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CC 025: Cured Collaborations

How do I collaborate with Cured?
Today’s topic: How can I collaborate with Cured? Social media has made it easier than ever to not only connect with other individuals but also to facilitate business partnerships. We are all about collaborating with our community and like-minded people, if mutual benefit and alignment of purpose is at the forefront.

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[00:02] Ever since starting Cured, now 2 years ago, the… I would probably say that this is the most prominent question is – I’m interested in collaborating with Cured. How do I apply? Now, we have… many messages coming through our social media every single day, which is interesting. Some questions are more of people just kind of wanting free product is what it seems like, and that does not come across really well. As I know those of you that are… tuned in and part of the Collective would completely agree with, but it stills happens and so that’s interesting. The social media world is continually evolving, and I think people are catching on to the fact that it’s actually pretty easy to get free product from companies. Now, if this is going to be a mutually beneficial partnership, we’re all about that.

[01:06] Curednutrition.com tab under ‘Our Community’ is a great place to go in and apply to become part of our community and to work with us. There is a little application on that page and that will go to Ashleigh Johnson from our team, who is the Cured Community Manager; and she is responsible for creating and managing all of our partnerships. The biggest thing is we want all – any and all – collaborations and relationships to feel good, and to be mutually beneficial. We are going to provide education, we are going to provide product, we are going to provide experience, and we are going to provide connection through our industry, through our community, to those of you that want to work with us. And all that we are asking for in return is to promote our company, our Collective, and our community, and our MISSION to your community and to those around you, whether it be through social media, whether it be word of mouth, it doesn’t matter.

[02:19] But what does matter is the messaging, is the word, is the understanding and the alignment with our mission. One thing that we’re doing here in Denver, Colorado is our Cured Community Wellness Series. This has now started last month, as of May 2019. The next event is June 30th in Denver, Colorado at Skylight, and then it will continue once a month through the month of September. What we’re trying to do there is we’re just trying to build up our community. We’re trying to get people further and further away from the facades and the demands of social media. Now, social media does help drive a lot of our business, and we do appreciate the people that are building communities in this world on social media through their platforms and putting beautiful messages out into this world.

[03:12] Those are many of the people that we have found and aligned with, and have worked with consistently since the beginning of this company. If that is something that you do, please reach out to us. If that is something that you don’t do, still reach out to us as well and come join our community wellness series. What that is meant to do is to bring people together, to provide the space for connection, and to just talk about what makes us truly happy, healthy, and fulfilled. We’re doing yoga sessions, we’re doing breath work sessions, we’re doing workshops with many of the loved ones and people in my life that have joined the same mission but have their very own and unique twist on that. So, get involved with us in that if you’re in the Denver area. If you’re traveling to the Denver area, check us out on Instagram and look for more information on the Cured Community Wellness Series.

[04:06] If you are another company or a brand that is interested in collaborating, whether it be through product trades or product development in combination with each other, just reach out to us: support@curednutrition.com or send us a message on Instagram. The Instagram does tend to get flooded with a lot of messages, so please just be patient, but we will get back to you guys as soon as possible. And we’re just looking for people that align with us, align with our mission, and want to make this world a better place every single day. If that’s you, please reach out to us – as I said, curednutrition.com – check out the ‘Our Community’ section of the website or reach out at support@curednutrition.com.

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