dropper before bed and I’m out like a light.

  23. Jessica Beatty

    I’ve tried a lot of CBD products over the last few years, and this one is truly the most effective for me. I highly recommend it.

  24. shellyruemartin

    I have an autoimmune disorder which causes chronic pain and complex migraines. This particular brand of CBD has been life altering. I had tried other brands however they were not helpful. I have been using this product for about 2 years and highly recommend it!

  25. Brittany Quimby

    I can not live without this product! I’ve tried so many other brands but this one makes all the difference in how I feel. I also love that they use grape seed oil instead of coconut oil in this tincture 🙂

  26. roygibson

    This is my first time using CBD products; therefore, I have no way to compare to other companies. To date (3 weeks of use) I am very pleased with product. I use 1/2 dropper early evening and 1/2 dropper before retiring at night. I sleep longer and much sounder since using and have noticed a decrease in blood pressure which I routinely check. Have not noticed any change in joint discomfort – may be too early to tell. I’ve used about 3/4 bottle of full strength pure CBD mint flavor and am ordering 3 more bottles.

  27. Hilary Dovey

    I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks and it has been an absolute game changer! I have a high stress job and used to wake up daily with anxiety. I sleep soundly, and my mood is level throughout the day. So glad I gave this a try – it’s now part of my daily routine!!

  28. lsfrost

    The mint cbd oil tincture greatly improves the quality of sleep, and seems to reduce inflammation. Great product ! I really miss the dosing measurements on the dropper since Cured Nutrition switched to the new clear bottles. It makes dosing more challenging, less accurate.

  29. Jenna Lavallee

    I love this CBD and use it almost daily. It’s not too overwhelming and rather is very balanced.

  30. Therese Holmberg

    I love this product. I have tried others but this has the best taste and provides the best results for me. It helps me sleep so well at night and helps me recover better from my tough workouts. So glad I found your products!!

  31. Amanda Jones

    My go to daily oil. I love the new bottles and autoship option.

  32. isabela.riemer

    Great product! Has helped my sleep and chronic pain tremendously

  33. Amanda Jones

    This has become an every day staple. It takes care of my general underlying current of anxiety. In turn I am able to process and navigate my days with more ease.

  34. nikkijoallen

    I have tried others and this is by far the best! Great for anxiety and helps me get a restful sleep. Cannot go without this product!

  35. Sherry Anselmi

    I love this. I’m so glad you use grape seed oil instead of coconut oil in your tinctures like almost everyone else. Smoother and doesn’t bother my throat like the coconut. Best tincture I have ever used.

  36. Ashley S

    Great customer services. Great taste and it seems to be working great so far!

  37. M.C.

    I really love this product to help sleep at night! I have the 1000 mg and I take about half a dropper.

  38. Kayla J

    Perfect! Literally has been saving my night time anxiety and helping me sleep deeper. I love it!

  39. Sawyer Jacobson

    Helps with my headaches! Love my CBD oil!

  40. Alice

    Helps me sleep so much better! Love this product

  41. Willia Pina

    I believe CBD Oil is a great alternative for longevity and improving your health.

  42. Emily

    This product is absolutely amazing for chronic pain, arthritis, and especially recovery after workouts (before bed). I saw a difference after taking it the first time and ever since I’ve reordered!

  43. Cw

    I ran out of drops and I forgot to reorder. I’ve see a significant increase in my insomnia and also my day to day anxiety levels.

  44. Mary

    This has been a life changer for both my husband and I. Sleep is better. Daily anxiety is better.

  45. kat

    I’ve been using this product for about a month and a half now and have been loving it!! I had trouble getting to sleep, but after taking (1000mg) about .75mls at night I’m able to relax enough to fall asleep and stay asleep through out the night now. will definitely be re buying this!!


    Love this product! It’s really helped me with managing why anxiety. I take it before work and before bed 🙂

  47. Elly

    Great product! I have seen a massive change in my moods, anxiety, recover after training and my sleep is so much better. I’m using a serving in the morning and in the evening. Love the taste of this product and how well it’s made. I really like what this company is doing and I enjoy listening to The Cure Collective podcasts. Highly recommend any of these products to everyone. Keep it up guys!

  48. Amanda

    We absolutely love this product – I ordered up from the 250 to the 500mg and couldn’t be happier with the relief. On a very stressful day I will take the morning serving but add a half serving because of restless sleep and this has completely solved those sleepless nights! THANK YOU CURED!

  49. Nick

    This stuff is amazing. It has helped me sleep so much more peacefully and has helped my body to relax whenever I’m feeling restless.

  50. Rebecca Jackson

    This is my first CBD product I have ever used or tried! I 100% can tell a significant difference in my day to day anxiety levels. Which is funny because I didn’t even know I HAD anxiety, until I didn’t. I started with the 500mg and take it one or twice per day, depending on the day! Next time I will order the 1000 and adjust the dosage! Worth every penny! I can’t wait to explore more from them! 10/10 would recommend!

  51. Lisa Maksimyadis

    Started taking this week and I’m loving it! It’s helping with my joints and helps me fall asleep faster. I’m super impressed with how refreshed I feel in the morning.

  52. Zack Evan

    Not only is the flavor on point and minty fresh.. but I’m able to sleep much easier and faster. And it’s perfect for when I’m stiff and sore at my desk at work. Makes my stiff back relax and quit down so I can focus on work (sometimes I’ll even finish my work so fast I’ll leave early lol.)

  53. Katya Ortega

    I love this product it has really helped my anxiety!

  54. Tatianna Berry

    I love this stuff! Most CBD makes me groggy but this one doesn’t.

  55. Denise Coville

    I have a hard time sleeping through the night, I struggle with anxiety and have a high stress job, and I lift weights and heard CBD can help muscle recovery. I’ve been taking half a dropper of the 1000ml twice a day for a week, and have noticed that I’m less stressed and in a better mood at work, and am sleeping much better. According to my fitbit I almost got a full 8 hours of sleep the other night, which hasn’t happened the whole time I’ve been wearing a fitbit. I haven’t noticed any changes in muscle recovery yet, but that’s okay. I’m definitely going to keep taking it, and I’m excited to try other products.

  56. Kristina

    I have horrible sciatic pain and lower back problems. I’ve been taking this a week and have had instant relief. I don’t wake up in pain like I usually do. I’m getting great sleep! I also noticed after doing a workout I have less soreness the next day.

  57. recommended. Johnson

    Good flavor. All positive effects, no negative side affects to report. Definitely well reccomended.

  58. Carrie Kelsey

    Wow I’ve tried other cbd oils but this one is soo soo smooth and delicious! No oily aftertaste and it keeps me so nice and mellow. I am very impressed with the power and the taste, very glad to say I’ll be getting more!

  59. Amanda

    This oil changes lives. It changed mine! Works so much better than some of the other things I have tried. From someone who has tried everything under the sun, this oil is the only thing that helps!

  60. Denise

    I am so pleased with the relief I have gotten! Stairs no longer bother me and walking the dog is a pleasure again! I had used another brand, but the “green apple” flavor was not great. I dreaded using the drops twice a day because of the flavor. The mint flavor in Cured Mint Oil is great! Also, the customer service at Cured Nutrition is fantastic! Thanks for a great product and for taking good care of your customers!

  61. cheri

    I have DEFINITELY noticed a change in my quality of sleep and am 100% planning on buying another bottle. I sleep through the night when I was previously waking up multiple times and staying awake for 30 minutes to 4 hours in the middle of the night. Ive also had an extremely easier time falling asleep which was not possible before!
    The taste of the Mint Oil is great and very easily taken. This has definitely been a miracle product for me and my quality of sleep. I look forward to trying other products from Cured!

  62. Lyndsay

    This stuff is a lifesaver. Highly suggest for anyone looking for a natural remedy, it actually helps.

  63. Elizabeth

    Love this!! I’ve tried several other cbd oils and none of them have calmed my mind as much as I feel this one has. My ONLY reason for not giving 5 stars is that I use 2 dropper fulls a day, which gives me about 2 weeks of usage before I need to order another bottle. Expensive but worth it

  64. Richard Pelland

    Not sure yet. Used it for several days for sore lower back muscles after surgery. Have not used Rx pain killer. Seems to help somewhat.

  65. Kym

    I have been taking just the smallest amount every night now for a couple of weeks and WOW I have noticed such a difference! I sleep better and feel well rested in the mornings. The product tastes good and I like that you can control your dosage with the dropper! So easy and effective. Will definitely continue using and buy again!

  66. Savannah Warr

    I always take some before bed and it helps me relax and fall asleep much quicker. It noticeably helps me!

  67. cjkdill

    Love this product!!

  68. Vicki

    This tastes good and it really calms you down!!

  69. Haley

    I’ve been using this oil for a couple weeks now. I got it to try and help with my anxiety and inability to sleep. I’m also using it for inflammation, workout recovery and to balance my blood sugars. It’s been working so well. I take this one in the morning and the full spectrum in the evening. Highly recommend and will definitely purchase again!

  70. Frank Greenwald

    This was my first time purchasing and using cured CBD oil, or any CBD product for that matter. I take 1ml in the morning and 1ml before bed of the 500mg bottle, and it has been great. During the day I am way more relaxed and clear headed. At night the same thing and I have been getting great and restful sleep. I plan on buying some for my father who deals with a lot of pains and aches.

  71. Frank Labbate

    Great product! Take it after a long day of work/training and I am able to relax and get a good night sleep, wake up feeling fresh!

  72. Evelyn Barskey

    Absolutely love the Mint oil! I take it in the morning before work and it helps to keep me calm and level headed throughout the day! Will definitely be purchasing more.

  73. Katherine

    I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I’ve noticed such a difference in how quickly I become relaxed and able to wind down compared to other brands I’ve used. I definitely will be repurchasing this again, such a great product!

  74. Shannon

    This product has been life changing for me. I’ve struggled with insomnia for 5 years now due to anxiety, depression and PTSD. Since I started using this product along with the Zen capsules I’ve gotten the best sleep I’ve had in years! This has improved my overall mood, decreased my anxiety/depression and has greatly improved my energy/focus throughout the day!

  75. Kelsey

    Have tried so many different CBD oils and none of them can compare. Haven’t even finished my first bottle and already buying a second!

  76. Julie

    Excellent customer service. My order arrived within three days of purchasing online and I received numerous email updates to provide information on my order’s status. I was very pleased and am already ordering another bottle!

  77. Lana Woolley

    Great product. Taste is pretty good, not overpowering. Been using it a few weeks and find getting to sleep is easier. I don’t notice any grogginess or noticeable lack of sharpness. Just helps keep my mind from overthinking too much

  78. Julie

    I absolutely love this! I suffer from anxiety and can never stay asleep. Super groggy in the morning but after taking this GAME CHANGER!!

  79. Kait

    Love this stuff

  80. Kala

    Helped my mood sooo much, thanks for making such an awesome product.

  81. Abry

    This product has helped me tremendously with my anxiety! My thoughts are no longer racing and I can focus better.

  82. Keith

    This CBD undoubtedly helped me with my sleep, anxiety, and inflammation. And finally, a CBD that tastes good.

  83. Alex

    So happy with this product. Calms my anxiety on the spot in a very natural way that doesn’t leave me more anxious worrying about what I put in my body. Very happy and will be purchasing more in a higher dose!!

  84. Christie Landry

    This has honestly helped me with my anxiety and makes me feel way more relaxed! The taste is great and the packaging is great! I cant wait to order more.

  85. Julie

    Really do love this product! I have been using it from mild anxiety and slight going pain in my wrist and have noticed a difference when I take it regularly! Excited to start my second bottle!

  86. Briana

    Noticeably helped with sleep and staying asleep!

  87. Autumn Chelenza

    After 8 years of having a really tough time falling asleep and staying asleep, I finally decided to try CBD and see what the hype was all about. I was pleasantly surprised. Just after two weeks of taking two drops a day, I’ve slept better than I ever have. I’ve been able to focus during the day at work and let the little stresses not impact me negatively. Some nights I sleep all the way thru and if I wake up, I’m able to fall back to sleep and actually feel rested the next day. I’ve tried so many prescription sleeping pills and hated putting the chemicals in my body and feeling drowsy the next morning. I will 100% keep reordering from cured nutrition and look forward to trying more products.

  88. Andrea

    My husband has been taking this for anxiety and it seems to be helping. We are going to give it a couple of months to make sure, but he is already calmer and thinking about work less on his days off! That’s a great start! We will be repurchasing!!!

  89. Jessica

    The minty taste of this is the best part, and it actually works too! Love cured nutrition, can’t wait to try their other products!

  90. k.caufie

    I have been on prescription anti-anxiety medication for over a decade and this honestly has given me more immediate relief in only a week of use than any medication I have been on. I will be repurchasing!

  91. brittnee House

    I bought this product about three weeks ago and it’s the first time I have used CBD oils. I wanted to give it a try for my anxiety. Let me just say I LOVE IT. I will definitely be buying again. It’s the best nights sleep I have ever had. The mint flavor is just right too not to over bearing. Definitely recommend. Speedy shipping also.

  92. Caitlin

    My sleep has benefited greatly from a nightly dose of this stuff. It has helped ease my anxiety as well. Will certainly continue to use this!!

  93. Gerri

    Was a little skeptical of using cbd oil but i’m totally hooked! I’ve been taking a small dose in the morning to start my day which helps me to relax. At night i take a larger dose before bed and i find it improves my sleep. I notice I’m less anxious and it calms my breathing. Great stuff!

  94. Chuck

    I turned to CBD for help with anxiety and it was also recommended to me to aid in workout recovery. I opted for the 1000mg Cured Classic Mint Oil and so far I’ve noticed I’m much less likely to let my anxious thoughts take over. Everyday aches and pains seem to have disappeared as well. I would definitely say you should give this product a try.

  95. Jenna

    I just started using CBD a couple weeks ago to reduce inflammation, aid anxiety, and help with sleep and I am LOVING it so far! The mint one tastes great and it doesn’t feel like a chore to take it, which can be common when taking supplements or vitamins sometimes. I’d totally recommend if you haven’t yet tried it! It’s also awesome to have the reassurance that what you’re getting is quality product since CURED is so transparent. 10/10 would recommend!

  96. Leta

    This was my first ever CBD experience and I love this product! I’ve noticed a huge difference in my sleep, I take half a dropper before bed and I’ve actually been SLEEPING through the night… when I used to get up at least once every night.

  97. Sheana

    For anyone who suffers from TMJ issues, you know how painful the symptoms can be. Aside from wearing a mouth guard every night and doing Float Therapy for pain relief and stress relief, I tend to still have some lingering pain when I wake up.

    Therefore, I thought I would give the 1000mg Cured Classic Mint Oil a shot and was shocked with how much relief it has provided. I can honestly say that I have not woken up to any more pain. And I cannot forget to share how great my sleep quality has been as I have been sleeping like a rock! I am so thankful I came across Cured Nutrition and HIGHLY recommend their products to anyone and everyone!

  98. Emily

    The taste is great, unlike a lot of other hemp/cbd oils I have tried. I am definitely experiencing better sleep and having very lucid dreams. Will purchase again!

  99. Jeremy Fulco

    I have tried a few other CBD brands before and have gotten little to zero results with my anxiety and relaxation. With Cured Mint 1000mg, I have been more mentally calm and relaxed enough to shut the mind down at night and get some really amazing sleep! Thanks guys/girls @Cured and also thanks to Laurin Conlin for spreading the word??

  100. Richard Inderrieden III

    I have Kyphosis and with it neuropathy so my pain levels stay elevated. With Cured I’m able to drop the ibuprofen and refuse the nerve pain medications. I feel so better with being all natural and this helps wit those day to day stresses of life! Just another added bonus and also why I’ve bought it for my mom.

  101. Keri

    Love 250mg mint oil! It has improved my sleep, I wake up each morning before my alarm and refreshed. I’ve been taking it constantly for 3 weeks and only once I’ve had to take pain pills for chronic neck pain, typically I was taking pain medicine daily.

  102. Taylor

    6 months ago I moved to Colorado from the East Coast, and on top of my body adjusting to the altitude I was also adjusting to the big move in general and experiencing some of the worst anxiety I had ever dealt with. Exercising is more difficult for me here with the higher altitude which was always my outlet for my anxiety. I’ve always heard things about CBD aiding with so many things including anxiety so when I came across Cured Nutrition on Instagram I decided to give it a try and I’m so grateful that I did. I’ve been taking this for two weeks now and have already noticed a significant difference in my levels of anxiety. And it helps that it taste delicious too! Im all about natural remedies for anything off with your body and would recommend this & have been recommending this to everyone I know struggling with these same issues and more!

  103. Hannah

    My husband loves this product! I’ve found it to be so-so thus far, but I haven’t quite figured out the dosage yet. I’m pregnant, and my doctor wasn’t super keen on me taking it. My husband takes it before doing house projects though, and is MUCH calmer. Definitely works, just have to play with the dosage a little!

  104. Ami

    Worked well for period cramps

  105. ha.chritton

    I have tried other brands but this brand is my new favorite. The dropper does not leak and my anxiety has greatly been reduced. The mint flavor is not overpowering like the other brand I was using. I also feel it’s a better quality dark bottle that preserves the product. Would highly recommend and I also use the zen nighttime cbd as well!

  106. Julia

    Love this stuff! I have only taken it for about 3 weeks now but I cans definitely tell it has helped improve my sleep.

  107. Natalie

    This product helps me to be able to rest at night. Love it so far!

  108. KS

    Started using the mint oil after success with using another CBD oil product. The cured product took my results to the next level. My symptoms from a knee issue were keeping me from moving normally. This product reduced the symptoms to keep my life normal and revealed the root cause of the symptoms to my doctors. I’ll be using this for recovery from surgery and training. Great product!!!

  109. Molly B

    I love this product! I take half a serving in the morning and half a serving before bed. It makes me feel calmer and more relaxed throughout the day. Definitely recommend!

  110. Trevor Knoll

    Amazing, great recovery, fast shipping. I have been using this stuff for a while and I can’t go without it. I love it.

  111. Sonia Preusser

    I’m a new mom (not breastfeeding). I feel like the most challenging part of having a new baby is being able to sleep on demand. I’m always tired but when I try to sleep my anxiety keeps me awake. I’m sure other new parents can relate to this same feeling. I was taking sleeping pills to get to sleep but I quickly realized that they make me feel more tired if I don’t get the full 8 hours, I feel an all day grogginess, they take forever to kick in, & do nothing for my anxiety.
    Now that I’ve tried the mint hemp oil to sleep & help with my anxiety, it actually helps me stay asleep but in the middle of the night during late night feeding I don’t feel groggy & not an all day grogginess either. So there’s a significant difference.

  112. Chris Clatworthy

    I started taking this product after hearing about it on two different podcasts, and I decided I should check it out for myself. Very glad that I did. I take it first thing every morning and it makes me feel like the clouds have lifted from my brain! I get a calm sense of well being and a clearer head every time. Fantastic product that I’ll be using for a long time to come.

  113. alanmessina

    I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks for my anxiety and insomnia and boy I wished I tried this sooner. This is truly an amazing product and has totally transformed my sleep pattern into a deep and restful sleep.

  114. Nathan

    I use this to deepen my mindfulness practice at night and relax before going to bed. I haven’t noticed a difference in physical feeling when taking it but I have noticed that regardless of how much sleep I get, the CDB helps it be deep enough that I feel good in the morning. I used to have to be dragged out of bed but ever since I started utilizing this I feel more refreshed in the morning, I recommend this for everyone to try at least once!

  115. rgrubaugh80

    I started taking this mint flavored CBD about a week ago. I suffer from major stomach problems after eating, digestive tract issues. BUT since I started this, I have had no tummy aches AT ALL. Its seriously a miracle!! I have cut dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, nuts…. basically everything everyone is allergic to, out of my diet trying to figure out the problem. Bad news, I still don’t know what the problem was and it went on for over a year!!! Good news, it doesn’t matter because my tummy aches are gone!!! Thank you CBD Oil!!

  116. Brittany

    I truly am cured from my physical symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder that I have suffered from my while life. It is amazing feeling this way. Thank you Cured!

  117. Megan

    I bought the 500mg mint and it’s been awesome. I take it before bed along with the Zen pills and I’ve been sleeping a I well and I definitely see a difference in my anxiety.

  118. Kate Dawson

    I absolutely love this product! I have tried plenty of other CBD oils and this one by far has helped my anxiety the best.

  119. Stephanie west

    I have 4 kids and I’m running a business from my home and was having a lot of anxiety and stress and the Cured mint oil has made such a difference for me. I feel more clear of mind and more patient in addition to my anxiety levels being lessened. I take it in the mornings and at night and I feel great!

  120. andreanschaefer

    Absolutely love my CBD Mint oil. Twice daily helps keep my anxiety at bay and just a sense of ease through out the day as well. Can tell a huge difference since implementing this product into my daily routines.

  121. Jennifer

    I’ve been taking this product for a little over two weeks and can’t believe the changes that I’ve already experienced. I’ve been sleeping better, have lower anxiety, recover quicker from my weight lifting workouts and the biggest surprise benefit for me is that my (pre-menepausal) hot flashes have stopped. I will definately be ordering more.

  122. Jacquelyn Zimmerman

    We have been using this for our son’s SPD and have seen a huge decrease in his sensory seeking behaviors. This has been such a blessing for our family!

  123. Carrie Miles

    Great product!!! I’ve been feeling so anxious and wound up all the time, since starting the 500mg twice daily I’m feeling mellow, and chill all the time, and sleeping better as wel!!

  124. Emma Holtzapple

    I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed a significant different in my anxiety levels. I’ve been taking a dropper full in the morning and at night, which leaves me feeling calm and had slowed my overactive mind. Will continue to repurchase.

  125. Brooke

    I started taking this 2 months ago. I have noticed a huge difference in Munich anxiety and sleep. I will definitely continue to order. I also love that this is flavored mint!

  126. Tiffany

    Got this product after several recommendations. I have only taking it for about a week, but the first night I could tell a huge difference in my sleep! Completely amazed by it. I am hoping it also helps with my joints. I crack way too much for a 28 year old haha. My hands/fingers get extremely stiff when its cold outside. But it is already helping relieve some of the pain.

  127. GDarst

    After about two weeks of using this product, I am sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed! Forgot to take it before bed the other night and noticed the change in my sleep. I sleep so much deeper while I use this product. Will be purchasing more soon and trying other products!

  128. Bridgette Szelestey

    Loved this! Really has kept my anxiety at bay and definitely improved my sleep!

  129. Dalton

    I have purchased from this company several times they are always fast with their service, and their products are amazing they have brought me so much pleasure and helped with many things particular my workout pains and helping me to sleep. I am very grateful for this company.

  130. Danielle M.

    My first experience with CBD oil and I’m not disappointed. It not only has helped with anxiety but inflammation as well. LOVE!!

  131. Malorie T.

    Love this product, I ordered the smallest serving at first to try it out and now I’m buying the 30 full serving. Helps me sleep and not and to feel relaxed throughout the day. The mint flavor is great and the price for such an amazing product is worth it!

  132. Katherine

    I’ve tried both the 250mg and 500mg. Both products are amazing and good doses if you are just starting out trying CBD. My sleep has been amazing and my anxiety in the mornings has been tolerable. Definitely recommend!!

  133. Jaclyn

    I bought the 500mg for my husband who has pain in his legs from a car accident he was in. He’s been taking this twice a day for a week and we just had a big storm come through. When I asked how kid legs were feeling he replied “fine, why?” This stuff took all the pain he typically has away, which is a lot. Also, is has calmed his nerves and anxiety a lot as well. I can definitely notice when he does not take it. With that being said, I too have tried it, and didn’t notice any difference. I took the same amount as my husband and nothing. Mind you I am a lot smaller then my husband is too. I guess it works different for everyone.

  134. Katie C.

    LOVE this product! I was a little worried that the mint flavor would be too much, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was not overpowering. It has a great taste and is easy to use. I will be ordering again!

  135. Brittany

    I love this stuff! I can definitely tell the difference! I use it in the morning for anxiety and inflammation and I use it at night to help calm my nerves and fall asleep quicker. I’ve struggled with anxiety for quite a long time, mainly social anxiety, and now I’m able to socialize without feeling anxious. Love it and I’ll continue to buy it and recommend it to family and friends.

  136. Danielle Nelson

    Love this product!

  137. weyer.matt

    So far I have noticed a big difference in staying asleep at night. I train in the evening so calming down can be an issue. The 500 mg has absolutely helped with this!

  138. Ashley

    Love it! It has helped significantly with managing my anxiety and helping improve the quality of my sleep. I was a little hesitant to try it, but I am so glad I did. 🙂

  139. Ivanina Vargas

    Love it! I have morning nausea and after starting my mint hemp oil drops it goes away within 10 mins. There are so many other benefits like natural calm feeling, focused, and clear-minded.

  140. Cap Fellows

    Anxiety be gone! I have been testing this out for the past week and my sleep quality as well as daily demeanor has improved 10 fold. I feel outstanding. 🙂

  141. Emily

    I found out about CBD oil when my brother was going through chemo. He used it to help his nausea symptoms. When I started looking at the benefits, I saw that it helps sleep and anxiety. I decided to try to assist with sleep. It has really made a difference. I think I need a higher dose now since I’ve been taken it for a few weeks, but I haven’t made that adjustment yet. I’ve been really surprised how much it helps. I can’t take melatonin due to the intense dreams, so this was a great addition! The mint flavor is great too!

  142. Talia

    Got my CBD oil about a week ago. I’ve been using it when I feel overwhelmed and have seen great results even a short time. I feel my heart rate slow and anxiety lessen. It doesn’t make me overly tired or groggy. It’s the perfect mood stabilizer. The taste isn’t as bad as I thought either and it’s very easy to use. Will definitely purchase again.

  143. Erika

    I love the product. I have noticed myself feeling less anxious. I notice myself feeling more clear-minded and focused.

  144. Denis McDonough

    Tastes great! Very effective!

  145. Ashley

    I started using the Classic Mint 500mg 12 days ago.

    I am a very skeptical person when it comes to natural supplements. I’m also quite the penny pincher and rarely spend this much money on anything, especially something for myself (I’m sure all you mommas out there can relate) I did extensive research about CBD oils and different brands that were available to purchase online. After reading ALL of the reviews for this specific oil I finally decided to give it a shot.

    I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, scoliosis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, sleep disorders, excema, etc etc etc…. And I’m only 25 years old. I’m a mom, a wife, and a very active person. And all these things are really slowing me down.

    I was desperate for something to help with my overall wellness.

    I’ve been doing a full dropped in the morning and at night for 12 days…

    …and my excema is GONE. I have tried steroids, creams, lotions, essential oils, just about everything over the past 5 years and nothing worked. 12 days of this CBD oil and it’s GONE. That right there is worth the money.

    I have also noticed a slight difference in my mood. I feel lighter, if that makes sense. It took about a week for me to feel a difference, but I’m excited to see how I feel in another 12 days! It would be fabulous if this oil helped ease all of my ailments, and maybe it will with time. If you are looking for a sign that you should buy this and give it a try, here is your sign.

    Thank you Cured Nutrition, I will definitely be back for more!

    (Also Cured Nutrition, please consider creating a line of CBD vape juice. I would be excited to try that as well!)

  146. Kara S.

    Love love love this oil! Has helped tremendously with my anxiety and insomnia. Nice, minty, subtle taste. Would recommend to everybody!

  147. carol woodruff

    Thanks to the CBD oil I sleep better and have less leg and knee pain.

  148. thomas woodruff

    I have been taking CBD oil for two months and it has done wonders for my anxiety and depression. I also sleep much better.

  149. Bradley J Claycamp

    I received my CBD oil very quickly. Started taking it as directed and felt almost immediate benefits. I’ve had a spot in my back that was constant nagging pain anytime I worked out. Since starting CBD oil that pain has almost completely stopped!!

  150. Jeannine

    I started taking this CBD product in Sept 2018 to help with migraines and the change has been amazing! Less migraines plus I sleep so much better. I highly recommend this to whoever is considering purchasing.

  151. Allie G

    Just received my 2nd bottle from Cured. I was suffering from daily migraines, almost 18-20 days out of the month on average. Last month I had 0 migraines, and this month, I’ve only had 1 minor migraine! I’ll take it!
    Not to mention the improved sleep, less stress and anxiety during my work day. All together a life changer. Friends and family have noticed my improvements and are interested in Cured products now too!

  152. chalstead378

    Absolutely love this product. Have been using on and off again for about a year now and can definitely tell the difference when I forget to order! I am actually able to sleep the whole night with this product and my daily anxiety and arthritic pain have reduced so much. Honestly can’t rave enough about it!

  153. Matt Neu

    Definitely a pleasant minty taste. I didn’t notice anything dramatic with use, but my wife, who is receiving chemotherapy for lung cancer, said it helped her with pain reduction. I will be purchasing more in the near future.

  154. jacyshaw93

    I love this CBD product. I have had chronic headaches for years and years and consistent use of the CBD has helped lessen the frequency and severity. The quality of my sleep and anxiety in life has also been positively affected as well.

  155. Sarah

    I absolutely love everything about this product and company. My muscles recover so much better and my anxiety has significantly reduced since taking this product each day.

  156. Holly

    I was apprehensive at choosing a CBD oil, as it was new to me and I wanted to be sure of quality. I did a lot of research, and am really happy with my choice. My main objective was anxiety, and this has made a huge difference. Highly recommended.

  157. Jessica

    Great product! I use after workouts for muscle recovery, before bed to help improve sleep, and at the beginning of the day to help prevent anxiety.

  158. Hannah

    I recently started using CBD for anxiety and became a big fan. I bought a local one but hated the flavor, so a friend recommended this product. I could not be happier with the taste and product itself!! I’ve only been using it for a few days but have noticed a difference in my anxiety. Within 10 minutes of using the dropper, I feel it kick in. Love it!!

  159. Madeline

    I got my CBD oil about a month ago and I have used it every night since! I absolutely love this stuff, I take a dropper and a half before bed and it relaxes me and helps me fall asleep easier. In the past I have used melatonin to help me fall asleep, but in the morning I would feel so groggy and not want to get out of bed and it is the complete opposite with the mint CBD oil. I wake up feeing refreshed and ready to take on my day! The mint taste also helps!

  160. Sammy

    I absolutely love this product! I’ve been on the fence about ordering/trying CBD fir a long time, esp because of being in the medical field. But this stuff is great my anxiety is down I don’t feel as restless. And sleep oh sweet sleep I’ve missed you. I havent slept this good in a long time till I started using this.

  161. ml

    Love this! Helped me recover faster from workouts and get better sleep. I would wake up naturally after 7 hours feeling more refreshed , and not oversleeping!

  162. bmcdonald09

    This is such a great product! I suffer from general anxiety and depression. All day my brain would come up with a million things to worry about and little distractions would help quiet the worry. At night was so much worse with the worrying and overthinking. Since I’ve started taking this CBD oil I’m able to fall right to sleep! During the day I’m not worrying or overthinking! It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever taken!

  163. Brittany Q

    I love this stuff! I have tried a few different brands of CBD oil but this is by far my favorite. It helps with so many different things and I love the mint flavor. I can’t live without it!

  164. Shelby Mitchell

    This has been a game changer!! I’ve had a lot of stomach issues and this is the only thing that has worked. After one week I’m almost completely healed. My doctor told me that I was going to have to be on a pill for the rest of my life. I started doing research and found Cured Nutrition. I’m just so amazed with my results

  165. bigden720

    This product is great. Thank you.

  166. shobedelatorre

    Me and my husband has been using this for more than a week now and he notice a big difference with his knees. Hes been going to physical therapist but nothing changes until now thanks to CBD oil.

  167. Alissa Vestal

    Love, love, love for my anxiety and helping my mind shut off at night! Highly recommend.

  168. Miranda

    I’ve been using the oil for a couple weeks now and I don’t think I ever want to be without it again! I bought the oil to help with anxiety and it really does help. I use it morning and night and almost instantly feel relaxed. It’s a game changer and way more cost effective than other methods I’ve tried. I was hesitant at first, but Cured has made a believer out of me!

  169. Niki

    I am very impressed with the mint CBD oil. I am just coming off several years of antidepressants (under doctor supervision) and I decided to try a small bottle to see if if it would help with my moodiness and anxiety. It has been amazing and I plan to reorder and see how things continue to develop. I am very hopeful.

  170. jessica1

    Love the taste of the peppermint CBD oil. I take a full dropper of the 500mg in the morning and a dropper are night before bed. I definitely notice a positive difference with my anxiety and sleep better at night. Love this stuff!

  171. madcowog

    First time using a CBD product. I am now now a believer!!!! My overall mood has been just generally better and anxiety has not been an issue. I just simply feel better.

  172. KS

    I like this product. It has really helped with back pain from buldging discs. It has taken the edge off a little where my anxiety is concerned, too. (Was hoping for more.) Haven’t really noticed a difference in my sleep quality. Overall, a really good product I will re-order. I’ve also told some friends about it as well.

  173. Sara

    Have had the mint hemp oil for a couple weeks and have noticed a difference in my sleep and feel a lot more relaxed! Will definitely be a repeat customer!

  174. Tanner

    Great product! Life changing! Had a head on collision about 8 years ago, and broke both my
    Ankles, my right heel, legs, and other bones in my back. I now suffer from arthritis in my foot/ankles, as a result. I have also recently (over the last 2 years) began lifting again. The pain in my ankle and foot after leg day would be bad the day after, then would get slightly better over the next few days, causing a decrease in quality of life. That pain with 2 droppers per day has decreased significantly to the point sometimes I have zero pain. Thanks for providing a good, clean product I can trust!

  175. livferiozzi

    I love taking this after work, after a workout, or before bed. It really helps with mental clarity, recovery, and overall soothing. It quickly absorbs and has a nice taste.

  176. Zmo

    This stuff is amazing. Huge difference in my anxiety=less of my OCD tendencies showing themselves. Great product, also doesn’t hurt that it is mint flavored.

  177. slater75

    I was skeptical at first with CBD oil in general but decided to give this a try. In a week I’ve noticed a reduction in pain post workout and overall with nagging inflammation. I’m more alert in the mornings and overall more relaxed during the day. Definitely adding this as a staple of my day.

  178. Anna

    I’ve been taking the mint CBD oil for about a week. I really enjoy the taste! I purchased to aid in recovery and help with inflammation/pain I’m dealing with. I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet, but I just started. I’ve never had a problem falling asleep, but I take this at night and do feel like it helps me achieve better sleep.

  179. Steve

    So far my wife has only use one bottle but she has noticed a drastic difference in her anxiety from day to day

  180. Heather

    I have only been using this for a week, and I can already see a huge difference. I have wanted to try CBD for my anxiety because I really suffer from the side effects of traditional anxiety medication. This has worked so well for me! I feel so much better taking this than my other medication. This has also been great for muscle recovery.

  181. Stephanie S

    I love this stuff! I had heard amazing things about CBD oil and I wanted to try. I was on anxiety medication to take as needed and when I ran out of those I finally decided to try out CBD oil! I ordered 250 and I will deff be ordering more soon! I take 3-4 droppers every morning after my coffee and I honestly notice a huuuuuuge difference in my mood. I suffer from really bad PMS as well and this has done wonders during that week! I’ve also noticed a difference in my anxiety as well. Sometimes before bed I will put some in my tea, however I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my sleep patterns. Overall, this product is great and I would deff recommend trying and seeing the effect is has on your body! I will 100% be purchasing more

  182. Angelina

    I just received this product and have been taking it in conjunction with my Cured CBD Gel Capsules. I’ve been taking two capsules a day (one in the AM and one in the PM) for a couple weeks now. I felt a huge difference with just those alone. I sleep better, my anxiety decreased, my bloating, inflammation and acne went down pretty significantly (I’ve only had a flare up cause of holiday food goodies). I decided to try adding this oil to help me microdose during the day. This oil actually tastes good it’s not too potent or overwhelming. I’ve yet to mix it with tea I just put it directly under my tongue. It’s perfect for giving myself something before leaving the house or before a meal to take my anxiety and stomach troubles away. I also fell off of a stool a couple days ago and took no ibuprofen just CBD and my twisted ankle healed within two days and my bruised tail bone is almost completely healed. This stuff is pure magic and I’ve literally been recommending this company to EVERYONE!

  183. Andrea Carr

    I am 1 week into taking the mint CBD and am loving it so far. The taste is great and each night my sleep has been getting better. I look forward to seeing more positives from taking this as time goes on!

  184. fraternalmom

    A friend recommended I try the mint CBD oil for my anxiety. I have been using half a dropper 2x a day with the 500 mg for a week. I notice I’m sleeping much better at night. I’ve been able to recover from workouts quicker. My anxiety has lessened. I was worried because I don’t like mint but it’s similar in taste to a stick of gum. Much milder than I thought. I will definitely be ordering again.

  185. Taylor Vincent

    Really has helped my anxiety!

  186. Josie

    I’ve dealt with severe anxiety at night time and have been using this for the past week and have noticed a huge improvement! Seriously love this stuff!

  187. Keri C Turner

    Love this stuff! So easy and convenient, and the benefits are beyond amazing! Customer for life!

  188. Anthony

    My uncle has been using this for a few months to deal with arthritis in his hands. After a few days he was able to make a full fist for the first time in months!

  189. kara.fur

    This stuff has been a life saver for my anxiety! I’ve tried over the counter and prescription medication, weighted blankets, special pillows, herbal supplements, and the list goes on and on. NOTHING has eased my anxiety like my Cured mint oil. I’ll be turning in my repeat order soon!

  190. Sam

    My friend uses CBD oil and recommended it to me for anxiety. I’ve loved it so far and i’ve used it every day since I got it!

  191. Irma Vela

    I love how CBD has helped me sleep much better. I feel much more rested in the morning than I used to. I also like how it helps me recover after working out.

  192. Sydney

    This stuff is amazing. It has helped me sleep so much more peacefully and has helped my body to relax whenever I’m feeling restless.

  193. mcenteeks

    I purchased this to help anxiety at work and sleeplessness. Within the first week I could see a major change. I work in a hospital and frequently have to use needles and start IV, and my hands used to shake uncontrollably in the morning due to stress and anxiety of the day ahead. One dropper of the CBD oil in the morning, and I’m back to steady hands and just overall much calmer. As for the sleeplessness, this product does not make me sleepy, but rather calms me enough that I can sleep soundly. Highly recommend for anyone. If I had any complaint, it would just be for a larger bottle!

  194. Nicholas

    Have been using it for a few days now and the inflammation in my hip has been noticeably improved. My wife has also been using it for stress & anxiety and has noticed major improvements there as well. Great product!

  195. Katrina Varady

    I am totally in love with this product and this company! My anxiety was starting to take over my life and causing me not to sleep at night. I’ve been taking this for about month and have noticed a huge difference. I am calmer, not on edge and my brain slows down. Currently out and need to reorder because within just a few days, anxiety has returned. The 500 mg last me about a month for those of you searching for how long it will last you. Also the mint flavor is perfect! I take a dropper full right before bed and leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed feeling. So I highly recommend for those of you with anxiety, sleep issues, depression or over thinkers.

  196. Ellen S

    I bought this product to help with my insomnia and job related anxiety. I’ve been using it for for two weeks and I can attest that it helps my sleep so much better I wake up after uninterrupted sleep and don’t feel groggy!

  197. Christina L

    Wow! I’ve been using this for about a week and my sleep has improved so much! I don’t wake up throughout the night, and I wake up feeling well-rested. The best part is that I don’t feel groggy in the morning like I would with traditional sleep aids. Definitely will be repurchasing 🙂

  198. Nicole

    Love this product!!! I can notice i big difference in my sleep, my joints and my over all health :))))

  199. Jessie

    This has helped significantly with some inflammation and pain I was having in my legs. I’ve noticed a huge improvement on my quality of sleep as well.

  200. Hannah Albregts

    This was my first time trying CBD oil and I love it! I have noticed a difference in my anxiety and I am much more calm during the day. I don’t get as stressed out as I usually do. I take a full dropper at night and in the morning.

  201. Jessica Gayton

    I love this product. I’ve never slept better and the minty taste is amazing. The best part is it doesn’t make me feel too groggy, out of it, or too relaxed. It’s perfect.

  202. Christy

    This is the first cbd that I have ever tried! I take a small dose (250mg) in the morning and at night! I’m so calm during the day (im a high school teacher) and it definitely helps my brain shut off at night when I’m going to sleep! Great product!

  203. Megan

    I noticed a difference in my anxiety and sleep. I think I’ll try the 500mg on my next order!

  204. Jessica

    This is my first time trying CBD and it has been life changing. My anxiety has improved dramatically, my insomnia is barely there, this product is incredible. And the mint tastes very good!

  205. Alisha Riley

    Some of the best products I’ve ever used. I’ve suffered from anxiety for many years. I take this in the AM and PM and it has completely changed my mood and sleep. Love it!!! Totally recommend!

  206. Judy

    Have been using this since July and it has helped a great deal with insomnia and stomach issues! I tried another brand and did not find it as effective…I will stick with Cured!

  207. Ryan Long

    Cured CBD has done wonders for my sleep…better-feeling joints is merely icing on the cake! Cured Mint is a great alternative for those don’t like the “earthy” taste of the full spectrum. Cured has my business!

  208. Michelle

    This legitimately helped me sleep. I woke up actually rested. Will repurchase!

  209. Maria

    First time using CBD oil and i love it!

  210. Kristy

    Third time purchasing this product. I love it. Take it before work outs and helps me get a good night sleep at night. Definitely recommend this products to everyone

  211. Katie Dolan

    Love this product! Has really helped my fiances insomnia and makes us both sleep like babies without feeling groggy the next morning! We love it!

  212. Lacey

    Absolutely love this product! I have trouble falling asleep but never wanted to take anything that would be addictive or mood altering in any way. This has been the perfect solution!

  213. Jenn Thompson

    I can’t say enough about this. Everyone in my family and some coworkers have started on the cbd journey with this product. It has been life changing

  214. Nicole Elissa Lopez

    I’m on day 51. I take 250mg every morning. My depression is gone and my anxiety is less. I feel happier daily and wake feeling I have a purpose. This is my 2nd bottle.

  215. lisammasterson

    2.5 years ago I fractured my pelvis and sacrum in a total of 5 places. I struggled daily with residual pain and the inability to sleep at night. I am now on my second bottle and have been able to sleep, resume normal activity and overall had a more relaxed mental state. 100% satisfied with my decision to give this a try and would definitely recommend to friends.

  216. Kacee hensley

    Very happy so far! Have only tried 3 times but immediately I felt more relaxed and slept the best I have in months! No groggy wake up or lingering side effects like other pills and great for anxiety

  217. Samantha S.

    I love this! I have been curious about trying CBD for my mild/moderate anxiety and to help me relax after long shifts at work. This CBD oil has changed the game! I will definitely be trying additional Cured products.

  218. Samantha Montaño

    I have been using this CBD oil for months. I take half a dropper (1 serving) first thing in the morning and again right before bed. I have other external factors affecting my stress and anxiety but I KNOW that using this oil has helped not only my stress levels throughout the day but it helps me stay asleep for the whole night. I can’t imagine not having this oil!

  219. George Foote

    I have been using the 500mg and 1000mg Classic Mint Oil for about six months now. It is truely a game changer. I use it mainly before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby. I also use it to as part of my recovery process to reduce inflammation. Stoked to have learned of this company and will continue to use their products.

  220. Laura

    I often have problems staying asleep at night. The first night I took this I slept like a rock! So much so that I woke up in the same position that I fell asleep in and was a little stiff! I have tried the capsules but haven’t noticed a significant difference with them but definitely like this oil.

  221. a.autruong

    I’m relatively new to using CBD products. This oil was the first that I tried – I take half a dropper twice a day for my lower back pain and it helps reduce inflammation and soreness a lot. I actually went to a local CBD store (I live in Chicago) to try their product and for whatever reason it was not nearly as effective as the Cured oil. I’ll be sticking with these guys from now on!

  222. Victoria

    CBD oil has been life changing for my sleep! I work nightshift and went through a rut of not sleeping well during the day, which was affecting my work and my relationships. Cured CBD oil helps me relax and helps me get better rest. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels like they have poor sleep quality!

  223. Kendall

    Love this product so much. I was having panic attacks on a pretty regular basis. If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know how debilitating they can be. This oil has made them so much more manageable and I barely have any anxiety anymore. It’s been pretty life changing for me. Customer for life!!

  224. Stephanie

    I love this stuff! It helps with my anxiety, sleep, and general focus. I am able to relax easier and settle down for bed. I take a half dropper every morning and every night. I can’t wait to to order more!

  225. Gab

    I’ve been using this product for about a month now and I have seen a lot of improvements in my overall health. I suffer from migraines and I feel like this has helped lessen the severity of my migraines. It also helps me unwind from the day and sleep at night so I wake up feeling well rested. I take a dropper of 250 when I get home from work and a dropper of 500 right before bed. Its worked like a charm for me & I highly recommend!

  226. Taylor

    This has helped tremendously with my chronic back pain. I don’t like to take pain medicine so this has been a lifesaver for me. I work 12 hour shifts on my feet and no longer have pain at the end of a long shift!

  227. robert krumwiede

    Great product to help reduce stress and general body aches!

  228. Jamie

    Very high quality CBD oil. The mint flavor is very nice as well. It has definitely helped with sleeping as well as giving me a calming sense in the morning before I leave for work. Will definitely purchase again.

  229. Christine Ackermann

    Tasted great and super easy to use! Very happy I went with this produce!

  230. lexymiles053

    I use a full dropper at night and a half dropper in the morning and absolutely LIVE for the taste! The only things that I have to get use to is sleeping all the way through the night haha! ?

  231. beck.kelseylynn

    I use a dropper in the morning and also before bed. I absolutely love this stuff! it has helped so much with anxiety, inflammation and allows me to get a better night’s sleep! Customer for life!

  232. Courtney

    I bought this when my anxiety was really bad and nothing seemed to be helping make it any better, so I decided to try out CBD oil as I had heard it helped. I’ve been taking it for over a week or so now and my anxiety is totally gone. I take some in the morning when i wake up and then a full dose at night before i got to sleep and I have been sleeping through the night which doesn’t happen a lot and I haven’t had anxiety since i started using this. I love this stuff def will be repurchasing.

  233. garyempire

    Awesome product!!

  234. Alexandria Hernandez

    This stuff is amazing. I actually take it during the day and it calms me but also motivates me.

  235. Brianna Williamson

    I love this product!! I have severe anxiety and have been using this since August and my doctor is starting to wean me off my medication!!

  236. Matt Burton

    I’ve tried many CBD products, and Cured is by far the purest I’ve had. Would recommend their products to anyone looking for true anxiety relief. I never thought it would work, but it does and I’ll never have to look for another cure again!

  237. Anthony Williams

    Loving the Mint CBD oil so far. I take some before bed with my ZMA and I fall into a sleep deeper than the Carlsbad Caverns I tell ya.. if you’re an athlete of any sort or even suffer from anxiety this stuff is a real game changer as of so far.

  238. Rich

    Love this CBD noticed changes in my mood and use it for CrossFit recovery

  239. Cassidy

    I’ve been using for about a week and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my sleep and overall anxiety and mood. Highly recommend!

  240. Melissa Reneski

    I haven’t noticed much of a difference yet, but it definitely helps me sleep!

  241. Nico

    Such a simple product that goes a long way! Started taking this in the morning and nights and the difference is clear. I can now sleep through the whole night without waking up from the usual body aches as a result of heavy training and years of contact sports. Plus during the day a lot of those aches and pain aren’t really noticeable. Cured Nutrition will definitely be a regular in my supplement protocol and I’m looking forward to see the long term value this has for me.

  242. Kerri

    CURED is amazing! Helps me sleep and relax, and takes the edge off of my anxiety on especially tough days. A little goes a long way too. Just ordered my second bottle. Thank you so much, CURED!

  243. Gina

    This has worked wonders for my anxiety! I have fully weened myself off my Zoloft and couldn’t be happier!!

  244. semailloux

    I have used it for a few nights and have had better sleep. After being on my feet all day it helps me relax. Awesome mint taste. I would definitely recommend this to any of my friends or family.

  245. Emily

    Taste is great and it definitely helps me relax! I sleep so much better when I take this, and have noticed my stress levels are down a lot too

  246. katieloukellogg

    Love it! Just purchased my second bottle 🙂
    I do two full droppers morning & night.
    I totally recommend the Classic Mint Oil!

  247. mikaela olson

    Before finding CBD, I had an anxious mind all of the time. It was stressful just for me to leave the house because I would find 10 other things that I needed to do before I felt it was ok to leave. I also suffer from chronic migraines and was getting more flareups. I have been taking the mint CBD since July and it has been a game changer. I literally tell everybody that I can about it and why they should be taking it. My mind is no longer constantly anxious, I don’t feel the need to keep running lists in my head and my migraines have subsided substantially. I can’t imagine ever stopping with these products.

  248. Laura Cochran

    I started using this product for my anxiety. I instantly could tell it was working. Now I have my husband using it for inflammation along with several friends. Everyone I know is having amazing results.

  249. Madison Surface

    Great product! I recommend this product to all my friends and family! It has reduced my axierty and panic attacks and well as help me sleep and function better mentally daily.

  250. Megan T

    Absolutely love this CBD oil! Started taking it to help with the inflammation I get from my lupus. However, I noticed a huge difference in my quality of sleep!! I actually fall asleep without thoughts constantly racing through my mind and I can actually get the sleep I’ve been desperately needing!! Highly recommend!! Just bought the CBD treats for my dog!!

  251. Jasmine

    This really helps my RA pain and makes me more able to function.

  252. Catherine Sanburn

    I bought some a few weeks back and I love it. My sleep specifically has improved.

  253. brittani.harris

    Love love love this!!!

  254. Brittany

    Love love love this product! Really helps out when I’m feeling stressed/anxious

  255. Jasmine Carignan

    This really helps my rheumatoid arthritis pain. I’m so happy I found it. Also it tastes pleasant!

  256. Danielle

    I love this! It’s allowed me less anxiety through the day and better sleep at night. Definitely a necessity!

  257. Katie

    Absolutely love this cbd oil. Helps me sleep like a baby and recover from workouts/my very active job. Also helps with my anxiety.

  258. Kaitlyn Goetz

    Absolutely love it! I have struggled sleeping for a long time and this is the only product I’ve found to help! Highly recommend!

  259. Callie Tanzini

    My husband has been taking 500 mg for just over a month now and has absolutely loved it. He recently started a new job and it has helped him with stress management, feeling less anxious and he has a clearer mind.

  260. Jennifer

    Honestly amazing! I sleep so much more soundly and deeply when I use the Mint CBD oil. I can tell the difference on the nights that I use it and if I forget or go to sleep without it. As someone that has suffered with lifelong sleep issues, this has been a godsend! Don’t hesitate to try it!

  261. Krystie

    This is the first time I’ve tried cbd and I love this brand! I bought the 500 mg and it’s just right for me. Helps me relax and also makes a huge difference in my workouts! Definitely recommend this product!

  262. Julie F Giles

    I bought the 1000mg mint CBD oil, thinking I was getting 1 bottle; 2 arrived. Happy Customer right out of the gate! 🙂 Besides the awesome product delivery (fast shipping), the CBD oil helps to calm my anxiety attacks; it’s not a cure, but it definitely takes the edge off and allows me to think clearer and use my other tools for dealing with the anxiety.

  263. Alex

    Great product! Has helped so much with my chronic back pain and anxiety! Will definitely repurchase.

  264. Cody Fleming

    My first experience with a THC free hemp extract. The flavor was great and the effectiveness was everything I expected.

  265. AmriDrew

    First time trying CBD and it has helped my sleeping. I feel more relaxed as I’m winding down from my day and then in the morning I am less high strung. Will definitely be repurchasing a second bottle!

  266. Mary Baker

    Coming home from work (believe it or not I am a pharmacist!) stressed to the max from stress. I get home, have a dropperful and the stress fades away. I have even started recommending CBD oil for my patients especially those on anti-anxiety drugs! Cured CBD oil is a game changer!!

  267. ewhetsel27

    Amazing, I always have had issues sleeping, and anxiety thru the day..this is a must. I immediately could tell a huge difference thru out the day. Made me focus, relaxed, and could process my daily routine at ease without panic attacks. Ordering another right now!

  268. Nicole Christ

    I had been told about Cured by a fitness buddy of mine and boy as i glad i listened to her!! This product is amazing!!! I ordered the 500ml CBD mint oil and I’ve been taking it for about a week or so now and can already see a different in my mood, sleek, energy level , joint recovery, stress levels and even my apatite! Im in love and will continue to buy for a long time! Im also going to get my dad on the oil as well he has alot of health issues and a very bad back from falling . Thank you Cured Nutrition and Ashley Nordman!!!

  269. Victoria

    Will definetly be purchasing more!

  270. Kim

    I bought this after a friend recommended it. I had hoped it would help with my deprrssion& anxiety, sleep and my siatic nerve pain. So far my depression, anxiety and sleep have all improved drastically. I have noticed some improvement in my siatic pain but it’s still there. Overall I’m very impressed with this product and I will continue to use it.

  271. Marcelo

    Great product. 0.75 mL before bed has really improved my sleep.

  272. Christopher Poudrette

    This has been a great product for me. I really believe that it has helped me get a better night’s sleep.

  273. Katherine

    So this is my first time trying a CBD product. I started out with the 250mg. I instantly felt more relaxed. By the second night I was sleeping so much better. In a deep, comfortable sleep. I am a person that usually wakes up several times in the night. I take at night and some in the morning and it also has helped with my anxiety that I get especially from my job. I still have high stressed moments but I feel more level headed. So pretty much this product helps if you have anxiety, trouble sleeping, and if you are athletic and work out from my experience. If you don’t like mint well, it has a strong mint taste but I don’t mind it. I will be purchasing the 500mg!

  274. Kelsey K

    Great product! This has made a huge difference.

  275. Trena

    so far i have been able to tell a difference in my anxiety and overall calmness…I have a thyroid disease and although I’m not naturally an anxious person from time to time my anxiety is so awful! Also have noticed a better recovery after workouts 🙂 i would recommend this to anyone!!!

  276. arescigno

    The best sleep my gf and I have ever had. We both workout 5/6 days a week and we’ve woken up feeling more rested and recovered than ever. I tend to snore and it has completely stop it as well. Best money ive spent in a while.

    * first item delivered was the wrong ML and customer service sent out the right one the next day and even let us keep the 250. Amazing customer service!

  277. Lauren

    Solid product! Huge help with recovery from my workouts. The mint flavor is nice too!

  278. Madison Osleger

    I love this product. It has helped me sleep as well as ease the pain of period cramps without other medications. It also helps with my anxiety 10/10!

  279. Samantha Kreso

    Every night I have trouble staying asleep and will wake up numerous times throughout the night. After taking this for a couple nights, I have seen a difference in my sleep and I’m less tired in the morning! I will definitely continue using this and try some other products they have! Super happy.

  280. Kelly Hatten

    I love this product! The taste and consistency are great, and this is something I was worried about. In taking the product I’ve noticed a complete elimination in my anxiety and I’ve been sleeping better than I have in recent years. I will be purchasing again!

  281. Henry Bergmann

    Not my first experience with cbd, but definitely the best. The classic mint oil is great for joint pain, and at night for insomnia. My shoulder was a major problem, but Cured has helped a great deal. As for sleep a half dropper to a full dropper will get me to sleep in 15 minutes. Overall a great product and no side effects.

  282. Kate

    I just got this product, but I already love it. It really helps with my anxiety and stress. Definitely worth the price!

  283. mona hess

    I have multiple sclerosis and I feel since I have been taking this I feel small improvements, which is huge for me. I will be buying again.

  284. Bruce Froelich

    All around one of the best things I have found to help me get lasting and restful sleep. Suffer from anxiety and take this at night to help calm the mind/body. Works every time. I feel refreshed in the mornings after I take a dropper fill the night before. Unlike other “meds” I felt the benefits the first time I used it. There is no adjustment period. Life long user now!!

  285. Megan

    I really enjoy this oil! Nice mint taste. I’ve noticed since using it’s been easier to fall and stay alseep! Will repurchase

  286. Marilyn

    This helps my anxiety and stress so much. I feel like I’m a new person when I use this product. I absolutely love it, and recommend it to everyone! Completely worth the price, this is the only thing I’ve found that works for me.

  287. Dalton Carroll

    I’m a super anxious person. This helps 100% take the edge off ?

  288. Laura

    I have been enjoying my mint drops! The taste is a nice, mild mint. This has worked wonders for my anxiety and racing thoughts. I feel more calm and ready to take on the day. Not to mention the amazing sleep I’ve been getting! Will be repurchasing again and again!

  289. Emily

    I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks. I have noticed my day to day anxiety has decreased! I am sleeping much better! This oil tastes lightly minty. Would highly recommend!

  290. Alaina Richards

    Has greatly helped my anxiety!!!

  291. Danielle Willms

    I’m in LOVE with this oil! I lift and always have an issue with post lift inflammation and this product has been a game changer. It has also helped me to achieve more restful sleep. I definitely recommend this product!

  292. LW

    I have been taking this consistently at night, I have found that taking 3/4 of a dropper of the 1000mg oil works best for me. I have noticed less anxiety at night therefore have been able to go to sleep quicker.

  293. Jordan Brown

    This stuff has helped me get to sleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed! Less stress for sure. I only take one dropper during the night unless I feel a little extra tired.

  294. Alexa

    I’ve tried a few other supplements in the past for general restlessness and anxiety, and so for this is what has worked the best! The mint flavor is sooo refreshing, as well! I’m almost finished with my first bottle and I’ll definitely be ordering more!

  295. Casey McLelland

    Just about to finish my second bottle of the CBD oil and I’m so happy I decided to try it! Not only has it decreased my anxiety and helped with my PTSD but has helped tremendously with my migraine headaches as well. I use the recommended doseage only at night before I got to sleep and have been sleeping like a baby which is very rare for me cause I have always suffered with horrible insomnia. Thank you so much for an amazing product!

  296. jul5_5

    I love! I was new to the CBD world and did a ton of research. I decided to try Cured and have loved it since day one. I am a nurse and I find it helps me with anxiety AND with muscle tension. Being TCH-free is very important to me as I need not only a drug free drug test but a clear mind. I take it in the morning and at night before sleep. Some days I find taking a dose during the day helps too.
    My only complaint would be the top of the dropper tends to leak after use; needs a better seal so be careful when traveling with it. I lost a whole bottle leaking out in my work bag – BUMMER!

  297. Abby Peek

    I was so skeptic at first, BUT this CBD oil has done wonders for my anxiety, inflammation and sleep!! Highly recommend it!

  298. Megan

    I just recently started using this product and absolutely love it! It doesn’t knock me out or anything but truly helps with my anxiety and I feel completely relaxed.

  299. Allie

    I love this product. It’s helped me calm down (I get anxious very easily, not necessarily diagnosed anxiety though) and sleep better through the night.

  300. Kristina

    My mom and I love this Cbd! I have never slept better ever and my stress and anxiety has reduced. I’m sure if I got a higher mg it would all improve even more but for now this is great!

  301. Todd

    This has really helped keep away my negative mindset and very quickly brought a more positive and mellow though process. Right after this review, I am buying another bottle. Thanks Cured.

  302. Hillary

    product really helped with joint pain – helped me sleep better as well.

  303. Alisa

    I tried CBD oil and have noticed great results for my anxiety. It actually helps me feel relaxed when my chest physically tightens from anxiety. I take it every night before bed and it helps me not have racing thoughts so that I can fall asleep easier and don’t need the tv to distract me anymore. I went on a 4 day trip and didn’t bring it with me and it wasn’t until then that I realized how much I loved CBD oil and how many instances on my trip I had where I wish I had it to calm me down. Definitely would recommend to anyone with anxiety that wants a natural way to help with physical and mental symptoms.

  304. whitsmith894

    Love this product! It has helped me tremendously with my sleep. I used to have a difficult time falling asleep at night and staying asleep. This has made such a difference and now I wake up feeling so rested. Looking forward to trying the dough!

  305. Robin

    This is great with muscle recovery and I notice a big difference when taking it before bed vs. not taking it. I wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy at all!

  306. Danielle

    Love this product!! I have struggled with anxiety for awhile and this truly has helped me feel more at ease. Plus the mint flavor is a nice touch!

  307. Kaily

    Love this product. Will be purchasing more!

  308. Kaily

    I’ve slept so much better this past week thanks to Cured! Definitely will be ordering again.

  309. Jordan

    After 2 days of using for the first time, I immediately ordered more! I’ve seen such a dramatic difference in my quality of sleep and overall anxiety. Will absolutely continue to use/order!

  310. Amy Accardo

    Changed my life

  311. Sadie

    I’ve never slept so well in my life. Love this product!

  312. Candace

    This product has improved my sleep and helps to calm me after a long day. Love the flavor!!

  313. Thomas Boyd

    A few drips in my morning coffee gets me dialed in. I was running a lot hotter before and this cools me off. It’s been a huge relief for anxiety and even some digestive issues and the mint oil is vegan, which is crucial to me. Couldn’t be happier.

  314. Steven Hadley

    Tried this after my sister’s recommendation. I have problems with anxiety, chronic pain, and accompanying side effects of medications. I noticed some relief regarding my anxiety and chronic pain on days that aren’t severe, and any relief on good or bad days is welcomed. Given my high tolerance to medications in general, I probably need to go up to the next dosage but overall, I would definitely recommend trying this to alleviate anxiety issues.

  315. Joclyn

    I really enjoyed the taste. It definitely improved my sleep and calmed me down during stressful situations at work. Will definitely be purchasing more!

  316. Ashley

    I am one week in and have already seen improvements in anxiety, sleep and digestion. I bought this as an all natural way to relieve anxiety and so far I am loving the results. I like that I can adjust the dosage if need be and the taste is great.

  317. shane.revels

    Love this mint cbd. This has helped my anxiety 10 fold. Far more than any perscribed meds. Sometimes the littlest things would stress me out. Now
    I see them as a part of life. Find a solution and move on. Thanks cured!!

  318. Frances Batarse

    Absolutely eases anxiety and stress. The mint is refreshing too!

  319. Kelsey

    I have severe anxiety and I have tried so many products to help. This has calmed me down on a day to day basis. the flavor isn’t too bad but I wish the bottle came bigger because I go through it so quickly

  320. mrschia

    Nice taste and great for everyday use!

  321. Alicia Floyd

    Has really helped my anxiety and moods from my pcos!

  322. Nick

    Adding CBD to my nightly routine completely changed my life. I have had issues with sleep for years and this product changed that on the very first night. It is always delivered quickly and in excellent condition. The product is clean, high quality and I don’t have to worry about the purity or potency. Could not recommend this product more highly.

  323. kristen.macario

    ? LOVE this product! My main purpose for purchase was to up my recovery game from training to help with inflammation and to hit some solid ?’s. Definitely a needed addition to my daily routine. Would highly recommend!!

  324. Kerri Williamson

    This product has helped relieve stress and anxiety in neck and shoulders! I have had discomfort for 6 months and it’s the only thing that has worked to relieve the stress and knots. LOVE IT!

  325. Kerri Williamson

    I started taking CBD oil a week ago. I was experiencing shoulder and arm pain due to stress and possibly anxiety. I felt relief within two days! I’d been dealing with the discomfort for 6 months. Amazing! The oil is pleasant tasting and easy to take.

  326. Danielle DeMille

    Very refreshing mint taste , excellent for daily use !

  327. Emma Richards

    This product has definitely helped me get to sleep quicker and helped me manage my stress or at least feel like I’m less stressed and anxious throughout the day. Minty flavor is enjoyable!

  328. woodfokf

    I have been using this for about a week and I’ve noticed a drop in stress and anxiety and a huge increase in the quality of my sleep. I love this product!

  329. Maddie

    Love it! Started using it before bed to help me sleep and I feel so much more relaxed and ready for bed when I take it!

  330. Emma

    This oil truly makes a difference for me. At the end of the day, my body is exhausted but my mind usually takes a while to wind down, and this has helped tremendously.

  331. Christie

    I love this CBD oil. I ordered the 1000mg, but was sent the 500mg by mistake. Cured quickly remedied the mistake and I should be receiving my 1000mg soon. I take 2 drops of the 500 mg as needed for anxiety and 3 drops before bed. I was waking up several times a night before trying cured and now I am sleeping like a rock without any grogginess. I also noticed my workout recovery time has improved. I really look forward to the 1000mg. My next order I definitely want to try the raw. Amazing product!

  332. Kelli G

    I bought this for my older sister because she has a hard time with anxiety, sleeping, and has arthritis issues on her wrists. She absolutely loves it and said she’s been wanting to try it. It has helped her a lot and now my dad wants to try it too! It’s great quality and a great company.

  333. Laura Wynne

    I’ve only been using this for a couple of days and have already noticed a drop in stress/anxiety and an increase in quality sleep time. I’m even starting to feel some relief from joint inflammation which has plagued me for quite some time. The taste is great as well which makes it a pleasure to take it.

  334. Rachel Crebessa

    LOVE this product. I’m a medical student and recently school has started giving me anxiety that was interfering with my daily life; I had trouble falling asleep, and when I did I was always dreaming about school and waking up several times in the night. After about 2 weeks of use, I think it’s really helping me! Would highly recommend

  335. Gabrielle Dey

    I have been using this CBD oil for 2 weeks now and I have to say it works great! I needed something for anxiety that wouldn’t effect my migraines, and this CBD oil helps relieve those as well! Very appreciative of the person who referred this company to me!

  336. Jade Och

    I got my CBD peppermint oil in the mail just a couple weeks ago and it has become an essential! Not only is the taste is phenomenal but it definitely helps you chill out- absolutely worth purchasing.

  337. Maxwell Milton

    CBD from cured nutrition is without a doubt one of the main factors that enables me to fight anxiety!! I am extremely grateful!!

  338. Sonya

    Amazing quality product! The mint is rather intense, but leaves my mouth feeling refreshed.

  339. Erin

    helps ease sleep and stomach issues

  340. tori

    I started using this product to help me relax and sleep at night as I was caught flipping and turning while I was thinking too much and couldn’t rest. I didn’t notice a difference at first and don’t use the whole dropper but it has helped when I use 4 drops (NOT droppers) under my tongue about 45minutes before bed and then 3 drops right before bed. It has felt pretty good so far. We will see what happens in the next month

  341. Katie

    I’ve used this product for the last week or so by only doing one dropper, 50ml. The effects aren’t huge, I don’t feel any major changes. But I will increase my dose to 2 droppers per day. We shall see. I recommend this if it is something you want go try!

  342. renifong

    LOVE this product already. I have been using it for the past few days and I see a difference in my anxiety within minutes!! 100% recommend

  343. Lorena

    Unfortunately it did not work for me – made me extremely nauseous right away after taking it, and made my stomach hurt really badly. Also constipated me severely. Did not had any positive effects as I was expecting, did not help with my anxiety or mood swings, did not do anything really. Now I’m stuck with a $100 bottle I can’t use.

  344. Vanessa

    I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I could remember. Constantly waking up numerous times throughout the night caused me to wake up feeling more exhausted and already anxious thinking how I was going to do everything in my day feeling tired. Just after the first night using Cured hemp oil, I slept throughout the entire night and woke up feeling great! I took it in the morning and actually felt motivated And less agitated throughout the day. My hands used to shake from how anxious I would get and I never wanted to take any prescription drugs because I’ve seen close friends just look so sluggish from the side effects and having kids, I didn’t want them to see me that way. I would get anxiety taking them to the park or stores with me and for no reason honestly and it would take a toll on me because I adore my kids and it killed me that my anxiety was not starting to affect them as well but being sluggish and possibly zombie like was not an option. Cured has been the best thing for me and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you so much for this product!

  345. Lauren Dalton

    Started using the mint hemp oil about 4 months ago , and I can’t go a day without it. I always end my day with 3/4 of a tinture and add in a half tinture in the morning only in days that are hectic. Anxiety has decreased and quality of my sleep at night has improved tremendously!!


    I love taking the hemp oil before I go to sleep. As someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, migraines and back pain, I love that I can take help oil, get almost immediate relief. I can sleep all through the night, I wake up refreshed and in minimal pain. I don’t feel groggy like I often do after taking medication. Especially since the medication doesn’t always work. I love that I found Cured Nutrition, I just wish I found it sooner.

  347. Maddi C

    This stuff is amazing! The mint oil taste great and has helped significantly with my anxiety.

  348. jasbeawdulin

    Great product. I have rheumatoid arthritis and all the physical pain and exhaustion that come with it. I have been taking this for about a week and I already feel like I’m in less pain and I have a little more energy. I am super happy about it – I am more able to exercise, and I noticed I don’t hurt nearly as bad after a workout. I’m excited to see how I continue to improve after taking it for a while. The only thing I wish is that it was a little more concentrated.

  349. Caitlin Burgard

    I have tried other brands of CBD oil and none of them work like Cured! It stopped my night tremors form anxiety and helped my carpal tunnel pain tremendously!!!

  350. willisyoung1127

    I’m about a week into using it and I’ve been taking half to one full dropper every night before I go to bed. My sleep game has dramatically changed! I feel calm right away and it helps ease me into great recovery sleep. I look forward to seeing how it affects my daily mood the more I take it.

  351. Alexa

    So far, my experience with this product has been great. Overall, I feel more balanced both physically and emotionally, and I can tell that my sleep and mood have improved. It is clear that the mint oil is a high quality product and I will definitely be purchasing more from Cured Nutrition in the future!

  352. Alex

    So I purchased the hemp extract mint, and within a week I’ve been sleeping better, my acne is clearing, and I don’t shake as much. Definitely would recommend anyone to try the cured products, because I will be trying more as well!

  353. Abry

    Life changing product. I’ve been telling anyone who I feel can benefit to try it. There’s a clear difference in how I handle situations that typically spike my anxiety.

  354. Mia Sadowski

    This product is a life changer!!! Started taking it in the morning and at night and it helps with my anxiety and at night helps me sleep. Was nervous to take it at first but will keep buying again and again.

  355. Shandel

    This has helped with my anxiety and sleeping issues. This has also eliminated a lot of inflammation and pain in my neck and back.

  356. Megan

    The mint oil is by far the best. It help tremendously with sleep, anxiety and focus. I take the oil at night and fall asleep quickly. I also feel as though it continues to work the next day while I work and also helps me focus.

  357. Megan

    The mint oil is by far the best. It help tremendously with sleep, anxiety and focus. I take the oil at night and fall asleep quickly. I also feel as though it continues to work the next day while I work and also helps me focus. 10/10 would recommend.

  358. Mae

    First night i took this i slept like a baby and woke up feeling so rested. I can already tell it’s working!
    plus it tastes amazing like mint chocolate ice cream

  359. Katie S

    I’ve only taken it for 2 days, but I was able to sleep through the night last night. Which is huge. Normally i wake up at 3:30a without fail. Excited to see how back pain, anxiety and muscle recovery are affected in the coming weeks!

  360. Molly Levy

    Very good flavor

  361. Nicole Ridley

    I have found this product to be very helpful. I have been using it to help me with some sleep issues.
    Also, Cured has great customer service. I emailed them with questions about this product, and they promptly responded.

  362. Selena

    Amazing stuff and tastes great. Has helped me with my back pain so much. I bought the 250mg and will be trying the 500mg next.

  363. Brittany

    I have been searching for a way to cure my constant migraines with something other than medications; this came up in my search so I decided to give it a try. I ordinarily get a migraine at least 3 or 4 times a week, since taking this for the past 2 weeks, I have only had one and it did not last long at all. I could not be more thankful for this product! I also have noticed an improvement in my sleep and my energy levels. Such a great creation!

  364. ramiro24

    Enjoyed getting the 250 mg and helped with my vertigo. Looking at purchasing a stronger version for when i need more whether it’s the 500mg or 1,000mg.

  365. ajita3179

    Love the minty flavor! I feel a daily difference in mood and anxiety with this product.

  366. Megan

    Really helps with my anxiety. Last night I forgot to take it and woke up extremely anxious in the middle of the night, luckily I thought to take some (after being awake for nearly an hour), and was able to fall asleep shortly after.

  367. Brianna Burns

    Immediately calmed me and helped me sleep.

  368. Laura

    Love the taste and it definitely helps me relax at night. I’ve been having some hip pain for a couple months now but since taking this I’ve definitely noticed an improvement!!

  369. a.pulver312

    I order this product because I have anxiety and chronic back pain from Scoliosis Surgery 10 years ago. This oil has worked great for both issues!

  370. Jeff Lantz

    Absolutely amazing! I have tried other CBD oil brands but this is the Mercedes Benz of CBD oil. I have horrible anxiety and trouble sleeping. The CBD is just absolutely amazing. It’s like a miracle drug that is not a drug! It puts a serious chokehold on my anxiety and I sleep like a baby!

  371. Janet

    Recommend it to anyone who wants a little bit of help to sleep at night or has some anxiety.

  372. res7262

    I’ve tried several CBD products from other companies. Some took too long to ship, some had a terrible taste that I simply couldn’t get past, and some were too costly for the frequency with which I needed the product. After seeing Cured on some social media accounts I follow, I decided to try the classic mint oil. A full dropper at night helps me sleep through the night and it’s done wonders for my anxiety. Bonus that I don’t gag at the taste. Thank you, Cured!

  373. Allison

    I have been using Cured CBD oil for the last month and I can’t even begin to explain all of the changes I have experienced personally. I have been taking Adderall for years. Although I have not taken it for a while, this has helped TREMENDOUSLY with not only my focus but my anxiety, sleep, muscle recovery, and all around MOOD!

  374. Emma

    I started using this product three days ago, and I’m already in love! I was diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago, and I’ve tried almost every method to manage the symptoms, but this product has given me restful sleep and fewer bouts of panic!

  375. Savannah

    Believe the hype! This stuff was a game changer for my sleep. I truly slept like a baby for the first time in years. Shortly after taking it ai noticed I’ve a huge difference in my mood. I love it!

  376. Jimmy

    What an awesome product! Helps me regulate my sleeping schedule and in the morning helps me get my day started!

  377. Rebecca Simpson

    The best natural medicine for anxiety! Had my first real anxiety attack about a month ago, and started taking this immediately after. Haven’t had one since! Doesn’t make you groggy, which is a huge bonus!

  378. Casey Austin

    Starting taking this 2times a day and it’s amazing how much of a difference it has made. I highly recommend this product!

  379. Samantha

    This has REALLY helped me fix my sleep schedule. When my anxiety gets really bad I get insomnia and this has really helped me to calm my thoughts and fall asleep and manage to stay asleep! 10/10 would definitely recommend

  380. Valerie

    I’ve only had my oil for about a week, but I’m already extremely pleased and overall HIGHLY impressed. It has been fantastic in reducing anxiety and giving me calmness. I enjoy the seasonings during the day and just half a drop of oil at night to wind down for bed. I’m excited to see some of the inflammation and muscle recovery benefits with continued use! This is definitely a new staple to my every day routine.

  381. Nicole Campbell

    This has definitely helped with my anxiety. Between grad school and work, I usually feel very overwhelmed but as soon as I started using the CBD oil consistently, I have noticed quite the difference.

  382. Shelby

    This was my first product that I purchased from this company! Before using this I was having pretty bad anxiety.. as in thinking about something stressful and getting five new pimples, unable to sleep (literally every night I would wake up from 12/1ish until 5), menstral cycle would come two weeks early and just feeling super tired all the time (probably because the lack of sleep)!

    So researching possible ways to help with this I came across cbd oil. I did SO MUCH research and I found this amazing locally farm grown company (cured nutrition) that really shows you every aspect of how they create their products and really stand behind their company so I decided to buy cbd oil from them with so much confidence!

    I decided to go with the lowest dosage just because I have no experience with the product and I didn’t want my body to have a weird reaction.

    I used it for the first time at night before bed and I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT.. I freaked out. After months of not sleeping through the night and I finally had a full nights sleep! I felt great! I didn’t notice much of a difference from my daily anxiety but I 100% rely on it at night. Mind you if it’s something super anxious that I’m thinking about before bed I will still wake up but in general my mind is clear and I sleep peacefully!

    Hope my story has helped at least one of you with your buying experience!

  383. Rudy

    Better than any anti anxiety medication. I take about 10mg twice a day and I feel amazing. True believer in CBD products.

  384. Sarah

    Love Love Love this oil!! I tried a couple other brands but NOTHING has helped with my headaches and sleeping issues the way this has. I got the 500mg…. I am sleeping better, have more energy, less headaches and just an all over sense of calm… i will be a forever customer and can’t wait to try everything!

  385. Sydney

    This stuff has worked so well for me and my anxiety. My anxiety makes it difficult for to fall asleep and the first night I took this CBD oil (500 mg) I slept through the whole night. I highly recommend this to anyone who has anxiety/trouble sleeping.

  386. Jessi Dietrich

    I really like this product! I take a drop in the morning and one before bed and it has helped with my overall anxiety that has come with grad school. I was a little worried about the taste of putting the oil in my mouth but the mint flavor is almost like a thicker mouth wash so I actually like it! I would highly recommend this product

  387. Stephanie

    I love this oil! It works wonders for IBS symptoms and anxiety.

  388. Matthew L Shafiroff

    Great first dive into CBD oil. Sleep has been deeper and more restorative. I am going to stack with nighttime tea and turmeric for increased potency.

  389. Lindsey Oliver

    First time using CBD oil hoping to combat my stress-induced acne (diagnosed by my dermatologist). Within days my face was clearing up and the redness I usually have on my chin had subsided. I take one dropper (less than the recommended dose) before bed each night and within about 10 min I feel more relaxed than normal and this continues into and throughout the following day. Give it a try! I am very satisfied with my results thus far.

  390. Alex

    The mint 500 mg has really helped my husband and I get a restful nights sleep. It has also helped my anxiety through the day.

  391. Amanda

    I love this stuff. I sleep so much better and it doesn’t taste icky at all.

  392. ruitanimura

    I love how I can’t even taste the cbd and the mint is refreshing! I have tried other cbd oils and they are not as strong or as mild flavor! Love it so much! A must buy

  393. Ben Venuti

    I just got my CBD oil in the mail and upon taking it for the first time I immediately felt different. My tone of voice became much more relaxed and I felt more comfortable in social situations. My sleep also improved the night I took it. Will definitely be buying more.

  394. Raul Cervantes

    First time ever trying CBD for inflammation from exercise and sleep. I got the 1000 mint. I noticed my sleep improved the very first night I took this. I have been resting so much better. Bought another 1000 mint and 1000 raw for my parents as they have been seeing improvements in sleep, and inflammation.

  395. Chelsea

    Simply amazing! I have tried so many products and techniques for my anxiety and this product has worked the best. I feel so much better mentally and emotionally and my panic attacks have already been controlled in the first week of using the oil. I can now say that I would be lost without this product. So happy I found Cured Nutrition!

  396. Kels

    Love the mint! It’s light and helps my insomnia! I’ve only been taking it a few days and can already feel the difference. Ordered full spectrum for higher stress times as well as the blackening seasoning! I have had issues with shipping and it saying it’s dekivered when it doesn’t get delivered for 3-4 more days but what are ya gonna do! 🙂 Overall the product is amazing! Also seems to help with post-workouts

  397. Kayla Vassar

    Oooooo man! This stuff is great! I have struggled with sleep my entire life… sometimes I’m unable to fall asleep but mostly I’m unable to stay asleep through the night. Since I started taking the 500mg oil I’m able to fall right asleep and not wake up until morning. I also have noticed I’m not really as sore… even from more intense workouts.. as I used to be. I will definitely keep using this product and recommending it to my friends!!!

  398. Kelsey Thomas

    Worth every penny! High quality product from a high quality company! This has helped my anxiety SO much and in turn is making me a better, more patient mother to my son. Keeping my mental health in check is so important and the CBD oil has become so integral in that! Live Cured!

  399. peayja

    I’ve been trying over the counter sleep aids for years, struggling to find the right one for me. Some help me sleep, but I wake up feeling groggy and not rested. The ones that have been okay my body adjusts to and stops helping me. I came across this product two weeks ago, read reviews and ultimately received my first order last week. I can honestly say it’s changed my life, allowing me to sleep, actually wake up rested, and it keeps getting better. I finally convinced my wife to try it, she was quite skeptical but after the first night she came back for more. We’re sold, and this will be a staple in our lives going forward.

  400. Bridgett

    This was my first time taking CBD. I usually take it before bed and it helps put me in a calm state. I’ve also noticed a huge improvement with my anxiety. The taste is great as well!

  401. Jessica

    I’m so glad I was introduced to CURED! I had been wanting to try CBD oil for quite sometime but never really figured which is the best out there. I was lazy to do any research until finally I stumbled across this great brand. I take it to help me sleep at night and for recovery from workouts. I definitely feel a difference, I even got my bf taking it since he gets really bad anxiety. WE LOVE CURED!

  402. Steve

    fantastic product. I suffer from anxiety, insomnia, etc. I was recently diagnosed with a thyroid issue which I’m now addressing. My anxiety has gone through the roof due to thyroid issue and the cbd oil has significantly reduced my anxiety. I highly recommend the product and will reorder.

  403. Allison Malm

    Great product! This cbd oil really helps with my anxiety and is great to take before bed to help with sleep! The mint flavor is amazing as well!


    Helps me sleep better at night other than that I haven’t noticed me feeling less anxious.

  405. krista

    I love the mint flavored drops. I have taken cbd drops in the past and the taste is always less than ideal, but the mint flavor is so nice and refreshing. I take both the capsules and the drops and I am loving these products. I definitely will continue to order through this company.

  406. Justine Carlson

    This has helped with my sleep so much! I take it every night before bed and I sleep like a rock throughout the night!! It has also helped me with anxiety. I am feeling so much more calm and peaceful. It also has helped with soreness in muscles after working out. I after using this product, I am not as sore. Great product over all. Will continue to order!

  407. Abby Peek

    I’ve been using this product for the past month, one dropper every night and occasionally in the morning depending on the events that day. I have never been able to fall asleep and STAY asleep like I have been this past month!! Such an amazing product, will for sure purchase again!

  408. Marissa Skripko

    Bought this for a second time this month and I love it the same as last! My anxiety has been through the roof since I came back to college, but this works wonders and actually lets me sleep at night. Only wish it wasn’t so expensive!

  409. Kim Cuppett

    Awesome products! I love using the cinnamon and honey spices with a sweet potato post-workout! I will definitely be purchasing this again!

  410. Bryannt Arguello

    First time buying hemp oil after i was referred by Tay Mills Fit and i loved it. it definitely reduced inflammation and keeps me relaxed and calm, no anxiety. quicker to fall asleep and better sleep also

  411. athenawilson10

    I just finished my first oil bottle and this stuff is amazing! It has helped with my anxiety and stress so much. I feel more motivated to work out and be productive! Definitely worth buying!

  412. kristenlciaccia

    After taking the recommended amount for one week, I’ve noticed instant changes. My mind feels less heavy, my OCD tendencies have diminished some and I’ve had more restful sleep. My overall anxiety is down and I feel amazing.

  413. alexia21_22

    The Cured Hemp oil was recommended to me by my personal trainer since I told her I have had insomnia for the last 6 years and I take prescription which isn’t really helping. I have been using this for about 2 months and I am pleasantly surprised I don’t stay up hours tossing and turning trying to fall asleep within a hour I’m asleep.

  414. Susan

    I love this CBD oil and make sure I never run out! It has helped me so much with generalized anxiety. I didn’t really know if it worked…until I ran out and had a couple of weeks without it! Ack! The flavor is super mild , too.

  415. taybenner14

    CBD has managed my anxiety for the 2 months I’ve been using! I absolutely love it. The quality of this brand is great. The only reason I’m not giving a 5-star is because of the packaging. The bottle is black which means you can’t see how much you have left to give you enough time to place a new order. Other than that – Cured CBD oil is my savior!

  416. Jacklyn Ratliff

    I love the flavor! It was my first time trying CBD and I feel like it’s helped with my recovery from the gym, sleep quality and anxiety. Definitely going to be buying more! Thanks Cured Nutrition!

  417. Jaime Koelsch

    Your product was recommended to me by a friend and I’m very happy she did! I was healing from a surgery and wasn’t sleeping well and had some anxiety. I noticed within 2-3 days of taking this product consistently that it was helpful. I was sleeping deeper and feeling more rested in the mornings. It took a bit longer to help with the anxiety, however it’s almost completely gone now! Thank you so much Cured! I’ll be shopping again very soon?

  418. Taylor Wissbroecker

    Something I continued to see by people I follow and trust. Decided to give it a try and WOW did I sleep good with it. I do half in the morning and half at night. I love the minty flavor and totally feel much more relaxed with my anxiety.

  419. elizabeth

    I bought the CBD oil to use for anxiety. Me and my partner both found that this really helped us to take the edge off. It even helped with my partner’s road rage. This stuff is the real deal, will definitely be buying again.

  420. Marissa

    The mint hemp oil helps so much with my headaches and anxiety. I’m so happy with my purchase, I will be ordering again soon. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a natural way to calm down. Thanks Cured!

  421. Tori

    The first night I took two droppers and I slept like a rock. I continue to take two every night. Once I finally calm down from stress, I sleep like a rock and do not wake up. I often suffer from insomnia and frequently wake up multiple times throughout the night. This has helped! I am thinking of going up to a higher mg.

  422. Anna

    I haven’t had any headaches since I started taking this! I take 1 dropper in the morning and 1 at night. It has made my anxiety better and I don’t feel so edgy. I also sleep better!

  423. Christina Elia

    Absolutely love this product! Helps tremendously with chronic pain from plantar fasciitis. Keeps me feeling relaxed and focused throughout the day and calms my mind and body when it’s time for bed! Thank you Cured Nutrition! Couldn’t be happier!

  424. Taylor Thurman

    I loved this after discovering it at the LA Fit Expo. I used to be a regular cannibis user but am sober now, and really enjoy the non-psychoactive benefits of CBD. Whether it is to reduce anxiety, increase workout recovery, or assist with a good night’s sleep, I am very grateful for this product and look forward to trying other cured products.

  425. Heather Helinski

    I’ve been taking the 500mg strength for the past two months and I’ve noticed my anxiety is better overall. I’ve never tried any prescription medications and want to avoid that at all possible costs. I am so happy that the mint CBD oil has helped to make me feel less stressed and anxiety way less intense. Furthermore, my husband has also been taking it and he swears his Prostatitis has been better- acting up much less often and less intensely.

  426. Joney Bermudez

    For a first time user of Hemp Oil, my fiancé and myself love it. She takes it every morning to ease her neck pain and also relax her during work. Does not make her feel tired throughout the day

  427. Cheryl Shaeffer

    Really helps with my anxiety. I feel calm throughout the day without feeling drugged. But the best part is how it has affected my sleep! I’ve had trouble sleeping off and on my whole life and now I fall asleep easily and dream every night only to wake up refreshed. This stuff is amazing!

  428. Jennifer Walsh

    I’m on my second bottle and I’ll definitely be getting more. Since I started taking one dose a day, my sleep and anxiety levels have both dramatically improved. I’ve even been able to discontinue some sleeping medication that I’d been taking for years. I honestly never thought that I would be able to go off that drug, so I’m now a complete believer in the power of CBD oil!

  429. Tatiana Gibson

    I suffer from anxiety and depression, and since taking this oil, I’ve barely even suffered anymore. It’s worked wonders for me! I’m hoping it helps with my sleep issues as well 🙂

  430. Stacey

    So good !!! Helped my neck pain and back pain so much!

  431. Yasmin

    So far, i have been loving this product. I struggle severely with anxiety issues and I was unable to get in to see my doctor for a refill of my meds, so I turned to CBD oil. A lot of my friends recommended it so i figured i’d give it a try. I have been pretty happy with the results so far. it’s like i’ve been aware of the stress in my life without freaking out and feeling super anxious!

  432. Desiree Gideo

    This has been a game changer for me! Stopped taking for two weeks and I definitely notice. I sleep better, workout better, less anxious. All around this product is worth every penny!

  433. Melody Greco

    Fantastic customer service and product! My mom has severe anxiety and rheumatoid arthritis and after trying this product she said she actually felt like she could relax, stay calm and her joints had little to no pain all without her typical medications. I had a little problem with my order and I was assisted immediately after reaching out by email. So glad I ordered from Cured Nutrition.

  434. Katherine H.

    This oil tastes great, and is super east to take! Helps with my sleep and mood. I’m mostly looking for help with the inflammation throughout my body, and that aspect is hard to tell but I still love this oil! I do wish the dropper had some calibration marks to ensure proper dosages! Cool company and great products!

  435. Erika

    Highly obsessed! This stuff really does what it’s suppose to. I sleep like a baby. My mind shuts off and lets me relax into a deep sleep. I swear by this stuff!

  436. Lara McCarthy

    I love this oil! I helps with my anxiety a lot and definitely helps me sleep. It tastes great and has worked really well. The customer service has also been amazing.
    I typically do 12 drops at night and 12 drops in the morning.

  437. Brooke

    Tastes great and works well! Glad I finally tried it.

  438. Mary Meyers

    This has been a game changer for me! I work nights so it has been a huge help with my sleep during the day and helping to calm my anxiety and mind!

  439. Nicole kuhnle

    I’ve been using cured since December of last year and I can honestly say it’s changed my life! I’m way less anxious and it’s been helping me a lot to manage pain from my degenerated discs in my low back. Highly recommend it!

  440. kelseyschlagel

    I absolutely love this product. I notice a huge difference in my recovery from the gym, my stress levels and I sleep a lot better at night.

  441. Nicole Ascher

    Absolutely love the Mint Oil! Even my husband is hooked! I’ve been following Cured Nutrition for months now and finally made the decision to try it after Taylor Chamberlain posted a YouTube interview with Joe. He answered all my questions and then some. There are places in town that sell CBD oil, but I was sold on the Cured Nutrition Mint Oil. The taste is good, I get better sleep AND I have better workouts! Excited to watch this company grow! Thanks Cured Nutrition!

  442. Samantha

    I receive my first ever CBD oil last week and I immediately noticed a huge difference in my anxiety! Not groggy, but just calm. Everything I could’ve hoped for and more. The shipping was fast and I will definitely be ordering again!

  443. Abry

    Bought this to help with anxiety. And it works! My mind is calmer and I notice a difference with situations I used to struggle with are no longer an issue.

  444. Ace


  445. Rebecca Dillon

    I received my CBD oil a few weeks ago. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression. Any kind of medications always made me nauseous and I would end up vomiting after taking them. I was looking for an alternative way to deal with my anxiety. I did a lot of reading about CBD oil’s and I knew a few people who tried cured CBD oil and highly recommended them. I am so happy with my results! My anxiety levels have decreased I don’t feel depressed. I finally just feel normal! I am a fitness competitor and I have also found that it helps with muscle recovery, and also has helped me sleep at night as I’ve always had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Thank you Cured!!

  446. Jonelle Lippincott

    I am loved this CBD Oil, I just finished my first bottle and my migraines that I was having for 5 weeks straight have disappeared and I feel calmer overall. With wedding planning and just buying a house this was exactly what I needed!

  447. Jackie

    My anxiety and stress were at an all time high-in nursing school and already live a really healthy life. I was getting heart palpitations (always around finals) and stress rashes like every week! So I decided to try CBD oil and this stuff is amazing! I use the 1000 mg, 1/2 a dropper twice a day. My palpitations are completely gone, I sleep perfectly and just overall feel less stressed! Great product!

  448. Angie

    CBD is the best natural medicine available for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. I purchase from Cured because I 100% trust their operation, from the field to the bottle. Will continue to buy and only buy from Cured! Thanks Joe for top of the line quality products

  449. Tatianna Berry

    Can’t go without this stuff. Ordered a second one before I even ran out of the first bottle, because I was afraid they’d go out of stock!

  450. Ashley

    I have been using the 1000mg CBD oil every night for the past 4 months and it has helped tremendously with relaxing before going to bed. I also an extra serving during times of high stress/anxiety to calm me down. Major game changer!

  451. Annette Olsthoorn

    I thought this product was great! I felt better physically and mentally. Sleeping better too. My daughter went off to school so I gave it to her, that’s how much I liked it.

  452. Brooke S

    This is my second bottle of the 500mg, it’s that good. Within the first week of taking it in the morning, my anxiety has reduced and I fell so much calmer. The small things I used to get tied up on are no longer worrisome, and I don’t have that anxious feeling in my stomach anymore. I will also take one dropper at night if I feel I need a little help getting to sleep. This stuff is amazing. One thing I will say about the new dropper, is I can’t seem to fill it up all the way when I squeeze. It’s not a big deal, I just have to go back in twice to get the full dose. I will forever be buying this product and trying out some other stuff too.

  453. Erika Warren

    I originally bought something else like the cookie dough but they accidentally sent me the Mint Oil instead. The customer service team was so nice and apologized for the mishap. They sent me my originl order and said I could keep the mint oil and Wow!! I’m hooked! I see what y’all did there lol. My anxiety is cured..literally! It sparked positive energy instead of the constant worry. Thanks Cured! Keep making awesome holistic products! – @ea_thefitmami

  454. Ronni

    Cured CBD oil has been life changing for me. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back, and was constantly dealing with aches and pain. I was going to the chiropractor, and taking ibuprofen like candy. After researching more about CBD, I decided to give this a try, What a difference! I take it every morning, and I’m now pain free. It truly is a miracle oil, and I will for sure be buying Cured Nutrition’s products again. Thank you!

  455. Vikki Marker

    This product has been life changing. I suffer from social anxiety and it has made such i difference. I feel more calm and I’m able to do my daily task without panic.

  456. Matt

    Great product!

  457. Sherry

    Since using Cured Nutrition CBD oil my anxiety has significantly reduced and I’ve had the best sleep of my life. I’ve also noticed reduced back pain/stiffness in the am.

  458. Melanee Serrell

    Very happy with this product – sleep is better and not as sore after harder workouts. I’m ordering my 2nd bottle today.

  459. Megan B

    I am loving the mint oil! I have been using it for about a month and I can definitely tell a difference. I feel calmer during the day and I sleep so much better! Also, I’ve noticed less inflammation in my body. Do yourself a favor and try this stuff!

  460. Mindy Hoover

    I finally dove into trying CBD for my sleep issues and am more than pleased with Cured and this mint CBD oil. I feel relaxed falling asleep and have had less issues staying asleep. Waking up and feeling well rested, but not groggy has been life changing (not exaggerating). Thank you for creating a wonderful product that is both approachable and really does work!

  461. Howard & Lisa O.

    My wife has been using the Cured Hemp oil and she told me its been working great for her. She suffers from foot neuropathy from being a type 2 diabetic as well as other body pains but she says it works and helps her feel a hundred percent better and I’ve told her to tell anyone else that she knows that suffers from the same type of things this stuff works! Cured is the best!
    Thank you!

  462. Alisha

    I absolutely LOVE this product! It has amazing benefits and has helped me on another level. I have suffered with anxiety and lack of sleep for many years. I’ve been using this product now for 3 months and my anxiety is basically nonexistent and I get a full 8 hours of restful sleep a night. I take it in the morning and before bed.

  463. jackilynnwalls

    I love this stuff! I use 1 or 2 droppers at night depending on how hard it is for me to get to sleep that night. It doesn’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning either. I actually wake up feeling well rested. I seriously get the best sleep now. I also like to use it when I have any joint pain from running and it works pretty fast.

  464. Samantha See

    I LOVE the mint oil! Been taking it now for almost a month and its amazing. My anxiety level has dropped and my sleep has been better. I’m a fan!

  465. Lisa Currie

    I just started this product but it definitely has taken the edge off my knee pain and I’m planning on purchasing more as I feel it is slowing gaining on the pain that had been growing worse. So love this product so far.

  466. Christina R

    After enduring a very stressful few years of school and examinations, I developed anxiety—something I’d never really dealt with before. After trying this product, I didn’t feel an immediate effect, but after about a week of using it, I noticed significant improvement in my sleep (i can easily fall asleep at night) and reduced anxiety. This product has become a staple in my everyday routine.

  467. Marilyn

    This stuff changed my life! I have been taking it for a little over a month, and I can see a huge difference in my anxiety and stress levels. I have lost a couple pounds because I’m not stress eating/drinking too! Love Love Love this product!

  468. Chelsie

    I bought this product for my husband who has anxiety and troubles sleeping, if he forgets a day it is easy to tell in his sleep patterns and overall anxieties about his day, truly a great product to have available if you are trying to avoid prescription medications!

  469. Laura Ann Muldowny

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but I decided to give CBD Oil a try. I purchased the 500mg and after the second day, i started to notice my anxiety levels reduce and recovery time after a heavy lifting session was quicker than usual! I’m close to running out so I’ll be purchasing this again, and may give the capsules a try too! I highly recommend this!

  470. Sarah Way

    Great product. It most definitely helps with anxiety and managing stress. I’ve also noticed better sleep when I take it before bed.

  471. Jilda

    Love this! Tastes great ??

  472. Joel Dengler

    I’ve finished my 2nd bottle now. In between the bottles I waited 2-3 weeks to see if there was really a difference. Well I am starting to feel my joint pain coming back and after mt bike rides I am a little sore. I also feel less stressed out and easily aggravated. So Yes it works for me, also for anyone that is worried about a drug test. I have passed 4 urine tests on my jobs.

  473. lillie foust

    I received my 500mg CBD oil a couple weeks ago and my only regret is not ordering it sooner. The mint taste isn’t too strong which makes it easy to take. And I cannot believe how well it works! The first time I took half a dose and almost instantly noticed the benefits!!! Great product and I will be ordering again soon!!

  474. Gina L.

    I highly recommend this CBD oil. Best quality on the market and the best price. I have been taking this product for the last month and I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep. I take 1 droplet every night before I sleep and wake up fully rested.

  475. Ronson

    Amazing product. 5/5 would recommend. I mainly take it before I sleep and I wake up feeling extremely well rested even on ~4 hours of sleep a night.

  476. Sarah Frey

    I take CBD for my anxiety that peaks everyday in the evening. I trust this brand among many others that I have researched.

  477. Erika Warren

    This product has definitely changed my life. Suffering from anxiety and muscle pain, I’m a much happier and sore less person. My attitude is more positive and my workouts have been awesome since I started using the Mint Oil!

  478. Amanda Galvacky

    I’ve tried other brands of CBD oils and this one is my favorite by far. I deal with soarness constantly from my job and I noticed the first day what a difference it made.

  479. Marissa Skripko

    I use it everyday when i wake up and before bed, it’s absolutely amazing for anxiety. I stopped for a few days to see the difference and my anxiety came right back. Despite the price, i will continue buying this all the time.

  480. Lynn

    I have used for approximately one month…. I am very pleased! I think it had helped with anxiety, joint pain… overall mood ?

  481. Leandra

    This CBD oil is great! It definitely helps with my anxiety and I’ve been sleeping great when I take it before bed!

  482. emily adams

    Love! Defiantly can tell a difference when I take it and when I don’t.

  483. LW

    I have really enjoyed the oil, I take it every night before bed to help me relax and be less anxious.

  484. Chelsea

    Love this stuff!! It’s a must for me! Every night before bed and sometimes in the morning if I feel like I’m going to anxious.

  485. Reilly

    I am so glad the CBD oil was recommended to me. I take it nightly and it has helped to calm my mind before bed so I don’t spend hours thinking about my to do list. I’m rested and feel better in the mornings!

  486. Kourtney Wilson-atkinson

    Amazing customer service, had an issue and was dealt with and replied to in minutes. Got my oil and been using for my MTBI and post concussion syndrome symptoms and already feel the relief. Cannot wait to try other products.

  487. Melissa B

    I’ve been using the CBD oil for about two weeks and I have absolutely noticed a difference in my anxiety day to day. For the past two years I’ve been suffering from panic attacks and a generally a higher level of anxiety. Taking the oil has really calmed my mind and body down. I feel overall at ease and more like myself. Truly a great product!

  488. Tiffany Grover

    It really works! Provides a calming effect that is just enough and not overwhelming so that you feel lethargic. It tastes great and is easy to add to any daily routine. 100% recommend and will continue to use personally.

  489. Dana

    This has totally improved my sleep, joint pain and anxiety! If you are even considering this, get it.

  490. Madison Hibbard

    I bought the dog treats and the mint oil. My dogs are relaxing a little more and helps their anxiety. I have been sleeping through the whole night with my oil. Will for sure use it again

  491. thenameskee

    This has been a huge game changer when it comes to my chronic back pain. I work all day on my feet and have had a hard time sleeping due to the pain. CBD oil has made such a difference!

  492. Shyann Johnson

    I was skeptical at first of CBD and what it was all about but after doing some research and ordering the oil, I love it. It helps so much with anxiety and making my sleep even better! Definitely recommend for someone who wants to ease their anxiety and stress along with other benefits CBD has. Will be ordering again soon!

  493. Vicki

    Amazing! Helps me relax after a long day.

  494. Akina

    This CBD oil is great! I take one dropper full before bed and I sleep through out the night!

  495. Abby

    I’m off of my anxiety medicine, and this has made such a difference in my life. I’m so thankful that Taylor Chamberlain started to share about it.

  496. ruben paz

    Very good!

  497. Josh

    One of the best CBD oils that I have tried. Ships quickly, fair priced, and effective!

  498. Mia

    I love this product so much, and now my boyfriend and his father are obsessed! I just ran out yesterday and wish I would have stocked up! I have been suffering from chronic stress and inflammation the last 1.5 years, but since using this, I have noticed a significant difference in my outlook on life, my sleep has improved, and my body doesn’t hurt like it used to.

  499. Ali Larrabee

    I absolutely love the mint flavored cbd oil! Helps my anxiety so much and I hve noticed my skin is even clearing up too!

  500. Amanda

    So I tried this cbd oil after trying another brand a few months back. I definetly will be sticking to this one from now on. I like the taste a lot and definetly see a difference in my anxiety using the 500.

  501. Jess

    I love the mint dropper! I use it every morning before/after my workout before work to relax my body and then recover and calm down for work.

  502. Wanda Bagley

    I was a little skeptical about trying cbd products despite all the good things i was reading in publications and such. While I was at the Arnold Classic in March, I came across the Cured booth and decided to speak to one of the reps and learn more about the product first hand. I left with a wealth of knowledge as well as some of the DELICIOUS cookie dough and seasonings. LOVED them all. I was so impressed with how I was feeling, I decided to try the oil. Best decision I’ve made. I now highly sing the praises of the benefits of CBD and looking forward to trying the new raw spectrum formulation

  503. Sarah

    This stuff is a total
    Game changer for me. It has done wonders for calming my anxiety and nerves and has helped regulate my sleep schedule as well.

  504. Kim

    Great product, fast shipping. Makes a huge difference with anxiety.

  505. Shawn

    I’ve been taking CBD for about 2 months now and I can’t believe how good I have been able to control my anxiety and sleeping patterns. Even got my wife hooked on it.

  506. Jordan

    I love the CBD oil, I can tell a difference in my anxiety! I use it everyday!


    Best CBD oil out there. I use at night to promote sleep and it really helps. Worth every penny

  508. Karissa Kennedy

    Only thing of lots I’ve tried that helps inflammation in my wrists/hands that are extremely painful with work (I think it’s Carpal Tunnel syndrome). It’s really a God-send. I take it 1-2 times daily and keeps everything working well. As soon as I run out my hands start hurting. Thank you for the quality product, Cured.

  509. Janeen Fletcher

    Love this! Works amazingly well and tasted great too! My favorite!

  510. Hunter

    Great product! Ive been taking things like this for a long time now, but this is my first time trying a oil you place under your tongue. Makes me feel less worried about things, less stress, easier to get to sleep and not feel groggy. I will definitely order again! Thank you!

  511. Becca

    Loved this product! Been out for few weeks now (just haven’t gotten around to purchasing again) and I notice a HUGE difference. Ordering some soon, so once again I can live without knee pain!

  512. Marilyn B

    I can’t say enough good things about Cured Nutrition’s CBD oil. It’s been a total game changer for me. I struggle with anxiety, depression, and high amounts of stress in my life. Since beginning to use this product about a month ago, I’ve noticed a HUGE decrease in symptoms, enough that all my friends, family, and coworkers have commented on it. I haven’t felt this good in years. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it made me unable to fall asleep at night, so I have just taken my doses in the morning, and that has resolved itself. I am SO satisfied with this product, I’m recommending it to everyone!

  513. Whitney

    Wonderful product. Helps with rest. Will be getting against

  514. Amanda

    Love it. I definitely noticed an improvement in my quality of sleep and recovery after hard workouts when I use this. It also tastes much better than other products I have tried.

  515. CJ Scialdoni-Norman

    I love this CBD nothing helps my anxiety as much as this does. Quick shipping and a great product.

  516. Sloane

    Favorite CBD brand. The mint tastes good and it super effective. Can’t go without it!

  517. Falisha Villanueva

    The mint oil has been absolutely helpful. It does wonders for my sleep and puts me at ease! Try it and see for yourself. The benefits are amazing.

  518. Carly Crosland

    I stress out like crazy, but when I take this product I notice that my stress levels are way lower! And in times I need to relax a little, this helps A LOT. It also seems to help when I’m abnormally bloated, which is a life saver! And it tastes amazing! I also like to put a dropper full into my (occasional) chocolate “milk” at night to help me relax. My favorite!! Cured has got some great products!!!

  519. Lindsay Snow

    I suffer from anxiety and have for years… it usually creeps in at night when I TRY to shut off my brain. CBD has helped me so much!!! The mint gives just a little background flavor and honestly within 30 minutes I feel myself relax! It’s not a “high”… it’s just a calm!! Thanks guys!

  520. Stephanie Mora

    This CBD is my savior. I have been taking it for over 6 months now and the results are amazing. I sleep better, my anxiety is down, migraines have lessened, inflammation down as well. I always keep repurchasing Cured Nutrition products!

  521. Devin M

    I used CBD over the last month during my last month of wedding planning. It significantly helped with my anxiety and the ability to sleep

  522. Sabrina

    This stuff is amazing. Ever since I’ve been using it I have noticed a difference in my anxiety, sleep, and overall energy. I highly recommend this product for anyone thinking about giving it a try!! About to order the raw for my peak week coming up 🙂

  523. Andrea Osborne

    I bought this product off a social media recommendation and I admit I was skeptical. However this product has surpassed my expectations. I find it to be helping overall with internal stress and inflammation I have and makes me sleep better at night. Great product

  524. Angela K

    Love this product! I didn’t even know about CBD oil before Cured and I’m beyond thankful to have found it. I have just enough anxiety to make my days uncomfortable but not enough to feel pressed to get prescribed anxiety medication. This is a GOD SEND. I started out with the 250 mg, and took a dropper a day, but I’ve upped to the 500 mg oil and it’s perfect.

  525. Jessica Ady

    Ive suffered from anxiety and sleeping issues for most of my adult life and have tried everything from essential oils, melatonin, Advil pm, zzzquil, sleepy time tea with valerian root… you name it, I recently purchased the 500 mint tincture and take 2 drops every night… not only have I noticed an increase in relaxation but my constant “sleep anxiety” has subsided dramatically… can’t wait to try the other products offered from cured 🙂

  526. Allyson Dyer

    Love this oil!! It’s been so helpful with anxiety, tastes great and easy to take!

  527. Rae

    Absolutely loved all of the products I’ve been using!! Especially this one. It has been a life charger for me. Whenever I get anxious or an uneasy feeling it helps calm me!

  528. Megan

    Works very well, have seen a reduction in anxiety since using it. I use one drop each morning

  529. Liliana

    First time trying this product! I love it! I notice how relaxed I get within minutes after applying it under tongue!

  530. safinch327

    My husband and I have been taking Cured CBD oil, twice a day, for about a month now. We have both noticed a significant improvement in our overall sleep, mood and energy levels. The minty flavor is a nice pick me up in the morning and is very refreshing at night. Customer service always seems to be on point with quick turn around time for shipping .

  531. Danielle

    Love Love LOVE!! My anxiety is gone and get way better sleep at night!!!

  532. Erin D

    This stuff has helped with my anxiety so much, especially with my sleep. I fall asleep so much easier and stay asleep pretty much all night because I don’t have a million thoughts in my head keeping me up. Love it!!

  533. mykelogan

    I have been taking the 500mg CURED Classic Mint Oil for almost two months now and while I was skeptical at first, I can say that I have seen marked improvement in my recovery after working out, my sleep patterns and my general mood. I would definitely recommend their product if you are considering giving CBD oil a try!

  534. Michelle Cervantes

    I kept seeing this in social media and so I finally caved in to give it a try. I tend to get anxiety here and there and this has quickly become my go-to for those times. Just found out about the capsules so I might give those a try next!

  535. Katie

    This has helped my anxiety so much!

  536. Shelby

    this has helped immensely with relaxation, sleeping better, and falling asleep faster. I LOVE THIS BRAND!!!

  537. Heather

    I have been using for about a month now and can honestly say I’ve noticed a decrease in my anxiety and feel like I sleep better! Will definitely continue to buy.

  538. Ali

    Cured’s 1000 mg mint CBD oil is hands down the best tasting CBD oil product I’ve ever tried. It’s a good consistency and the after-taste won’t make you cringe like some products out there. Worth the price and has an overall good anti-anxiety effect. I recommend this product to everyone I know.

  539. Jessica

    Absolutely love this for my anxiety and insomnia! Nothing else was working and I was feeling helpless. I wake up refreshed and rejuvenated for my day. Thank you for such a great product. Will purchase again!

  540. Sergio

    Cured has helped with the every day headaches – from being put on a daily prescription that I no longer have to take — I can’t speak enough about this company!! Truly has changed my daily living and my overall mental health!!!

  541. Jon A

    Been regularly taking Cured CBD Oil for several months now. Better sleep and all round better vibe. Keep it up!

  542. D Rawsky

    This oil has been a game changer for me. I suffer from headaches and migraines and this product has decreased frequency and also relieved them tremendously. I also had ovaries removed which resulted in menopausal symptoms and this has decreased the severity of the symptoms. Great customer service as well.

  543. Russell

    I’ve taken this for about two weeks and love it. I get bouts of anxiety at bed time, and have mild social anxiety. Taking this oil has helped me sleep better, and has helped me relax before social events. Love it!

  544. Aubrey

    Great product! I use it for anxiety, sleep, and workout recovery. I recommend it to everyone!

  545. Meghan M.

    I have been taking this for a few months now, and it has helped tremendously with sleep, recovery and an overall feeling of calm/wellness.

  546. Leslie Calhoun

    Purchased the mint oil for myself and the dog treats for my senior dog who had terminal cancer. We both LOVED the products. The oil worked great for me to relax me before bed. My dog who was very picky actually loved the treats and they definitely provided a more holistic approach to his pain management than the painkillers the vet prescribed. We will definitely be a repeat customer!

  547. Catherine

    I’m in love with this oil. I have only tried the mint and I’m going for the raw one next time. I work nights and its so hard to sleep when the sun is up. This helps me mellow out and get better sleep. I’m so happy to have found this!

  548. Emilie

    Amazing! Works wonders on my anxiety and has actually improved my mood !

  549. Jamie

    Having bilateral knee surgery is not easy. So with my mindset I wanted to take traditional pain meds for the shortest period possible. This product helps me sleep at night and deal with any post surgical pain during recovery. Highly recommend this.

  550. Sarah

    LOVE Cured Nutrition’s CBD!
    It has helped me so much with my anxiety and helping me sleep better! I feel like I recover faster from my workouts and don’t experience as much joint pain or fatigue either!
    I can’t rave about it enough!
    I’ve told so many people about it and after they started using it, it’s improved their lives too!

    And my dog loves the dog treats and it’s lowered his anxiety when we’re gone as well!

  551. azaratsian15

    I have been using this oil before bed for over a month now and it has improved my sleep quality SO MUCH. I wear the fitbit versa to bed and track my sleep and the amount of time I spend waking up in the middle of the night restless (usually from anxiety or sore muscles) has decreased significantly since I’ve started taking this. I normally drink mint tea before bed and I like putting a drop of this is my tea. It tastes so good and starts to relax me in minutes.

  552. Patrick McDonagh

    I’ve been using it for about 4 months and I can honestly say I’ve never slept better. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my day-to-day anxiety. Definitely high quality stuff.

  553. Amber M

    I’ve been taking CURED CBD oil for a little more than a month and LOVE it! I have def. noticed a decrease in my anxiety and i’m able to sleep so much better! I will be ording again soon!

  554. Erika

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but I decided to give CBD Oil a try. I purchased the 250mg and after the second day, i started to notice my anxiety levels reduce and recovery time after a heavy lifting session was quicker than usual! I’m fresh out so I’ll be purchasing this again, and may give the capsules a try too! My yorkies suffer from separation anxiety so I’ll most likely get them the dog treats.

  555. Abi Marcquenski

    I love this stuff! Huge game changer! I used to get easily paranoid about life’s inconveniences and I’ve always had anxiety issues. After taking 2 drops every morning the passed couple weeks it has really helped get me in a positive and motivating mind set to start my day. My anxiety was always at a peak during finals months in school, I can’t wait to see how well CBD helps me stay focused when that time comes! Highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone regardless of anxiety problems but just for the simple health benefits and quality of life benefits it will bring to you!

  556. Glenn H

    Outstanding product. I am a medically retired Marine and it has done wonders for my pain management. Significant reduction in the pain I have been dealing with on a daily basis. It has also helped improve my sleep drastically. I regularly recommend this product to my coworkers, friends and family who have simlar ailments and are looking for a natural safe alternative.

  557. Madison I

    Since I have started taking CBD oil my anxiety and depression have been so much better! After trying everything to help with my mental health, this CBD oil changed my life. While it can be a costly thing to add to your daily routine YOUR HEALTH IS WORTH IT!

  558. Kourtney Castle

    Where do I even begin?! This product is truly amazing. I have a type A personality. I am very OCD and a perfectionist. I push myself to all limits in everything I do – which is good and bad. With it comes some of my greatest successes, but also much anxiety, stress and the inability to sometimes JUST. LET. GO. Cured has helped me emmesilly with my anxiety. I have noticed a huge change in my recovery from the gym (i am a bikini competitor- which can be very hard on the body and mind) i experience much better sleep patterns. I wake up feeling fully rested EVERY DAY. I used a dropper every night and truly can tell a difference if I skip a day. The best part is, it not only has helped me, but my husband is a huge advocate also! This truly is one of the best products on the market and I am so blessed to find an all in one answer to all the problems many people struggle with. I reccomend it to everyone I know, and once they try it they are hooked also. THANK YOU 5 stars.

  559. Eli

    Absolutely love this product! I took it everyday for a month straight and could tell a huge difference in my anxiety and stress. I wasn’t able to order any for about a week and it made a significant difference. I share this product and company with everyone I know!

  560. Katelyn

    Have only had this product for three days and I already notice such a difference in my mood and quality of sleep. Will continue to repurchase this and try new products ☺️

  561. Amanda

    I’ve been taking the CBD mint oil for about a month. Cured Nutrition is a game changer! Overall I have noticed a huge difference in my generalized anxiety and sleep quality. It’s a little pricey but you definitely get what you pay for as this is a high quality product. Cheaper brands didn’t work for me and aren’t as pure ingredient-wise as Cured. I’m excited to try other products! Thanks Cured!

  562. Brianne Valdez

    This was my first experience with cbd oil and it’s been great so far! I struggle with anxiety and dont usually get very good sleep. This oil has helped with both, has a nice minty flavor and is so easy to take with the dropper. It’s small enough to keep in my purse too. I can’t wait to try some of their other products.

  563. Zoe H

    I’ve used the 500mg oil for 10 months now. I have had chronic migraines my ENTIRE life. They range anywhere from 5 per week to once a week. I get the whole 9 yards, blindness, one sided numbness, aphasia, nausea/vomiting.

    In the last 10 months I’ve had about 5 migraines. I am STUNNED at how well this has worked for me. If I get a migraine now I also take a dropped full of oil when I take my meds. It helps ease the anxiety and I believe helps with the overall recovery and post migraine hangover feeling.

    I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  564. Andrew Curry

    Best CBD product I’ve tried. Helped tremendously with my back/neck pain. Found myself sleeping better through the nights and more focus during the day. Also helped keep away my migraines!

  565. Allie Clark

    I was a little skeptical to use this but it has absolutely helped my sleep schedule stay consistent, it calms my generalized anxiety & helps me fall asleep & stay asleep throughout the night! I use less in the morning/during the day & a full dropper at night. I personally love the mint taste & I add it to peppermint tea at night!

  566. Allie Clark

    I was a little skeptical to use this but it has almost helped my sleep schedule stay consistent, it calms my generalized anxiety & helps me fall asleep & stay asleep throughout the night! I use less in the morning/during the day & a full dropper at night. I personally love the mint taste & I add it to peppermint tea at night!

  567. Stephanie Asselin

    I have been taking the hemp oil for a month now and i love it! I feel less anxious, more relaxed, and recover better from my workouts.

  568. Stephanie Asselin

    I have been taking the hemp oil for a month now and love it! I have been more relaxed, sleeping better at night, and been able to recover quicker from my workouts.

  569. Julie

    I first tried the 250mg mint dropper and have recently upped to the 500mg dropper and I’M IN LOVE!! I was taking 250mg twice a day and switched to 500mg at night as sleep was my biggest issue to fix! And let me tell you…I’ve been sleeping like a ROCK and only waking up once a night (if that) when I had previously been waking up ever hour. On top of amazing sleep my anxiety and depression have been diminished! I can’t say enough about this product!! I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone.

  570. Katie P

    First time trying CBD oil. Love this company and the product. Will definitely purchase again.

  571. Candace

    I started taking this at night to help me sleep. I get anxiety when trying to fall asleep because I stress about the next day. I usually do two droppers and it helps me relax and fall asleep quickly.

  572. Laurel

    I started using this because I had heard about how CBD could help anxiety. I didn’t have high hopes for it because I had literally tried everything for anxiety… but I was more than happy to find out that this stuff works!!! My anxiety levels are minimal most days if not completely gone. I’m so thankful I came across this company and their amazing products!

  573. Karissa

    I have been using Cured Nutrition CBD oil for over a year now and I’m never going back. CBD is insanely beneficial to the body in a multitude of ways, but for me personally, I use CBD to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. I am such an avid user and will continue to be for many years to come! I absolutely notice a difference when I am using CBD vs. when I am not. Cured Nutrition has me hooked!

  574. Aubrey

    I love the 500mg mint oil. I use it every night before bed and it helps me stay asleep. I feel refreshed in the mornings. It also has great flavor!

  575. Candace

    This oil has helped me to be instantly calmer and sleep better at night. I also have noticed a difference in my skin it’s clear. Iv been using this CBD oil for 3 months and won’t be stopping anytime soon!

  576. Kelly

    I Am completely sold on the product! Have been taking it religiously in the early afternoon and at night before I sleep. The difference is truly noticeable. Not groggy, or sluggish. My skin has cleared up, my digestion is on point, and I’ve never felt more calm and rid of my anxiety. (The flavor tastes great too ~ Mint is the way to go).

  577. Jac

    Bought to bring on vacation with my family and was amazed by the results. I usually have a terrible anxiety while traveling but a few drops of this everyday helped so much. Started putting a drop in my dogs food and have also seen a huge change in some of his anxious behaviors!

  578. Marissa

    This stuff is amazing! CBD oil helps so much with my anxiety without making me feel too run down. I definitely recommend this to anyone

  579. M

    I am obsessed! Works great on my daily workout routine and calms anxiety! Would reccomend 100%

  580. Johanna Hinojos

    I use it every night before bed and had the best sleep. It also took away my lower back pain. I highly recommend it.

  581. Mandy Vleeming

    I’ve only been taking the mint oil for the past week or so, and I’ve noticed a drastic increase in my sleep quality. Where I was feeling exhausted even after 8 hours of sleep, I now wake up feeling rested and calmer. I would highly recommend the oil to anyone who’s interested in taking CBD oil.

  582. Sammi

    This product has changed my life! It helps me get to sleep at night and stay asleep, calm my anxiety and does wonders for recovering after a workout! Can’t wait to buy more!!!

  583. Danika Robinson

    This was my first experience with CBD oil… and it was great! It helped ease my anxiety and allow me to fall asleep easier. Also, after strenuous workouts, it was a nice recovery tool! I highly recommend and have already told all my friends and family about it!

  584. Kayla Moore

    This is the only product that has completely helped with my anxiety. I love it so much, I’ve tried a few other things and this is what has worked completely.

  585. Charlie Saarinen

    I’ve been using CURED products since the very beginning of their launch. While I love all their products for different reasons, their 1000mg oil is my favorite! Along with microdosing with other CURED products, I take a full dropper in the morning to help ease anxiety and aches and pains, and a full dropper before bed. During the day it gets me through anything from a 10-12 hour nursing shift (I’ll also add CURED cinnamon and honey in my coconut milk latte), to a hike through the woods, and even a full day of taking care of my young kiddos at home. At night it helps me to achieve deep restorative sleep, which is something I’ve struggled with for years. I’m off all medications, and it’s changed my life, so you must try it! I’m looking forward to adding their RAW oil to my regimen.

  586. Taylor

    I was curious about CBD for so long and finally gave this a try. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from injury related inflammation. I’ve struggled with knee pain for three years and so far this is the only thing that has made a significant difference. I cannot wait to purchase more!

  587. Deborah Smith

    I have been struggling with anxiety for the last six or so years. I finally addressed it about two years ago with prescription medication. It helped but I was still suffering from daily panic attacks. I came across Cured in a fitness magazine and decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did!!! My panic attacks have diminished in severity significantly. I take the mint in the morning and the raw in the evening. I still take the prescription medication but will discuss decreasing dosssge with my doctor. I would recommend Cured product to anyone with anxiety issues.

  588. Bria Richards

    I ordered this mainly for anxiety purposes and take a dropper in the morning and dropper at night if needed. It takes the edge off in a comfortable way and tastes good in my opinion. It also has helped in recovery after workouts! I’ve gotten family members using it now too! Great product!

  589. Vanessa

    I have never had a better CBD oil!! I love it. It tastes great and totally helped with my anxiety. I have been sleeping so much better and my anxiety has been much more manageable. 100% recommend to anyone and everyone.

  590. beck.kelseylynn

    I use my Cured 1000mg every morning and every night! As s highly anxious person , it helps me relax during the day and my sleep quality has improved! I also find it to be beneficial for recovery after my workouts! Not only are the products great, but the customer service has always been exceptional when/if I had a question on either a product or an order. I am a customer for life!

  591. Deanna Blake

    I’ve been using the 1000 mg mint oil for 2 months now (I’m on my second tincture). I take it twice a day and I can honestly saw I have noticed a pretty significant change in my anxiety levels, sleep quality, and recovery from lifting. As an athlete, keeping all of those things in check is of vital importance, and I am very pleased with the results I have seen/felt thus far. Definitely will continue to use this, and am excited to try your other products as well!

  592. Matt

    This oil was my perfect first experience with CBD. I use it every single night to calm my mind before sleep.

  593. Julia Hunt

    This stuff has worked wonders for my anxiety. If I take any during the day, I do a lower dose or it makes me a little too relaxed. But I take a full dropper at night! It helps me sleep and has lessened my joint pain. It has also helped my boyfriend’s insomnia!

  594. hope4tography

    I got my CBD oil 2 weeks ago and it has been a real game changer! I take two droppers every night before bed. What I love about it is that it doesn’t make me feel groggy or too relaxed. What I love even more is that I haven’t had a migraine since I started taking it! Huge blessing and I couldn’t be happier. Along with that, I sleep better at night and my mood has improved. I just ordered more!

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