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4/8/21 | Podcast

CC 066: Changing the Narrative with Sam & Noel Sweeney

In today’s episode Joseph Sheehey talks with Sam and Noel Sweeney. They discuss a bit about how fitness is beneficial for building not only physical but also mental endurance, how entrepreneurship influenced both of their lives, and how structuring a business might be a huge leap of faith – but a necessary one if you really want to. Building a business from scratch takes time and effort; it’s not an overnight thing. But most of all: it takes trust. And that’s what Sam and Noel explain in this episode.

“Fitness isn’t just fitness. Fitness is this huge encompassing thing that kind of leaks into a lot of your life. Those things that you bring into your fitness routine, you can bring into other areas of your life.” – Sam Sweeney

In addition, you will hear some great tips on growing a social media following; in which way partnerships in life make sense for a person; the importance of having our mental health in check, especially in the world we’re living in now and how fitness can actually help with that. Doing hard things inside a gym shows us we can do hard things outside of it too. Sam and Noel also talk about some of the Cured products and how they have been nothing but beneficial.

“The world of instant gratification is also the world of instant opinion.” – Noel Sweeney

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