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Vitamin D and Your Immune System

In case you missed it (we doubt you did), immunity is trending in 2022. After two years of fear-mongering, the tides are slowly turning; more and more people are waking up to the true meaning of personal health. The average person is now well aware of the toxic nature of mainstream media and its endless news cycles. Instead of looking to evening broadcasters for a sense of direction and expertise, individuals are seeking honest answers from anyone who is brave and bold enough to break away from the script. And that script? It’s humming to the tune of wholistic wellness, humanism in healthcare, and natural alternatives to money-driven machines.


That’s where we come in: we exist to help you feel your best, and we accomplish our mission with handpicked, meticulously sourced herbs, adaptogens, functional mushrooms, and CBD. We aren’t here to make a quick buck or contribute to the chaos; we’re here as conduits to Mother Nature, providing you with the ingredients that your mind and body actually need to thrive. One of those ingredients is vitamin D, and here’s why.

vitamin d


Vitamin D, Killer T, and Kickass Immunity


The link between vitamin D and bone health isn’t a novel development. Scientists, doctors, and various other healthcare professionals have long understood the critical importance of maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels for adequate calcium absorption. More recent, however, is the discovery that vitamin D is also essential for the activation of your immune system.


According to a study published by a group of researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Killer T Cells, which are the specialized immune cells responsible for protecting our bodies from pathogens, require a special set of circumstances to “turn on.” Without such circumstances, they remain inactive, ineffective, and harmless to any outside invaders. The presence of vitamin D is not just nice to have floating around the bloodstream; it’s non-negotiable.


Professor Carsten Geisler from the Department of International Health explains that, “when a T cell is exposed to a foreign pathogen, it extends a signaling device or ‘antenna’ known as a vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for vitamin D. This means that the T cell must have vitamin D or activation of the cell will cease. If the T cells cannot find enough vitamin D in the blood, they won’t even begin to mobilize.”


In other words, without sufficient vitamin D, we are helpless bystanders to any number of viral or bacterial infections. In fact, we now have research showing that Covid-19 mortality and levels of vitamin D are inversely related. Low levels of vitamin D significantly increase the risk of developing severe symptoms, admission to the intensive care unit, and mortality. This isn’t a baseless theory or some anecdotal opinion picked up from the latest Joe Rogan episode; it’s valuable, science-backed information.


Break the Mold, Boost Your Health


The past two years have flipped our world upside down, and we’re nowhere near finding our equilibrium in a “new normal.” At least, from a societal standpoint. When we’re considering the long list of personal decisions we’re currently faced with, it’s more urgent than ever that we take personal responsibility for our health, our lifestyles, our relationships, and yes – our immunity. That is, and has to be, the new normal.


vitamin d


We aren’t experts, but we do know how to read scientific articles and use our common sense. Both, the articles and the common sense, are telling us that any past stay-at-home mandate has caused far more harm than good. We may even argue that anything that has indoctrinated the masses into fear-based thinking and social isolation, while simultaneously providing a one-size-fits-all solution, has caused the average person more harm than good. 


We’ve always had a rebellious streak, and it’s coming out stronger than ever before. Breaking the mold is one of our favorite pastimes; look no further than our best-selling line of supplements for ample evidence. They aren’t your typical over-the-counter medication, but they’re equally (if not more) effective. With the focus on immunity and the clear indication that Vitamin D is a crucial component of maintaining our health and longevity, Aura is taking the stage and stealing the center spotlight. 


Not one single ingredient in our supplements is accidental, and Aura is no exception. Our in-house, clinical herbalist added vitamin D to the blend because we know that it’s the missing link for many people. Without it, your immune system, your gut health, and your overall well-being are severely limited. So, this year try boosting your immunity and supporting your body’s natural defenses with Aura and notice how different you feel.


Haven’t you always wanted to glow from the inside-out?





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