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CC 022: How Much CBD Should I Take?

Today’s Topic: How much CBD should I take? With a variety of products and doses, finding the right amount for you and your intended relief can have more play to it than you realize. The beauty of these products is that they are safe and you can find the dosage that works best for you through simple trial and error

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[00:04] Next little question in this series is: how much should I take of ‘x’ product? And this is kind of a piggyback to the 2nd question in this series of saying hey, I have this specific condition, and what and how much should I take for it? So, many people coming to us and saying, “How much should I take?” What we’ve done since we started the company is, we messed around personally with a bunch of dosages and just tried to see what efficacy we saw from it. Most of our products are dosed at the same serving size and cannabinoid content per serving. Now we have an array of products that have different total concentrations in the product, which basically means if you’re using the recommended serving size, that that product will then last longer given the total cannabinoid content in it.

[01:05] Now, that is the GOAL, but that’s not necessarily the CASE. Some people are going to need more than others and that’s why we recommend going in with 1-2 serving sizes per product per day. If you aren’t seeing the benefits that you are looking for, what we do say is that our products are extremely safe and that you should play around with it yourself. There are some people, including myself, that will take 60-90mg a day. I really like to use it for the calming properties and for helping myself fall asleep at night; or if I’m just anxious at any time of the day, I can find myself being able to calm within 10-15 minutes if I’m taking about 15-20, sometimes up to 30mg of a tincture.

[02:00] But, that all said, every single person is different, and the science around our endocannabinoid systems is continuing to evolve. And how I try to explain it and help people understand is that each of our endocannabinoid systems are going to have different saturation points. We can have deficiencies in our system just as much as we can have deficiencies of specific vitamins. You could go to the doctor and say, you’re deficient in Vitamin D and you need to go spend this much time, or more time, or take this much, this many IUs of Vitamin D per day. That’s the same approach here when taking CBD, or cannabinoid extracts. There’s no one blanket statement that’s going to say that you should take this much of this product. Really, it’s just a trial and error type approach.

[02:59] Now, with that said, of course, there’s a point at which you’re finding that optimal level and concentration in your system and is it going to work even better if you continue to take more? No, absolutely not. There’s always a saturation point. Basically, what we recommend is we say, hey, go take a middle of the ground product – say a 500mg concentrated tincture – start at 1-2 recommended dosages per day, and then just start to evaluate how you’re feeling. I think the big thing that I like to say and remind people is, just check in with yourself. See if you are noticing benefits. Take it every single day at the same time. Start to create a routine around it and be very methodical with it. Think as everything in life, building a routine and kind of trying to pick up on differences day-to-day can really help understand what’s working and what’s not.

[03:59] Now, if you’re taking an array of products, it can be a little bit difficult, so just be aware of that. But to answer the question, how much of ‘x’ product should I take? Well, there’s really no one answer to that. So, if you’re curious, I would highly recommend asking around, asking other people that are commenting on our Instagram and say hey – just pose the question. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there and feedback that we have received through email support, through reviews on our products that help show peoples’ results, and feel free to spark the conversation with them. We know, and I know, specifically how much to take per day because I’ve now been doing this for about two years, and I know how it works best for me at which concentrations, but I cannot say that that’s the same for everybody.

[04:59] So, open up the conversation with our community. We’ve got a large community on social media. If you’re not following us on Instagram, check us out @curednutrition. Throw up a comment on any of our posts and I am highly confident that you will get feedback from our community. If you don’t get any of your questions answered there, please feel free to reach out at support@curednutrition.com.

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