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This Is Everything You Need To Know About Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM, maybe you’ve heard of it? It stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it has swept through the wellness community in recent years. It’s worth noting: TCM isn’t even the slightest bit “new”. In reality, its big leap back into the spotlight is nothing short of a mighty resurgence (and a much needed one, at that).

Despite various, buzzworthy social media accounts trying to lay claim to its intricate systems, Traditional Chinese Medicine is more than 23 centuries old. In fact, the earliest record of Chinese medicine dates back to the 3rd century BCE.

TCM and Whole-Human Health

The primary aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to help individuals find a sense of inner balance, or yin-yang harmony. Illness and disease arise when this delicate, internal balance between yin and yang energies is disrupted.

Practitioners may use an array of methods to restore a patient’s equilibrium; including body-based practices (like, acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping) and nutritional supplementation (like, herbal therapy and freshly brewed teas).

Of course, not every patient requires an identical herbal supplementation regimen, bodywork session, or even exercise protocol. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the practitioner “chooses the herbal formula whose essence, or signature energy vibration, correctly stimulates or adjusts the [patient’s] own energy vibration.” So, the specific formula may change depending on the person, the environment, and the timing.

When the practitioner is deciding on a combination of ingredients, she takes all of these factors into account, and then selects only those herbs that will produce the strongest, synergistic (and desired) effect.

Modern Twists on Ancient Medicine

While we are passionate advocates for the many well-established somatic therapies, our expertise falls within the second approach: tried-and-true supplementation.

As soon as you read ‘Whole-Human Health’, your ears should have perked up. Did they? If the phrase sounds familiar, it’s because our mission is rooted in the same three words. We exist to return every individual to optimum health. In doing so, we hope to increase healthspan and lifespan simultaneously.

We recognize the necessity of individualizing supplementation regimens, but we are also a company that believes in actively laying down a path towards sustainable and accessible wellness. So, we decided to make ourselves the medicinal middle man –

Instead of asking you to do the legwork of searching for a reliable TCM practitioner, we worked with an in-house clinical herbalist for over one year to formulate our supplements. It’s true: no two people are the same; however, it’s still possible to create herbal blends that are universally beneficial and undeniable powerful.

And we know it’s possible because that’s exactly what we did with Rise, Aura, and Zen.

Rise, Aura, and Zen are our best-selling, proprietary supplements – they comprise our Daily Dose Lineup; which is unique and truly one-of-a-kind, but also inspired by centuries upon centuries of functional medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine paved the way, and while we’re offering deep respect for the ancient system, we’re simultaneously throwing our own, modern spin on it. Rise, Aura, and Zen help to restore your body’s equilibrium with potent herbs and adaptogens; but that’s not all.

These blends also contain Broad-Spectrum CBD for an extra oomph. We know that you’re itching to step into your potential, and we made it as easy as 1, 2…3.

Go ahead, see for yourself.

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