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8/5/19 | Podcast

CC 033: The Why Behind Cured Wellness

Cured Collective CBD Podcast

Welcome to a solocast with host and CEO of Cured Nutrition, Joseph Sheehey. Fresh off of the most recent live event, Joe sits down to share with you just how meaningful your engagement is with their vision and mission. As a company and as a movement, Cured is so grateful for the sense of community at their events, in the use of their products, and what the future has to hold for us all through wellness.

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[00:01] Hello everybody, and welcome back to the show. Wow! Everyday I am letting myself sit back more and more and really look at and absorb what’s been created with Cured over the last 2 years now. Coming up in September 2019 it’ll be 2 years since we’ve been in business, and it’s gone by like a blink of an eye. I can’t really begin to describe the feeling of just complete blessed. Complete blessing? I don’t know. We’ll keep it, whatever that means. But the blessings that I feel to have just come to where we are today. Last week had our 5th event. Lo and Aubry Wiltcher led a workshop, a vulnerability workshop – we went through a breath work session. The next morning, we went on a hike as a team up to the mountains, and I really sat back and I just allowed myself to recognize what we’ve done. And you guys, the listeners of the Cured Collective podcast, you guys that have watched the company grow from the very beginning are the reason that this has happened, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Those of you that are leaving the ratings and reviews on the podcast app – thank you so much. I truly enjoy hearing from people and I truly enjoy hearing people being able to have connected with the messages, but also enjoy the education that we’re doing, and listen to the experts that are really dialoguing around the import aspects of the cannabinoid industry and the health, fitness, and wellness industry in general. There’s a lot of moving pieces and components to it, and there’s a lot of stuff out there that people have questions on and haven’t been able to find the best or most accurate entrusted resources; and I love being able to step into that position day after day.

[02:29] Thank you all for the feedback that you’re giving us. We are going to continue to educate more and more on this podcast and just provide you guys what you’re looking for to understand what we do at Cured, as a company, as a collective, and that’s the big thing that I wanted to talk about in this podcast today, is what we are creating as a collective of human beings through the events that we’re hosting here in Denver, Colorado and in the future expect and look forward to hosting them all across the nation. This year, we’ve been doing a wellness series at Skylight, and I really wanted to dive into the why behind that and everything that we’re doing to bring a community together here in Denver, Colorado. For those of you that are listening at a distance or just tuning in for the very first time, we are based here – Cured is based here in Denver, Colorado. We have been going through a series this year called the Cured Wellness Series, or Aligned by Cured, and we’re bringing the community together in this local area and honestly, putting on for the first half of the year, they were just free events. The whole premise behind it was to be able to step away from our phones, social media, the noise of this world, and come back to who we are as human beings and a community, and just come together and spend some time together – go through some workouts, go through some workshops, do some breath work, get vulnerable, make connection to people that we might’ve never connected with and probably would live so close, but we’ve got this massive chasm of electronics and social media and other bs in the way. Don’t get me wrong, social media has built Cured. And if it weren’t for social media, we wouldn’t be where we are today, but it can also be very frustrating to me, and to any of you that are listening to this, I’m sure at one point can connect with that and understand the rob… the robbing… I’m struggling with this… but the way that we have been robbed by social media.

[05:03] Especially through the comparison game, and just the misunderstanding of what it is to have a façade and portray a story that people then compare themselves to; and most of the time, the story is a very positive, filtered, and not necessarily authentic story. But we, as the consumers of these platforms, take these stories, take these facades, and we compare our actual life to them. And we get ourselves down all the time. Since starting Cured, I’ve seen companies that look exactly like Cured – look, feel, everything they say, their messaging – and the name is just changed, and that frustrates me. I see that through social media and I take that in a wrong way because I… I let it. I let social media and the way that I absorb it control my thoughts and my happiness and my just day-to-day ability to show up for myself and show up for the people around me, and it’s really frustrating. So, the big idea behind creating these events here in Denver, Colorado is to get people to come together as a community to get away from our phones, and to see who the people are behind Cured, and also what we’re really trying to do as a wellness company outside of creating really high-quality products that are for all aspects of your day, and just to really create a well-rounded, daily product, supplement, food intake to be able to support you at your highest and most elevated enhanced state of living based off of products that just are rooted in nature. Outside of that, we want you guys to – first, we want us, as a collective, and everybody that’s listening to this podcast that have come together as a community, to be able to give ourselves everything that we need before ever looking at supplements and things to take. If we can focus on what we can control, such as our breath, such as our sleep, such as the way we wake up in the morning and we allow ourselves to meditate, we allow ourselves to go through movement – going to yoga classes, going to the gym, getting out and hiking – whatever it may be.

[07:39] We want to be able to focus on that and continue to push the message out there into the world. As a company named Cured – a very bold name – we don’t believe that just the products we sell are the answer to living a life fulfilled and healthy and actually happy. Like, there’s so much more to that. Of course, we want to be able to support everybody living that lifestyle with high-quality products, and that’s exactly what we do through all our cannabinoid products, and mushroom products as well, which I’m getting really excited about how those are going to continue to unfold in the future; but – let’s talk about everything that goes into creating that healthy and fulfilled, focused and just life that we’re all so deserving of. Now, as we’ve done two yoga sessions, we’ve done a vulnerability workshop and a breath work session, and then a triathlon, where there was functional training. The next Cured event is a community family dinner. We’re going to invite everybody in the Denver area. We’re announcing a really, really exciting partnership that’s going to actually be be the catalyst to a couple of really amazing products that we have coming out later this year.

[09:09] One called Immunity and the other one called Recover. But this event will be the announcement of our partnership with the Herbal Chef. We are super, super excited to be working with Chris and his team, and to not only to be creating amazing products, but now, create an amazing experience at this next event on August 23rd. Those of you that came to the last wellness event, the vulnerability workshop, we did briefly mention this, and tickets are now going on sale here very soon. If you’re listening to this on the day it comes out, which will be August – let’s see, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th – then you can and should get to those tickets as soon as you can. The website is, and if you go there and search Cured X The Herbal Chef Party, you will find tickets to our event. We are so excited for this night to bring the community together, to do some CBD infused dinner, and really just bring the community together for a nourishing meal, and connect on a completely different way than we have before. But that’s what we’re doing here, we just trying to bring more and more people together in the Denver area and change the dialogue around what it is to be a wellness company. What does that mean to be a company that is focused on more than just a product. It’s an experience, it’s a lifestyle, and that is what Cured has been and always will be; and that’s what drives us into the future. Right now, I’m looking at the website and the tickets are listed for $30, and I know that these will go quickly; so if you’re listening to this, at the close to the release date of this podcast and before August 23rd, I highly recommend checking out that next event. If you haven’t seen it yet announced on any other platform, check out our Instagram, CuredNutrition, and then hop on our email list. We’re sending out amazing, educational emails all the time with local and nationwide hemp news, and really just trying to be the platform for education and understanding what’s going on in the industry.

[11:40] For those of you that are tuning in to the podcast, thank you for being here week after week; and if you are in the Denver, Colorado area and you haven’t been to one of our wellness events yet, now is a perfect opportunity to do that. We would love to see you there. As I said, Friday, August 23rd, and it starts at 7pm. We are having a tropical themed dinner. Then, from there, it’s only going to continue to evolve. Really, what we’re working up to is being able to create a Cured retreat where we can bring a community of people together for multiple days and really dive into workshops and, of course, have this all supported by the beautiful plants that create our products. That has such a vast future that we are so excited about, especially being here in Denver, Colorado, and seeing everything that’s happening around the mushroom and psilocybin regulation. We’re just trying to be the company that is on the forefront of everything that’s going on and everything that’s exciting and kind of been stigmatized or shunned or not understood, and we want to be the people that are on the forefront of that. There’s no better way to do that than to stand face to face with fellow community members and members of the Cured team, and really just see what we’re all about. We’re really just trying to be here to make this place, this planet, just a little bit better than when we arrived. By doing things like this, we know we are on the right path. Hope you all enjoyed that brief little download on why we are doing what we are doing with the Cured wellness series and the events to come in the future. If you’re not in the Denver area, look forward to events either… or I shouldn’t say either – on the east coast and west coast; probably New York, L.A. at some point; we’re super excited to do those. We’ve got a lot of amazing partnerships as well coupled with – or I shouldn’t say coupled with – I should say, one with lululemon, and some other really, really cool companies that are paving the way in this world from a mushroom and overall just wellness standpoint. Beekeeper’s Naturals has been working with us a little bit, supporting our wellness events. Same with Four Sigmatic. I should just name it because they see what we’re doing and they align with what we’re trying to do. Thank you all for tuning in once again. I know it’s a little bit shorter of a podcast, but I just wanted to dive into a brief explanation on why we’re doing the things that we’re doing here in Denver, Colorado. If you haven’t been able to make one yet, we’re looking forward to seeing you at one in the future, and nationwide, worldwide, we’ll see where it goes. Thank you all for tuning in once again. We’ll catch you on the next episode of the podcast.

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