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CC 023: What Makes Cured Different?

What Makes Cured Different?
Today’s topic: What makes Cured different? The CBD industry is growing, which we are thankful for, but with growth comes choices in brands and products. So how can you, the consumer, make the best choice with your dollar and your health? We hold ourselves to a different standard in both our product and our company mission – this is why Cured is different.

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[00:02] This is a really good question that I would hope anybody asks when approaching a company to buy a product or to understand a product. And this question is, why would I select Cured? What makes Cured different? We have now been in this industry for 2 years. Now, I’m not saying that that is the longest amount of time out of all the companies out there. But what I will say is with the recent passing of the 2018 Farming Bill and the explosion of the industry, the industry is just getting extremely flooded with brands and products. It becomes very difficult for the consumer to understand what’s the difference between all of these. We took an approach since the very beginning that we wanted to become a highly trusted resource, and to put the correct and best education out there as possible.

[01:08] Now, how we decided we would be able to do that is to understand every single piece of the industry, understand the complete supply chain. Now, when we were first buying bulk ingredients, we didn’t understand all this stuff. We took our curious approach as people with backgrounds in engineering and problem-solving, and just start to study every piece of the industry. We dove quickly into the testing. The best place to check out and understand what it is we do to provide the best possible quality control is to head over to the quality control portion of our website and see all the testing that we do. Now, we all understand that this is a product that comes from hemp grown and cultivated at large scale like most agriculture is out there.

[02:00] Now, the potential for pesticides, the potential for heavy metals, microbials, and anything of that nature is very possible. Just like we would all hope that stringent testing is done in our food supply chain, we took the same approach for our cannabinoids and CBD extract. In Colorado, there are very clear testing rules for the marijuana industry. As the hemp and CBD industry started to grow, these rules weren’t necessarily there; so we took an approach of understanding that it’s important to understand what’s in these extracts and where they’re coming from, and we are going to take the time and effort that it requires to do that. We’re partnered with several laboratories throughout the state of Colorado, and we populate our Cured quality control page with tests and test results that show the absence of residual solvents, the absence – residual solvents which would come from the extraction portion of the supply chain – and then the absence of pesticides, obviously which would come from cultivation, heavy metals, which could come from the earth or ground that the plant is cultivated it.

[03:21] And then, any microbials that could come from the cultivation as well, whether it be humidity things or something that’s on the plant that we don’t want ending up in our final product. Then, of course, one of the most important is the PURITY and the homogeneity of the actual product. So, the final product is going to have a cannabinoid profile. It’s also going to have total cannabinoid content. You can see each of our products showing that they have been tested for the total cannabinoid content. If it says 500mg of extract on there, then that’s what you’re going to see – you’ll see that in the test results, of course.

[04:05] What should also be understood there is the terpene profiles. We talk about full spectrum vs. isolate, and we have answered that in one of our previous FAQ/Masterclass podcasts. The terpene profile is just as important as the cannabinoid profile. It is also something a test that we do for all our broad spectrum and full spectrum products. You can check that out all on the website. Each product has its own tab. You can see the batch testing results from each of those products, and that is something we truly believe helps Cured stand out. It takes a lot of time and effort to do this type of stuff, but we firmly believe that without doing this, we wouldn’t be providing our customers with the best possible products and really creating a viable and sustainable company. Another thing that has been the passion and the driver behind everything that Cured does is that we are more than just a CBD company.

[05:10] We are a brand that believes in nature, and believes that we are and – wellness people – human beings; we are rooted in nature and that wellness and taking care of ourselves and our health can all come from nature. We’ve created an array of products that include the most high-quality products that are all locally sourced here in Colorado. We just tweaked our cookie dough product that now has all organic ingredients, and then every other product, where it can, has the organic ingredients. We’ve also created products that can be used at any time of the day, on the go, or whether you’re at home. If it is a product that you need for focus, we’ve got your covered there. If it’s a product that you need to help relax at the end of the day and help you fall asleep, we’ve got you covered there. If you’re on the go and you want an edible, if you need something for your pets, we’ve got you covered there.

[06:05] We just wanted to cover all of our bases and all of your bases with our products, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We didn’t approach this by just saying what’s trendy right now, what’s selling in the marketplace; we wanted to say people wake up every single day and there are things that people need. People need to be able to focus, they need to be able to concentrate, they need to be able to calm themselves down. There’s a lot that goes into all of that, so we also promote the lifestyle that is required to do that, whether it be taking care of yourself through movement, through meditation, through getting out into nature, through journaling. That’s stuff that we all believe in, and we believe that our products are supplemental to all of that. That’s another reason that you should look at Cured, look to Cured, and understand that we are more than just a company that’s going to sit here and try to push products out there into this world. We believe in the lifestyle, we believe in cannabinoids, we believe in nature, and we believe in you and our customers to help us promote this company and spread the message – this is why we believe that you should select Cured, and this is what makes Cured different. We truly appreciate you guys listening to this message and helping us spread it.

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