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CC 21: Will CBD Help My Condition?

Will CBD Help My Medical Condition

Today’s topic: Will CBD help my medical condition? We do not make any medical claims as to what CBD can or cannot do in terms of health benefits, but we do provide anecdotal experience with scientific backing as to what we have see it do for human wellness.

Welcome back to the Master Class mini-series from Cured Nutrition, the company behind the Cured Collective podcast.

As a wellness company first, we pride ourselves in educating our audience as we know the current market can leave many consumers only more confused. These unique episodes aim to answer the most frequently asked questions about the incredible gift from nature that is CBD.

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[00:02] So, next, and very frequently asked question – or statement, I should say – is I have specific condition “x”, or whatever it may be – insert condition there – how much and what should I take? To first start off with responding to that question, we as the company, we are not medical professionals; we cannot provide medical oversight or give the answers to be able to help treat or prevent any condition, any illness. That is not what we are doing. We are not licensed medical professionals, and we would first and foremost recommend you reaching out to your licensed physician and asking these questions there. With that said, there are a lot of studies out there in this world showing that people are using CBD for relief from a lot of conditions. There is information out there on websites such as projectcbd.org, I believe has a – well, I know has a really great array of studies.

[01:07] I would also recommend going to a place like PubMed and searching published medical articles that are answering these types of questions. The industry is now, you know, 5-7 years old, so it is still at its infancy and is exploding right now, so there are a lot of companies out there that are making specific claims. That is not ok! And that is not what we are in the game of doing. CBD does prove and show that it has great anti-inflammatory properties. It is great for the calming effects; many people use it for that. Many people see that they can then calm their mind, they can fall asleep at night, and then they can better recover. But the anti-inflammatory properties are something that is very important in anti-inflammatory lifestyle. That’s why we approach a lot of things trying to find what is going to help reduce that the most.

[02:01] If we’re taking an anti-inflammatory diet approach, now there are a lot of health benefits that can stem from that. There are a lot of health conditions that do stem from inflammation in the body; so, with that said, we do firmly BELIEVE that many people can see relief by using and adding cannabinoids or specifically CBD into their daily routine. And staying consistent with it. Building up therapeutic levels just like any other supplement or any other practice, it’s going to take time. Many people say 2-3 weeks. A great episode to tune into to understand more of this is our Episode 09 of the Cured Collective with Dr. Hyla Cass. She is a licensed psychiatrist and MD, and dives into some of the work and experience she has with helping people use or switch to cannabinoid extracts for specific purposes. And then there is a bunch more information out there on the internet.

[03:00] We as the company are not claiming that it should be used for any specific medical conditions. We get that question all the time, and we are always going to recommend that you approach your physician in the time being and understand that the science and the research is continuing to evolve. We are highly confident in the benefits of CBD. We wouldn’t be in the industry if it weren’t for the case and we are trying to provide you all with the highest quality and best possible solutions to things that you may be looking for. So reach out to us support@curednutrition.com, we can help with some guidance. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence throughout the website, lot of reviews that we’ve gotten from people that have used our products, and we highly recommend checking those out. Hundreds and hundreds of reviews on each of our products throughout our website; go ahead and check those out at curednutrition.com. Check the shopping section of the website and go through all the products.

[04:00] I will say that some people find more instantaneous relief by using an oil as a sublingual dropper. It’s going to enter your blood system a lot quicker than taking a gel capsule. If you’re taking a capsule, it’s then going to be processed through your stomach and then your liver, and it may take a little bit longer time to feel the actual effect; maybe 45 minutes to an hour. But that just depends on how and what you’re trying to approach. If you’re trying to add a capsule into your daily routine, just take it with all your vitamins, and that’s going to be easier for you, then we highly recommend that. I would say that traveling and throwing gel capsules in your vitamin box proves very easy, so that may be something that you think about. We also have topical products, so if you’re looking for a spot treatment anti-inflammatory or pain reduction, the max salve would be a great way to approach that. Other products that we have are specifically for focus and for sleeping, so we’ve added medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens to our Rise product, as well as our Zen.

[05:05] One is for focus and mental clarity and the other is for helping you improve your sleep at night. We highly recommend checking those out. If you’re looking for benefits in one or the other, great anti-inflammatory properties are found from CBD or cannabinoid extracts in general. You can take CBD at any time of day; it’s not going to be sedating, and that is why we created other products that are more tailored toward a focus or sleep part of your routine. As always, I hope this is helpful, and if you guys have any further questions, as I’ve said previously, support@curednutrition.com or shoot us a direct message on Instagram.

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