Find functional support for aches, stiffness, and sore muscles.

This stuff is a lifesaver. I wake up regularly with neck stiffness and this salve gives me instant relief."

Lauren H.

Amazing stuff, puts the aches to rest immediately. "

Tina F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Salve can be used anytime of day! It’s great for: fast-acting relief, reducing your aches and discomforts, soothing sore joints, and helping your body recover faster.

While there are no added fragrances, our Salve is crafted with organic botanicals and smells like a cocoa-mint kiss!

Ingredient List: Unrefined Cocoa Butter*, Raw Unrefined Shea Butter*, Beeswax Pastilles*, Fresh Wildcrafted Arnica Flowers*, Comfrey Root*, Camphor Granules*, Menthol Crystals*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Rosemary Essential Oil*, Eucalyptus Essential Oil*, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract*(<0.3% THC) *Denotes Organic Ingredient

38 reviews for Salve

  1. Sheleena Loch

    I have tried other CBD salves in the past and none of them compare to this salve. I injured my lower back at the beginning of the year and this was one of the only things that could even touch my pain and give me relief. Would highly recommend.

  2. clintrosser

    Works fantastic!

  3. wynnel

    I have tried so many different salves, creams, roll ons, lotions, etc. and none of them give me the relief I get from this salve. I have chronic knee pain in both knees and this is an every day must have for me. I’m lucky in that one of my knees has vastly improved with therapy and movement so I don’t need to salve it as much as the other one but I still use it on the improved knee on days when it flares up again. The relief I get from the salve is wonderful and as many others have said, the scent is an added bonus because it is so soothing.

  4. Kathryn Merkent

    I have chronic lower back pain, and I apply this every night. It is a game changer at relaxing my sore muscles! Added bonus? It smells great!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Kathryn! Thank you for leaving a review. We are so happy to hear that you are feeling such relief from the Salve! Plus, isn’t the smell just amazing? We hope to continue to support you in feeling your best! — Brielle C.

  5. Lauren Henry

    This product is a lifesaver. I wake up regularly with neck stiffness and this salve gives me instant relief.

  6. Jessi Faile

    I am obsessed with this salve! I pulled my back about 1 year ago and have been in pain since then after PT/TENS therapy, heat pad, etc. I have been curious of the CBD topical and the reviews raved about it so I purchased it and don’t regret it at all!

    The salve is super easy to roll onto any part of the body and the smell is not too overwhelming (for me at least). The best part is you feel the coolness immediately and it is the BEST feeling on my back. I love putting this on before and after work (I’m a nurse and moving sleeping patients in the OR is my daily grind). Plus this helps after a tough training session. I’m obsessed and this will definitely be a repeat purchase for a long time!

  7. Danielle Alexander

    I’m normally not that impressed with CBD topicals, so I’d quit ordering them. However, I have been taking Rise and Zen daily for the past two years, and have been buying CuredNutrition’s products since I came across them at the Boulder Creek Festival several years ago.

    This is hands-down the best CBD salve you will ever buy. It works immediately, it goes on perfectly smooth without being greasy, and the added bonus of some fantastic herbs really puts it exactly where it needs to be in your body. I will buy this until they stop making it, which I hope is never. I will also buy it for all the people I live who deal with pain. I tell people about this company at least 2 to 3 times a week, because I believe in it so wholeheartedly. Keep up the great work, don’t ever stop.

  8. ljcart56

    Wonderful, works very well on my neuropathy that I have in my arms. Helps tremendously!!! Thank you for creating it.

  9. Emily Berryman

    This salve is amazing! I buy this for my mom to use on her knee for her pre-arthritis, and it has made a world of difference for her in her daily pain and mobility! She loves it and uses it every day.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Emily! How thoughtful of you! We’re so glad to hear that your mom has found such relief and increased mobility. We hope to continue to support her in feeling her best! – Ashleigh Johnson

  10. Zulmarie’s Laboy

    I love it! I use after a hard day at work or after I train and let me tell you works so good. Feels good on your skin and the smell is pleasant. I’ll be ordering another one soon.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Zulmarie! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the relief from our salve after a long day at work or training session! Plus, isn’t the smell just heavenly? We would argue it’s the best performing and smelling salve around! – Ashleigh Johnson

  11. Kayla Ehrensbeck

    I literally don’t even know where to start. I have endometriosis and the pain is so bad I get physically sick and can’t move literally all day. Today my CBD salve arrived and I put it on my abdomen and within 5-10 minutes I was completely pain free. I also have degenerative disc disease so I am in constant pain in my low back, I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is but it’s amazing, and I 100/10 recommend this. If you are on the fence just do it you will not be sorry. Suffering from chronic pain and finally finding something that is it natural and actually works is a blessing. Thank you cured nutrition!!

  12. Lauren Wigton

    Amazing! I’ve used a lot of these ice/hot type products and this one here is by far the best!

  13. Amy Ha

    This was my favorite thing in my purchase!! It does have a scent that I enjoy but self conscience about during the day so I only use this at night. It smells like mint-chocolate to me lol my cousin said it definitely has an herbal-medicinal scent. Again I enjoy it at night. I really enjoy the menthol tingle and the moisturizing salve. Only 4 stars bc it is pricey. I been using it every night and its only been 2 weeks and I’m almost out. The salve melts with your body temperature so it runs out fast.

  14. Sarah Villar

    Has been simply AMAZING for my neck and back pain!! I put it on morning and evening. Just note that it has a minty smell and is tacky. But it’s worth the relief!

  15. Lindsay Schroer

    I have tried this in multiple occasions, and I find it to work better for certain ailments than others. For example, when I rollerblade, my knees tend to get a little sore and this is great for that!! I’ve also tried in on my pulled/tweaked back muscles, and didn’t notice the same relief. There is a tingling cool/hot sensation when applied to the skin. There is a minty smell to it, but I do not find it annoying at all! Very easy to use.

  16. Stephany Vargas

    I got this product for my mom who suffers for arthritis and she swears by it. I’m extremely glad that I got this for her because she was constantly in pain but this REALLY helped. It is a product that I will continue to get over and over again!

  17. Tina Fields

    Amazing stuff, puts the pain to rest immediately

  18. Amber Gonzales

    Love, Love, LOVE!! This is my new staple go-to for soreness after working out, bruises, arthritis, you name it! I even dab some on my temples or neck when having a migraine, but what really sealed the deal for me was when I injured my foot and put some on instead of taking topical pain medication for inflammation. It totally helped with the pain of a sprained ankle, but what I didn’t expect was the 3 day, THREE day heal time for a major bruise to be gone.

  19. Tiffany

    Great product! Not sticky or oily. For me works almost instantly and never irritates my skin.

  20. Stephanie H

    I love this salve! I have had elbow pain for a very long time and wanted to try this salve to see if it would help reduce the pain and it did!!!! I have been massaging the muscle for a long time with minimal results until I tried this salve. Massaging the salve into my elbow has made such a difference!!!!! I highly recommend this!!!!

  21. Stephanie

    I love this salve! I have had elbow pain for a very long time and wanted to try this salve to see if it would help reduce the pain and it did!!!! I have been massaging the muscle for a long time with minimal results until I tried this salve. Massaging the salve into my elbow has made such a difference!!!!! I highly recommend this!!!!

  22. Rachel . My coworker used it on her neck shou

    I absolutely love the stuff for pulled muscles and arthritis. It works in 20 minutes or less. Hope the coworker the other day who had to teach an exercise class while having pain from an old injury on a rainy day. My arthritis no longer tells me when the rain is if I use this stuff. It’s been great on my toe Wrist. My coworker used it on her neck shoulders and upper back

  23. Marianne

    The best CBD ointment ever. I have chronic neck pain this product helps ease the pain. I have bought it for my 84 yo mother with spinal stenosis and it has help her more then any anti inflammatory !!

  24. Emily Waple

    I received a sample of this and… WOW! It feels so good and really helped my soreness from lifting. I will definitely be buying this product.

  25. Mary

    Love this salve. Amazing.

  26. John Parker

    I absolutely love this salve. I’m an avid fitness enthusiast that frequently hikes and mountain bikes. I use the CBD salve on my quads 3x/week. I notice that my recovery is quicker, sleep deeper, and I have more generalized calmness.

  27. Brian


  28. Kayla Jennis

    Love this! Using it on my belly where I have muscle cramps and tightness, instant relief!

  29. Amanda Lee

    I was skeptical, as I am with all products that say they’ll help with muscle pain…..but honey was I happy when I used this. It immediately relieves any muscle pain I have anywhere on my body. This stuff is a God send with working 8 hrs on my feet. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because I wish the smell wasnt so prominent so I could reapply during the day.

  30. Cindy

    This salve is amazing! I’m a professional Figure competitor and have chronic muscle/joint pain and inflammation. Literally within minutes of applying this salve, my muscles and joints feel tremendously better! I also have Crohn’s disease and it helps to rub it directly on my abdomen. Extremely pleased with the results!

  31. Rudy Acosta

    Used for general muscle aches and post exercise soreness and it works great. Easy to use roll on applicator is a great feature making it last longer than other CBD cream-based products I’ve tried. Highly recommend!

  32. Scott

    This product is the best I’ve found. I’ve used tons of CBD and THC topical products and this works better than all of them! I have terrible chronic low back pain and some neuralgia in my neck and shoulders, this max salve gives me instant relief. I actually really like the way it feels, it isn’t too oily like a lot of salves are and it isn’t too waxy like I’ve found many others to be.

  33. Gerry

    Excellent Product

  34. MacKenzie

    This sh*t is out of this world. Ever single day I lather it on after I get out of the shower and let the peppermint tingle and quick relief sink in. I love to lift, but after two knee surgeries (and a third on the horizon) I have some trouble with chronic pain. Cured has helped TREMENDOUSLY.

  35. Sarah

    This balm is a life saver for the joint pain in my knees! A few months ago I started having chronic knee pain and I seriously don’t know how I would be able to run or squat without this stuff. It even helps with everyday aches like walking up the stairs. I also love how easy it is to apply! It goes on more like a glue stick rather than a jar you have to scoop the product out of. The only complaint is that it is a little tacky feeling but it’s 100% worth it to not be in pain.

  36. Emily

    This salve is incredible. I suffer from Crohn’s disease so this helps by rubbing on my aching joints and directly on my stomach where my intestines are located. I notice a difference within 30 minutes which is pain relief and relaxed muscles. Plus is smells like mint chocolate!

  37. Jill M

    I suffer from tendonitis in my Achilles’ tendons. This balm has been so good for relieving my pain and stiffness. Also has been great for my sore muscles after working out. The only reason that I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I prefer vegan products and this contains bees wax.

  38. Alexis Collins

    I have chronic back pain from a deadlifting injury and regular icy hot just wasn’t cutting it. Using this product has helped alleviate my pain way more than icy hot!

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