6/17/19 | Podcast

CC 020: What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil?

Welcome to the super informative and super necessary Master Class mini-series from Cured Nutrition, the company behind the Cured Collective podcast.

As a wellness company first, we pride ourselves in educating our audience as we know the current market can leave many consumers only more confused. These next eight episodes aim to answer your most frequently asked questions about the incredible gift from nature that is CBD.

Today’s topic covers perhaps the most common question we receive – what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil? The answer may not only just surprise you but also empower your decision making about which CBD products you chose to use and not use.

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[00:01] First question that gets asked all the time. And people ask this just by looking at our bottles, looking at our labeling, and want to understand what the difference between HEMP OIL and CBD OIL is. The short answer to that is that it’s a labeling convention and they’re actually the same thing. Where is does get confusing is the fact that HEMP SEED oil and HEMP oil would be considered two different things. Hemp seed oil is something that we’ve seen around and on the market for a very long time. It’s a great source of fatty acids, and comes from the actual seed, as the name entails. That does not contain cannabinoids. It is great for your body. It is great for reducing inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties and the health benefits from Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are, of course, there; but if you’re looking for the cannabinoid extract, you should be looking for something that says HEMP oil with full spectrum extract or HEMP EXTRACT.

[01:08] The extract is what actually contains the cannabinoids. Now, the big thing to understand here is really that this is just us – personally, as Cured – and many other companies in the industry, following what the regulations and the laws actually entail. So, the 2018 Farming Bill made it fully legitimized at the federal level for cannabinoid extracts – specifically CBD – but cannabinoid extracts to be legal and to be sold If, and only if, the traceability back to the source is there. Now, I know that there’s a lot of this going on in the industry, and a lot of companies that aren’t necessarily following those laws, and unfortunately, there’s no real way to regulate that right now.

[02:00] The industry’s exploding and it’s just going crazy, so trying to make sure that everybody’s following those rules is extremely hard. But what that means, and what we’ve done here in Colorado, we have our own farm in Boulder, Colorado and then we have another partner farm in Pueblo, Colorado. They are both registered with the Department of Agriculture and they all follow the regulations of having to be tested; so, the rule is that the hemp has to test at less than 0.3% THC dry-weight, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture is actually the ones regulating that here. And that is what defines it as hemp, and that creates the initial traceability in the chain all the way through to the end consumer product. We are calling this a HEMP OIL product because it comes from the hemp plant. You can get CBD from marijuana, but if it is coming from the marijuana plant, it then does not fall under the correct rules and current regulations of what was passed in the 2018 Farming Bill.

[03:08] So, we have taken the approach to label everything hemp oil. If you look at some of the other companies out there, such as Charlotte’s Web, you will see the exact same thing. This also helps us a lot as far as building a nationwide brand, spreading and selling our products across the nation; and then, when it comes to credit card processing and banking, the question of where this is actually coming from goes away, or becomes more clear, because it is a hemp product. We have that traceability. We have the testing results that will show that. If you’re interested in understanding our current registrations with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, we would LOVE for you all to reach out, as we said in the beginning of this podcast – support@curednutrition.com is a great place to do that. We then have traceability through the labs that do all the extraction.

[04:02] And then through our final products, if you check out the Cured quality control page on the website, you can see a lot of this testing, and the traceability as well. I’ll be diving into more of that in another episode. But to come to a summary of that question – what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil? Well, they’re actually, in our case, the same thing. Our hemp oil products contain cannabinoids, specifically CBD; some are THC free; others that aren’t THC free will either say a broad-spectrum hemp extract or a full spectrum hemp extract. That is why we label it hemp oil, it is the same as CBD oil; but you, as consumers, should be conscious of this and understand what that means. If you do see other products that are labeled hemp oil, go ahead and look at the whole label; see if they say full spectrum hemp extract or hemp extract at all.

[05:00] And then also understand if they have the batch testing results that will show you that there is actual cannabinoids in there. Some people may be labeling hemp oil as hemp – sorry, take that back – some companies may be labeling hemp seed oil as hemp oil. If that is the case, there are no cannabinoids or CBD in that. So, that is the answer to that most popular question.

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