6/10/19 | Podcast

CC 019: Choosing Love Over Fear with Aubry Wiltcher

Cured Collective Podcast With Aubry Wiltcher
As part of her journey, Aubry Wiltcher was presented with a series of choices that ultimately left her with the option of a pursuit of love or a pursuit of fear. She chose love and wants to help those in her community do the same.

Aubry is here to talk to you about her journey with yoga and breath work and their amazing mind and body benefits, but first she takes you into her world with a guided session to kick off the podcast! As an active yoga and breath work instructor, Aubry invites anyone and everyone to join her in that pursuit of love by attending her weekly practices in San Diego, CA.

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Joe: [00:00] Let’s just start and I’ll introduce you, Aubrey, in a longer form introduction outside of this podcast. We’ll just start here now. Aubrey, thank you for sitting down with me and doing this. It’s been a little while that I’ve been trying to connect with you, and then I fucked it all up yesterday, and we’re correcting it today. So, thank you, honestly, for taking this time. When I met you in L.A., when you were doing us a little work for Cured, just truly enjoyed meeting you and appreciate what you’ve helped us do; so thanks for hopping on the podcast.

Aubry: [00:37] Thank you, man! When you guys said you’d drive down from L.A., I was like wow, I feel very important right now. I’m just kidding; but I’m really grateful. I am. I was like, fully ready to drive up to L.A., full transparency, but when you guys threw it out there, I was like sweet!

Joe: [00:54] No, I appreciate that, and that’s part of why I wanted to have you on the podcast. What we’ve seen from you, just as a human being, and how we align with you… and everything that you’re doing! The whole reason behind that is, as Cured, we want to find people that we align with rather than people that align with us – not trying to make people fit a mold that we’re trying to put out into this world – like looking at human beings across all shapes, sizes, forms, and being like, oh, that’s a dope person, we like what they’re doing in this world, and we want to support them in a way that we can and collaborate, and that’s what we’re doing.

Aubry: [01:32] I love that. I’ve worked with a lot of different brands at this point, and there’s an authenticity about Cured, and the group and the people that I’ve met. Well, we can keep hanging out.

Joe: [01:45] No, that’s important! It’s super important. It really is because we live in a world of – I mean, you were sort of talking about it before the podcast – the world of social media and the influencer and the relationships… but like, the relationships that are going on between people that have worked really hard to build a platform for themselves, and then brands that are trying to make money. Then brands that are trying to have integrity and build a business… and the water gets muddy. That filtering that you did is important. I’m glad we made it through! To start, I think it would be awesome if you led us through a little bit of breath work practice. If you guys saw on our live Instagram a couple of months ago-

Aubry: [02:35] Yeah, I feel like it was about a month and a half ago.

Joe: [02:36] You led us… you led everybody through a session, so we’re going to do it here in the beginning of the podcast.

Aubry: [02:40] I love that.

Joe: [02:41] And kind of explain what we’re doing too, for those that don’t get to sit with us in the room.

Aubry: [02:46] Right on. Well, if you’ve never met me, I’m a pretty simple format kind of person. And I discovered meditation probably like… I’m going to say like 5 years ago. And then became a real practice within the last three, maybe… yeah, three. Then in the last year and a half, two years, I discovered Wim Hof and was really addicted to the Wim Hof method for a minute; but it’s very complex and I’m always like is that 30 breaths? Am I on the inhale, the exhale? Where am I at with this process? So, I dug a little deeper like, what is it I take from the breath work, and it’s the sensation, right? It’s that reset of like, let’s say, for instance, so I did some breath work this morning for the group; the same thing I did on the live, and so, you drive there, you gotta look for parking, and there’s the chaos of the arrival. Then there’s 10 minutes of breath work and there’s this shift, right? For me, it’s not about structure, it’s just about sensation. How do we take that monkey-brain, the human experience, and we just shift it to a space where we can drop in and we can have a reset. My breath work, like I said, it’s not very complex. We start with just some big, expansive breaths, as we kind of flood our body with oxygen. Then we go deeper in to sort of a hyperventilation, so it’s like the deep, intense exhales – or inhales, rather – versus a forced exhale. Two minutes. Then we sit another 2 minutes. Do you guys want to do the 2 sets?

Joe: [04:20] Yeah. Let’s….

Aubry: [04:22] Ahhhhhh… close your eyes. Find a comfortable seat… Take in the noises of your surroundings… Sit up nice and straight. Lead with your heart, not only now, but always in life; lead with your heart. Let the shoulders melt down the back… the elbows feel nice and heavy… relax the space between your brows. Relax your jaw… relax your glutes and let your hips flower open, and know that in this moment and in this space, you have nowhere else to be; nothing else to think about or worry about… as only right now exists. Big deep inhale. Hold at the top – take in another sip… another… exhale. Ahhhhhh… Maybe you round the spine and tuck the chin, a little moment of surrender, Inhale, RISE… leading with the heart, melt the shoulders, hold it for just a bit; think like proud warrior. Heart leading, exhale out. Ahhh… round and surrender. One more – your own space, your own depth, and your own timing. Sitting up nice and straight again… just study that shift. Three deep breaths… find gratitude for this moment of awareness. Inhale…

[pause for breathing]

Aubry: [07:04] Feel free to take any breaths, any pauses, any swallows, knowing that the surrender is just as powerful as sort of trudging forward. Start to speed it up; don’t worry about the… noise or intensity quite as much, but let’s go for speed.

[pause for speed breathing]

Aubry: [08:02] Keep it going.

[pause for speed breathing]

Aubry: [8:24] Exhale… big inhale. Hold…… Relax your body… relax your shoulders… relax the space between your brows. Conserve your energy… and study this space…… Resist the urge… start to play with that line between I can’t and I don’t want to, as you hold for just a little bit longer. And when you’re ready, exhale, surrender, round the spine… big inhale, RISE. And let’s go for a 10 second hold here.

[09:50] Exhale, let it go… take your fingertips just beneath your ears and start the massage the muscles in your neck; little sensory feedback here. Maybe you take the left ear toward the left shoulder and find a stretch… opposite side… take your hands out in front of you and shake it out. Relax the shoulders down the back, hands behind the knees. Big inhale… let’s go for a second round. Starting with just big, deep conscious inhales, fill the chest. Lead with the heart, exhale out. Start to tap into your ujjayi breath as you find a constriction in the back of the throat, and exhale as if you’re trying to FORCE something away from your space out of your energy; really releasing something. Big inhale, draw it in. Ahhhh… sticking with that pace, this style, for another 3 breaths, 4 breaths.

[pause for breathing]

Aubry: [11:48] Then you kick up the intensity and speed.

[pause for speed breathing]

Aubry: [12:38] Big inhale. Relax your shoulders down the back; relax the face…… Flip your palms up… and your elbows feel super heavy…… Where you feel sensations, see if you can take a journey into the tingle, into the ache… maybe even into the panic. As you study the sensation…… exhale, surrender. Take your hands together at your heart’s space. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Rub the palms together rapidly… building heat, building intention… and then place the palms over your eyes. Take a moment to go inward. Relax the body and slowly peel the hands away from the eyes, and let the light back in. Let a big smile grow on your face as you gently blink your eyes open.

Joe: [14:52] Incredible.

Aubry: [14:54] Thank you. Thanks… we found a little unison there for a minute; it was really powerful.

Joe: [15:08] Yeah…It is absolutely incredible what the human body can do… with your breath.

Aubry: [15:17] Oh, it’s a super power. It’s a super power that we don’t – that’s like latent – just there all the time.

Joe: [15:24] Yeah, and how long your can hold your breath for… is absolutely incredible. The birds chirping – I’m not sure if they can hear this on the recording – but that was fucking utopia, where I was. That’s where I was. It was so beautiful. How long have you been practicing breath work?

Aubry: [15:53] Let’s see… do you know Andrew Sealy?

Joe: [15:57] Andrew Sealy?

Aubry: [15:58] He’s great. If you don’t know him, connect with him; he’s wonderful.

Joe: [16:01] The artist?

Aubry: [16:03] No, is there – he’s a yogi, a fellow yogi.

Joe: [16:06] Okay. Yeah.

Aubry: [16:08] Cool guy. But we did a workshop up in SLO – I want to say this must’ve been 2 years ago this summer – and afterward we went to the beach to do some meditation, and this kid from the workshop came and was like, can I teach you guys some breath work? I’m like, sure. He taught us Wim Hof and like I said, I was really addicted to it for a minute, for like 6 months; I was like Wim Hof is a god! And I still think he is; he’s incredible. But it was just the whole – the method was very complex for me. And I’m like what do I really… thrive on? And it’s like that shift, that sensation. It’s like my own style. I have a learning disability; I’m a little different with kind of everything. I’d say I’ve been doing like what we just did for… it’s pretty new; I’d say, 8 months, a year.

Joe: [16:55] So, I’m curious, when you… just then, the thought that came to my mind is do you flow with the breath work just like you do with yoga? Do you have – going into what we just did – did you have a set plan for what it was going to look like?

Aubry: [17:11] No. No, I created like… okay, like structure; so it kind of stemmed from that live. Not the live, but that event I do on Sundays. So, I’ve lived in San Diego for 12 years, and just truly have felt a lack of connection to the community. And it’s all my own fault; I don’t put myself out there enough. So, I was like well, I travel a lot, but I really want to teach and I want to connect, so I thought if I can make a community event and it’s on my own terms, then mentally, it was more doable for me. I thought, well, I need to make it something that I can recreate every Sunday, so I created this idea of just… 2 minutes of breath work, a minute of sitting and enjoying; 2 more minutes of breath work; so it’s basically 10 minutes of breath work, 20 minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of community and sharing. So, it’s kind of like that’s where that timetable came from; then I just fill it with what I’m feeling in the room. If I look around and everybody’s kind of lost their breath, then what I’m going to say or the breath work we’re going to go into is a little bit different. But everybody here was really powerful, so we just went with it.

Joe: [18:16] Yeah. It’s been 2 days of breath work sessions in a row for us, and yeah, that feeling is… it’s very euphoric. How hard it is for a lot of people to live in the present moment – myself very much raising my hand – how stuff like that can actually bring us just into the present. We need more and more of that in our lives for sure.

Aubry: [18:49] I think I’ve struggled with authenticity as a teacher for so many years. I did my first teacher training in 2013. I mean, I’ve been in a class and had a teacher – and this is like, 2 years ago, a year ago – and had a teacher call out sick and had the front desk manager come to me and be like, Aubrey can you guide this class, and I like shit myself. I’m like, I can’t do this. And I discovered teaching breath work and meditation, and I was like oh, I get it; this is it; this is my calling, this is… you know, I’m not your teacher for alignment. You can’t ask me what part of your shoulder is hurting. I don’t know; let’s Google it together; let’s find out. But yeah, this is my calling, for sure.

Joe: [19:31] So, what led you down this path in life? I mean, if people follow you through social media, they see a lot of your yoga, and I – obviously, you’ve shared some breath work sessions and stuff on there – but like, has this… you’re saying that this your path down this type of the like, yoga… I don’t even know what you want to call that whole space; it’s multi-faceted, but has this always been-

Aubry: [19:58] Kind of like, mindfulness lifestyle.

Joe: [20:02] Conscious, I don’t know.

Aubry: [20:03] Well, I think to really paint like the contrast of who I am now, we’ll just start with like high school. So, I was like, fighting, I’ve thrown a brick through a window of someone I didn’t like, or punched walls, kicked out of school for fighting, that kind of thing. I’ve had a few kids from middle school and high school reach out to me like, what? You’re teaching meditation now? You were such an asshole when you were 16; what do you mean you’re the meditation teacher now? Like, yeah well, you know… we don’t get into self-help because we’re like totally normal; we find this path because we need the help ourselves, right? So, left high school for fighting, and then… even people when I used to work at Apple, and I was the quiet teacher, I didn’t talk to anyone, I was very anti-social; and now I’m like, hi, let’s make eye contact for an extended period of time! And have heart hugs! Like, that’s a bit of a shift, Aubrey, and I’m like, I know, thank you. Let’s see, so probably 4 or 5 years ago, I was on this retreat with one of my good friends, McKenzie, she’s also an incredible teacher; now that is the woman you go to… she was one of the biggest reasons I was afraid to teach because she was like, she’s an anatomy genius. She’s that woman you go to for all the technical questions. She’s incredible. We’re at this retreat and I was like… I was holding on to a lot in my life that needed to be let go of, and I was at that point in life where I either was going to transcend into who I am now or kind of keep going being a bitch, being closed-off, and all the things. This particular weekend, it was like 100 degrees down in Mexico, and I was wildly insecure about my legs and my cellulite, and I was in such a shitty place mentally. McKenzie and my friend, they wanted to go to this Zumba class or something and I didn’t want to, and she turned to me and she said, you are being such a fucking ungrateful bitch, Aubrey. She’s like, this is a $9,000 retreat, we’re here on this wonderful experience, what are you doing? And I really took it to heart because I respect McKenzie so much, and I was like, what’s one of the big things McKenzie does differently than what I do, and she was really into One Giant Mind, this meditation app; and she journaling every night and meditating every morning, and I was like, well, fuck it, I guess I’ll try it.

Joe: [22:25] Yeah.

Aubry: [22:27] So I started their 30 day trial. Not 30 day trial, but 30 day calendar; it was like a challenge, and it reminds you everyday, and you journal afterward. I think like 20 days in, I was like this is it, this is a lifestyle change.

Joe: [22:41] Yeah, it’s hard to get there. I mean, I for the longest time, journaling… I was like, I’m still filtering so much just from what’s in my head on to the piece of paper. It took me… I still suck at it, actually. But it’s easy to do that in a lot of areas of life, is filtering things. When you actually get down to start feeling like what I’m thinking I’m speaking and I’m feeling more and more of my authentic self. You’re like, it’s going to be alright. But, it’s really tough, and I think that’s something to be said, and to touch on the point that you said, we don’t get into self-help because we want people to look at us and be like, oh, look at them; look at what they’re doing. We understand that we have issues that we need to work through, and that to show up as our best selves, that’s the only way to do it.

Aubry: [23:32] Yeah, or and they say too, how do you learn the best is by teaching. So, by living this life and experiencing it, and then taking these little tidbits, little nuggets of sand that I’ve learned, and then like, well they kind of worked for me and pass them on, and then you can refine it, right? Then it reverberates; you see it working in someone else and you adopt those, and it’s just… we all grow together.

Joe: [23:56] Yeah. I want to dive in and ask you this question because I know you’ve talked about it on Instagram… the tattoo on your palm.

Aubry: [24:04] Yes.

Joe: [24:05] And the meaning behind it. I think that was a caption that I read at one point; I really enjoy that, so I wanted you to share what that means.

Aubry: [24:16] Well, it’s – if you guys have never seen it, it’s ‘I love you’ and then there’s parentheses around the love – and I think that’s a little bit… I was a computer science major for 3 semesters while I worked at Apple. I thought I was going to be a computer programmer, and one day my buddy was like, Aubrey, this isn’t for you. I was like, why not? He’s like, because you can code for like 3 hours then you’re bouncing off the walls. We sit for 14 hours; this isn’t for you. I’m like, okay fine, fair enough. Anyway, I still think there’s a bit of, it’s kind of a play on words, right, that reminds me of coding. The idea is – if you’re looking at it – the idea is the only love exists between you and I, so you kind of bounce around in the sentence. I think that it’s, really at the end of the day, only like there’s fear and love, right, in humans. I think… you have your kin, and that’s maybe who you procreate with, it’s your family, it’s your friends, it’s your cousins. They’re your closest, and that’s your love. Then… as like human survival, our instinct, we have our fear, and we have the people who are outside of that circle; and we only fear because they’re outside. So if we can just open up really at the end of the day – OK, for instance – they say that only 90 seconds of eye contact builds new, is it neuropathways? So… it’s only our conscious choice to close off. And if we can just open, like we really are, there is just love. Only love exists between you and I.

Joe: [25:49] Yeah, that’s powerful.

Aubry: [25:50] Thank you.

Joe: [25:51] It’s the truth though.

Aubry: [25:53] There’s… furthermore, we only fear because we’re at a point in our modern society where there’s enough, fortunately for at least those of us in this room, there’s enough food, there’s enough money, there’s enough of our resources to go around; and like, I don’t need to fear you; I can love you, full-heartedly.

Joe: [26:14] Yeah, that’s true. And… we see what happens when we act out of fear; those fears become true, most of the time. The way that you… approach every day and movement and going and grounding yourself, taking your shoes off and running up mountains or going climbing… what… how does that make you feel, and how do you approach that every single day? How do you approach that movement and expression of just being a human?

Aubry: [26:52] Sure. Man, I recently worked with this… this spirit channeler down in Mexico. And I was told – and my ego loves this, by the way, so I love telling this story. I’ll preface that with this – like if you told me that I was, I don’t know, a leatherman or something, I may not have been so stoked on it, but… supposedly, you guys, he said I was a shaman, like a medicine woman or man, he didn’t specify; but I was this very powerful shaman/earth-bender type… and that I was deeply connected with the Earth; and that this is the lifetime where that shaman-self comes back to me and works with me to heal all of my lineage and the trauma within the lineage. Like I said, I don’t know, my ego loves it; it’s a cool story. But there’s a small part of me… it kind of feels true. I’m so FIERY, I’m so – my girlfriends, they’re like, damn girl, you’re gnarly – I’m like, LET’S RUN BAREFOOT UP THIS MOUNTAIN!!! Do you think I can climb that?

Joe: [28:10] I’ll show you!

Aubry: [28:11] I get my friends to climb what we think are very stable art pieces, and then we get cease and desist letters like take that video down and I’m like, I didn’t know, I’m sorry!

Joe: [28:23] Just exploring!

Aubry: [28:24] Yeah! I was going to say, life is just an adventure. And of course, obviously, with the most respect for those around you in all your actions, but yeah – can I climb this building? Maybe… I don’t know, I see something along the sidewalk and I’m like, I should obviously run and jump off that; life is just parkour, it is a game. It’s not something that I like… think about, or how do I work it in, or… it’s more like I get antsy if I don’t have it.

Joe: [28:54] But did that way of thinking… has that been there always?

Aubry: [28:59] Oh yeah.

Joe: [29:00] Oh, you’ve always given yourself the permission to go-

Aubry: [29:03] Absolutely. I grew up on a tiny little… like 2 acres out in the mountains in New Mexico. Grew up barefoot, just always. We didn’t have any means of heating the house other than one big ass fireplace in the middle of the living room. And there’d be like 7 inches of fresh snow outside; and it’d be like, okay run out to the pile of wood and grab a few pieces – and it was like, why shoes, just run and grab your wood and run back in. It was a very survival type upbringing.

Joe: [29:38] Not civilized.

Aubry: [29:39] Yeah, no. Literally my parents chose a plot of land and had a septic tank dug and had a propane tank delivered.

Joe: [29:50] Really.

Aubry: [29:51] Yeah, and had their little trailer brought on to the land. Literally, just kind of made a little home out in the mountains. We were very off the grid.

Joe: [30:00] So, I know that before the podcast, you were sharing some exciting things with me that you have going on. Some of them you don’t want to share and some you will share, and we’ll see it come out maybe after this podcast, whatever; but what in your life right now are you most excited about? What makes you kind of jump for—

Aubry: [30:20] Really really?

Joe: [30:21] Yeah.

Aubry: [30:22] Well, okay. There’s like some… so I did American Ninja Warrior and that’s airing on the 29th of May.

Joe: [30:30] Chase, you can share whatever you want. I wasn’t pointing at that because I didn’t know that you were going to say that. You can share that, absolutely.

Aubry: [30:39] No, I just remembered – I’m really bad at self-pitching, like earlier you asked, do you have any questions you want me to prompt? I was like, no. I just kind of go blank. And then I’m like, well there is this one thing, I’m going to be on national television in a few weeks.

Joe: [30:52] Yeah, talk about that!

Aubry: [30:55] It’s like, it’s not humble; I just forget.

Joe: [31:00] Well, that’s even better!

Aubry: [31:04] Like you have dinner conversations, and… yeah, yeah, thanks. I’m also very like, almost – you were saying it’s hard for you to stay in the moment – I come from the opposite, it’s like to a detriment. My old roommate used to say I’m like Dory; he’s like ‘EVERYTHING IS AWESOME,’ like I have blinders on because I’ve already forgotten what happened. I’m always like, right now. I’m working to come to the other side a little bit, but…

Joe: [31:30] Yeah. No, what are you most excited about?

Aubry: [31:33] American Ninja Warrior’s super exciting. But I think, really, I think I’ve truly fallen in love with myself recently. Like in the last few months. And I feel… I feel that shift, right? It’s like a deeper shift and a deeper knowing. So, I’m just really fucking in love with life. I’ve struggled with depression and even suicidal thoughts in my past, and it’s just… there’s this… a friend of mine recently was talking about depression, and I sat there with her and I was present, and I was listening to her, but I realized throughout the entire conversation, there wasn’t a single fiber or ounce of me that aligned with her hurt. There wasn’t anything in me that wanted to be like me too, let me talk, like I want to align, I want to share my story of being sad. So, I feel there’s this shift, this change occurring.

Joe: [32:30] Have you talked about your depression and suicidal thoughts before?

Aubry: [32:35] Yeah. I’ve talked about it…

Joe: [32:38] Was it hard the first time you did?

Aubry: [32:42] I think the emotional hangover of after was really hard; of my girlfriends being like, that’s a lot, and I felt judged. After the fact, you kind of sit with it. But no, I wouldn’t say… it wasn’t hard. I’m like, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m very open. I’m very, very open. It was the after; and then I’d say they’ve probably gotten more and more – as I’ve released this, sort of, identification with it – it’s less personal and then I can share it even more readily. I look at it more as… fuck yeah guys, I’ve been through this experience; come with me, let me show you the light; it gets better! So more as a teacher and a guide are in it rather than sitting in it.

Joe: [33:30] And observing that it is a thought, like oh, you’ve had that thought before? You’ve had that thought before? You’ve had that thought before? We’re all just observing these things come in and out of our head so many damn times a day… and can be easy to get attached to and spin a story, whatever it may be. But it’s all thoughts. We’re all just humans at the basis.

Aubry: [35:55] Yeah. I think for some – at least speaking from my experience – I don’t know; there were thoughts that I felt didn’t belong there, right? I’m talking about as early as 4th grade. Some ugly shit. So I don’t know; I think you have your everyday stuff, you have your life. Everybody has their highs and lows, and I think certain people deal with a heavier, darker darkness, I don’t know how to explain it. But it was like, whew, that shit had a HOLD on me. I think about how many business opportunities I’ve missed out on from for not following through or like, I’m sorry, I was in a funk that week and I just happened to not respond to your email. Because everything, life goes out the window; nothing matters.

Joe: [34:39] Yeah, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that depression is just a thought. All of that is so, so real, but… those thoughts, those suicidal thoughts that I’ve personally had too, and have attempted, it’s… we get to that because we are going through shit. We are going through pain, trauma, whatever it may be. And that’s REAL. That’s really real. But… it’s an experience that a lot of humans go through.

Aubry: [35:13] Sure, but there is this like, to know that it could be that deep, and then one day, you could just have a few things in life, like a domino effect, go right. I think if life is like role playing a video game like… I’m Zelda, and I can either just run through this life aimlessly and not interact with anyone, or I can stop and open this chest and see what treasure lies. That kind of brings it back to the idea of connection, and kind of taking time. One day, you could just go through those series of the correct actions and unlock something inside, and… just this lightness can overcome you.

Joe: [35:58] So we started this session with some breath work. If people are familiar with you, they’re familiar with your yoga practice. Your retreats that you run, what all do those include? What kind of a journey do you bring people on? Talk about that experience.

Aubry: [36:15] It’s… well, I don’t want to go all these retreats I’ve done – just to clarify, I’m just about to guide my 2nd one.

Joe: [36:27] But it’s exciting.

Aubry: [36:28] Oh, it totally is.

Joe: [36:29] I think it could be very powerful.

Aubry: [36:31] So, the first one I did, I went into it like… I was just like, oh whatever, just guide me; I’m just excited to be there and I was still nervous to teach, I don’t know. Like the idea of public speaking for me is really just released within the last year. I’ve stepped into this truly powerful place where I feel like it’s no longer about my experience. I want everyone around me to have the best experience. Even if I’m a little bit nervous to talk, like fuck it, it’s not about me. So, that was last March, and I just kind of went into it not – I didn’t have any intention, really. It was like, about ME; I felt like I learned more than the – thank you ladies! If you’re listening, for whoever went to my retreat, thank you for teaching me so much. The retreats that I’m planning in the future, the idea is that… I’ve been on so many experiences, and then it’s like the second to last night and everybody’s hugging and taking photos, and we’re finally ARRIVED to that place where we’re like ready to be friends; we’re ready to drop our walls and really open up and make memories, make connections, and learn and share. So, my goal is – alright, you spent $2,000 to be here. How can we – and also, life is super short – how can we get the most out of this experience from Day 1? We’re going to connect; we’re going to connect in a raw and vulnerable way. There’s going to be modalities for self-growth as well as growth together. You’re going to create lifelong friendships because you’re going to go through raw and vulnerable experiences with people. And also… heal and be healed. But all the while exploring, and adventuring, and lots of breath work. I think, of course everybody wants a bit of asana; there’s always back-bends and headstands and that kind of thing. Really, I want you to arrive into that second to last day vibe on the first day.

Joe: [38:31] And these are traveling retreats?

Aubry: [38:34] Yeah. I think… so I was telling you – I think I said this on a little bit earlier – that I had one for South Africa that we didn’t have enough people signed up and so we decided to back out. South Africa’s super pricey and… my ego was really sad at first until I thought about it; where do I really want to bring people? And it’s Hawaii. That’s where my heart is; like trekking through the mountains in South Africa with a jacket on sounds nice, but I think being barefoot in Hawaii and wearing a swimsuit and doing breath work and farming and connecting with the land; maybe even not changing locations, right? Like coming to a space and then really bringing the magic and energy to that space over the course of 7 days.

Joe: [39:21] Seven days. That’s incredible.

Aubry: [39:23] So I’m thinking Hawaii.

Joe: [39:25] Yeah. Awesome.

Aubry: [39:26] Yeah, I’m heading out to the big island; there’s two different retreat spaces I’ll be checking out. They’re both on the north part of the big island.

Joe: [39:32] Awesome. So, there’s… I’m sure a demographic of people here in San Diego listening to this podcast. The breath work sessions that you do run, you run those weekly. Are you still running them weekly?

Aubry: [39:46] Yeah. Every Sunday.

Joe: [39:48] Yeah. Give the details. Can you share the details? Can people just show up to those?

Aubry: [39:55] Yeah, man. Everyone’s welcome. The way I figure is if you don’t see a post from me that says it’s cancelled, it’s on; because that’s easier to one-off cancel than it is to advertise every one of them. And I’m a little lazy, so… every Sunday at 9:30. It’s in Ocean Beach and it’s on Santa Cruz Street. So, at the end of Santa Cruz Street where the beach starts. So, Google it. Join us.

Joe: [40:17] Cool. Yeah. How can people connect with you outside of this podcast and learn more about you, your retreats, and everything? What’s the best place for people to do that?

Aubry: [40:28] I’m only active on Instagram, basically. My website’s kind of stagnant. My Facebook’s nonexistent. But Instagram. It’s AubreyMarie.

Joe: [40:42] Cool. Thanks so much for leading us through that breath work and sharing some of your story and your light with this world. Appreciate you.

Aubry: [40:49] You’re so welcome. Oh, I appreciate you.

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