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CC 024: Where is Cured Sold?

Where can I buy Cured products?
Today’s topic: Can I buy Cured in stores? As a predominantly e-commerce business, Cured is available from our online store any time. However, though select partnerships with other businesses that align with our vision we can be found in select cafes, brick and mortar stores, etc. Learn exactly where and more about those partners in today’s episode!

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[00:02] Next question in our series of questions is: do you have storefront? Do any stores carry your products? So, at this current time, we do not have a storefront. That is something that we are heavily interested in in the future, whether it may, whether it be just a little, tiny nook here somewhere in Denver, Colorado, or whether it be somewhere else. It’s something that we’re heavily interested in, but right now, we are a 100% online company. Now, with that said, we do have a collection of retailers throughout the nation. If you go to our website, curednutrition.com, there is a wholesale tab; you scroll to that page, it says from our farm to your shelves; and you scroll down ‘where to find us’ button will bring you to our store locator, you can see some of our retailers there: HelloMD, Chill House, Supplement Giant, Buddhas and Goudhas, and then you can also see that throughout the nation there is a list of stores that we are in.

[01:08] Now, I would say there’s about 40 total stores across the nation. Our main business has been that direct-to-consumer business model, but we are now expanding on that. If you are in the Denver, Colorado area, or you’re up in Boulder, Buddhas and Goudhas; if you are in Denver, you can find us at Armbrust Pro Gym, you can find us at Supplement Giant. There are many Crossfit gyms across the nation that have our products. As always, just go ahead and check out curednutrition.com, check out the wholesale section of the website and see all the retailers across the nation. If you are interested in carrying our products in your store, same place at the website would be the best place to go. We have a button that says apply for wholesale. If you go on and you fill out your information about your store and what you’re looking for, you will be able to strike up the conversation with us.

[02:06] Either Zach, or Christian, or one of our sales members will be reaching out to you and can help answer any further questions with you. We do truly want to expand that; so, if you are interested in bringing our products into your store or your online retail shop, strike up the conversation with us. Check us out at curednutrition.com.

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