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CC 026: How Do You Improve Your CBD Products?

How do you improve your CBD products at Cured?
Today’s topic: How does Cured improve their product line? The world of CBD is growing and with it comes new opportunities, new products, and new formulas for existing items that allow us to continuously improve the Cured Nutrition experience. We are always striving to present to you, the consumer, the best possible product and experience.

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[00:02] One of the things that’s really important to us at Cured is continuing to improve our products. One of the biggest product improvements that we’re working on right now is our peanut butter cookie dough product. If you’ve been around the company and the Collective for some time, I am sure that you have tried this product. It is an absolutely AMAZING snack for on-the-go to get your CBD. If you’re done hiking, biking, out and about, whatever it may be, and you’re looking for that nutritious snack that also is going to contain the great anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, look no further than the peanut butter cookie dough. It has now been out of stock for about 2.5 months and this is because we are now shifting all of our ingredients to organic, and we are trying to pursue the organic certification. We also have narrowed in on the perfect sustainably sourced palm oil source, and we understand that there’s a lot of questioning around that.

[01:02] We do say that there’s a lot to look into that and to understand if you are worried about the sourcing of that. We now have the actual seal, the sustainably sourced seal on our products. We’re super excited about that. And we have now switched the packaging from a squeeze pack to a flow-wrapped bar. When it comes to scaling our product, flow-wrap bars means it’s coming in an actual package just like an Rx Bar or the normal wrap that you see most bars come in. We tried to take a different approach and do a squeeze pack to begin with; that actually has made things a little bit different, or a little bit difficult from the manufacturing, so we’ve switched to the flow-wrap material and flow-wrap machine, and that manufacturing part of the product lifecycle is being improved on and is getting finalized as we speak. So, we’re super excited to get that new and improved product back out into the market and back into your guy’s hands.

[02:02] I have to add on, if you have not tried the peanut butter cookie dough product frozen, you’re missing out. So, if you’re tuning in and you’re listening to this, if you have tried it and you haven’t tried it frozen, you gotta do it. If you haven’t tried it at all, I highly recommend checking out our peanut butter cookie dough CBD infused protein bar. It’s great for on-to go, great for getting done with your workout and looking for that nutritious snack that also has great anti-inflammatory properties. Another product improvement that we are working on is going for vegan gel capsules. That’s something that a lot of people have reached out and asked. Our current manufacturer does not offer the vegan option on those gelatin capsules. We’ve been working to get them to implement that in their facility. They said that they have had a mass amount of inquiries and requests to do that, so that will be an option in the future. If you’re looking for any capsulized product that has a vegetarian option, our Rise and Zen products, the medicinal mushroom, adaptogen, and cannabinoid extract products; one that’s great for focus and mental clarity and the other that’s great for calming, ending the day and helping you fall asleep.

[03:13] Rise and Zen – those both have vegetarian capsules, so if you’re curious about that and you’ve been wanting to ask us, those are all vegetarian and there are no worries there. Last but definitely not least is the full-spectrum oil product improvement. We have gone to a hemp material that is going into the extract that has a lot of less of the other plant material, so there’s a lot less chlorophyll in it. If you’ve been around the company for some time, you’ve seen that the product is now a lot more golden-ish, golden clear-ish, compared to it being a little bit darker and brown. There was a lot more chlorophyll in the product before, so it actually does TASTE different now. It’s got the same cannabinoid content.

[04:00] The terpene profile is actually improved because we’re getting rid of some of those other terpenes, or flavors, in the product that aren’t what we’re really looking for. You can actually taste some of the pining, the alpha-pining in the product now, which is AMAZING. I love tasting all the terpenes, so you might notice that it tastes a little bit more… marijuana-y, cannabisy, but that’s because we’ve just been cleaning up the product, putting less material into the actual extractor and going just for the whole hemp flower. It creates a more clean and golden-brown extract and works just the same, but just has a little bit different of a look and a little bit different of a flavor. Something that continues to come up, so if you’re curious about that, and if you have any more questions about that, please go check out our website. Check out the quality control page of the website. You can see all the raw full-spectrum products and see that the actual cannabinoid content has not changed when you go from batch to batch, and that the terpenes have just changed slightly, so that’s why you’re noticing the different taste.

[05:07] But it is still the same high-quality product and works just the same. If you have any other questions about product improvement, any suggestions, any feedback, we LOVE to open our doors to you guys to start the conversation, to help us meet you guys where you’re at and help provide you guys with the highest possibly quality products, and provide you guys with the education to understand what’s going on the back end at Cured. Reach out to us at support@curednutrition.com. Shoot us a DM on Instagram @CuredNutrition, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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