6/27/22 | Wellness

How To Keep Your Dog Calm & Carry On 

With the 4th of July just one week away, you’ve been busy preparing for the festivities. Perhaps you’re laying out matching family outfits, dressing your front porch with decor that screams ‘MERICA, or collecting sparklers and TNT Pop-Its. Hey, maybe even all of the above; we don’t blame you! If you’re a dog parent, chances are you’re also planning how to best care for your furry friend when the sky is ablaze with fireworks.


If you’re anything like us, then you’re as committed to the health and wellbeing of your dog as you are to your own. Tails or no tails, isn’t that what it means to be a loving and devoted parent? We made it easy for your entire family to keep calm and carry on with enjoying this holiday season, and you guessed it – it starts with our full-spectrum CBD, extracted from the purest Colorado-grown hemp.




Emotional Health Is Physical Health (Even For Your Dog)


Did you know that roughly 72% of dogs experience mental stress and nervousness? It’s a staggering statistic. Our canine companions are oftentimes our most trusted resources, with many filling supportive roles beyond the simple, daily comforts and slobbery kisses. Yet, with that mind-boggling percentage, it’s clear that the majority of dogs are wading through their own emotional processes while they faithfully buffer our own.


According to a study published in Nature, noise sensitivity is the most common worry trait (with a whopping 32% of dogs showing fearful responses toward at least one noise). So, it’s no wonder we hear so many dog moms and dads discuss tips and tricks for handling fireworks.


In humans and in animals, both acute and chronic forms of worry take a toll on the physical body. So, whether your dog is always a tad bit anxious or solely reacts to surprising (and unnerving) bangs and booms, mitigating those symptoms is essential for maintaining their overall health.




CBD: The Path From Upset to Reset


Think of our CBD-infused dog treats as Mother Nature’s relief for your best friend. Our freshly baked, human-grade biscuits support overall health and vitality and promote a deeper calm. Try giving your pup a biscuit (or two!) and watch their worries melt away. If your dog has historically shown signs of increased tension around loud noises (like the upcoming weekend of fireworks, for example) then supplement the tasty treats with one full dropper of Raw Paw.


Pssst. Are you the best doggy mom or dad with the best furbaby on the block? Snag both products – our CBD Dog Treats and Raw Paw – in our bestselling Pet Bundle!


Happy 4th, CURED fam! May you (and your dog) feel calm, collected and forever grateful.


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