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FULL SPECTRUM CBD | Supports stress management and overall balance within the body

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The taste is very gentle and it has tremendously helped managed my anxiety! Highly recommend!"

Ana K.

The full strength CBD tincture has helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. From minor anxiety to full blown panic attacks, I take a dropper and before I know it I’m calm and am breathing easy. I love this product."

Sam K.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter where you’re at in your journey, there’s something for you! If you’re not sure which one is right for you, here’s a quick breakdown:

Low Strength: 10mg CBD per serving and great first time CBD consumers or those looking for a low dose.

Full Strength: 25mg CBD per serving and perfect for consistent use and general wellness.

Extra Strength: 50mg CBD per serving and ideal for frequent use and maximum relief.

The answer is a resounding YES. All of our products have been specially formulated by our in-house clinical herbalist to be effective on their own or as a part of a daily CURED stack!

No, our Calm Oil is crafted with a full spectrum hemp extract meaning it contains the full array of cannabinoids, including THC, and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids and terpenes work together to orchestrate a powerful cascade of mind and body effects. In other words, ​​the effect of the plant in its entirety is greater than the sum effects of its individual parts. This is often referred to as the ‘entourage effect’.

412 reviews for Calm Oil

  1. D strumpf (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I take it to calm my anxiety and for better sleep. I do have to take two droppers for it to have effect on me but when it works, its a game changer. THank you!

  2. Laura Schraeder (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic! I added this to my morning routine, along with the Cured Rise capsules. This has been the key to helping with my every day anxiety and depression, without the need to take pharmaceuticals for it. I love that the quality of these products is something I don’t have to wonder about. This company will forever be the place I turn go to for all of my CBD needs!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Laura!
      I’m so happy to hear that the Raw CBD Oil is working for you! We appreciate you and hope you continue to enjoy our products! -Brielle C.

  3. dpage442 (verified owner)

    I have suffered from severe anxiety for years. I take prescription drugs for it (they do very little more than take the edge off) I heard about this stuff on Mark Groves when Joseph was on his podcast. For some reason I felt like I had to try it.. all I can say is one day after receiving it.. it works.. nothing has ever worked.. I’ve done everything. This actually works. You’ll feel the “effects” after the first dose and I promise it’s not in your head. I have been running on adrenaline since I was 12 and for the first time in my life I feel like a normal person. Thank you Joseph and also Mark for having him in your podcast and me hearing about this. I owe you

    • Customer Support

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are so glad that you found us and are loving the Raw CBD Oil! We look forward to continuing to help you feel your best! -Brielle

  4. Devin Forsythe (verified owner)

    So far this has been great. Been taking it for two weeks. I have been waking up easier and do not feel as groggy in the mornings. Also noticing my reactions to situations do not involve so much anxiety…almost as if I go straight from problem to solution without much worrying in between. Will definitely keep using this!

  5. Kaytlynn Hunter (verified owner)

    This CBD has been a game changer for me! It’s actually the first and only CBD I have taken. After reading all the positive reviews about it helping anxiety I had to try it. I started with the low, then the full and now my sweet spot is the extra strength. I take it every morning and sometimes in the afternoon and it has helped my anxiety so incredibly much. I knew I didn’t want to go on meds and that’s all doctors kept pushing but I refused to take any. I wanted to help my anxiety in the most natural way. And CBD has helped immensely.

  6. Deborah Giannone (verified owner)

    Definitely helps me sleep better and longer most nights. However, I’m not thrilled that the dropper does not have any indications of the dose I’m taking. Don’t know if it’s correct, too low, or too high. Could be wasting the product or not taking enough on the nights when I’ve tried different doses to see if I’m taking the right amount.
    A friend showed me a dropper from a previous delivery which was clearly marked with gradation lines so you could see how much you were taking and easily adjust subsequent doses up or down as needed. Please bring back the markings on the dropper.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Deborah! I’m so glad to hear you’ve found better sleep for longer periods of time with our Raw Daily Hemp Oil. I wanted to shed some light on the reason we no longer carry marked droppers. We were informed a while back that there were several companies producing the graduated droppers that were being questioned for possible lead in the paint used to mark the droppers. While we had not been sourcing from those companies, we decided to stop using graduated droppers to ensure that our products were safe. We understand that it may be a bit more difficult to measure, but the safety and quality of our product is most important. Our current droppers are designed to only fill up to 1mL, and the best way to gauge when it’s full is to submerge the dropper, squeeze, release, and squeeze again while keeping it submerged the whole time. Thankfully with CBD there is no exact science so it’s not of any risk to you to take slightly different amounts each time.I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Alexander Duncan (verified owner)

    I take a dropper full before bed and have noticed a significant improvement in my sleep!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Alexander! Thanks for leaving a review for our Raw Daily CBD Oil. I’m so glad you’ve seen such an improvement in your sleep since implementing the product. Here’s to enjoying all those zzz’s! – Ashleigh

  8. Alex Nason (verified owner)

    Great product. Well priced. Tastes great. More bang for the buck than others I have tried.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Alex! Thank you for leaving us a review. We’re so glad you’ve landed on Cured and have been pleased with the quality, taste and price of our Raw Daily CBD Oil! – Ashleigh J.

  9. tjg72 (verified owner)

    I ordered the low strength hemp oil to help relieve stress and anxiety. I ordered the low strength because it was recommended for first time users. I’m not sure if I have noticed a difference of if it is a placebo (I guess either way works). I will likely try the normal full strength after I am done with what I have. Overall, have nothing negative to say, solid product all around!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi TJ! I’m glad you’ve noticed a difference in how you feel after taking our Raw Daily Hemp Oil. If you are looking for even more of a boost, the full or extra strength options may be great for you! Please reach out to me at Support@CuredNutrition.com if you need any assistance in selecting the best one for your needs!- Ashleigh J.

  10. k8branton (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it! I take mine after supper to help wind down and it did an amazing job! The flavor is warm and earthy. I have recommended it to my friends and family!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Kathryn! Thanks so much for leaving us such great feedback. I’m glad to hear you’ve found a natural way to wind down and enjoy the flavor as well. We can’t thank you enough for the good word and hope to provide the same relief for your loved ones as well. – Ashleigh J.

  11. Kaylee Hulsizer (verified owner)

    I 100% believe in the medicinal qualities of CBD but for some reason I just didn’t think it would help me much. I really scoured this website and read all the reviews and finally decided to give this one a try, and WOW. This is truly one of the best things I’ve ever tried. I take half a dropper of the full strength spectrum in the morning and it’s honestly helped so much with my mood and clarity. I look forward to taking it every day because it so quickly eases my anxiety and helps set me in a good state of mind. I’m sooo glad I broke down and tried this. It will most definitely continue to be a part of my daily routine.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Kaylee! Thank you so much for the incredible testimony on how much our Raw Daily Hemp Oil has helped you. We’re so glad you took the leap and have benefitted greatly because of it. If you ever have questions on any other products that you need answered before giving them a try, I’m more than happy to guide you and can be reached at Support@CuredNutrition.com. – Ashleigh Johnson

  12. celpeterson (verified owner)

    I am a first time user of CBD oil and have only be using it for a few weeks. Taking it due to try and get off of a lot of medications for my auto immune disease that I have and it was recommended on a podcast I listened to. Plan to continue using this as it does not make me feel high or weird.

  13. grego73 (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this CBD oil!! It has helped me decompress with my anxiety after a long day at work. It’s helping me relax and get a full nights sleep.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Greg! Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I’m glad to hear you’re able to decompress and relax after those long days. We truly appreciate your support. – Ashleigh J.

  14. Kayla Brown (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this CBD oil! I notice a huge difference in my anxiety throughout the day and I’m able to fall asleep soundly at night! I’m looking forward to ordering more and would highly recommend Cured Nutrition to anyone interested in CBD!

  15. ANA KRELLNER (verified owner)

    The taste is very gentle and it has tremendously helped managed my anxiety! Highly recommend!

  16. Cecilia Moore (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking this for a few weeks now and can definitely feel a difference. My anxiety has subsided and I sleep better!

  17. kahl.sam (verified owner)

    The full strength cbd tincture has helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. From minor anxiety to full blown panic attacks, I take a dropper and before I know it I’m calm and am breathing easy. I love this product.

  18. Caitlin Collins (verified owner)

    My husband and I have been using this for a couple years now and I am truly impressed on how well it’s helped us improve our quality of life. We both struggle with sleep and anxiety. This helps us just “do life” more normally. Thank you!

  19. Katie Gallegos (verified owner)

    I am a first time CBD user. I looked into many different companies before trying it. The philosophy and integrity of Cured Nutrition inspired me. And I am so happy I found them! I love the full spectrum oil for after work and before bed to help relax and wind down. I highly recommend and look forward to trying more products.

  20. grego73 (verified owner)

    Greg-January 14, 2021

    I recently purchased high strength raw cbd tincture, it helps me to relax and calm down. I really like this product and am very pleased. I have tried other cbd oils and the quality that Cured has is exceptional!! I highly recommend this to anyone who has anxiety and wants to relax.

  21. grego73 (verified owner)

    Greg-January 7,2021

    This product is amazing!! I am very satisfied with the extra strength raw tincture. It calms my anxiety and allows for a great nights rest. I highly recommend this product if you have anxiety and struggle to get s full nights sleep.

  22. nberman (verified owner)

    I am OBSESSED with this product. I worked in the CBD industry for quite some time and can confirm that this is a very high quality product. I was most satisfied with the effectiveness of the 25mg dose in the morning. I usually used CBD to sleep, but I have come to LOVE taking this product as soon as I wake up so that I have a focused and calm morning, rather than being distracted by anxiety. Bravo!

  23. Erin Cahill (verified owner)

    Ok, this works. I purchased the full strength a few weeks ago, and my boyfriend and I both have added a dropper to our routine before bed which helps us fall asleep easier. When I take it during the day to mitigate some work anxiety, it doesn’t make me sleepy at all yet somehow it magically makes me sleep like a baby at night. Highly recommend and glad I tried it. Curious if anyone prefers the mint version but so far I’m really enjoying the taste of this one and will place another order.

  24. karen_lynn_bailey (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a lot – this is the best product I’ve found. I’ve never slept so good! Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

  25. angy.kristina (verified owner)

    absolutely love it and plant to buy more. This was my first time having cbd at home and taking it daily and it definitely relaxes me and even helped with my headaches (i have a ton)!! I do think I need a stronger dosage for my next purchase though! (:

  26. Maryssa Bradley (verified owner)

    I love the full spectrum hemp oil! I’ve noticed it has definitely improved my sleep and how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I also take a little when I start getting stressed with work and studying. I do think I might to move up in strength from the low dose next time lol.

  27. Sarah Wieman (verified owner)

    As someone living with multiple auto immune disorders, I’ve spent many years trying to find a product that’s both safe & efficient towards helping with the pain & inflammation. Adding this into my daily wellness routine has made such an incredible difference in my life. Also, a huge huge thank you to Ashleigh in the E- Commerce team 🙂 she’s an angel. After moving & having issues with my billing address update, she sent me my full subscription free of charge. I’m so thankful for Cured Nutrition.

  28. lisa cosper (verified owner)

    I have been taking this for a few weeks now and I don’t see a huge difference, but I am going to continue my subscription. I’m hoping that it doesn’t work right away for everyone and it just might y’all more time for me. I got the extra strength oil and have been taking it twice a day. Otherwise, it tastes fine, was delivered quickly and I like how you can customize your subscription.

  29. Chris Quintana (verified owner)

    I had never tried any cbd product before, but have read and heard plenty of compelling testimonies in favor of it.
    I’m 51 years old. I workout quite a bit and have since I was 18 yrs old. So, I do have aches and pains and some arthritis in my knees. All that said, I purchased this cbd product in search of help recovering from my workouts and runs and cycling. Like many other people, I did notice a difference on day 1. Of course I was skeptical, but that’s why I bought the product. . . to help. ????
    I definitely sleep much better and can tell a significant difference in inflammation. I can stave off the Advil now.
    I’m definitely adding this product to my supplement regimen.

  30. melissa (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple brands of CBD oil and this is my new favorite. I take a full dose in the morning and find easier to take any stresses in stride. Subscribing!

  31. Kristy Green (verified owner)

    This works so well! I am glad I tried it!

  32. Rachel

    I love the full spectrum hemp oil. I can take micro doses throughout the day for more focus. I can take the whole dose at once if I’m feeling anxious and need to relax.

  33. Kevin Daudelin

    I love this stuff! I am a major insomniac that has problems at every stage of sleep. I have tried another product in the past and it didn’t do anything. I take this when I go to bed and it has me out within 15 minutes. Falling asleep has been particularly difficult before I got this and it has really made an impact. This is a great product and one I will buy again and again!

  34. Rachel

    I have noticed a considerable difference in my mood over the last couple of weeks using this product. I am much more patient at work

  35. Daryl

    I love the full spectrum hemp oil. The dropper makes it easy to micro-dose. Tastes great.

  36. Denise Fisher

    I love Cured RAW CBD oil! I have tried other brands and didn’t notice any results. My dr recently recommended CBD oil for chronic pain from 3 bulging disc in my c-spine. My friend suggested your brand & it has been so helpful. I’m sleeping better, have less anxiety, and it helps calm my pinched nerve pain so I can relax my neck without muscle relaxers that make me feel very sleepy. Thanks for such great products, my husband loves the RAW CBD as well.

  37. Jessica Schmerler

    I’ve only had this product for about a week, but I really love it so far. I have tried different dosages and different brands and it definitely takes a little trial and error to see what works for you, but I think I have found my perfect dose with the 1000mg full spectrum oil. As of today I would definitely purchase this product again!

  38. Emmy Brandon

    I truly suffer from anxiety. This CBD has improved my quality of life. Things that would normally eat me up inside, or make me panic don’t hit me so hard. Takes a huge amount of the edge off so I can feel like a normal functioning human. I will be buying this for the rest of my life.

  39. Susan

    If anyone has been around the block with anxiety medicine it’s me. I also suffer from sleep insomnia and after 1 day of using this I can say it works. You need this is your life.

  40. April Abbott

    My daughter really likes this product. It is of good quality and at a very reasonable price. She uses it as needed for anxiety and it helps immensely

  41. Rachel Kelley

    CBD RAW has been nothing short of amazing for me. I have been battling anxiety, digestion issues, and a lack of physical recovery from over-training. This has helped me IMMENSELY with all of those areas and more (sleep, mood). I have also tried other CBD brands and this has by far been the most effective! Thank you Cured Nutrition

  42. Claire

    I can’t imagine life without Cured Full spectrum. I first bought both the raw version and one without THC. While I like the mint non THC, there is a notable difference when I use full spectrum. The THC is minimal so I don’t feel high at all but rather a sense of relaxation quickly after taking this. I take the prescribed amount right before bed each night and my sleep, recovery, and mood have all shifted to deeper more relaxed and aware. I’m really grateful for this product. It’s changed my life.

  43. Kiri Mcduffie

    This is really great quality CBD. I really enjoy supporting an awesome business that cares about their customers. I highly recommend this product.

  44. Dalia Nouraldeen

    Amazing. I’m hesitant when it comes to buying cbd because the level of quality is difficult to determine; however, these products are incredible and I strongly recommend if you’re looking for a reliable company to purchase from. I use the 500mg drops every night and it helps me wind down since I don’t have time to give my brain a break from being a full time student. I’ll definitely be repurchasing and trying out more products!!

  45. Natalie

    I purchased the 250mg Hemp oil and so far I love it! It’s the first time I buy a hemp oil, but I feel it helps me sleep more soundly.

  46. Kristin

    I’ve been using the 1000 mg for a couple of months now- I’ve ordered 3 bottles so far. It was recommended to me by Mississippi Vegan, Timothy Pakron. I’ve been taking CBD since the beginning of this year for anxiety/relaxation. This product is really consistent- I like that it’s not dyed and it’s unflavored. I know that CBD can be intimidating because there is so much product out there, but I feel really good about this company. Overall, I highly recommend it and it does exactly what I need it to do! It helps me fall asleep and takes the edge off my anxiety.

  47. Cam

    I have been using CURED off and on for about a year now. I recently underwent knee surgery and the last thing that I wanted to do after the procedure was to take the prescription medication that was given to me because I hate how it makes me feel. I used Cured’s CBD to help manage my pain, and to help me sleep through the night while I was recovering. Definitely the best CBD product that I have been able to get my hands on.

  48. Allison M.

    Great product! I take it before bed to help relax and help my mind from running all over. I also love it before a run, really helps the pre-run anxiety!

  49. Savannah

    I love this product! I have severe anxiety and chronic inflammation and this product has helped reduce both tremendously. I take it in the morning, at night, and sometimes midday. Another plus is the almost flavorless recipe! 10/10

  50. Nicholas

    I purchased the 500mg bottle for the first time. After a few days, I already started feeling better and after two weeks, I’m now a different person! Fatigue and pain has all but disappeared! I’ve tried other CBD products from other companies and was disappointed but my friend told me to try CURED. I’m so glad I did!

  51. Lorraine

    I bought the 1,000 CURED Raw Hemp Oil a couple weeks, and it has helped ease my anxiety symptoms, as it has with the the hundreds of people who have reviewed this product here. I look forward to continued use and to buy the dog treats for my pup who has anxiety during thunderstorms. Thank you, CURED, for this excellent, pure product!

  52. Lindsay

    I suffer from severe anxiety so I thought it would give this a shot. I did notice a small improvement in my anxiety but I will probably order a higher mg next purchase. I’ve also had chronic knee pain for almost two years that has really held me back in the gym. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my pain and I’m able to go harder with mt workouts! Overall I’m very happy with my purchase!

  53. Katina Mitchell

    Purchased 500 mg. I take it in the morning and night. I continued to have pain with my sciatic nerve daily after physical therapy. I don’t like to take over the counter medications daily. This worked immediately and sleep through the night. No pain for me. I will buy again.

  54. Leici

    Bought the 500mg and absolutely love it. I’ve used a lot of other brands and CURED seems to be the most effective thus far. I sleep like a baby and it squashes my performance anxiety during work presentations or while playing the sports I love, without causing me to be sleepy or lose focus.

  55. Stephanie Gabriel

    Love the 1000mg oil. Takes away my back pain and anxiety

  56. Jeffrey

    Big fan; purchased the 500 mg and going to pick up the 1000 mg going forward.

  57. Dawn

    This product has changed my life! I feel so much better, so much more in control. Cool, calm, and collected!

  58. Lynanne

    This product is great! I instantly feeling calmer and ready for bed when I take it, I’m still playing around with how much of it is optimal for me to take for a dose but once I find it I know it will be awesome

  59. Christine

    I was skeptical at first about this whole “CBD craze,” but I’m definitely a believer now. It does take a little bit to feel the effects in your own body.. but I’m finally sleeping through the night & no longer suffer from sleep deprivation! Thanks! I’m not sure it’s helped my inflammation or not.. but it’s helped my anxiety & sleep, which ultimately will help my body heal.. so I’m satisfied!!

  60. Rachel

    The full spectrum tincture has been nothing but amazing. Since the beginning of my CBD journey I’ve been treacherously trying to find a brand with real effects to aid my anxiety and GI symptoms… Low and behold… CURED!

  61. Mark

    I love it. It definitely helps me sleep at night, providing a very calming feeling when getting into bed.

  62. Carrie

    I take this to help with sleeping through the night and will take some if I’m feeling mildly anxious. It works wonders and I notice disrupted sleep after just a few days of not taking it if I run out. The taste is amazing and the quality is the best I have had. Customer service rep I talked to once on the phone was also so helpful and so kind! Highly recommend this brand!

  63. Spencer Bazzano

    Just started taking this a couple weeks ago. I love it! I take it in the morning and it helps me get through my day with a clear head. In combination with the Zen pills at night, I haven’t slept this well in years! Highly recommend

  64. Natalie

    For about a year and a half I used the 500mg mint oil. Thought I’d switch it up to try something different, once again, great product! I use this mostly to calm myself before bed as I have trouble winding down, but I also use this when I have bouts of bad anxiety. I sleep so soundly and I feel so much more rested in the morning. So thankful for this!

  65. Katey

    I have only been using this product for about a week now but I am already in love with it! I bought the 1,000mg and started using only half a dropper in the morning to test it out. After I few days I started taking it at night also (.5-1.0mL) and it helps soooo much with my sleep! I’m no longer awake for hours worrying about random things and it helps me sleep through the night and feel rested when I wake up. Can’t wait to keep using it and to see the continued benefits!! ?

  66. Bon

    I usually wake up multiple times during the night and takes a while to fall back asleep. This product helps me sleep through the night

  67. Kate

    This was a game changer! I have been struggling with anxiety for several years and tried several different natural remedies to try and help improve this, however nothing seemed to calm me down like the full spectrum CBD oil. I don’t feel anxious and stressed like I used to. Even my husband said he has noticed such a significant improvement in my overall mood! I feel like I am actually able to relax. I highly recommend!

  68. Eric

    I purchased the product to help with inflammation and to help relax after work. Has been great and will continue to use.

  69. Matt

    This product has definitely helped me wind down at night as I’m getting ready for bed and I’ve noticed I feel better when I wake up the next morning.

  70. Amy

    I tried the raw oil for a month until the bottle ran out. I didn’t notice any benefits. I am willing to give it another shot in the future as maybe repetitive use would be beneficial but the cost is too much right now for a “let’s try and hope”.

  71. Kayla

    I was on the fence about buying CBD oil. You hear a lot of influencers and individuals promoting CBD oil, but you don’t know how many are being honest. After taking CBD oil twice a day for the last week, I can say confidently that this has helped my anxiety so much! I can tell that I am much more relaxed and my mind is quieter. I’ve also noticed that I get a more restful and deep sleep when I take CBD oil before bed and I’ve lived with chronic sleep interruptions. This product has truly changed my life so far and I’m excited to continue taking this!

  72. Emily

    This product definitely has helped my anxiety. I plan on ordering more and trying other products as well!

  73. Ashley

    I have tried full spectrum oils from other companies, but this is by far the best. Helps a ton with anxiety, chronic pain, and relaxation for a great rest. I will be ordering this again and trying more of their products as well!

  74. Paul

    Have felt an significant change in my sleep with the addition of the oil. I would be anxious most nights going to bed from my long and split days, this has helped me improve my quality of sleep.

  75. Calea Norris

    Been using this for over a week and have noticed a huge difference with my anxiety and sleep. I will be getting a larger bottle next time. This relaxes you enough to not tire you out.

  76. AW Slone

    I am amazed at the results I received from this product. Just 48 hours after my first dose my pain was reduced by 80%. At 54 years old I have had both hips replaced do to the high chemo treatments I had 7 years ago. I have been back to multiple doctors looking for answer on my serious pain in both legs. No one could offer much or any help. I actually thought I might have to go on disability due to it. I do not feel that way now. I have no other experience with CBD in the past, but this is just great

  77. David Ducheneaux

    No longer do I have a sore back upon waking up or do I feel as much anxiety as before. This stuff is fantastic.

  78. HughJamongous

    I love it. I take a dose of 1000mg under the tongue with my afternoon loose leaf green tea. I feel calm, relaxed, and without adverse side effects! CBD has helped me get off an antidepressant drug. I was using a lower dose but I need the 1000mg for my body weight and it makes a difference. I was born stoned so I know what weed tastes like. This tastes like weed. It’s a good thing.

  79. Amy C

    My go-to relaxer for a restful sleep! I have a hard time winding down at the end of the day and this has really helped me focus on sleep and stay asleep. I don’t love the taste but I think it works much better than the mint oil so I think it’s a trade I’m willing to make.

  80. Brendan

    Works great! Helps with sleep and relaxation when needed.

  81. Caleb Bazualdo

    it just get rid off my anxiety!

  82. Tyler VandenBos

    The 1000 mg full spectrum CBD oil is amazing! It does wonders in helping my wife with her anxiety. We have two little ones, so this oil helps her get through the day and stay calm and level headed. If I have had a rough day at work, this helps take the edge off and allow me to relax and get better sleep. Thank you Cured for this amazing product!

  83. Don

    My wife and I have been using full spectrum 1000mg twice daily since it baby girl was born. We are first time parents and were looking to take some of the edge and anxiety that may come with parenting. It’s been almost 3 weeks and despite the hardships of rearing a newborn, we have both been feeling pretty darn good and level headed. I can’t say for sure i’d be any different without CBD because I started the day or daughter was born (may 24th 19′) – so I don’t have a before and after comparison, But my wife has a history of anxiety and slight depression so I got us on Cbd in hopes it would help curb any post partum. So far so good! Wish us luck 🙂

  84. Haley Wilson

    I just finished my first bottle of this, and ordered another one and cannot BELIEVE the difference it has made on me in such a short time. I have very bad anxiety and my brain has always felt “glitchy” at times because it was moving so fast. This oil has been a game changer and my brain finally feels slow enough to cognitively process things for the first time in I’m not sure how long. Will be a loooooooong time customer <3

  85. Meagan Hale

    I’m not quite sure it is “curing” my anxiety, but I certainly feel decreased anxious energy while using this product regularly. I have been using it before bed after my evening workouts and I can feel a noticeable difference in my recovery when I wake up.

  86. Katie Gaipo

    I was hesitant to purchase, however this product is great. I love the flavor, my sleep is AMAZING, overall I’m
    Much calmer. Win win!

  87. Rachel

    I have tried a couple of other CBD oil brands and this one has the best flavor and most immediate results! I take it for anxiety, sleep and recovery from training; I can tell a difference in all three of these aspects after taking it for one month. I plan on taking it consistently to really benefit from the long-term effects, as I believe the results will gradually continue to increase. Additionally, the entire Cured team are truly amazing people. I like supporting businesses made up of people with integrity and honesty!

  88. Kayla Garretson

    As a multi-business owner, competitive powerlifter, yoga addict, and all around normal human being – I’ve found that taking this CBD is going to be part of my daily practice. Stress relief, anxiety relief, reduction in inflammation, better sleep, GREAT taste doesn’t hurt either… will be a life long customer for sure! THANK YOU GUYS!

  89. Haley

    I’ve been using this oil for a couple weeks now. I got it to try and help with my anxiety and inability to sleep. I’m also using it for inflammation, workout recovery and to balance my blood sugars. It’s been working so well. I take this one in the evening and the full broad in the morning. Highly recommend and will definitely purchase again

  90. Peri Ward

    I will never not take this! I can feel myself relax after taking this. I am able to meet new people, go out, and feel calm in situations that I use to completely avoid. This CBD has made my anxiety completely manageable. I love it! I take a half dropper every morning, or a full dropper if I know I have something stressful that day. I usually take mine with a cup of coffee and the taste is awesome. Like liquid weed!

  91. Bruna Shabazz

    I’ve tried other CBD tinctures which worked fine, but I was looking for one that was more cost effective as well as hemp derived so I would feel more comfortable sharing it with others if needed. I bought the 2000mg, and worked it out to be about 8 drops for a 10 mg daily dose, which provides me with about 10 hours of pain relief from achey joints, headaches, and stomach aches, as well as relief from anxiety and fatigue. So much better than relying on over the counter pain meds as a 20 year old with ongoing undiagnosed chronic pain. I like to take it in late morning to extend the time of day it will be effective for. Sometimes I’ll take it directly from the dropper or in a cup of tea, which are the easiest for me, but if I’m making breakfast or a smoothie with fat in it I’ll add it to that for best absorption. The taste is mildly earthy, which I quite enjoy, and pairs well in my opinion with green tea or chocolate.

  92. Tracy Huffman

    This has really helped with my neck pain overall feeling of health! I love it!

  93. Kendall

    I’m a graduate college student and aside from my already anxious mind I have a million things to worry about with assignments, exams, and fieldwork requirements. My anxiety hit an all time high this past winter/spring so I thought I would try some CBD oil. and let me just say. BEST.DECISON.I.HAVE.EVER.MADE!! I was skeptical at first like most people are, but I feel very mellowed lately (not too mellowed) I take 1-2 full droppers about an hour before I go to bed at night. I am able to fall asleep, stay asleep and I don’t wake up groggy. I started with 250mg that way I could decide what would work best for me! if you’re looking for a sign to try CBD, this is it!

  94. Kevin

    Been taking the full spectrum raw oil for about 5 days now. Falling asleep seems easier, and it seems to help with feelings of stress/anxiety. Definitely coming back for more.

  95. Alex

    Absolutely love this product. I had my first full night of sleep in a year after taking it.

  96. Bridgette

    LOVE LOVE LOVEEE this product! I tried the Mint Hemp oil too an dliked it, but I’m in love with the Raw Oil. It has helped improved my sleep, I have less aches and has lessened my anxiety! I hate taking a pills, so I love all the benefits of this oil.

  97. Chrissy G

    I just started taking this product and I have to say this is the best CBD oil I’ve ever taken. The taste is mild, the effects are noticeable and it does wonders for my anxiety. I take it every morning and before I go to bed. Definitely recommend

  98. Cassandra

    The smell and taste is amazing! I have been able to tell a difference in my digestion, any body pain, anxiety & sleep. I’ve really enjoyed taking this and think i will definitely be repurchasing!!

  99. Ashleigh A.

    This stuff is life changing, I have been using the THC free for about a year now and my pups have as well. I am so thankful to have this now!

  100. Andrew

    Love this stuff. very calming and I really enjoy over other CBD products

  101. Emiro

    I was skeptical at first but after receiving this product and trying it the first day I’m a believer. This product has helped me with my anxiety but most importantly with a good restful night. I train train for triathlons and getting a good nights sleep is paramount. Thank you for this! Can’t wait to try the roll on for muscle pain.

  102. andrew harskins

    Great product, reduces inflammation wonderfully. Totally convinced on how effective this is .

  103. Kelli Houck-Wilson

    I first ordered the full spectrum oil, 250mg. By day 3 I could feel an extreme difference in my anxiety, mind clarity, and muscle recovery. By day 7 I hadn’t picked up a joint to partake (which was a goal, to cut back). It’s been about a month and I look forward to ordering again as well as getting my hands on the Rise capsules. Great, natural flavor. I love rubbing it on my lips after taking my dose!

  104. Carolyn Erickson

    Glad I found cured nutrition. I found this product more effective than other similar CBD products from other sellers. I love using it after a long day at work to help unwind and clear my head. I’ve also noticed it helps to control my anxiety and frequent headaches. The ingredients are also superior to other products.
    I found that this shipped quickly and I received my order quicker than anticipated. Thank you, Cured Nutrition!

  105. Alli

    Absolutely love this company and the full spectrum hemp oil I purchased recently. A friend of mine gave me a sample of the 500mg oil and I noticed it helped soothe my anxiety, so I purchased another bottle once I was done with the sample. The oil itself is smooth and full bodied in flavor without being overbearing, which I love. I use it daily to lower anxiousness, in collaboration with meditation and a healthy diet. I can notice such a difference using it! Additionally, I love their cinnamon sugar spice! It is so delicious and provides those awesome CBD benefits without extra steps; just add it into your food! I highly recommend incorporating these products into your lifeway for holistic health and growth!

  106. Carly

    This 100mg gives me the night’s sleep I’ve been trying to find for years. I’m so very grateful.

  107. pemilli

    Highly recommend! I loved it and will be ordering a lot more!

  108. Alexis Bonifate

    Ever since my concussion a few years ago I have dealt with migraines, depression and anxiety and have been on and off medication. I was a little skeptical about trying this product at first because I have tried cbd oil before with little results. But since purchasing this product, I have been using it every day and it has helped immensely with transitioning off my medication. I use it in the morning and night and sometimes on between. It has also really helped with my knee pain. Highly recommend this oil!

  109. Sierra Lowe

    Omg. This product is my new holy grail must-have! I love that I can recover while I sleep! The taste is great and I feel less stressed during the day. Can’t wait to order more!

  110. William

    Definitely a repeat customer for this product. Started off by getting this, based on a friend’s recommendation. We started with the 500mL to see how we felt and have already moved up on our second purchase. Will just start buying the larger bottle, as it has helped calm anxiety and my wife sleeps better at night after taking this.

  111. Matt Rizzo

    First time CBD Oil user and can already feel a difference in the first week! The taste is fine and I am very happy with my choice of going with Cured!

  112. Jamie

    This cbd oil is incredible. It really does the trick. No stress, anxiety, inflammation and no pain. I sleep like a baby when I take it before bed. If anybody is looking for a natural cure to the symptoms above, then this cbd oil is for you!

  113. Mazher Akhtar

    This review is for the full spectrum 1000 mg oil. I noticed a calming effect immediately after taking the oil and I am still blown away by how well it works! I monitor my heart rate regularly and it’s been about 10 bpm lower on average since I started taking CBD. I am handling stress much better than I have been in recent years as well.

    My wife is also experiencing benefits from CBD. She is able to sleep through the night much more regularly than she has in quite some time.

  114. Rich

    I tried a local brand before the 1000mg full spectrum. While it was good, Cured was noticeably better (milder taste, better joint ache relief). Sold!

  115. Al

    I’ve been taking it consistently every night before bed and I definitely notice reduced amounts of soreness from my intense gym sessions.

  116. Cassie Quinn

    I purchased the 1000mg full spectrum oil and I LOVE it! I use it twice a day and It has helped reduce my stress and anxiety so much. Excited to try out some other products in addition to the oil.

  117. T

    Love the product! Felt the effect on the first day. Because of personal matters have a ton of stress in my life which caused anger issues and a low quality of life. I have tried many supplements and nothing worked. This changed my life! Have a customer for life!!

  118. Emily H.

    I purchased the 500mg and have been taking 1/2 dropper once or twice a day. This is the second brand of cbd I’ve tried and I have noticed a difference in my stress and anxiety since starting it. Love the earthy flavor, too!

  119. Kristy

    One week in and I can already tell the difference. I tried this to help with anxiety and it seems to be the right fix. I take once a day before bedtime and mix it with tea.

  120. Brian

    Absolutely Amazing Product! I initially tried this for my chronic back pain. Little did I know how bad I was sleeping due to a stressful job combined with the back pain which would wake me up everytime I rolled over in my sleep. Once awake, my mind would go into overdrive thinking about my job etc. I noticed an immediate difference from the first night I took the drops. Within two days of taking the drops, I was sleeping soundly through the night. No more getting jolted awake from my back pain and then struggling to get back to sleep. After a couple weeks of use, I am waking up refreshed and just feel more mentally focused during the day. I honestly can’t believe the difference. Additionally, I am no longer taking Aleve, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol on a regular basis for my back pain!! This is a huge deal for me! I was starting to think I was going to have to look into stronger meds or go in for a consult and have to consider surgery! Now my biggest fear is the effects of the oil are going to wear off! This product has truly changed my life and I am so happy that I took the chance and tried it. Thank you Cured for such a life changing product!

  121. Stephanie

    I have terrible anxiety and I take this before bed every night and I sleep great! It really helps me settle my anxiety at the end of the day and get a better quality night of sleep. I highly recommend!

  122. Bekah W.

    Better Sleep. This stuff has been a life saver. I struggle with anxiety, and depression, and when I’m having a bad night this stuff helps to knock me out.

  123. Carley Sipper

    I have had bad anxiety for quite a while and was considering CBD oil to help alleviate some of my symptoms. I was pleasantly surprised to notice a difference within one day of taking it. The normal agitation, racing thoughts, and tightening of my chest that I experience regularly because of my anxiety was gone. Since taking this product I have begun to feel more like myself again. I would 100% recommend to anyone who has anxiety.

  124. Molly

    I’ve been taking the 500 mg for a month now and my anxiety isn’t as intense and I am sleeping through the night which hasn’t happened in years! I’m going to try the 1000 mg next – so happy I found Cured.

  125. jessielynnsmith

    I had been debating whether or not to try CBD oil for the better part of two years, as a way to help combat anxiety, insomnia due to anxiety, and PMS symptoms. I purchased the Raw tincture and after a week of use, I can say my anxiety has decreased, my sleeping habits have improved, and had basically no PMS symptoms this cycle. I also have surprisingly felt more energy and greater mental clarity. I don’t know if that’s necessarily a result of the CBD or just the fact that my anxiety has decreased so I’m not bogged down overthinking every thing. I’ve also been utilizing the CBD infused spices and they are absolutely delicious. I plan to try more products in the future and have already purchased a second bottle.

    If you are on the fence like I was, CURED is the way to go.

  126. Madelyn

    If you are on the fence about purchasing any CBD products from Cured, look no further and make your purchase! I have used both the gel caps and the Raw tincture and I loved both. I prefer the tincture because it kicks in faster.

    This stuff is amazing for my anxiety as well as inflammation, as I work out 5 days a week. It’s great that Cured publishes updated test panels from their products to ensure the utmost purity. With some brands, you don’t really know what you’re getting.

    I recommend CBD to pretty much anyone and everyone, and Cured is the first brand I mention. 🙂

  127. Lori

    Having gone through some major losses and traumatic experiences in the last couple of years, things changed a lot. Life got way more anxiety and stress filled with bouts of depression. PTSD is a killer. I have always been able to “handle” life, but it was too overwhelming. I am not one for prescription pills, especially since I had never suffered these problems before. I started the raw hemp oil and within just a day or so recognized that everything felt more balanced and overall manageable. I wish I had tried it a long time ago. My friends had done their research since not all CBD oil is created equal. This is part of the reason I had not tried it earlier. Finding a legit company with a real, quality product has been the key to this working for me.

  128. Sharon VandenBos

    Absolutely Amazing Product! I love this oil and the earthy taste that it has. It helps me deal with anxiety, stress, and inflammation in my body. With two kids under the age of 3, I need all the help I can get. I am going to try the 1000mg next time and see how that works for me.

  129. Jeremy

    My shoulder and neck pain went away after a couple of days using it, and my sleep noticeably improved. I definitely will continue to use this on a daily basis.

  130. Daniel Angel

    The first thing I noticed was my normal aches and pains began to subside. Then my sleep! Haven’t felt this good in a long time!

  131. Melissa Linton

    I’ve tried a few different brands and this one is by far my favorite. I’ve been able to stop taking 3 Tylenol PM every night in exchange for these drops. AMAZING!

  132. Tara

    Absolutely love this CBD oil and cannot go a day without it. 1000 mgs for me!!! Helps with anxiety! I’ve ordered my second bottle for myself and also ordered for family members!

  133. ronreyes5

    Purchased 1000mg full spectrum to help with sleep and anxiety, I am amazed how well this has been working for me. I am a believer in your product. Thanks Cured!

  134. Rebekah Wolsten

    This is a great product! It works for me to sleep and to relax a bit. It doesn’t make you drowsy it just helps to take the edge off of life.

  135. Rebekah

    In love ? Works really well to sleep and to relax you but doesn’t make you drowsy. Definitely recommend!

  136. Jaclyn

    I really enjoy the full spectrum benefits and taste. The tincture is super convenient and I can control the dosage easier. I will be purchasing this again.

  137. Nicole Faria

    Before purchasing I can tell you I was not able to sleep well at nights I would wake up in the middle of the night from constant bad dreams, I suffer from depression and possibly considering I might suffer from bipolar disorder. Once I received the cbd oil my lifestyle had changed, I can finally sleep at night when I get my episodes this is my go to. I was so skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure if I would be investing my money in the right place but wow this made a difference in my life. The fact that it natural and comes from a trust worthy brand is more comforting.

  138. amyls3

    I have been using CBD oil off and on for a couple of years and I can definitely tell a big difference in my sleep quality when I am not using it. I have decided to start using it regularly for sleep, hormones and digestion. Great stuff!!!

  139. Andrea Carr

    I started out with the mint flavor and was happy with it, but decided to try the raw. Both products are amazing and have helped me get off other sleeping products. I have been sleeping great with less awakening during the night. Highly recommend Cured products!

  140. Melissa

    I tried another CBD oil but it made me way too sleepy during the day. I gave this one a try and I LOVE it. Huge difference in anxiety and helps me sleep easier.

  141. Savannah Chambers

    My anxiety usually peeks at night when I am trying to fall asleep. This product has changed my life! It helps my brain slow down and allow me to rest. I wake up feeling very well rested and ready to take on my day! I have recommended this product to about 10 people and they all LOVE it!

  142. Kristen

    What a difference this had made with my sleep, within the first 3 days I slept deeply and woke up feeling well rested which just about never happens. I’ve also felt a lot of improvement with my overall anxiety so I would absolutely recommend Cured CBD to anyone looking to reduce stress and sleep better.

  143. Kayla

    I am a skeptic when it comes to almost everything. That said, this product has been a life saver. In an attempt to try to mitigate my anxiety and depression without resorting to the use of medication or alcohol, I purchased the 1000mg product size. Within a few days, there was a noticeable difference in my outlook and overall demeanor. I have been using this product twice daily for several months now, and I don’t think I will ever stop. My friends and loved ones also notice the change and often comment on my new positive outlook and lack of previous anxious or depressive feelings and emotions.

    I wish I could give this product more than 5 stars, as that’s what it deserves. The shipping is always fast, the product is always in good condition, and the high quality is the same every time.

  144. Maureen Ley

    Just going through our first bottle of this high quality product. Both hubs and myself really noticing a difference with chronic pain reduction, less anxiety, better sleeping. Very mild and pleasant taste. Highly recommended.

  145. Sam Taylor

    I absolutely am in love with cured nutrition cbd oil! It’s really helped my anxiety, body aches, foggy brain, and some so many other good things. The list is too long! I don’t think I would go a day without my oil.

  146. nancy lili

    Honestly, the last couple years have kicked my butt, personal-life wise. I noticed recently I was drinking more wine than I was proud to admit, and each bottle was $20-$35 a bottle. (I’m picky.) Not a good use of my resources, and I also was aware that the wine wasn’t alleviating the stress or helping anything. Honestly, often, the wine worsened my ability to emotionally recoup and heal and move forward. I wanted a wine substitute.

    As a competitive athlete, I’m a healthy person in all other ways. I’m selective about the quality of what I put in my body and why. I trust Matt Vincent, who is a Cured ambassador, because he works with many other brands I trust, which is why I selected Cured out of all the new CBD brands sprouting up out of nowhere.

    I purchased Cured’s full-spectrum CBD to see what change might happen with my mental state. I’ve taken it daily for over a week now, and I can honestly say that I feel its effects within minutes of taking it. I will feel my face soften from a hard grimace to a small smile. I don’t get ‘high’ at all, but I relax. I sleep better. I yell less. I feel more like me again.

    It smells like weed (duh). It tastes earthy. I like that it’s in an MCT oil because it isn’t thick and gloopy like other CBDs I’ve tried. Sometimes I take it twice a day. I don’t think I’m building up a resistance to it– does that happen? I’m very happy with my purchase.

    (For reference, I’m a 57kg female and I purchased the 500mg option.)

  147. Amy Bennett

    This stuff is amazing! It’s my first CBD oil and I love it! The first couple of days, I was not really sure if it did anything. But then, I start feeling super chill in the evenings and not even reaching for a glass of wine. My anxiety is down! I love the taste! I bought the 1000mg and am taking a quarter dropper early evening. Love!

  148. Jamey

    In just a few short days and I can tell a difference after taking. The cbd raw full spectrum. I have tried other cbd oils without the results so if I continue to see these results (which I’m sure I will) I will be referring my clients to try any and all these products. Thanks Cured for a great product!

  149. Jordan

    I have ulcerative colitis, I’m currently in an active flare. I read the benefits of CBD with ibd online, and heard about cured. I decided to give the raw full spectrum 1000mg cbd oil a try. I used it for the first time last night and it was like a breath of fresh air for my digestive tract. I was pain free, I was relaxed, and best of all I actually got more sleep than normal! I’m very excited and can’t wait to see how it works with my disease the longer I use it. Thank you cured!!

  150. Maddy

    Life changing. I love this product, it helps with my anxiety level and sleep at night. I will use forever ! Thank you cured family

  151. Maddy

    This is a wonderful product! I used daily at night to help with sleep and anxiety. I will never go a day without it:) thank you for working hard to ensure top quality products

  152. Aaron

    This product is great, really helped me chronic pains and my anxiety!

  153. Judy V

    Definitely repurchasing!

    100% reccomend this product if you suffer from anxiety/difficulty falling or staying alseep.

  154. hbarber2000

    I purchased this product and upon receiving it, I tried it immediately. This product is the real deal. My first dose I notice right away a calm come over me. I then kept using it every night after receiving it in the mail. They supplied samples in my shipment and I am going to place another order for the chocolate chip dough and cured zen. I have a difficult time staying asleep and the zen gave me a calm restful night sleep. Great products! Most of all the products are very legit!

  155. Claire

    I bought this for a loved one who struggles with anxiety, and I can honestly say it helps. It’s not a magical fix, but it aids in calming anxiety and before bed for falling asleep more easily. Though I wish it wasn’t so expensive, I think Cured does a great job with their product – our package was shipped in a very timely manner and we even got a couple little freebies in our package to try, which I thought was such a nice touch! I think we’re going to try the 1000mg next to see if a more concentrated dosage makes a difference.

  156. Jessica

    Hey all!

    I purchased the RAW 500mg about a week or so ago and I could not be happier! I’m a Stay at home mom of two boys and after my second I noticed my anxiety increasing and just becoming a lot more overwhelmed. I came across Cured and figured why not? Well, since taking it I do not get overwhelmed like I used too and I’m just a whole lot more calm. I love it! (And no I never feel “high”) This will always be part of my routine, and after researching I love all the other healthy benefits that CBD can do for you. Thank you!

  157. kcooley4131

    Cured Raw has helped me get fully off my anxiety medication and helps me sleep! You should know i have THE WORST ANXIETY EVER, so the fact that this works without the side effects I was getting from my OTC prescription! It’s the greatest ever! Should’ve tried it months ago when I first looked at it! Thank you!!!!

  158. degarmosk

    I ordered this product purely on an experimental basis. I didn’t expect anything to happen if I’m being perfectly honest. Much to my surprise, taking this every night before bed has improved my sleep tremendously. Not only that, but I wake up refreshed and anxiety/stress free-which hasn’t happened in a very long time. I have completely eliminated all other sleep aids and will forever be a supporter of this raw oil.

  159. Melissa Gagnon

    I have spent a very long time struggling with daily anxiety and sleep troubles. Minutes after taking the 500mg full spectrum oil I realized I was no longer as nervous as I normally am. The extreme anxiety spikes I was conditioned to know id have in certain scenarios didn’t happen at all! It was also the first time I fell immediately to sleep and slept through the entire night. The extra benefits of it are a comforting thought as well. I believe everyone should give this product a try at least once, just to see if they are missing out on a life saver like I was.

  160. cfosk599

    I’ve been struggling with insomnia for 5 years. Recently started testing out different CBD products before bed (and even during the day for anxiety) and Cured full spectrum is bar none the most effective! Helps take the edge off in times of stress and for the first time in years I’m falling asleep without the need for sleep meds. So grateful to have found this company! Extra kudos for being transparent about their production and super fast shipping. Highly recommend!

  161. currdawg

    before getting a “real” job, i partook in the marijuana fairly often but haven’t been able to in awhile. i’ve also had a child since then so i’d rather stay clear headed, anyway. i’m newer to cbd oil but it is obvious from the get-go this product is extremely high quality. i took a chance on it after seeing them on lauren conlin’s youtube channel, and i am glad i did! i love the “earthy” (read “weedy”, lol) taste that i miss from the real stuff, but the way it makes me relax and sleep is incredible. i can def say it helps me keep my cool while parenting a toddler, and for that i am grateful. thank you for a great product, i will be back! and back… and back…

  162. lee jo

    good stuff!

  163. Brianna

    I deal with anxiety and I take this product a little bit in the morning and little bit before I go to bed. I have def seen a lot of change on how I feel and I love it. I would def recommend it when you anxious or nervous or stressed because it truly calms you down without taking medication. It’s an amazing product.

  164. hegner.gillian

    First Ive tried, Calming affects that help tremendously at the end of a long stressful day.

  165. dylan r

    I LOVE this product. It has helped so much with anxiety, migraines, and sleeping like a baby. i HIGHLY 100% recommend for everyone, even if you just need to feel a little better/calm down. so so good.

  166. Alex J

    So far, so good for sleep-aid. However, I haven’t noticed any significant soreness reduction for post-weight training. Tastes earthy in a good way.

  167. kk

    Earthy flavor, goes down smooth. Have also tried the mint. Like the potency of this one.

  168. kshay0302

    I’ve been struggling with insomnia and decided to give the Raw a try after doing a ton of research. I’m so glad that I decided to order. Within the first night I was able to relax and slept through the night. It also seems to have enhanced my mood, I feel so much happier /balanced. I’m so happy with my Cured product. Will definitely order more!

  169. Brendan Sills

    I love this stuff! I have been using CBD products for about 2 years now and was so glad when I found CURED! They offer the highest quality products at a significant discount compared to other vendors, even without sales or coupon codes. I am a personal trainer and nutritionist and I recommend CBD to almost all of my clients. I personally notice better recovery from my workouts, improved sleep quality, calm and clear thinking, and general mood enhancement. There aren’t too many products out there that can do all of that!

  170. sportyraj96

    I am fairly new to using Cured products, but I have been nothing but impressed with the results. I started with the Mint hemp oil (500) which had a great taste. Comparatively, the Raw is a bit more earthy in flavor, which gives it a more natural effect. In my experience, the Raw was more effective, but I don’t see myself choosing one over the other.

  171. Nicole F

    I feel a sense of relief since i have found this. I ordered the 500 (30mL) raw oil and I have noticed a huge difference in my anxiety level. It helps me sleep, and if i take a half dropper before work i don’t feel as stressed or annoyed. For the longest time I have struggled with my anxiety (and depression) but haven’t been medicated for years now and i have never wanted to go back to medication after experiencing the withdrawl effects of those meds. Sometimes if i am completely agitated and on the verge of a break down, i take this and within minutes i feel calm and so much better. I will be keeping this in my life from now on! Thank you for such a great product.

  172. Alli

    I lift 5-6 days a week and have been for the past 3 years. I had gotten to the point where I was ALWAYS sore. I would have pain just running down my arms and legs and would be so achy I felt like I was getting the flu. After one day using the raw CBD, the pain improved by 90% and is almost totally gone. I was out of town over the weekend and didn’t take it with me. The pain was still minimal and after one dose when I got back, was back to almost being completely gone. I was very skeptical of CBD, but it is worth every penny.

  173. Justin

    Amazing product. Has helped me feel better overall especially in helping me cope with my Arthritis and knee pains.

  174. Briana Wagoner

    I looooove this stuff! I have a lot of anxiety and I take this to help calm me down. It works fast and just relaxes me and puts me in a better mood. Also helps me fall asleep at night when my mind is racing!

  175. Marissa N. Pembroke

    I recently started graduate school and have been suffering from bad anxiety. I heard about this brand through a fitness page on Instagram. I have only been taking the oil less than a week, but I notice I can fall asleep easier than before. I would be up for an hour worrying about school before being able to fall asleep. In terms of my anxiety throughout the day, I haven’t noticed a difference. I am going to purchase the 1000mg next.

  176. Brandon Gary

    This stuff is amazing. I take this about 30 minutes before going to bed and end up feeling completely at ease when I’m ready to go to sleep. I’ve also noticed that I’m sleeping completely through the night more often, too. After having been taking this for about a week, my general mood has also greatly improved. This shit is awesome – getchu some.

  177. Courtney Peterson

    Bought this for my husband because he had back surgery and was in pain most mornings. This oil has been a god send! He is no longer keeled over in pain and it has helped drastically!

  178. Courtney

    This stuff is amazing. My boyfriend and I have pretty bad anxiety which makes it hard for us to fall asleep. The first night we tried half a dropper each and slept like babies. I didn’t wake up once (which was usually a nightly thing around 3/4 am) work is easier because I react to things that need to be done in a better way. Things go so much more smoothly because I can think properly. I definitely recommend this stuff. I was worried at first because smoking made me more anxious, but this is nothing like the high effect I used to get from marijuana

  179. cmg

    Really pleased with this product. Provides a calming feeling of balance. Very effective in promoting relaxation and relieving migraine symptoms.

  180. Kim Cuppett

    I love this stuff! I use it when I have trouble falling asleep at night, when I experience anxiety, and for recovery post-workout! I highly recommend it!

  181. Sam

    Super happy, I love the raw cbd oil it has helped me tremendously!!! Everyone should be taking cbd.

  182. Emily

    Loved it! Great for helping me relax and focus on homework or days when I’m feeling extra anxious

  183. Bonnie Dailey

    My boyfriend and I love Thos cbd oil! We have tried several different kinds and you really can’t beat the taste and effectiveness! Less inflammation, helps with stress and we both sleep better! Love this product!

  184. Mary

    100% sure it has tamped down my anxiety significantly, and has made my sleep significantly more restful – I used to wake up in the middle of the night which I had originally thought was because I drank too much water in the evening – not the case apparently because literally the first night taking this I slept through the night with out any problems and have not had problems since

  185. William Cendese

    I have been uses CBD in tablet form and have not had very much success. Since I started to use the cured hemp oil Raw I am beginning to see it daily effects. Less joint pain, more alert and sleeping much better.

  186. Gina

    Taste great!

  187. Hilary Schneider

    I really enjoy taking this after I get home from work because it really settles down my nervous system and helps me relax

  188. Maddie

    This has helped my anxiety more than I thought it would, especially if I take it before bed to relax my mind. I would definitely recommend this!

  189. Allyson

    The most effective oil I’ve tried! Helps with inflammation and anxiety for me.

  190. Lauren

    Definitely one of the best products I’ve tried. Started working right away for me definitely has helped me sleep better and keep me very relaxed throughout the day. I would recommend this to anyone who is skeptical to try CBD oil & will absolutely order more

  191. cashley51

    We’ve used this the last two nights before bed and we’ve had wonderful nights sleep. I wake up with less anxiety which is a great way to start the day!

  192. Jessica

    I use this in the mornings just to help relax me, I didn’t think it’d work but wow it really does. Just eases my mind, more of a relaxing body high where I can just do things without overthinking.

  193. Elena

    I tried cure raw 500. I love the taste! It has helped me sleep, stay calm & anxiety free! I will be getting more!

  194. Hayley

    Here is a list of all of the benefits I’ve experienced since starting to use Cured full spectrum oil:

    1. Anxiety under control
    2. Able to slow down and think clearly
    3. Able to execute tasks without fear or concern (see #1)
    4. Increased patience
    5. Able to easily give up wine, which would’ve triggered anxiety in the past
    6. Ability to relax and fall asleep easily

    Unexpected positive side effect? I have had psoriasis on my scalp for 13 years. It’s almost never completely clear. At one point, I lost all my hair and had to wear a wig for 3 years. To this day, I often have bald spots after using traditional treatments from the dermatologist. My scalp cleared and has been completely clear since starting to use the oil. I was shocked, amazed, and am extremely happy and grateful.

    THANK YOU Cured Nutrition! Seriously….thank you more than words can express.

  195. Michael

    This product is the best! After a long search of finding that perfect CBD oil I have found the keeper. The taste is light and just what I was looking for. I have used it morning and night and it helps me sleep and get through my day with ease. Great Product!

  196. corey.meyer

    I really like what this CBD oil has done to lower my soreness and improve my recovery time after workouts. I can’t prove it is lowering inflammation, but I think it is. As many others say, it is also helping me to sleep better.

  197. Kathy

    Recently started this oil and the hot drink mix and able to fall asleep easily and my arthritic joints feel better each morning. These products are amazing! I have been spreading the word.

  198. Stephanie OBrien

    Love love love. Can’t sleep without

  199. nikki.lacy

    This stuff is amazing! I can’t stop recommending it to people. I take it every night before bed and it helps me stay asleep / get a great night of sleep. On days that I’m feeling extra anxious, I take an extra dose in the morning and it really helps take the edge off. I highly recommend for anyone dealing with anxiety or depression as it has helped me so much!

  200. Cortnee

    I bought this for my Dad as he gets terrible cluster headaches multiple times a week. It has worked amazing! As soon as he feels one coming on, he puts a few drops under his tounge and within 30min his headache is totally gone. The other benefits from this product are a great bonus as well. Figuring out how many drops to take can be a bit confusing, each person will react differently so I would suggest experimenting to see what works best for you individually.

  201. bec2873

    I give the 500 mg 4 stars. I would probably give the 1000 mg 5 stars because it’s stronger. Apparently I need the strong stuff haha! All in all I do like the product but I have to take about 3 droppers full for it to work instead of just one. The only thing I was unhappy about was I ordered the product on the 21st, it said it was going to get here on the 26th but it didn’t show up until the 30th. I got an email asking me to review the product for a coupon but I hadn’t even gotten the product yet so I was a bit upset about that. The product itself though is good, I would order it again but I would get the 1000 mg for a stronger affect.

  202. mingston

    I tried other CBD oil and thought, eh. But Cured was recommended to me by someone I trust so I decided to give it a try. And I have to say I was amazed at the difference between Cured and the other oil I tried. From the consistency to it’s effectiveness it was like night and day! I decided to see if it was really working by going off of it for a few days and definitely noticed that it had been making a difference! I highly recommend!!!

  203. coachkila

    Amazing product. I could feel the relaxation effects after the first serving… just a half dropper!

  204. Ashli

    Absolutely wonderful product! There are many options on the market for CBD oils, but what I loved about this product was that it is quality product and uses CO2 extraction methods. The Full spectrum CBD oils have changed my life so much. I’m a mother of 2 and work full time, so my stress and anxiety really stopped me from enjoying life. After using the oils, I have been able to function the way I had always dreamed of.

  205. Danielle Barbato

    This company is by far my favorite for cbd products. I am not sponsored or anything but am just a consumer who has tried various other cbd products and this company is my favorite by far !

  206. Danielle

    I don’t LOVE the taste- but it WORKS! From the first night I took I it, I could tell I went to sleep so much quicker and didn’t wake up as much as usual. Would highly recommend not only for that, but overalll anxiety as well!

  207. Urs

    I had high hopes for this to help with anxiety and sleep. All of these great reviews, how could I go wrong? So I asked my husband for this for Christmas, since we are on a budget and it’s kind of pricey. He was skeptical, I was not at all skeptical. However, I am about a third of the way through the bottle and I don’t think it was worth the money. Maybe it is just me and my body chemistry, but it does not help my anxiety that much and I still need to take a melatonin drink if I want to get a good night sleep. I will probably finish the bottle, but not sure if I would purchase again. If I change my mind, I’ll leave and updated review.

  208. Robert Maciorowski

    Calming, helps with falling asleep. I’m taking 500mg once a day, I going to increase to 2 times to see if it helps with my chronic back pain . Will update with results.

  209. Chris

    Instantly calming! No more waking up with one million thoughts in my head. It helps me organize and prioritize tasks at work and my personal life. Highly recommended!

  210. Jasmin Jaramillo

    I love this product! It’s very natural and I love that they give the option to have thc or not. I prefer with and it’s an immediate wave of relaxation for me that I feel. I sleep deeper with this instead of waking up all night.

  211. Vanessa Hoiosen

    Very impressed! I’ve suffered from chronic pain for years due to some previous surgeries. Started taking the raw full spectrum CBD oil a month ago and my pain is nearly gone, my body doesn’t throb from pain which is amazing! Definitely will continue to take this product, great quality and results!


    Very good product!

  213. Sydnee Capshew

    Loving this full raw spectrum blend of CBD. Since taking it, I have been in a deeper sleep throughout the night. It is so much better than taking sleeping over the counter meds, as they make me feel groggy the next day. This CBD does not do that! It has also helped with easing my mind at night so I am not continuously thinking of the day or the next day before bed. Would recommend 10/10.

  214. Alisha

    Every item I’ve tried of Cured nutrition has been GREAT! I take this at night before bed and the mint CBD oil in the AM. Had helped my sleep, anxiety and soreness after a workout. Love it !!

  215. Tina

    51, lovely emotional rollercoaster of hormones with menopause, empty nest syndrome with both kids leaving for college, need I say more???? Anxiety through the roof, sleepless nights, meltdowns of crying sitting at a redlight for no reason, etc…… researched and researched for any type of help besides anti-depressants medications that doc wanted to put me on
    Started CBD oil and immediate LU had awesome results. I take one dose in the morning and one before bedtime and bring it on, whatever it may be, i now feel like I can handle almost anything. Raw Spectrum gives me just enough calmness to take edge off and not be so tense through the day. My sleep has improved 90%, and over all feel like I am getting my life activities back that I couldn’t get through a day doing before.
    Love Love Love this stuff! Total fam and have recommended to so many friends that truly feel the same way!

  216. ivorceli

    This product its extremely amazing!! i sleep so good and i actually wake up rested and ready to conquer the day. I work in high stress job so this truly helps me and flavor isn’t bad at all. here to order more!

  217. KHowell

    I don’t want to go a day without this product. It helps me to be a better version of myself, and for that, I am grateful. Truly the BEST CBD out there and the only one I will ever take or recommend. LOVE YOU!

  218. zmcartor

    Placed about half a dropper in my morning coffee. The rich, earthy flavor was stronger than other CBD products I had tried. Full spectrum made a huge difference in mood and concentration just 10 mins after ingestion. I have been using it every day for a week and plan to continue using it for the future.

  219. Alisha Riley

    I’ve tried the mint and now tried the full spectrum!! Both products are amazing!! I love the effects of the spectrum more, but like the mint taste better. But totally recommend for anyone who suffer with anxiety or needs a little help with sleeping at night.

  220. Drew Evans

    This is by far the best Full Spectrum product I have tried. It does wonders. Cured’s customer service is also a notch above all the other companies. They are very responsive and do their best to make it right.

  221. Ashley Landsberger

    I tried this for my back pain to help with inflammation. I have two herniated discs with torn muscle fibers in between. I’ve had 3 epidurals this year and consistent throbbing that hasn’t really gone away. I had to stop boxing because of my injury. Within the first week I started to notice a difference when I bent over. My back didn’t feel like it was going to pinch like it normally did. I also started to notice the constant throbbing I had was going away. It’s actually pretty much gone now. I was at the point where I was going to start looking into back surgery. Within the last month I have never felt better. I will always have back issues but the constant throbbing was getting depressing. I would 1000000% recommend this it has been a huge game changer for me. I take this in the morning and sometimes a second at night depending on what workout I do that day!

  222. K Wilson

    The best CBD out there!

  223. Chanelle Modula

    I decided to give the Raw a try after the mint (not unsatisfied, just felt like I needed more of a boost). I have tried this brand after using one other bottle of CBD from another company. I can’t believe how much CBD has helped me with my anxiety. I am about halfway through the bottle and I am extremely satisfied. My 15 year old border collie also benefits from CBD. I will continue purchasing from this company. Thank you for making such awesome, helpful products! XOXO

  224. Meghan

    This has helped me so much with my anxiety and with sleep. Highly recommend!

  225. Kristin

    I’ve been taking this for 6 months now and I’ve notice a drastic change in my anxiety. I feel calmer and I feel like I actually have control over my feelings. I don’t go a day without it. It’s expensive but it is worth the money. I recommend it to everyone.

  226. slowpokeshorty55

    I have tried another CBD Oil company and yall kill it in comparison. I have generalized anxiety pretty bad and since adding the Raw CBD oil into my daily routine, I feel the best I have felt in a quit some time. I can tell when I do and do not take it. This product is a new staple product for me on a daily use and I would recommend it to anyone who has any kind of anxiety to help calm down.

  227. Kim smith

    This is the best product out there, wouldnt live without it!!

  228. clifflawrick

    On to my second bottle! Loved the Black Friday sale price too! The product continues to benefit my sleeping patterns.

  229. Steve

    Love using the 1000 mg before bed. Feels great posr-workout as well!

  230. Brittany

    I love this product! This has been a game changer in my sleep. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. The taste is not bad at all and it is so easy to take. I recommend this product to anyone who has trouble with sleeping! I am so happy I found this product!

  231. Rebecca Johnson

    I have used the cured tincture’s many times now and they do not disappoint. I love the raw due to the earthy flavor, it’s awesome. I take this before bed for better sleep!

  232. marissa_martindale

    I absolutely love this product and it has helped me tremendously. I have anxiety and trouble sleeping and i have noticed a big difference. My
    Overall mood is just more pleasant and outgoing. Will continue to purchase. I have tried the 500mg and 1000mg and I like both. I might even say I like the 500mg better.

  233. Sydnie

    I absolutely LOVE my CBD oil! I struggle with anxiety but never wanted to get on medication. This product has helped so much! I am able to better focus on my work during the day and wind down easily at night. I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with anxiety or anyone who just needs a little help relaxing at night before bed. I was hesitant to buy this due to the price, but I am so happy that I did!

  234. Mike

    You really can’t get better CBD than this. The quality is off the charts and it truly works. My wife takes it for anxiety and inflammation while I take it for inflammation. We both see a night and day difference from when we take it and when we don’t.

    Also the customer service at Cured is really great. I had an issue around quantity shipped to me and they fixed it immediately. Great people who are super attentive.

    This is my forever brand of CBD.

  235. Amanda

    Both oils have been fabulous for improving my insomnia but I got to say, the raw one helps me sleep even better. The earthy taste is not as desirable as the mint flavor, but I’ll absolutely keep using it since my sleep has never been better!

  236. Sara Johnston

    This product is incredible! It helps ease me into my morning and calm me before I rest for the night. Very thankful to have found this product and this great local (to me) company.

  237. Danielle Palmer

    I’ve tried a few different CBD oils and I have to say- none have really nailed it for me like this raw, full spectrum oil has. Two of my biggest everyday obstacles are my back pain and anxiety, and this helps with BOTH of those things tremendously. I can move more freely without so much pain, and I am not nearly as limited by my anxiety because of this CDB oil. Cured Nutrition and their products have truly been a game changer and I can honestly say my quality of life has improved overall. Thanks so much for setting the standard for the CBD industry and for truly letting your passion guide you!

  238. Lisa

    Best scent and taste of any CBD oil I’ve tried. I recently bought two bottles, and then there was the Black Friday promotion so I bought two more to stock up. Helps reduce my anxiety and my boyfriend’s chronic migraines. Grateful for Cured Nutrition.

  239. Jacob

    Great product, highly recommend the full spectrum.

  240. AMeyer

    Love this oil!!! Use it every day

  241. Kelly Hatten

    Good, natural taste. Refreshing but earthy.

  242. Alicia Minkel

    I love this product! I take it almost every day before I go to bed for a restful full nights sleep! I also take a small dose if I’m feeling anxious and uptight with work, takes the edge off.

  243. Samantha Kreso

    I love this product!! It really helps me relax at night and my sleep has definitely improved.

  244. Morgan Evans

    This product is awesome. It helps me sleep, with headaches, whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed with anxiety – it eases your mind & tension in your body. Absolutely life changing!

  245. mel_oconnell

    This is my first bottle but so far seems to be helping an amazing amount with my insomnia, which I have suffered with for so many years! Tastes great and I plan on buying more if it keeps on helping me sleep at night. Super happy with it!

  246. clifflawrick

    I was patient and waited a couple of weeks before commenting and the product has worked wonders for me! I sleep better, deeper and for longer time periods than I have in years!

  247. jonathangaviria

    I’m surprised and going to try it again. After the first take, I was taken back by the intense aroma the oil had. I thought to myself, what have I got into?! About 10 seconds later the aroma was gone and 20 seconds left on the countdown. 30 seconds under the tongue and down the hatch it went. It took less than a minute or two and my palpitations had stopped, my anxiety was reduced, and then I thought that it was a short lived solutions. I had been duped. A few hours later my kids were acting a fuss. What would have usually turned into a stressful situation, did not impact me at all. I was cool, controlled, and comfortable. After a few days of continuing with the raw oil, I became a believer. Now back for another bottle and happy to share my story.

  248. Robert

    Like this product and the company too! We really like that the oil is pure and actually enjoy the earthy taste too. We’re still experimenting with dosages and so far am taking 1000 mg. I track my sleep and I noticed that I do get longer deep sleep .

  249. Stephanie

    I absolutely love the Cured full spectrum oil, I’m in a state where CBD isn’t sold so the convenience of ordering online is amazing. I have chronic pain and used to be on time elapsed morphine to manage it. Once I tried CBD it helped with the chronic pain and I’ve been off morphine for months now. It really is an amazing product that everyone can benefit from.

  250. Kayla Greene

    Love it! The raw taste is soooo good too. I take a dropper in the morning and before bed. I am 23 and STILL have night terrors (crazy, right?). Every since taking this I haven’t had a night terror yet. Except that one night I forgot to take it and had a night terror….

  251. katie

    really helped with my anxiety; definitely recommend trying it if you feel anxiety throughout the day or night.

  252. Lauren

    I was a little skeptical at first buying a product like this was very new to me, however it has helped me so much! It not only helps me sleep through the nights better, but it also helps with my anxiety and stress levels. I’ve also noticed I haven’t been getting as many headaches lately. I would suggest this product to anyone especially anyone suffering from anxious thinking or extreme stress.

  253. Brooklyne

    Love this product. Helps to keep my anxiety under control and definitely helps me to sleep at night.

  254. Lauren Breese

    I purchased this originally to test it before ordering for my grandmother. I ended up using the entire bottle within 2 weeks due to falling down stairs and injuring my back. I was on pain meds but they didn’t seem to do much except take the edge off. Once I introduced the cbd my back pain went from easily a 10 to about a 4! Plus I was able to get through work which is always a bonus 🙂

  255. Nick

    Simply, the best. The mct oil base fits perfectly with my eating lifestyle. The full spectrum formula is second to none when it come to balance and effectiveness. The flavor is just what I like, earthy, raw, real. The texture was surprisingly smooth for being such a powerful concentration. I’ve made the switch and I’m never going back. This company cares about its product and it shows.

  256. Bailey Pierson

    I noticed a difference in not even a day of taking this! It’s super easy and convenient to take and the results speak for themselves. Wish I would have started taking this forever ago

  257. Alex

    I take .6-.7ml every morning first thing. I think it’s helped me become less irritable. I relax as time passes rather than rushing to my next point. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is how quickly I fall asleep as night. I would recommend it solely for that purpose.

  258. Jan

    My husband and I both love Cured Nutrition. We use it to relax before bed, minor aches and pains due to illness or muscle fatigue, and definitely for stress relief when necessary. The raw oil definitely has a taste, but we actually both enjoy it. It ships super quick and discreetly too, which we love. A ! Thanks Cured Nutrition!

  259. Sara Hartzell

    Love this company and every product I’ve tried from Cured! I’ve tried the spices, cookie dough, and my favorite… this Full Spectrum CBD Oil! I started with the original CBD oil in the mint flavor. I ordered the full spectrum next and I am even more satisfied than before. I notice the most benefits in my anxiety level and in my joint pain. One dropper full of this liquid gold and I feel brand new! Would recommend to all of my friends!

  260. Isabel

    Since taking I am sleeping betters

  261. Madison Gonnella

    I follow a girl who does fitness on Instagram which lead me to researching this product. Once I read reviews and researched it, I just had to try it. I ordered this raw oil to see if it would really help with my anxiety, insomnia and muscle recovery. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia and I’ve tried multiple things that only hurt my body in the long run. I was very skeptical trying it, but once I did I noticed a difference. This oil is absolutely amazing. It makes my body a lot more relaxed and my helps my mind be at ease. Also helps with my muscle recovery after a good workout! I am so thankful I saw this product and decided to buy it! Thank you cured nutrition for supplying me with this great product!!

  262. Falyn Kohl

    Im a personal trainer and have noticed a huge improvement in my joint inflammation using the raw cbd. I need to feel my best for my clients and Cured definitely helps!

  263. Deborah Smith

    I love this product! I was having lots of issues with anxiety and then saw an ad for cured in a fitness magazine and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!

  264. Ali Drahos

    I’ve been searching for a natural way to help my anxiety and sleep, I had tried another CBD oil with no luck. After finding Cured and learning about the differences in this Raw form and how high quality it is, I was excited to try it. The difference is night and day! I have only been taking a dropper every evening for 3 days and I’ve slept through the night, feel focused and less anxious throughout the day and have an easier time falling asleep!!! It’s amazing how wonderful this product is!! Highly recommend!

  265. Liz

    LIFE CHANGING. I seriously love this stuff and use it daily! Amazing sleep, less stress & so relaxing.

  266. Katie

    I’ve always used CBD isolate products, which have been great, but wanted to try a whole plant extract. This product is awesome! Took a few tries to get the dosage right for me, but once I did my anxiety melted away and I felt much better! The taste is great, not as bad as I was expecting (I’m used to flavored ones). I will certainly be purchasing this again!

  267. jaredrubens

    Very happy with my experience with this product thus far. In the 4 nights I have used it, I have slept remarkably well as compared to the past few months when i was having trouble sleeping! Great product!

  268. Kristen Simpkins

    I was skeptical at first to try this product because I have never used CBD products before. I am aware of the populartiy of CBD, however I never really thought that I would personally benefit from. Like millions others, I deal with anxiety daily and have sought relief in exercise, meditation, and prescribed anxiety medications. I am an avid runner, which is my main source of stress relief and ensuring I am able to fall asleep at night. I also am very in-tune with my body and am very conscious of what I put into it. I saw this product on Instagram after a fitness enthusiast posted about how she used this oil for anxiety, stress, recovery and inflammation. She talked so highly about this product, but in a way where I trusted that she wasn’t simply promoting another supplement for a quick buck. I decided to try this oil and was excited after ordering it. When it arrived, I slowly introduced it into my daily diet; as I said I was a tad skeptical because my body is so sensitive. I put half a dropper in my coffee in the morning and another half in my tea before bedtime. After a few uses, it’s safe to say that I was astonished at how well this oil worked. During the day, I found myself having the same relief as if I would have taken my prescribed anxiety medication. The oil made me feel calm, in the moment, and just took the edge off. At night, I had an easier time quieting my mind and shutting out the racing thoughts of the day. I fell asleep faster and actually stayed asleep! This oil is now part of my daily routine and I am actually astonished that I found something for stress and anxiety relief that is not a prescribed medication. I could go on and on about how this oil has impacted me. I would recommend it to anyone- I do not see myself without it anytime soon!!

  269. Lauren Breese

    Originally purchased to give it a try for my grandma, she has been looking into trying cbd. I wanted a company that I could trust. After giving the 1000mg full spectrum and shot for the last 5 days I will be a repeat customer as will my grandma. She has had chronic pain for the last year and was just upped on her dosage of norco. She has relayed to me that her previous level 10 pain is now a level 2. Thank you sooo much!!!

  270. Jasmine

    This product has been Amazing for my anxiety and helps me to relax my mind and fall asleep easier .

  271. Mia S

    AMAZING. Allows me to calm down for studying and exams. I can sleep better and have no test anxiety anymore

  272. Nicole W

    This product changed my life and has helped with my anxiety!

  273. Ivy

    This CBD oil is amazing. It does 100% work. I have mild anxiety and use it on the daily. I’ve taken it consistently for 2 months, once, sometimes twice a day. Sleep is def better as well. Has a super earthy, yet mild taste. It’s also helped with my daily migraines. I love it. The spices are amazing too, but that’s another review.

  274. Maxwell Milton

    CBD oil allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone!

  275. Rebecca Castillo

    I was nervous at first to use this, but it is the best. Great for my anxiety and sleep great at night. Need to order more soon.

  276. Amanda Confer

    Love it♡ helps so much with my stress and sleeping! Good taste too ♡ fast shipping and quality product will be a returning customer! Thanks Cured!

  277. Kelly

    I’ve always struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep. This CBD oil has helped my mind relax which has made falling asleep so much easier. In addition I’ve notice my quality of sleep and the number of times I wake up at night has drastically improved. As for the taste, it’s very mild. I purchase the raw oil and it doesn’t have the earthy or overpowering flavor I’ve noticed in other brands. It’s worth every penny.

  278. Ksneezy

    Been using the raw oil for about 2 weeks now. I can definitely see a reduction in my stress and anxiety levels. Also my sleep has never been better, wake up feeling renewed and refreshed.

  279. LN44515

    Excellent product. Highly recommend.

  280. Nicole

    Love this product! Has really helped reduce my anxiety during the day and get better sleep at night.

  281. Kimmy

    I was always skeptical about the uses of CBD oil. I have suffered from anxiety for years, and recently it has seemed to be at an all time high. I was tired of going to my doctors and being prescribed medications that had so many different side effects that I just didn’t like. I finally decided to take the leap and try a natural alternative, and let me tell you, THIS PRODUCT WORKS. I am more relaxed, even more focused at work. I sleep better, which is a plus, because I feel like I haven’t been able to sleep for months before using CBD. I use the 500mg and normally use 1.5ml morning and night. I flew through my first bottle ! I plan on purchasing the 1000mg next.

  282. Lindsey

    I felt an instant relief from anxiety when I took this product, and an overall decrease in anxiety when taken consistently. I also feel like it helped my acne!!

  283. ajita3179

    I love this product! I was skeptical but immediately noticed a difference in my sleep in the first couple of days.

  284. Mary

    This is the second brand of CBD oil I have tried, and I would recommend CURED to anyone interested in using it. This company prides itself in it’s products and it shows. This product has helped calm my anxiety and there is no “high” feeling from it but I can definitely feel the difference the days I don’t use it. I will definitely keep this product in my medicine cabinet.

  285. Wanda

    I recently started using the raw CBD oil and I love it!! I enjoy the taste much better than the original, and I immediately feel a sense of calm and relaxation come over me. My sleep has been incredible since using the product. I’m hoping after a little bit longer use it will completely tackle my pain issues.
    I’m a supporter for life!

  286. Amanda

    Amazing for my anxiety and sleep! I’ve been having very anxious feelings lately and so I’ve been incorporating a dose in the AM, along with one before bed. It helps me get great sleep, feel rested, and helps a lot with my soreness from my workouts. I have recommended this stuff to my dad and mom to help with their aches and pains and insomnia. I’ll forever be a customer!

  287. Sean

    I have really enjoyed using the raw oil, the taste is nice and light. I feel like it really helps keep me balanced through the day and also let’s me sleep better at night. I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to help with anxiety.

  288. Cesarelight

    This product is great and in my opinion does not taste bad. It has helped calm me with anxiety and stress at work. Also, after a few days of using in my night routine my sleep has improved and been more regular. My body feels refreshed and I have had better natural energy and attitude. I enjoy this product as well as the cured dough and plan on continual use.

  289. Matt

    I have been dealing with a slew of mental disorders/issues that I was left with from my traumatic childhood. The biggest ones being PTSD and depression.
    I’ve been on every script med available for both and was running out of hope that something would work to help ease everything.
    Within my first dose, a lot of my anxiety was eliminated and had subsided and I was genuinely mellow for the first time in years.
    Within the first week, all of my PTSD symptoms were reduced or just straight up eliminated all together. I’m an avid gym go-er and power lifter with severe tendinitis in both shoulders, elbows and knees. All of which were also eliminated or drastically reduced within the first few weeks.

    This stuff has given me what feels like a fresh start, where I feel like I’m actually “normal” for the first time in my adult life.

    Legit couldn’t be more greatful for how this product has positively impacted and changed my life.

  290. burkesx5

    Highly recommend!!! I have severe knee pain and this helped reduce inflammation and pain in the first use! This is also helping me to sleep better too.

  291. J

    Sleeping great. Prior to Cured I was waking numerous times a night, now I’m sleeping great and feeling more refreshed in the morning.

  292. ksimmonds1115

    I introduced this product into my nighttime routine after using several other products from Cured, and I literally can’t imagine a night without taking it. This really helps me to turn my brain off at night, and has helped my anxiety immensely. I’M OBSESSED.

  293. Ashley

    I have been taking the 500mg raw oil for about a week and a half and have noticed nothing but positive benefits! I take it post workout and/or before bed (depending on how late I workout!) I have noticed that my sleep is more restless and deeper! I also am recovering from workouts a LOT faster than normal! I absolutely love the calming effect it gives me and it stops my mind from racing before bed! 100% recommend and will be buying again ASAP!

  294. Christine

    Not only does this stuff help with my anxiety, but it’s freaking amazing with pain. I have fibromyalgia and the hot spots in my shoulders can be relentless – this is the first product to not only relieve the pain quickly but also keep it away. I rock climb too and taking a small amount after also helped my forearms recover quicker!

  295. Sarah

    This has been the ultimate sleep-saver. My boyfriend got me some CBD pills a few months back as he knows about my back-and-forth sleep schedule. It is regular, but I used to wake up multiple times during the night, and even to the faintest sounds. I knew I wasn’t getting true rest.

    I learned about CBD and researched about it and found this! I enjoy the full spectrum more than the pills (as this one is higher dosage, and I can put it in drinks!). It has gotten me to sleep THROUGH the night, and I am better rested. Love this!

  296. Aubrey

    I use this magical stuff every morning and every night. It helps me get through my day with a calm mind and it helps me get a restful night sleep. I can feel the difference when I miss a dose. I cannot get through my day with out this stuff. Thank you Cured!

  297. Taylor

    I accidentally bought the full spectrum oil instead of the CBD oil and I’m glad I did. I bought it because I wake up early in the morning to workout and sometimes it’s hard for me to fall asleep early in the evenings. I’ve been taking .25 of the oil each night before bed for the past 5 nights and I’ve slept like a baby. This stuff is great for me because I hate the feeling I get when I smoke, so with this I’m getting the benefits without the anxiety that I get from smoking. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for help falling asleep.

  298. Jessica

    I really love this stuff and recommend it to everyone that will listen. It has helped with my anxiety and I love you can use it as needed. I would rather use this then a pill I have to take everyday that your body becomes addicted to. This has really turned bad days around quickly for me.

  299. Jordan

    This product has drastically changed my life. I suffer from a lot of chronic pain and it helps with my inflammation, gym recovery time and BEST SLEEP OF MY LIFE.

  300. Kris

    Doctors and friends have been telling me for some time now to try CBD. I was super hesitant and a few inspirational women that I follow on IG (karlee and Lauren) definitely helped me make the decision to try it. It has helped my horrible GI pain, crazy anxiety and waking up in the middle of the night. The taste is subtle and goes down easy! I can’t wait to try other products from CURED.

  301. Kaile

    Love this product! The first time I used it, my results were phenomenal! This product did way more than I expected it to do. It helped ease my test anxiety tremendously as I am a college student and the pressure of taking exams can be quite heavy at times. This product completely neutralized my anxiety which allowed me to focus better for studying. It also helps me to fall sleep when my mind wanders at night. I will definitely be continuing to purchase this product in the future, and I can’t wait to try others products they have too!

  302. Riley

    LOVE this product!!! I take 1-2 full drops of the 500mg bottle a day and have definitely noticed a decrease in my anxiety level. I also think it has helped clear my skin and make my hair grow. Highly recommend Cured products over other CBD brands that I’ve tried.

  303. Brianna Todaro

    This is a great product that helps me calm down when I start becoming anxious about everything I have to do. Take it twice a day, incentive in the morning as once in the evening not even half a dropper. Love it!

  304. Linda Wolynetz Eastman

    Excellent product. Improved sleep, mood & muscle recovery. Highly recommend it.

  305. Sara

    Love this product!

  306. Sabrina

    Amazing product!! Highly recommend to anyone!!

  307. Sabrina

    This stuff has been a game changer during my prep. Helps with my anxiety, sleep, and inflammation. I highly recommend this product to anyone and especially competitors deep in prep!!

  308. Nichole

    I started taking this after coming off an antidepressant that had horrible withdrawal symptoms such as brain tremors. It has helped a ton and almost eliminated most of the withdrawal symptoms. I’ve also noticed it helps with my anxiety.

  309. Kayti

    Impressed with the quality! It has helped me fall asleep at night and I feel less anxious overall. Highly recommend!

  310. Amanda

    I used this product and their mint cbd oil consistently for about two months. Both work great although this my favorite. I was out for about two weeks and decided to wait and see if I noticed a difference. Within a few days I got my headaches back I was training the same as usual and was a lot more sore than normal. I’m a pretty moody person and tend to over think most things. This has helped me immensely.. recovering from working out, hormone “balance” (when it’s the best of the month) and anxiety. I’m very pleased with this product! I love that they are Colorado based too!!

  311. Kate

    Helps so much with inflammation and pain and sleep!!

  312. kristinmthowell

    I cannot say enough good things about this product! It has helped me tremendously and I love what Cured stands for as a company. I’m looking forward for trying some of their spices, too! Thank you, Cured!

  313. Amber Martin

    Amazing!!! I’ve never slept as good as I do now that I use this! I also recover from hard workouts much quicker!

  314. Kimberly Smith

    I live and swear by this product!! Take it everyday for anxiety, sleep and everything else!!!! Highly recommend this product

  315. amy.morrissey9

    This has totally helped my anxiety. I feel like a new person! I have recommended to many people

  316. tarikalfa

    The quality is impeccable. It delivers exactly what you would expect and is tremendously effective at reducing anxiety and overall anxiousness. I will be buying again for sure.

  317. Noel

    Been using this for a week, twice a day, and I’m already noticing my anxiety going away! Love this!!

  318. AJ Bayus

    Great product. I take a full dropper approximately one half hour prior to bed and am able to sleep all the way through the night undisturbed. I wake up feeling more rested and less anxious on the lengthy commute into work.

  319. Stephanie

    I am absolutely amazed with this product!!! I have been having so much trouble sleeping for months and the first time trying it I had the best night sleep. I use 1mL a night before bed and if I’m just feeling anxious I use about 0.4mL. My only regret is not buying the bigger size.

  320. Jon Permenter

    My wife has loved this product. She didn’t realize how anxious she was until this product helped manage that anxiety. Highly recommended.

  321. Nicole

    I work out 4-5x a week and have noticed this helps with muscle recovery!

  322. Matty Toten

    I have only been using the raw 1000 for a couple weeks but I can already tell a huge difference, I sleep better, and my anxiety is much easier to deal with.
    I will definitely be purchasing more.

  323. Nicole W

    I take a dropper full of this every night and it has honestly saved my sanity haha. I was the person who stayed awake for 2-3 hours after laying down in bed and now I fall straight to sleep! I can spread the word about this stuff enough. I love it!!!

  324. Barton Damer

    This is a great product! I feel focused and less distracted. It has helped with anxiety and stress level.

  325. MIchelle

    I’m a believer. Finally sleeping through the night, and less anxious during the day. I’ve tried a couple other brands and there is no comparison, I won’t be using anything else. I highly recommend if you are on the fence, I’ve been recommending to all my friends and family as well!

  326. Tabby Roach

    AMAZING! I suffer from panic attacks and awful anxiety, I was on Lexapro for a few years now, and was STILL having panic attacks, then I had heard about Cured Nutrition’s high quality oil and the benefits, so I gave it a try and I am just in awe. I weened myself off of lexapro because of this product & I haven’t had a panic attack since! So grateful for this product!

  327. Amber

    I love it! I usually take it just before bed time. I immediately noticed difference in the time it takes to fall asleep and the quality of sleep and no grogginess in the mornings! I have also used it to combat some anxiety during the day and it worked like a charm! I recommend it to everyone I talk to!

  328. John Divincenzo

    It works. Just ordered our third bottle. My wife has Rheumatoid arthritis despite medications it is painful to sleep. She uses this before bed and it helps her sleep. I use it for anxiety. I recommended it to family and friends.

  329. Mary

    Love it! Calming effect is amazing for anxiety, no side effect at all! Highly recommend it!

  330. Sarah Bier

    I started using CBD oil a couple months ago for anxiety and inflammation.
    I have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of anxiety attacks that I seem to have now. I carry a bottle with me in my purse everywhere I go. When I start to feel overwhelmed or anxious, I take a full drop immediately.
    I take prior to a workout at the gym, on some days. I get anxiety in big group settings and it has helped me to not feel so uncomfortable or out of control. CBD oil is a natural calm and that’s reassuring. Also helps with muscle soreness from a good workout. This is such a great product to have on hand.
    Can be used right before bed, to help quiet the mind. You can’t overdose on it and you won’t feel strange. It seems there is a misconception out there of the effects of CBD oil. I am hear to say that I have had a great experience using the oil and I highly recommend using for several reasons. Do your research.
    I started with a lower dose of 250mg and I’m now up to 1,000mg. You just need to see what works for you. I take a Am capsule right when I wake up. I can’t get enough. I am very excited to have discovered this company and I will continue to use CBD oil, everyday.
    If you really want to learn more check out an amazing podcast on “Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia.” He interviews the CEO of Cured Nutrition, Joseph Sheehey. Amazing interview!!
    Such a Great story of his struggles and how he overcame them. The events that happened in his life, he now uses to help others to enjoy theirs. They discuss the benefits of CBD oil and it’s uses. Great info!! You will love it!!!!

  331. Kaycee

    Great product! I’ve been taking this nightly before bed for the last few weeks, and have noticed a significant improvement in sleep quality. I fall asleep faster and feel more rested in the morning. For someone who tends to struggle with anxiety and interrupted sleep on a regular basis, this is huge! Will definitely purchase again.

  332. Katy

    This product is amazing— will be purchasing again! Thank you cured!

  333. Courtney M Lillich

    I love this CBD oil. I notice a more restful night of sleep when I take it a couple hours before bed. Already ordering another bottle!

  334. katherine

    I have been taking this for about a week and am loving it. I don’t suffer from extream anxiety but do have trouble sleeping when stressed and I find I am getting much deeper, and better sleep! I also lift 5/6 days a week and believe it is helping w faster recovery. Mostly I take it just to relax and feel a sense of zen whenever I damn well please! Last but not least, when taken before bed after a night of drinking it 100% helps me wake up hangover free! Will be buying again!

  335. Luciano Sperduto

    I use the 1000mg oil before bed. It has been amazing for my recovery from sleep to my body and muscle recovery in general. I def recommend this product.

  336. Mary

    I’ve been using 500mg Raw CBD oil for about a month and a half now. It’s definitely helped lower my anxiety levels throughout the day and helps put the rest those thoughts before bedtime without the drowsy feeling melatonin gives me. The taste is something I had to get used to the first few days, especially in the morning. At night I take a full dropper after brushing my teeth and you can’t taste anything. I’ll be ordering the 1,000mg in Mint to test that out soon as I’m done writing this review. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  337. Mark M.

    I purchased the 500mg and I have been taking one drop, once a day for the past few weeks. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a huge difference. It makes you feel a tad more calm about 20-30 minutes after taking it, and it has improved my sleep somewhat. My ache on my face has also resolved, but unsure if it is due to this or not. I think I’m going to try the 1000mg version and see if I notice any difference between the two, because I am a believer in CBD oil and know it has several benefits.

  338. The Den Hair Studio

    I get up early to workout before a 12 hour work day behind the chair cutting hair all day long. I was having trouble sleeping at night even though I was exhausted, I would just lay in bed tossing and turning. I’ve been taking the Cured Nutrition Hemp Oil Raw drops for some time now and couldn’t be more satisfied. My nights sleep have been great and I’ve also found it easier to get up in the mornings for the gym as well. Definitely recommend it giving the hemp oil drops a shot!

  339. Lex

    Better sleep and only using half a dropper. Inflammation has decreased significantly.

  340. Toyah Ross

    This product has proved to be SO beneficial for me! Ive started with the raw 500mg and I’m in love with it and will continue to use it from here on out! The flavor isn’t super strong or gross, just herbal. It’s helped me with my anxiety, inflammation, muscle recovery, and even better nights sleep. I can’t wait to try their other products. Would highly recommend!

  341. Gary

    Started taking every night. Felt better and well rested in the morning. Than I took it morning, afternoon and night, my body recovered faster and mind clarity was better through out the day. Aches and pain were to a minimum. I really feel like I had a clearer mind when I took this. I could differently feel the difference when I didn’t take it.


    I have to say that this is the best cbd oil that I have tried. I take 10 drops before bed and I sleep like a baby. I haven’t feel sore after an intense workout ever since I started taking it and I no longer have ibs problem. Ooh no more anxie

  343. Holly Hickman Daniell

    I’ve tried many brands of full spectrum CBD oils, but the Cured has been the best. I be buying again and telling my friends. I take in morning and night and notice a huge difference with anxiety and sleep. My only complaints are the cost is a little high for our family… And you can request their lab test results, but I also think these should be available on the product page.
    Regardless, I’m in love with Cured and their mission. Please continue to keep your standards high.

  344. Russ

    I love it, every since I started taking it I’ve been getting a great night sleep.. best product on the market, hands down..

  345. Erin

    This product has helped my sleep quality immensely. I am a busy working mom. Deep, restful, and restorative sleep was not easy to come by, until I started using this product. I have recommended this to family and friends, producing many happy customers.

  346. Kendra

    Love it. It’s really helped with soreness after the gym and anxiety. I take it every night before bed and feel so much better already

  347. Jennifer Soltes

    Really enjoyed the cbd oil we bought the most concentrated you offer. Wish that you sold it more concentrated and in larger quantities

  348. Fran

    I suffer from constant knee pain from a torn meniscus. In which my Physician suggested to go under the knife with surgery. Looked for alternatives and found out about CBD oil. I mist say that this helped me a lot with the pain and also it gave me a nice relaxing sleep. So far my meniscus tear is not fully healed but i noticed that it reduced the swelling and pain. It also helped me to deal witn anxiety and stressfull situations with work. This product is awesome. And for sure i will be buying more from CURED Nutrition.

  349. Kimberly Smith

    I live and breathe by this, thanks to Cured Nutrition for improving my sleep and helping my anxiety!! Best stuff ever, highly recommend this product!!

  350. Lani LeBouef

    Love it! It has really helped with my anxiety during the day, I am more at ease. I take it at night before bed, also, and I have been sleeping a lot better. The taste isn’t great at first but you quickly get used to it! I will definitely keep using this!

  351. Alexis

    Worth every penny! Helps so much with anxiety. I noticed a change within just a few days of using it. Would highly recommend!

  352. Kristin

    Absolutely love this product! I had been hearing & reading about CBD oil for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and try it! I follow a couple influencers that promote Cured Nutrition and I felt I could really trust that they were an honest company so I decided to try their products and I will never go back. I suffer from mild anxiety and this has help SO MUCH! I can’t even describe how helpful it has been. I take half a dropper, twice a day and it has done wonders. For the last several years, I have always woken up multiple times a night, every night. I just figured it was something to do with my body and I could never really track down the source. Well, since starting the CBD oil, within a day or two, I was completely sleeping through the night and have every night since. It has cleared up my skin and has helped me feel calm at work instead of feeling like I need to rush to complete everything right then. My job can be very high-stress at times and taking the oil has made so much difference in how I handle the stress. I even talked my friend into trying it, who has very high anxiety, and he can’t stop praising how much it has helped him. So happy I can share an amazing product, that truly helps, with friends and family! Thanks Cured for creating a company with integrity and with products that people can stand behind!

  353. Nicole McBride

    I have been seeking ways to improve my sleep – I struggle with racing thoughts and anxiety at night, so I decided to try Cured. Within one night, it totally changed the game for me. I use it as part of my sleep hygiene routine to help calm me down before bed and it works every time. I 10/10 recommend.

  354. Beth Hall

    I love this stuff! I use it daily to help with inflammation and anxiety. It’s life changing!

  355. Vitae

    I use this to help me fall asleep, anxiety, and decrease inflammation. I’m a competitor and I truly believe this oil has helped heal the inflammation from a bad muscle strain. I don’t believe in most supplements..this one is a worthy investment.

  356. Kenzie

    I have been using this product for about a month now and I can confidently say that it works. I’ve struggled with minor anxiety and insomnia for awhile now. Over the last month I can tell that my anxiety levels have decreased. I am more willing to input myself in more social environments where as I would not have done this before taking the Raw Oils. I have also noticed that my quality of sleep has improved and I am no longer suffering from “head fog” due to lack of sleep. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  357. Nicole

    I can’t put into words how grateful I am for this product. I had a baby a year ago and was suffering from mild Post partum depression and severe anxiety. I was waking up in the middle of the night to severe panic attacks, spending most of my day extremely anxious, and finding it difficult to relax and enjoy my new baby. The most frustrating part was sleep- my baby has been sleeping 8-10 hours a night since she was 4 months old. I, on the other hand, was finding it hard to stay asleep longer than an hour or two at a time. A friend of mine recommended CBD and I am so glad she did. Within a week of taking the raw oil (2-3x a day) I was finally feeling like myself again. Relaxed, content, and so excited to spend each day and moment with my baby girl. I get a full night sleep now, wake up refreshed, and life seems brighter again. So thankful for this product. It literally gave me my life back.

  358. Karen

    Sleep has definitely improved!

  359. wilskm

    I have tried many different brands of CBD oil and this is hands down the best. I have anxiety in which I used to take medication for. After finding out about this oil I stopped taking my medication and feel great!

  360. Mike Linstead

    I am a Personal Trainer and also a rugby player. Needless to say, my body takes a beating and I am subject pretty high amounts of stress throughout my day.
    I’ve been using the 1000mg Full Spectrum Raw CBD OIL for a little over a month now and I have noticed tremendous differences in my overall stress levels! My joint inflammation has gone done considerably to where I am nearly pain free and my sleep has been very deep and restful.
    I love the product!

  361. Robin Rasmussen

    My husband is in the military and him being gone has made my anxiety skyrocket. The first time taking this (I have 500mg) was at night and I never slept better. I also work a stressful job for long hours and this has helped keep my mind and body at ease throughout the day. When I get stressed I’ll get a pain in my neck and I have yet to feel that pain since taking this twice a day!

  362. Sarah

    I love love love this product! I am about to order my second bottle . I have seen that it helps with inflammation. I get monthly massages to release muscle tension in my upper back and neck. My massage therapist mentioned that the muscles in my back were loosening up faster than normal. I contribute this product to helping with that. I take a drop in the AM and a drop in the PM before I go to bed . Can’t wait to see what continued use of this product will bring to my physical and mental health.

  363. Alex

    I tried this due to my increased levels of anxiety. Within days I noticed a huge difference. Also dramatically helped with sleep. I usually wake up 6x a night now it’s 1-2x. Can’t wait to use more products and to see how I feel.

  364. Byanka Smith

    This product has completely changed my life! I was on depression/anxiety medicine for the past two year, but still had constant anxiety. The medicine was doing nothing for me. I was also fully dependent on melatonin as a sleep aid. The sleeping issues coupled with the mental started to take a toll on my body/mind as an athlete. I researched CBD products for a long time before coming across this company and let me tell you, ordering the Raw Full Spectrum Oil was the best decision I ever made! I micro-dose throughout the day, my anxiety has been almost non-existent! My sleep cycle has been restored and my body is feeling a thousand times better! I make it a point to do a micro-dose after workout as well for recovery, I swear it’s made a huge difference! All in all I’ve ordered multiple bottles, for myself and for family, and it is hands down the best oil I’ve found on the market! What an amazing company!! So happy I found them!

  365. lularoehaleyhotakainen

    This stuff is amazing!! I’ve only been taking it a few days and I feel a huge difference. I have mild anxiety that causes a lot of tension headaches, and it’s virtually gone!! I take it in the morning to stay calm at work, and in the evening to unwind. I can’t wait to see what other changes will come from this and am excited to try the other products! The flavor isn’t the best, but it only lasts a second. Have been recommending it to all of my friends and followers!

  366. Samantha

    Game changer in so many ways! Sleep, anxiety, muscle recovery, skin inflammation, and overall stress have significantly improved with he use of this oil! I absolutely love the results I feel from using the full spectrum and I’ve recommended it to so many people. I take it morning and before bed and don’t see myself stopping any time soon!

  367. Alyssa

    I have struggled with insomnia for years and this CBD oil helps so much with relaxing my body when going to sleep. After the first time trying it within about 30 minuets I felt more calm and relaxed which made it super easy to fall asleep. Also, I used to wake up multiple times throughout the night and most nights I do not even wake up once! This is my new go to instead of melatonin and other sleeping pills. I love that it is natural and good quality. I HIGHLY reccomend trying this product if you have trouble sleeping!!

  368. Hannah Donoho

    I love this product! It has improved my sleeping by 100%. I never realized I wasn’t sleeping very well until I started taking this, and it’s been a game changer. It has dramatically helped with recovering from workouts as well. I don’t get as sore the next day! ? I only take a half of dropper at night. I have to build up to the 2 dropper fulls. Which is not a big deal for me. Everybody is different! Thank you for such an amazing product!

  369. Melanie

    i bought this with an open mind that it might help me relax at night and get some quality, deep sleep. this product has exceeded any expectation i had. i take it about an hour before bed and it allows me to relax and mentally ‘check out’ for the day. I noticed that this was more appropriate for use at night and i use the mint CBD oil during the day. I trust that the Cured products are pure and quality – I wont buy from anywhere else now that I’ve experienced what a difference they make. Shipping is so fast and I get updates on the status of my order – great service and products.

  370. Julie P

    I’ve been using this hemp oil for a couple of months and love it! It helps calm anxiety and I sleep so soundly. I have a hard time “turning off my brain” at night, but hate how sleeping pills make me feel. This was my answer! I also think this has helped somewhat with clearing my skin of acne. I will continue using this product and have suggested it to family members who are loving it as well!

  371. Courtney

    I suffer from tension migraines caused by stress. I’ve been taking this for a month now anytime I feel symptoms: stiff neck, eye pressure, etc. and I’ve been migraine free! I’m so glad to have a natural remedy instead of taking pills with unpleasant side effects.

  372. Chris

    I have cancer and take a medication that causes joint and muscle pain, and fatigue or outright exhaustion. I started taking Raw at night before I went to bed. I noticed that in the mornings I was more awake, not groggy. It hasn’t been very long so I’m still waiting to see if it helps with my joint and muscle pain. However, just being more awake and alert in the mornings makes this product worth it’s weight in gold.

  373. Samantha

    I am absolutely in love with the cured CBD oil. My anxiety has majorly gone down and improved my mood overall. The taste is earthy, but not bad by any means. I was worried about it making me sleepy, which it doesn’t do at all. It does, however help me sleep much better at night. I would describe the way it makes me feel as calm more than anything else. I recommend this to everybody I know who struggles with anxiety and other issues and will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.

  374. Ryan

    Love this product. Been suffering with back pain for years and this has really helped with the inflammation and pain.

  375. kristinmthowell

    This oil is immaculate. I don’t think there’s anyway I could use a different brand after trying Cured. I love the philosophy of the company and I love being able to trust what I’m purchasing. Thank you, Cured! You’re helping out a ton of people.

  376. Shannon Manoulian

    This stuff is absolutely amazing. I have tried everything to help me stay asleep at night and this is the only thing that works. I also notice improved recovery from exercise as well as decrease in anxiety since I started using it.

  377. Erin Mrozek

    I love this product! I suffer from anxiety, and bloating from digestive issues. After a month, I noticed a difference! This product has helped me sleep better at night, and feel less anxious during the day. I’ve also noticed that I am less bloated when I am on this product. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone.

  378. tori zepp

    I just got out of the military and starting using Cured CBD oil the first day out. It’s only been one week and I’m sleeping like a baby and completely stress free!

  379. Taylor Bonola

    So I’ll start by saying I wasn’t a believer in CBD anything. I’ve tried for the last year to lessen the inflammation from food allergies as well as calm my anxiety and I’ve tried ever natural thing I could think of except CBD Oil.. I’ve been using this since Saturday and it’s now Tuesday and i can see my ankles again! My anxiety has been siginificantly reduced! And I’m performing better in the gym…i don’t know if that’s just a coincidence but I’d say the CBD oil has been a tremendous help and I’m telling everyone!

  380. Deon Haugen

    Love it! I take my CBD Oil about an hour before bed, and I’ve noticed a difference in my sleep. I fall asleep faster and feel like the sleep im getting is much more sound, as I’m waking up feeling more rested than before I began using this product. I will definitely be reordering!

  381. Derek

    I have been taking CURED CBD oil now for about a month for my anxiety and stress and have noticed a big difference. Falling asleep and staying asleep is now the norm for me. Before taking CBD OIL have had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. My mind often races due to the stress of work. Thank you CURED for offering a great substitute to “hard” medication.

  382. Rose Bequet

    Have been using the 500mg Cured Full Spectrum Raw Oil for 2 weeks now! The first night my husband and I used it we had some of the best sleep of our lives. I have since been taking smaller doses during the day which has helped tremendously with my anxiety and OCD. I was thinking about trying Cured for months and I am so glad I finally took the plunge!

  383. Katy

    i personally love in Oklahoma where we’re struggling to get Medical legalized so even getting CBD here is kinda hard (yes it’s THC free but if you don’t live in the bible belt you wouldn’t get how ridiculous they make the laws and regulations) but honestly this is genuinely the best CBD i’ve ever had- even just one or two droppers of the 500mlg has me okay for the day.

  384. Samantha

    Absolutely love this oil and works amazing. I’ve noticed it help with my anxiety tremendously. Since using Cured CBD oil I have not had any panic attacks (used to get anxiety and panic attacks all the time) and have overall seen an increase in my overall health and outlook on life. Absolutely worth every single dollar. Also want to note that the product shipped almost instantly after ordering.

  385. AMS

    LOVE this product. Actually here to order another one as we speak 🙂

  386. Erin

    Love love love this product. I struggle with anxiety and being unable to sleep. Just taking small doses throughout the day helps relieve my anxiety tremendously. Couldn’t be more grateful for a natural product like this!

  387. Christy Lustig

    I have been struggling heavily with PTSD, Insomnia, Depression and Severe Anxiety. I’ve been on every “hard” medication out there and I hate how they make my body feel, I wanted something natural to help me cope with the symptoms on my mental illness. I saw some athletes at 1stPhorm (Love them!) who advertised your CBD oil, and after researching on your blog, I decided to take the plunge and give it a shot. I’ve been using the Raw Full Spectrum Oil for a few days now, and I can FEEL the difference. I can finally sleep easier, and my symptoms of anxiety and depression are much more stable. I am so thankful that your product is clean, and concentrated and organic that I am able to trust it to help me function and live my best life. Thank you so much!! I couldn’t be more relieved and happy to have found your company.

  388. Meredith

    I’ve been using the raw oil for about 2-3 weeks now. Right off the bat my sleep has improved, and the oil has been working great for tension headaches and overall relaxation. I actually love the taste (like herbal tea) and have been telling all my friends about it.

  389. Ashley Smith

    I love this stuff! Highly recommend purchasing this if you struggle with anxiety because it really does help!

  390. Alex

    I started using this product because of stress and anxiety. I used it consistently for a month. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stress and anxiety. It has decreased dramatically. I also notified an increase in my quality of sleep. I have never slept well until using this product. It has helped in so many different ways. I’ve already recommended it to many of my friends.

  391. Lea

    Absolutely love this oil! Easy to use, doesn’t taste bad, and works amazing. I’ve noticed it help with my anxiety tremendously! Absolutely worth it!

  392. Nelissa

    My boyfriend and I have tried various CBD products throughout the last few months, but nothing seemed to be doing much for us. I had seen Cured all over some of my favorite fitness influencers pages and thought about it for awhile and finally decided to give it a go. All I can say is we should have done it way sooner! We both train pretty much every day whether it be judo, BJJ, yoga, soccer or weight lifting. It has helped tremendously with inflammation and recovery time. I also have anxiety and wanted stopped my medication about a year ago and wanted CBD to work—and this product made that happen. We are so excited to be lifetime customers! 🙂

  393. Kayla B

    I thought for sure the flavor would be unbearable but it’s not bad at all! No lingering taste which I didn’t like from other products. Post workout muscle aches are a thing of my past now! And my anxiety is much more managed. Really loving CURED.

    I had some seasoning sample from the Arnold Expo, now I crave the cinnamon and honey every so often! It is SOO good in pb&j sandwiches!!

  394. Kayla

    I thought for sure the flavor would be unbearable but it really isn’t bad! And doesn’t linger like other cbd oils I’ve tried. My anxiety is easier to deal with and my muscle aches post workout are minimal. Definitely going to stick with CURED after trying so many with minimal results.

    (I had samples of the seasonings from the Arnold expo & now crave the cinnamon & honey every so often! It is SOO good on pb&j sandwiches!

  395. Nicole

    I’ve been suffering from Migraines for awhile now. I go to a chiropractor, neurologist, on meds, etc. While it has helped, the headaches have not completely stopped. I started taking the raw oil b/c I kept hearing people say how it helped with their headaches. I made the purchase, almost feeling skeptical because nothing has helped all that much, but I am now a true believer in CBD. I haven’t had a migraine in well over a month! Not only that, but my sleeping habits have improved tremendously! It would always take awhile for me to go to sleep, but when I take a drop before bed, I fall asleep fast and stay asleep! I have a fitbit that tracks my sleep habits, so you could see the progress over the last month and it’s incredible!

  396. Marina

    This has helped me a lot while trying to fall asleep at night. I usually will stay awake unable to stop my mind from racing around to different thoughts about work and deadlines. I am an accountant and sometimes it’s hard to leave work at work! After using a dropper before bed, I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep quality and ability to fall asleep. It’s amazing, I’ll be purchasing again!

  397. Kate

    I am incredibly thankful I found this product through instagram! I am a college student and as you can imagine college takes a toll on your body physically for one too many drinks and especially emotionally! I have been using cured since the beginning of the summer to target my anxiety and horrible sleep patterns and im amazed by the results! I am finally more at ease and cant wait to continue using this product during the upcoming fall semester especially because like many people I get test anxiety! As for my sleep after i take a full drop of the serum I’m out like a light until the next morning! What more could i ask for?! Love this company and would without a dobt recommend it!

  398. Brittany

    I love this product! Instantly get a feeling of relief from my sometimes severe anxiety. The taste isn’t awful and the jar lasts a long time even when using twice a day! Need to order more and possibly some canine treats!

  399. Ashlee Kroeger

    This is by far my favorite product I have ever used. This has changed my life, I went from having Migraines almost every day of my life to maybe 2 a month. That is life saving for me! This has helped me sleep better, relax, and has helped with muscle recovery! I reccomend that everyone use this and make it part of your regular use products! It’s so nice to be able to find an all natural product that not only helps you, but really works.
    Thanks Cured, you guys rock!

  400. Erin

    Amazing how quickly and effectively this works. One dropperful under my tongue before bed. Sleep is more refreshing. I wake up less, and when I do wake up my brain doesn’t start racing as it usually does. Taste is very mild.

  401. Kiley Fraley

    Been using this oil for about three weeks now. I suffer from bad insomnia, and has always been a problem since I was young. Taking this oil at night has helped me tremendously… some nights I don’t even wake up. It’s life changing. I also use it during the day for my anxiety and have also seen a huge difference. If you have any sort of insomnia or anxiety, please give this a try!!

  402. Mariah

    So I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I also have plenty of inflammation issues in my body. I have a superfoods full diet but when I was getting into learning about the CBD world I was hesitant and didn’t know which companies to trust. After research and some people on social media I went for cured and so happy I did. This companies values are very pure and true and their products are amazing. I never put a price on my health and it means so much more to me when I’m giving my money to a good company selling great products that help so many people. I’m all for alternative routes of medicine and I am so happy I found Cured.

  403. Chelsea Stewart

    I’ve taken numerous CBD products and none have made as much of a difference as this one. I take 1 full dropper every night before bed and I sleep like a BABY! I work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week so sleep is very important for me and this has made all the difference. I also have noticed a huge decrease in my anxiety and the biggest of all my social anxiety. I didn’t expect this to have any affect on that but I swear I am a better socializer these days lol! GET THIS. It’s amazing. Digestion, sleep, anxiety. It’s a cure all.

  404. Elena

    I first got the 500 mg of raw and I FLEW through the bottle. I ended up ordering two of the 1000mg bottles to give those a try. I like the 1000mg because you can make the dose as small or strong as you’d like.

    I definitely feel like it helps take the edge off of anxiety-inducing situations, and I do also feel like it has helped me in my workout recovery. I have never been an avid “supplement” person, so I was excited to try this seeing as it is a natural source. I have tried micro-dosing, taking it just before bed, and once in the morning / once at night. I am not sure exactly which method I prefer, but I also like that I can chose based on the day. Sometimes micro-dosing helps calm any nerves on a busy day, or other times I’m fine doing it just in the morning and again at night.

    I like Cured because many other brands use additives in their formulas. Cured Raw may SEEM “more expensive” than some other brands, but I always check the ingredient list only to see that others are more diluted and aren’t in purest form.

    I will certainly continue to use the Raw oil and be amping it up to my friends!

  405. nerraftw

    I have taken this product on a regular basis for 2 weeks now. I love the calming ease it gives my anxiety and the decrease in time for post race recoveries. I highly recommend this product and look forward to my own continued use.

  406. Jerika

    I’ve dealt with anxiety ever since I was diagnosed with cancer.. and NOTHING seemed to help. Except this. I finally feel my mind is at ease, and I fall asleep so fast at night. Just after ONE drop. So amazing! Will purchase again!

  407. Sandy Morrow

    I will never buy CBD oil from another company due to this product. The taste has a very earthy taste just like they describe, I really enjoy it. I have anxiety & this has been my go to. I take it in the morning before my day of chaos (wonderful chaos…but chaos nonetheless) and in the evening before bed. I sleep so incredibly well & my mind that once would race nonstop is now quiet. I tell anyone and everyone about this product that will give me 5 minutes & many have fallen in love with it as well! This is one product that will forever be a staple in my home. It was truly love at first droplet!

  408. Taylor Cole

    I absolutely love this oil!! I use the RAW and my boyfriend used the mint, it has made a world of difference in my anxiety, sleep, and mood! I don’t know how I went so long without this in my life but just adding one dropper in the morning and one in the evening has been a life changer!!

  409. Matthew

    This stuff is absolutely incredible. I noticed an instant calming effect and can’t go a day without it now.

  410. Jessica

    This really does work. I have mild anxiety and would use it as needed. I actually ended up giving it to a loved one that has more severe anxiety and she said it helped tremendously. I’m happy I was able to help. I will say I did sometimes get an itchy throat but that is probably something to do with me and not a reflection on the product. I am glad it doesn’t make you feeling something BUT it makes you stop feeling the negative, anxious feelings you may be experiencing. I would recommend this over ANY anti anxiety medication a doctor would try to give you.

  411. Sage Davis

    Love this stuff! Mostly take it in the evenings to relax after work while cooking dinner, doing yoga, watching Netflix, or going for a walk. Definitely notice my anxiety reduces, I feel less “rushed” to get things accomplished, and its easier to fall asleep. Will be purchasing again.

  412. deidri.m.tate

    Within ONE DAY I have noticed a difference. I feel fine, which is incredible considering I’m usually on edge thanks to anxiety. I took some in the afternoon and I took another dropper before bed. I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night overthinking something or just in a full state of panic. I still woke up in the middle of the night, but, I was able to fall right back to sleep.

    The smell is fantastic and the taste is so light! It doesn’t get you high, which I love. I’m a stay at home parent, I can’t be high and running around with my toddlers. I’ll die. But it does relax my mind and my body.

    To legitimately feel fine for the first time in years…. I’m so grateful. I feel fine.

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