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CC 027: Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

Today’s topic: Can I give my pet CBD? Is CBD for pets beneficial? Mother Nature has given us this amazing and all-natural product, but can we give it to our beloved pets? We explain these frequently asked questions for dogs and cats alike, and how to make sure you are safely administering CBD to your furry friends.

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[00:01] Alright, last but most definitely not least for the questions in this Masterclass series is in regards to our furry little friends, whether it may be a cat, a dog, whatever it may be that you have at home. We get these types of questions all the time – can I give CBD to my pet? Yes. Yes, absolutely you can. We have created products specifically for dogs. Now, with that said, that doesn’t mean that can’t be used for other animals. They are dosed at a dosage of 4mg of CBD per serving. Our partners, when it comes to the dog manufacturing, say to recommend 1 treat per day for dogs 50lbs or more; if your dog weighs less than that, try to start with a half a treat and play around with the dosage.

[01:02] With that said, that doesn’t mean that all dogs are going to be the same, just like humans – or cats, let’s say – and so, we highly recommend playing around with the dosage. If you don’t think that your dog will like to take the oil, which we have created specifically for dogs as well – it’s called our Raw Paw – then those treats are the PERFECT addition to the day, just to give them a little treat for whatever it may be that they’re doing. Also provide them the same calming and anti-inflammatory properties that we as humans look to CBD for. Now, the Raw Paw, the oil, is something that’s going to actually be spread out a lot further. The total concentration is 250mg in that product whereas the dog treats have 80mg total. There’s 20 treats with 4mg per treat, so you’re going to get a little bit more bang for your buck with the oil. You can drop the oil directly in your dog’s mouth, your cat’s mouth, if they are going to been keen to that.

[02:08] That’s a great way to do that. You can also add it to their food; put a couple of drops over their food, put it on a treat, put it on whatever you are confident is going to be able to get it into their system. My dog specifically has been… well, he’s been following me through the entire journey of this company, specifically since I got him, and takes CBD every single day. Now, Dusty has had seizures in his first couple weeks of living with me, and that was at 10 weeks and 13 weeks, and it was so, so sad to watch. It obviously puts the animal in a lot distress, so I’ve been giving him CBD every single day. There’s a lot of research out there that shows that CBD can help with seizures, so I’ve been giving it to him as a preventative, but also as just for a calming agent.

[03:09] My dog, specifically Dusty, is… calm most of the time, but then there are a lot of dogs out there that have separation anxiety, that have fears of fireworks or lightning, thunder, storms. And… it’s tough to watch that. It’s tough watch our best little friends go through that, so that would be a great reason to reach for CBD to help calm your puppy down, to calm your cat down, to help them just improve their life. Another great reason to look at CBD for animals are those that are in pain or getting to their elder years, whether they may have hip issues, whatever it may be. Whatever type of pain is stemming from an inflammation can 100% be benefitted from using CBD.

[04:06] Just like humans, dogs and cats and animals have endocannabinoids systems. They are regulated just the same as humans, as we’ve discussed in previous podcasts. If you haven’t tuned into Episode 09 of the podcast with Dr. Hyla Cass, I highly recommend going to that one to understand a little bit more about the endocannabinoid system and endocannabinoid science. But the answer to this frequently asked question is yes, give it to your pets. We have products designed specifically for dogs, but with that said, the oils can be given to your dog or cat. The treats actually can be given to your cat as well. One of the feedbacks that we’ve received on that is that cats are more keen to wanting meat.

[05:00] They prefer – meat is a little more palatable to them, so the treats might not be the best approach for them. They might not actually like the taste of it, they might not eat it, so using the oil, dropping it straight into their mouth might help better. But any animal that is in your life that needs the calming or anti-inflammatory properties would be a perfect candidate for using CBD. If you have further questions on any of this, please reach out to us at support@curednutrition.com or shoot us a DM @CuredNutrition on Instagram. Hope you guys all enjoyed this Masterclass series.

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