Experience complete, deep, and restful sleep.

Zen: Cured Balance Blend 1215mg (Valerian Root, Skullcap, Passionflower, Ashwagandha, Chamomile), Reishi 390mg, Magnesium 62.1mg, Broad Spectrum CBD 20mg

CBN Night Caps: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 50mg (3omg CBD:5mg CBN), MCT Oil, Gelatin Capsule (Water, Gelatin, Glycerin)

CBN Night Oil: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 25mg (15mg CBD:5mg CBN), MCT Oil, Natural Terpenes

Rediscover rest and wake up refreshed with our potent Sleep Stack. Take 1-2 CBN capsules (or 1 dropperful of CBN Night Oil) and 1-3 capsules of Zen within 60-90 minutes of your desired bedtime. Remember, sleep supplements are supplemental to good sleep hygiene. We recommend turning off all artificial lights and electronics, and pairing your Sleep Stack with a relaxing book, journaling session, or meditation. It’s time to build your brain with deep rest.

What is CBN?

Both CBD and CBN, two important cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, have calming properties and present with similar responses in the brain. However, they diverge in their overall physiological effect in the body.

While CBD is commonly recommended for general aches, discomfort, and mood regulation, CBN is widely respected for its targeted, sedating benefits (imagine the overwhelming comfort of a weighted blanket).​ ​Unlike OTC sleep-aids, our ​CBN Night Caps and CBN Night Oil synergistically support relaxation, stress reduction, decreased sleep latency, and improved sleep quality.

Best sleep of my life. Fall asleep and stay asleep. Also helps with my muscle recovery due to training. Highly recommend the [Sleep Bundle]."

Carissa A.

I have struggled with sleep FOR YEARS! I’m sure I have tried everything short of a sledge hammer(ouch). This is honestly the first product that has worked for me."

Linda R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both are full spectrum options, however, when it comes to oil vs capsule, the biggest differences are onset time/absorbability of the product. Capsules, like our Night Caps, are digested in the gut, which maximizes the absorption of a 30mg dose of CBD and 5mg of CBN. These are the more potent option of the two!

Our CBN Night Time Oil provides an earthy aftertaste and the sublingual dropper lends itself to a mellowed-out but more immediate sense of gentle sedation.

With this powerful sleep duo you can experience the sleep you’re so desperate for without the nasty side effects (like a morning sleep-aid hangover) that you may be used to with OTC products.

While our Zen capsules are THC free, CBN Night Time Caps and CBN Night Time Oil are both crafted with full spectrum CBD which means they contain a microdose of THC.

Our Sleep Bundle includes one bottle of Zen (60 capsules) and either CBN Night Oil or CBN Night Caps (30 capsules).