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My dog LOVES these, and they totally zen him out!"

Rachel G.

My aging dog LOVES these! Whenever I ask her if she wants her “big cookie”, she knows exactly which treat she’s about to get. She loves the flavor and crunch and I can tell that they help her with her knee."

Bridgit M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each treat has 4mg CBD!

When it comes to dosing CBD for pets, the general recommendation is to start with 1-2mg per 10lbs of your pet’s bodyweight and then evaluate and adjust as needed.

Additional information

Additional Information

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138 reviews for Dog Treats

  1. Corrie Voigt

    I’ve got a 3 year old border collie and if you know the breed, you know that 3 years old is NOT “grown up”…she will be a puppy until she’s at least 10! So to bring her down a notch and keep things chill, she gets CBD every day and it helps. She loves these treats but does need a bigger dose, so I’ve got to stick with the CBD oil for now.

  2. Lauren Riddle

    I can’t tell a difference at all in my dog. They’re expensive so I won’t buy again. At least they seem high quality, my dog likes them, and they aren’t all broken.

  3. Bridgit Montgomery

    My aging dog LOVES these! Whenever I ask her if she wants her “big cookie”, she knows exactly which treat she’s about to get. She loves the flavor and crunch and I can tell that they help her with her knee pain. Thank you!

  4. abreu505

    My dog loves the treats. Effective when he gets anxiety from storms and rain. A little costly but a quality product.

  5. Rick

    Our dogs, Sydney and Tazz love these treats. These are the only treats that we purchase, as I make homemade treats for them and use no other store bought brands of any kind. We change up between these and our homemade treats and also use Raw Paw on those treats ! The Dog Treats are an excellent product !!

    • Customer Support

      So glad to hear your dogs love the treats and the Raw Paw!

  6. Kristina Smith

    I buy these once a month for my 11 year old dog with Cushing’s Disease. It helps him so much to relax and sleep at night.

  7. Rebecca Macedo

    This has helped with my dogs inflammation in her hips.

  8. Rick

    I alternate the Dog Treats and the Raw Paw oil daily. Raw Paw is easy to add to their food and actually they love to lick it off my fingers if they get the chance ! A good alternative if you don’t want to use the Dog Treats at times !

  9. Rick

    The CBD Dog Treats are loved by both of our dogs ! These are the only treats that they get, other than all organic treats that I make for them myself ! They absolutely chow down on these and seem to be more energetic at 7 years old. A Great product for our furry friends !

  10. Rachel groenwald

    My dog LOVES these, and they totally zen him out! His vet prescribed him an actually anxiety medication that does not do anything for him, and this works! Within 15 minutes he was snuggly and calm as can be; and I truly have an extremely hyper and anxious pup. I will make sure to always have these on hand!! Thank you, Cured! ❤️

  11. Sarah Wieman

    When it comes to my fur baby, I only want to give him products I know are natural, safe, and effective! Cured Nutrition is my go to brand for CBD so I thought I would give it a try since my puppy gets such bad separation anxiety. He loves these treats and they work so well! The heart shapes are so cute and are easy to break apart- I only give him about 1/4 or 1/2 for his size. I’ve recommended to other pet parents and will continue to buy!

  12. Krystal

    My dog loves her treats! She waits every night by my door to get one before bed. She suffers from seizures but did not have any while using these treats. I recently tried switching to another brand simply because they have soft chews (my dog has a hard time chewing these hard treats) and she went right back to have 1-2 seizures a week! I really do wish soft chews were an option for the smaller older dogs.

  13. Brittney

    I’ve tried many different cbd products for my dog and these work so well for his anxiety! I love that they are bigger yet easy to break up into pieces.

  14. Christa Donofrio

    After multiple visits to the vet, I had given up on trying to help my dog with chronic back issues. These treats allow her to be more comfortable. She is able to sleep well and has been panting less.

  15. Emilie

    My dog (female pitbull) loves these treats. She is a rescue and has a bit of anxiety and one of these a day makes a big difference in her. She is calmer on walks and less anxious when I leave for work. She sits by the cabinet every morning waiting for her treat. Totally worth the cost.

  16. donna mccloskey

    My 8 y/o pitt has a Hx of anxiety and recently has been suffering w/ joint pain and inflammatory symptoms such as hair loss, lameness and fatigue. I starting her on these treats, I have seen a significant improvement. Thank you!!!

  17. Lauren

    Bought these for my 80lb labrahound. He had been having joint pain from arthritis and an injury. 1 of these treats helped him through the pain while he healed. Now we give them to both our dogs for anxiety and it does wonders.

  18. Emily Pearson

    We have two cats who rule the house hold, especially our queen female. Our 75 lb Pit mix got attacked several months back and has been super anxious ever since. The treats have really helped his anxiety! Thank you Cured Nutrition!

  19. Cody Berreman

    These treats have helped my 1 year old German Shepard so much with everything from separation anxiety to car trips. She loves the treats however at 80lbs I find that she needs 1 1/2-2 treats.

  20. Josh Gill

    My dog has been struggling with arthritis for a little over a year. The stiffness she exhibited and the pain she was in was obvious. She went from being able to hop up in to her favorite chair or on to my king bed to being unable to walk up and down the three steps out the front door of my house. Going for a run was one of her favorite things, but she got to the point where a short five minute walk was too much. I began giving her CBD treats and, while she may not be able to go for long runs any more, her pain is almost gone and she is moving just as well as she ever did!

  21. Jessica Hoenigman

    We have an extremely picky doberman who has an amputated hind leg. He’s been having some joint inflammation lately and we’ve wanted to try CBD but he refuses to eat anything that has the actual oil tincture. I came across these and decided to give it a try. He literally begs for his “cookie” now each day with meals. We’ve noticed less limping and joint swelling. He’s also stopped licking his front paws completely! We would highly recommend this product for any pet needing CBD oil but specifically for those picky eaters out there!

  22. Justina Meadows

    My dogs looooovvvveeeeeeee these treats my dog had chemo and these made her feel better they absolutely love them!

  23. Cake

    These treats are working out great for both my older dog and my puppy…it helps my older pitbull calm her anxiety and shakes during the 4th of july season as well as calms down my way too energetic puppy from barking at every sound durin this time. I cant recommend these treats enough.

  24. Stacey

    I have a dachshund who gets nervous/overly excited on car rides and this has done wonders with keeping him calm.

  25. Anthony Baxter

    I have a 9 year old with arthritis, and a 1.5 year old with endless energy. These treats make both dogs very happy. I recommed them as a feeding stimulant. It gets both dogs in the mood for dinner! They are taking other suppliments as well so I can’t say for sure if these treats do anything medically. I am buying more today.

  26. Stefanie

    I purchased this for my pup after we had to put down her friend and sister-from-another-litter who had been with us for over 10 years. Since she passed, she began suffering from very bad depression anxiety. The treats have helped tremendously with easing her anxiousness and calming her nerves.

  27. Gerardo

    My dog loves them!

  28. Olive

    Our dog has spleen cancer and these treats are helping with pain. Would reccomend them!

  29. April Jones

    My dog Wilbur is terrified of thunderstorms. He gets very destructive. I decided to try CBD instead of giving him dog Xanax which I have in the past. These are great. Instead of shredded and clawing at things he takes a nap. I still have to take him to the basement and put the stereo on but i’m glad he’s not freaking out anymore.

  30. Javier Montoya

    Awesome ?

  31. Willam

    Love these. My dogs look forward to receiving and it seems to calm my puppy and his separation anxiety down, when we’re leaving the house. A little pricey for the number of treats, although I don’t have much to compare it to, as these were the first CBD treats we’ve tried.

  32. Amie Koeller

    Splitting this bag between our two pups means the bag is going faster than expected and that’s the only reason I have to give for 4 stars instead of 5. So far our little pup with anxiety about everything has been barking less and a bit more relaxed. Our bug pup is deaf and there is a lot of anxiety that goes along with that naturally and she has been more playful and less anxious as well. Will be getting more and hope to see continued improvements!

  33. Serina

    My dogs love these! I give them each a half at night. They are both seniors, and I definitely notice that they sleep better when they get these treats. They are more restless when we run out. Will continue purchasing from Cured as I believe their products are top-of-the-market!

  34. Maya Casanova

    My ONLY change would be for here to be more treats in each bag. My dog LOVES these and they have made a HUGE improvement in her mobility and pain management!!

  35. Amy Williams

    We have been giving these to out 7 year old doggo for about one month. He had previously been taking Prozac to help with anxiety. So far, I don’t see a major difference in his personality/ attitude since switching him (which is a good thing! He is responding just as well to the treats as he was his meds). He is about 85 lbs, and gets one full treat in the morning before I go to work. If he seems especially anxious (if it’s raining for example), I’ll give him another half in the evening. He always looks forward to this morning treat 🙂

  36. Tara

    My puppy loves the treats, and I feel better about locking her in the crate for a few hours in the morning when I give her half of one. She doesn’t cry as long and goes to sleep until somebody comes home!!

  37. Maya Casanova

    My dog LOVES these treats!! And i love them bc of how much they’ve helped control her tumors and inflammation. If i could buy them by the ton or for auto delivery, i would.

  38. Allison Lincoln

    We are BIG fans of Cured and Beau our 10 month old Chocolate Lab is obsessed with these treats! We’ve tried other CBD treats but Beau never hesitated when we gave him these – also, they are heart shaped… how much better could they get?

  39. Chelsea

    These dog treats have completely helped my dog live his best life. Before he was very nervous, anxious, and would have accidents because of it. After the first time he took them he relaxed and was able to have a great time when friends visited our house. These will become a regular purchase for me!

  40. Skylar Durnad

    My black lab and australian shepherd absolutely love these treats! They’re older pups, so I thought some CBD would help with any arthritis pain and it seems to do the trick – highly recommend.

  41. Kathleen Postel

    Our puppers LOVE these treats! They seem to be helping with our older dogs arthritis and both pups look for them every night before bed. Highly recommend!!!

  42. Kathy

    My old furbaby loves them. She is moving around much better and even plays a little. Definitely recommend

  43. Sari Tracht

    I think my pups have benefited from these treats, for sure! Just wish more came in a package!

  44. Kristen

    These are great. I give my 11lb dog half of a treat per night and her anxiety has improved. The only thing that would make these better would be if they made treats with 2mg cbd for smaller dogs because the larger treats do not break evenly.

  45. Maya Casanova

    I can’t say it enough—we are SO grateful for these greats! My dog loves them and they are HUGE part of my pup’s régimen and what have helped keep her cancer/tumors contained.

  46. Andi

    My dog has arthritis that is significantly impacted by extreme cold – right now he’s getting two of these a day & he’s definitely a fan!

  47. Lauren Tsaftarides

    I have to be honest my dogs were weirded out from the treats at first because they are used to small chewy treats. These ones are a great size and crunchy. After they warmed up to these though, my babies loved them. I love them too (not to eat) but because they calm down my pup. He can be quite hyper and fiesty; constant go mode. I’ve noticed a difference from when he does have a treat compared to not. It’s a nice mellowing effect; not drowsy or lethargic, but more like a nice deep breath. Reordering to say the least.

  48. Erika Flores

    I got these for my dog because he suffers from seizures and consequently has a lot of anxiety which usually prevents him from sleeping properly throughout the night. He hasn’t had any seizures since giving him these treats and is noticeably more calm throughout the day! I will definitely continue to buy these, we have tried so many things and nothing worked as good as these treats did!

  49. Rachel Jenson

    My dog loves these treats and they have significantly improved his anxiety. The only reason why I’m giving 4/5 stars is because I wish they had higher strength treats in a smaller shape since my 10lb chihuahua doesn’t see an effect unless he eats an entire 4mg treat which is a pretty large treat for a small dog! Wish they were maybe 10mg so I could split one and give him half.

  50. searsvls

    My senior dog is very picky about what she eats. She LOVES these. I am giving her 1 1/2 per day. Fingers crossed that it helps with her arthritis. Either way, I know that she is eating a healthy snack.

  51. jntimbs

    My pups absolutely LOVE these treats. I’ve never seen them get so excited to get a treat. They each get half a treat (though I do wish we could order them in 2mg size instead of having to break these 4mg ones in half) and so far it seems to be helping with their anxiety.

  52. Darren Pikkaraine

    Our dog loves these treats

  53. Darren Pikkaraine

    Our dog loves these treats Got it for his anxiety

  54. Dee

    So far my GSD seems to love these treats (have only really been using for almost a month)! We give him one every evening and you can tell he becomes so relaxed after having the treat. He suffers from seizures, so we got this product in hopes it provides a little aid in reducing them. Will definitely be continuing to purchase!

  55. Elena

    My pup sometimes has restless nights, but these treats seem to be the perfect snack before bedtime to aid him into a more restful evening.

  56. livferiozzi

    My 11 year old dog suffers from severe anxiety and has seizures. We give these treats to her when she is unsettled before bed and it has been working so well! I am ordering more. She loves them, and we love how it is helping her!

  57. Maya Casanova

    I started giving these to my dog regularly after she was diagnosed with tumors in her back leg that caused a small fracture. Fast forward to last month, her vet expected to see the tumors significantly larger and to our HAPPIEST surprise he said they’re very controlled and have not spread. I know CBD has played a HUGE role in keeping her tumors controlled—bonus: she LOVES the taste!!!

  58. nikki.lacy

    I have a rescued mixed breed dog who has issues meeting new people. I give her these treats anytime someone new is going to be around and it has really helped calm her anxiety! I also give her these treats before I am gone for long periods of the day. She had never had issues in her kennel or separation anxiety, but I feel better knowing that she can be a little more relaxed when I am gone for 8 hours. She loves the treats as well! Highly recommend for your doggos!!

  59. Angelee

    I purchased these treats for my almost 14-year-old golden retriever who had just recently started having extreme separation anxiety. After speaking with the vet it was decided that he basically had doggie dementia and was getting sundowners in the evening. I couldn’t even walk to another room without him getting up and following me, which was not like him at all. We use the CBD treats during the day before I go to work or if we are going somewhere, like to hang out with kids, where I know he will get extra stressed. We use these treats every day and a natural melatonin supplement every night and I have not needed to use any of the prescription meds from the vet! We also use a tiny little corner for my tenure old Pomeranian mix who has diabetes and Cushing’s disease. It’s like a dog hospital at my house but luckily I am a nurse 🙂 I’ve used CBD for my own arthritis so of course I wanted to try something natural first for the pups. I am so happy with this product and both my dogs seem to love them!

  60. Amanda Telesco

    My dog was recently diagnosed with Cushing disease and was waking up several times a night to potty. I started giving her 1/2 a treat at bed time and we’re back to sleeping through the night. She loves the treats and gets really excited when she sees me getting them.

  61. Katharyne Martin

    So thankful for these dog treats. Has helped my chorkie considerably. She has less anxiety, and her joints don’t bother her as bad.

  62. Meghan.Wakenell

    My dog loves these treats! Helps to calm him down during parties. I just wish they were a smaller size.

  63. Luis M Otero

    My dog injured his hip/leg and he’s pretty old so he may be developing arthritis as well. I’ve been giving him these and he is back to running around like crazy. He enjoys them and they seem to be doing the trick. I definitely will be buying again.

  64. McKayla Manning

    I have a 16 year old daschund. His back was bothering him and he has arthritis really bad. I started giving him these treats and hes like a new pup again! I highly recommend these treats!

  65. Megan Higdon

    CBD treats have worked wonders for my dog with separation anxiety.

  66. Blair

    My pit bull loves these treats! We give him one before we leave for work in the morning. He has a bit of anxiety so we thought these treats would help. Looking forward to giving him one the next time we’re in the car for awhile because he really doesn’t enjoy rides, he gets so anxious. We are big fans of these treats!

  67. Sarah

    We got these for our new rescue pup who is afraid of going to new places to help ease her nerves. They seem to have been a really big help both in venturing out of the house and with helping her sleep through the night. It’s our first experience with CBD and reading up on it we’re encouraged about the potential for both our dog and many friends and family who struggle with anxiety.

  68. Leah Donaho

    I am only on day 4 of giving my dog half a treat in the morning and half in the evening. I’ve noticed she sleeps more soundly throughout the night, not to mentioned she loses her mind when I open the bag! She LOVES these treats! And what I love is that the ingredients are so clean and minimal. I am very happy with these and will be repurchasing!

  69. Lizzy

    My dog loves these! I bought them to help with her anxiety.

  70. Paula Rankin

    I bought these for my senior dog to ease her mild arthritis discomfort and separation anxiety. The treats are a bit difficult for her to chew, but I’m able to break them into smaller manageable pieces. She enjoys them and they seem to be helping with the arthritis and anxiety.

  71. Alex Marcus

    My dog has high anxiety with storms and any loud noise. Now that he has his Cured Treat everyday, he’s like a new dog! Love this product! Thank you so much!

  72. Jaclyn

    So far so good! I got these for my 9yr old german Shepherd that got diagnosed with Lyme disease. I got these to hopefully helps with the inflammation and with her just getting older. My dog is pretty finicky with tastes too and she ate these fine! 🙂

  73. Siera

    My two mini-australian shepherds love these CBD treats! It truly helps with their anxiety levels which is a win win!

  74. Michelle Landa

    I have given my little 13 year old Boston Terrier these treats for almost three months. The treats have made such a difference in her life. She has always been high strung, and now she is calm and I can see it in her face that she is much happier. I wish I knew about these years ago.

  75. Krystie

    Love these treats,helps with my dogs anxiety. She loves them!

  76. Erica M

    Works great. My 10 year old Irishwolfhound mix is having and easy time getting up now and after our walks, his joints do not seem as stiff. Excellent product

  77. Rachel Neal

    This product has been great for my dog with separation anxiety. I’ve tried everything you can think of to help with her anxiety and these treats have really made a difference. Not only that, but she enjoys eating them!

  78. Kristin

    I love to give these to my pup when I leave for work. I think they are the reason he doesnt bask or get anxious when I leave the house. He stays calm and falls asleep until I get back.

  79. Michelle L

    These are fabulous for my doodle! He has anxiety when I leave so I give him 2 and he stays calm. Love them!!!

  80. Martha

    I have two Corgis. One has early-onset arthritis and one suffers from anxiety when I’m not around. Getting my arthritic girl to take her medicine was difficult, and calming collars and other changes did not reduce my little guy’s anxiousness. I recently tried CBD oil for myself as I suffer from anxiety and arthritic condition and found it very helpful, so I researched CBD for pets and gave these treats a go. Both dogs are benefiting greatly from their daily treats, and getting them to eat them is not a problem, although getting them to settle down and not try to steal them from my hands is! I started with 1/4 a biscuit for each, twice a day, and right now will likely keep it at that level. Arthritis-pup is running all over, has her appetite back, and is so happy again. Anxiety-pup doesn’t grab my clothes or shoes any longer as I try to leave, and he’s not constantly chewing, either. We are so pleased with this product! All we need now is for Cured to provide CBD oil for pets or a cat treat. Living with Corgis can be a little stressful at times when you’re feline…

  81. Ky

    My 70 lb pitbull loves these! Give him one treat 2x a day and it has really helped his mobility. Also helps his anxiety as he is a rescue and is fearful of a lot of things, now I find him more relaxed.. Highly recommend!

  82. Allee S

    Wow, so my great danehas Wobblers disease and this is my 3rd bag of treats! She has less anxiety when I’m at work, shows little to no symptoms of her disease and is overall the calm Great Dane she was born to be. It’s like a treat for the both of us!! I’m so so happy I found these and will definitely continue to buy them! I even showed the holistic vet (she goes almost every other month for the past 4.5 years) the treats and she said whatever you’re doing keep doing it! So Cured has saved me hundreds of dollars on acupuncture treatments for her. I am so greatful for finding you guys! Thanks a million and sorry this is so long ! 🙂

  83. Amanda Telesco

    I love this product. I bought them for my 9 year old Shiba Inu who was just diagnosed with Cushing Disease. Mari had been waking up several times a night to urinate. 1/2 a treat an hour before bed and she’s back to sleeping through the night.

  84. tisburymae

    I bought these for my 7 year old Pomeranian who has struggled with anxiety his entire life. His baseline anxiety became worse after having a stroke a few years ago and he also has some physical struggles and pain from the stroke as well (right sided weakness and nerve pain). He’s been on prescription medications for years which have started to damage to his liver so I decided to take him off of them and try CBD. Within just a week of being on the CBD treats, he is doing the best he ever has since his stroke! He is jumping on and off of the couch (which he usually cannot do) and going up and down the stairs so quickly and easily with no signs of pain (he usually goes slow, takes breaks in the middle of the stairs and ends up getting carried). I’ve noticed a drastic decrease in his anxiety symptoms as well! I’m crying typing this because I has been preparing myself for him to keep going downhill and the possibility of losing him sooner than later. I can’t believe the drastic improvement just one week of CBD has made! I would 10/10 recommend these and will be keeping my sweet little fur baby on these for the rest of his life!

  85. Beth Ketel

    So Far, So Good! My 12 yr old, very active 55lb dog Lily has a partial tear of an ACL. It had really gotten her down, and I am not putting her through surgery at her age. A friend suggested I try hemp products. I did some research, and found Cured brand. She really enjoys the treats and gets them daily. She is able to trot around the back yard perimeter, which she loves to do…but was hesitant to do before. I believe she is not having the pain to the degree she was, which is allowing her to get exercise in her controlled environment. That is really important, so she can still walk, trot and enjoy her days. I will be ordering more.

  86. Juliaponce964

    I purchased these for our older schnauzer who was having a lot of back pain from arthritis. The pharmaceuticals the vet prescribed gave her horrible diarrhea. She loves them and appears pain free running all over and playing. Acts like she is several years younger and no diarrhea! So glad I tried these! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  87. Kiley Gasser

    I think these dog treats are really great. My pitbull seems to enjoy the taste and they seem to really calm his anxiousness. Will repurchase.

  88. Maddy Bolds

    My dog loves these treats!!! Bought them for his anxiety

  89. jackilynnwalls

    My dogs love them but I’m not sure they actually help calm them down or anything.

  90. Stephanie

    These treats have worked wonders for my nervous pup! I work from home and he hates the computer sounds and would hide in the bathroom, but when he gets his morning 1/2 treat (he’s a shih tzu) he is relaxed and will hang out in my home office with me.

  91. Chelsie Wood

    Best thing ever! I rescued a Golden almost two years ago. She was rescued from a horrible situation. She has been anxious since the day I got her. She runs around everywhere as quickly as she can to her next hiding spot. She won’t sit out in the open. She won’t go up to anyone.

    I bought these treats because I already had a Xanax script from the vet, but I was uncomfortable giving my dog medicine everyday. After 3 days or so I noticed her walk was slower, but she was FULL of energy. The opposite of calm, BUT I realized it was because she was less anxious! She started to jump on the bed with my boyfriend and I. (First time ever!!) She is playing more with my two other dogs. . Among other things! She has completely changed in a weeks time, and I am excited to keep giving them to her to see what a month, a year, etc. can do!

  92. Darielle Cooper

    Got these treats for my dog who is very high anxiety with new people and environments. She absolutely loves these treats. She’s a big dog so I also put a little CBD oil on it for some extra effect. Can’t wait to keep using these in the future!

  93. Michelle

    Bought these treats about 3 months ago and I give my 55 lb pit mix a treat once every few days. It helps so much when she is anxious and feeling separation anxiety when she stays outside during work hours while we’re gone. We’ve see improvements in her mood and she barks less during the day which we had been in trouble for from animal services. These help her relax and chill out more so we haven’t gotten any noise complaints since giving her these and we’re very opposed to a bark collar. She wags her tail SO much and gets really excited now when I specifically reach for this CBD treat bag. Highly reccomend and the ingredients are so simple that I would eat them haha. Check these out!

  94. B

    My pittie LOVES these! He has terrible separation anxiety, and these are the only thing that helps!

  95. Angel Vonada

    My pup suffers from luxating patellas and anxiety. We’ve been giving him the treats daily for about three weeks now and I’m sold, but I could tell the first day that they make such a difference! I love them so much, it’s like I have a whole new dog. These treats are unlike I’ve ever given him before. He has more energy, excitement, better appetite and no longer trembles when we are getting ready to leave the house.

  96. TinaB

    I bought these to help my dog with anxiety and sleep. He has a very sensitive gut and these had minimal ingredients and no fillers, which is great. He is 55 lbs so I gave him one treat per day. By day 3 he had hot spots that he was chewing on, so I stopped the treats and they went away. I am not saying these are bad, just that they didn’t work for my dog.

  97. Hailey Davis

    Was skeptical if these would work or not but am SO happy I tried them. I have a 130 puppy Great Dane with anxiety in social situations. I have to up to dosage (2-3 treats 1x per day) but they last the full day and he has a much more relaxed demeanor.

  98. Hailey Davis

    Was skeptical if these would work or not but am SO happy I tried them. I have a 130 puppy Great Dane with anxiety in social situations. I have to up to dosage (2-3 treats 1x per day) but they last the full day and he has a much more relaxed demeanor.

  99. Ryleigh Kobbe

    My brother has an old border collie who has lived a very active life running next to a horse for miles and miles. In turn, he has some pretty bad pain and instability in his back hips. He is also terrified of thunder storms. So, after a few months of watching him struggle with the stairs and panic because of all the thunder storms we had this summer, we decided to give these a try. He is a new dog! We were shocked by the results. He is back to typical playful self, no longer struggles with the stairs, and is so much more relaxed during thunder storms. In my opinion, this product is going to give him a few more years of life. It makes me happy to see him feeling so much better. The results were so great we are giving our other old dogs these cookies as well. I would recommend this product to anyone with an old or anxious dog. Not to mention, the shipping is crazy fast!

  100. Lexie

    I have a 1 yr old Belgian Malinois who is hyper as ever! He absolutely loves these treats and is more calm than he has ever been when he has them. These are a life saver for me when I have to study or get things done so he can just relax!

  101. Leah

    My dog loves them. Practically jumps for joy when we give her one. We use them to calm her down at the end of the night, being a pit mix she CAN be a bit high strung. Only downfall is price. At >$1 a treat, its 100% not sustainable.

  102. Lindsey

    Love this stuff! For my hyper husky, this really chills him out and makes long car rides much more bearable 🙂

  103. katebutz1

    Love these treats!! My Heeler suffers from arthritis and some anxiety. We tried these treats as a way to help her joint pain and hopefully reduce her anxiety to avoid further injury. The effects are very subtle, but she walks with more ease and is more relaxed overall. We love it!

  104. Megan

    These trips have helped tremendously with my dogs anxiety, after years of not finding something that worked. They have also helped with join issues!

  105. Casey Erickson

    My dog loves these she’s a rescues with high anxiety and I didn’t want her hooked on medicines! They are a wonder!

  106. Rose

    My 12 pound Dachshund and 20 pound Beagle love these treats! We have found they work for our beagle’s thunderstorm anxiety and our dachshunds separation anxiety. We give each dog 1/2 a treat when we leave the house for work, and have found they are able to relax and sleep until we return. Highly recommend!

  107. Susan

    My 11 pound dog gets 1/2 a treat twice a day to control pain. Other pain medications didn’t work but these treats have obviously decreased his pain enough so he can be more active and comfortable. He won’t eat them as a treat but I break them up into his food and he will eat them that way.

  108. Erin Cortesi

    Our two rescue dogs have anxiety. One is storm/loud noise induced, the other has severe separation anxiety. They have been absolutely loving and benefiting from these treats for the past couple months. We give them one when we are going to be leaving for many hours or at the onset of a storm or fireworks. They just seem “better” after their “cookie”. No one is anxious, they don’t tear up the furniture or scream as we’re leaving—they just chill out or go to sleep. We love the all natural ingredients and that the treats smell good enough to eat. We give our pups a half of a treat so they tend to be a great value!

  109. Allison M

    My dog is loving these treats! They are really helping with his anxiety, pain and appetite! I just wish they came in a larger serving because I am feeding him 1.5 treats twice a day and he’s a 75lb golden retriever.

  110. Alisha

    Truly helps! The pups are so chill, and much more relaxed after having a half of cookie a night.

  111. malotamegan

    My pup loves these treats and they calm her down!

  112. Maya Casanova

    My pup, my fur-baby, 12 yr old Rottie loves treats. And she loves THESE treats. And i LOVE that they help with her arthritis and hip stiffness. We’re on our 3rd bag now and if we skip a few days i can tell her hip acts up and her level of discomfort. I was nervous at first (even though I’d been taking CBD for myself for a while before giving her any), but this has been a HUGE game changer for her and that makes me loyal to cured and thankful for a wonderful product 🙂

  113. Kylie

    Love this product! Absolutely recommend to everyone!

  114. Maria

    My dog loves these!! She has major anxiety when it storms so I thought I would try these. They smell like gingerbread cookies and they help her stay calm during the storms!

  115. Julia

    My pup is very hyperactive! I originally ordered them to help ease his transition into our home when we adopted him. But now it’s part of his daily routine! And now part of mine! I love the mint oil!

  116. Courtney

    My Jack Russell loves these treats. He’s 16 and is almost totally blind and deaf. He hasn’t been moving well for a few months. They have seemed to help his aching joints as he moving around better. They are just the right texture too since he can’t eat hard food anymore and most commercial treats are to hard for him. Thanks!

  117. Jeff

    Not bad. Most of the bag arrived crushed so one treat equaled mostly crumbs. Some were crushed in 2 or 3 pieces so I was able to still give them in estimated doses. They seemed to help calm my dog when he was left at home for a few hours.

  118. Alissa

    I was so happy to find these treats for my dog. He is getting older and since having these he is able to get around much easier. They have also helped his anxiety for when I leave the house. I will definitely continue to use these for him.

  119. Emma

    My lab and I love these! She seems to like the taste of these and they also help her stay calm especially on days where it’s thundering outside or if there are things that are generally making her anxious. Love these.

  120. Kelly

    i love these!!! i swear by these CBD dog treats. my dog went from freaking out when left home alone and destroying things, to being able to relax while we’re gone and not mess up the house. she seems to have way less anxiety since having these treats. i give her one daily, she’s 75 lbs. it really has seemed to work wonders and i can’t stop recommending these to people. they smell delicious too, i could eat them myself lol, and you actually could because of how simple and natural the ingredients are. amazing product!

  121. Steven Eichberg

    We have a 14yo rescue who has heart issues and joint issues, as well as losing hearing and sight. I have been a cbd user for years and thought let’s try on the dog. The biscuits are super, help her anxiety, pain and sleep at night when she is even more restless. It works and have spread the news to friends who have older dogs as well. A great canine product

  122. Ron L

    My dog has extreme anxiety issue so I give him these treats to help calm him. I also gave these to my dog during July 4 weekend and the fireworks did not phase him. These are a must have for July 4 and New Year’s weekend with all the fireworks going off.

  123. Jenna

    My dogs love these treats it helps so much with car anxiety and I couldn’t be happier with this product. I do however wish it was a bit cheaper as we like to go on a lot of adventures and it can get a bit pricey.

  124. Leandra

    My dogs love these! One of them has bad allergies and is always itchy and these treats definitely seem to help! It also helps them relax and is the prefect treat before bed!

  125. Megan Malota

    I was skeptical at first but happy I trust curednutrition because these treats are awesome! I give half to my mini poodle every morning and she goes nuts over them! I love that they made with simple ingredients as well CBD!

  126. Taylor Lewis

    My dog is 6 years and suffers from arthritis, since having these treats in her daily routine she hardly seems to limp anymore and she can even play with our 5 month old puppy now. Not only do they relieve her pain/inflammation but she also is able to feel relaxed.

  127. David

    My dog goes crazy for these treats, she tore her doggy acl and these have helped a ton with her imflamation and stifness

  128. mcdx4

    My dog loves these treats. He can’t get enough of them. They have helped his arthritis too.

  129. Samantha Skvaril

    I’ve been giving my dog (adopted schnauzer mix) these treats for months now. Because she’s adopted I assume, she has verrrrry bad anxiety. She’s deathly afraid of fireworks so as the 4th rolled around it was a stretch to get her outside for her nightly walks. These attempts would result in her peeing on the carpet to avoid going outside. Her heart would beat a mile a minute and her eyes would widen. It was awful! However, giving her 1/2-1 treat every morning has helped immensely. I’ve noticed many behavioral changes from her as well. She’s pretty feisty (rooting from her anxiety) and she is also pretty jumpy. These treats, I firmly believe, are helping ease her anxiety and make her a happier dog in general. I will continue to buy them over and over again:)

  130. Brandi Hogan

    I bought these treats originally for my pit bull who has cluster seizures. Since taking (1) full treat at night her seizures have decreased tremendously! She’s only had 2 in the past 4 months compared to 3 a month. I also give half a treat to my yorkie to calm her anxiety and it’s definitely helped. So thankful for CBD!!!

  131. Tishna Lodi

    I have a rescue dog who has a lot of anxiety and these treats are amazing. He doesn’t like them taste wise as much as other treats, but he is still a dog…he will eat them lol. He is so much calmer, sleeps better and is less destructive when I leave the house. Thanks Cured!

  132. Jenni

    Awesome treats! Our 12 year old yellow lab and multiple other dogs scared of Florida storms are benefiting significantly. Thank you!

  133. Bailey Hatch

    I recently moved my dog into my apartment with me and he has been having pretty rough anxiety through the transition. These treats are AMAZING at helping a high energy dog like him relax. These will be a staple at my house permanently!

  134. Katie

    My dog absolutely loves these. With her separation anxiety, they are perfect. I love being able to give her treats with only natural goodness in them.

  135. Savanah Saylor

    My 15 year old jack russel was taking Prozac and pain medicine every single day for a year due to anxiety and hip pain/arthritis. The meds worked but she still had a lot of bad days and they caused her stomach to hurt as well as give her terrible dry mouth. So one day after watching Taylor Chamberlain talk about how great these were I gave them a try. Holy Moly! My 15 yr old acts like she’s 5! About 2 days after I started giving them to her she played with me and her toy for the first time in 5 years. She walks straighter, she’s more active, she isn’t scared of storms, no more pain, no more dry mouth. I’m about to order my 3rd bag, so it’s safe to say I simply love this stuff. Thank you cured team for giving me my best friend back ❤️

  136. Jensen

    We bought these for our dog who has anxiety. First time she slept through the night and didn’t wake us up at 4 am!

  137. Allison Malm

    I received this product a few hours ago and I already love it! My 4 year old golden retriever was recently diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma (blood vessel cancer) and his appetite has really diminished as well as some inflammation . I fed him a cbd treat, then 30 minutes later he scarfed down his dinner all in one sitting for the first time in a week, I could cry I’m so happy! I’m hoping more positive side effects are to come!

  138. Megan Winters

    My doggo loves these treats! Every night he expects his heart treat before jumping into bed. The only reason I am giving 4 stars to this product is due to the fact I think my dog (90 lbs) needs a higher dose to help more with his separation anxiety, and I just haven’t had the $$ to buy that much! Will purchase again!

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