Herbal formulations to bring your mind and body into homeostasis.

[Rise] has been a game changer for me! I have noticed considerable improvement with the fatigue but even more improvement with the “fog”.""

Shelly M.

Best sleep I’ve had in years, and I do mean years!!""

Amanda V.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rise is most commonly taken in the morning for an extra pep in your step, but the good news: Rise is stimulant free and can effectively be used any time you need a cognitive boost.

Try 1-3 capsules within 60 minutes of your bedtime!

The answer is a resounding YES. All of our products have been specially formulated by our in-house clinical herbalist to be effective on their own or as a part of a daily CURED stack!



14 reviews for Rise & Zen Bundle

  1. marissa.f015

    I’m only a few weeks in so far, but I do notice a slight difference. I’m optimistic – in my experience, supplements tend to have a more subtle, cumulative effect that can make a difference in combination with other lifestyle factors. I plan to continue using this bundle.

  2. Kelly Melton

    Love this bundle – both products are great quality . I have loved every item that I have tried this company!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Kelly!
      Thanks for leaving us a review! I am so glad to hear that you are loving our products, especially the Rise and Zen. We appreciate you and hope you continue to enjoy our products! -Brielle C.

  3. Lara Jackson

    So in love with all of my products!!!

  4. Kelly Varner

    Really love both of these so much!

  5. Lara Jackson

    Absolutely in love! After getting a sample pack I was totally sold. I struggle with insomnia and anxiety. Definitely has made a huge difference in my focus and ability to stay calm as well as fall and stay asleep.

  6. Regina Liskey

    Very happy with this product! I feel more focused during the day with the Rise, without any jitters or other weird feelings. I’m able to get a full night of sleep with the Zen and wake feeling well-rested.

  7. Jaclyn Lombardo

    I have been using these products daily and notice a difference in my anxiety. Would highly recommend but make sure you take it consistently. I have used zen for about 3 months now and after about a week or so of consistent use, I started to notice a difference and sleep so much better. I started the rise this month and am really liking this product as well so far. Would highly recommend!

  8. Alexandra Teixeira

    This bundle has become a part of my daily routine and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference. My focus is improved and my energy last throughout the day and I’ve been getting much better sleep.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Alexandra! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I’m happy to hear you’ve noticed a positive difference in how you feel by incorporating Rise and Zen into your routine! Better focus and better sleep are certainly keys to feeling our best 🙂 – Ashleigh J.

  9. Lori Araujo

    I love both of these products! The combo of taking Rise in the morning and Zen at night has become my new daily routine. Rise helps me stay focused and energized during the day and Zen helps me relax before I go to bed. And the quality of your products are exceptional!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Lori! Thanks for leaving us a review! I’m glad to hear that our Rise & Zen bundle has become a staple in your daily routine and has helped you feel energized when you need it and relaxed when you’re ready to wind down. We’re here to support you if any questions come up so don’t hesitate to reach out. – Ashleigh J.

  10. Erin Wallen

    I really love both of these products! Rise helps me focus when I first start my day and Zen helps me relax before I go to bed at night. I’m so grateful for these amazing CURED products!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Erin! Thanks for leaving us feedback on our Rise & Zen Bundle. We’re glad that you’ve been able to focus and relax much more easily since implementing the products in your routine and hope to continue to support your wellness pursuits. – Ashleigh J.

  11. nancycrna

    The combination of taking Rise in the morning and Zen at night has been good for my routine. The split dose of CBD has evened out the effects and the other ingredients included are new to me. The quality of your products is exceptional!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Nancy! I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the effects of both Rise and Zen as a part of your routine! We have set out to make the very best supplements with the utmost quality and are pleased to have the opportunity to share them with you.
      – Ashleigh Johnson

  12. alysonmalm24

    I LOVE the rise. It has become a staple in our household for myself and my husband. It gives energy in the morning and doesn’t bother my stomach at all. I notice I fall asleep quickly and wake up rejuvenated with the zen. Next order, I will add aura to the daily ritual!

  13. Halli Jones

    I have definitely noticed a difference in my sleep at night since taking Zen! Not waking up as much and am falling back to sleep more easily when I do wake up. I also feel more awake/alert at work since taking Rise! The bundle is great!!

  14. Janet Rohrer

    Have been using daily for 2 months…had improved focus & im sleeping much more soundly.

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