Discover the deepest sleep of your life with our potent sleep formula.

FULL SPECTRUM CBD + CBN | Supports your body’s natural sleep rhythms throughout the night for a deep, restorative sleep state

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Definitely the best sleep aid I’ve ever taken. I never liked taking sleeping pills so this is a game changer."

Tia R.

I am very impressed with the [CBN Night Oil]. It provides a deeper sleep and relaxation effect. Kicks in quite fast. Wake up fully refreshed. Very pleased!!"

Mike A.

Frequently Asked Questions

While CBD is commonly recommended for general aches, pains, and mood regulation, CBN is widely respected for its targeted sedating effects (imagine the overwhelming comfort of a weighted blanket).

Each dropperful contains 15mg full spectrum CBD with 5mg CBN that synergistically support relaxation, stress reduction and improved sleep.

The answer is a resounding YES. All of our products have been specially formulated by our in-house clinical herbalist to be effective on their own or as a part of a daily CURED stack!

Did we mention, CBN Night Time Oil pairs perfectly with our best-selling mushroom and adaptogen blend, Zen!

With this powerful sleep support product you can experience the sleep you’re so desperate for without the nasty side effects (like a morning sleep-aid hangover) that you may be used to with OTC products.

26 reviews for CBN Night Oil

  1. Janice O’Regan (verified owner)

    I have been using the CBN Night oil in combination with the serenity gummies for the past 3 months and while I’ve never had a problem falling asleep, I did have issues with super light sleep and couldn’t seem to get adequate deep, restorative sleep. For the first month there was not much difference, but after consistent use for several months, I have more than doubled my deep sleep and REM sleep (I track using my Fitbit and Apple Watch) and my dreams have been especially vivid. When I pair my night oil, my gummies and some yoga nidra prior to bed, I sleep like a baby. Thank you Cured! ????

  2. Melanie Lanigan (verified owner)

    I bought this for my teenage son who has been suffering for months with insomnia. His growth has been affected and his pediatrician was zero help. I bought this oil hoping that it would help him sleep and it has! He gets a solid 8-9 hours a night, falling asleep at a normal time. Before, he would lay in bed for hours trying to fall asleep. I am ordering round 2 at his request.

  3. David Kasperowicz (verified owner)

    I got Night Oil for my brother who has had trouble sleeping and staying calm during the day. Since taking Night Oil, my brother has experienced deeper, more restful sleep. He’s also been able to better manage his daily stress with just one dropper full of Night Oil.

  4. mariaringer (verified owner)

    Night time oil is a game changer for me. When I get home from work, I take 2 serenity gummies and then 30 minutes before bed I use the night time oil. My sleep has improved dramatically

  5. Elizabeth Hyde (verified owner)

    For quite some time I’ve been using Cured Nutrition’s Nighttime oil (raw CBN) at bedtime and, because the result is consistently a really good night’s sleep, I’ve shared the product with family and friends. This is an amazing product that really does what it claims to do. Whether you have issues getting to sleep, staying asleep, or just want a consistent restful night’s sleep, Nighttime oil is for you. The flavor is pleasant, and the results are so good. As an added bonus, Cured Nutrition has the best customer service you’ll ever encounter – the products and the people make Cured Nutrition the only company I’ll ever look to for CBD and CBN products.

  6. Denise Morrison (verified owner)

    Best sleep in years! I have been using Zen for several years and it helped me get to sleep but I’d still wake up around 3AM and have a lot of trouble getting back to sleep. With Night Oil I fall asleep much quicker and usually sleep all night. I love my Night Oil and have it on subscription so I never run out. Zen was good, Night Oil is the best. Thank you Cured Nutrition!

  7. Mirtila Lovelace (verified owner)

    I bought for myself but use for my anxious, previously abused saluki dog to go to sleep instead. I should preface this by saying that I’m extremely sensitive to THC and 2mg will put me on a several hours hard sleep…. That said, CBD by itself doesn’t do much for me unless I use it all the time and every day. Enter CBN: I slept all night and woke up in the morning like normal, but fell groggy until the afternoon of the following day. Tried it again a day later, using only half the dropper and slept great again, but still groggy the next day. Tried one full dropper of this on my pups’ Cured Dog CBD cookies and they love to eat it (my other pup is undergoing chemo), and my super anxious one is surprisingly calm throughout the night and sleeps all the way through. It’s pretty great for them even if it didn’t work for me. 5 stars!!!

  8. kiley.fraleya (verified owner)

    Helps me sleep fully throughout the night but most of all it helps me fall asleep when I’ve had a long day! Will never go without

  9. psu186 (verified owner)

    I used to use RAW CBD before going to bed – once I tried RAW CBN it was a game changer- I do not go a night without using it- Best Sleep ever!

  10. Maria Burke (verified owner)

    I used to struggle to sleep through the night, and this has made the biggest difference. Ordinary CBD would knock me out too hard – I was taking as little as 7 mg but then struggling to get up in the morning. I have none of that with this – have been through almost an entire bottle and I’ve been sleeping soundly and waking up naturally in the morning! Obviously it’s not magical – if I go to bed stressed/anxious or have too much to drink or whatever I’ll still wake up. But this has definitely made a huge difference. My only complaint is that it tastes like cauliflower to me haha.

  11. ELIZABETH HANGGI (verified owner)

    Love the nutty flavor. However, I didn’t notice any improvement in my sleep with this oil even after pairing it with Zen capsules. Then I tried the raw CBN nighttime capsules with much better results. The capsules are also easier to take and pack while traveling.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Elizabeth!
      Thank you so much for the review! We are so glad to hear that the Night Caps are working for you! Sleep is key to feeling your best. We look forward to continuing to support you 🙂 – Brielle C.

  12. ava.linarte (verified owner)

    While it doesn’t make me fall asleep faster, I do notice that I have more restful sleep (aka I’m less tired and way more energy the next day) when I take it versus when I don’t. NGL I was pretty skeptical but it does the truck! Now I think I’ll try pairing it with zen. Ps it definitely has an earthy taste (kind of like the spice dill).

    • Brielle Carleen

      Hi Ava!
      Thank you so much for leaving us a review! We’re so happy that you are getting a better nights rest and wake up feeling more rested! – Brielle C.

  13. Kim DiedrichDiedrich (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few different brands of cbd, and this is by far the best. I sleep great and wake feeling rested. It’s more effective and priced better than anything else I’ve tried. Will definitely be ordering again and trying other products.

  14. Elizabeth Hyde (verified owner)

    The raw CBN and raw CBD are a powerful combination. Since combining the two (CBN for nighttime and CBD for daytime), I feel such a sense of well-being and sleep so good/wake up rested. I’ve not had even the first side effect and couldn’t be any more pleased with the products from Cured Nutrition. And, as a very important aside, their customer service is outstanding.

  15. brett.g.chesmar (verified owner)

    I ordered the RAW CBN NIGHT TIME OIL almost a month ago and it did not help. I have trouble staying asleep and the night time oil had no affect on my sleep.

  16. Danielle Lutz (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. I take the CBN oil about 30 minutes before going to sleep. I don’t normally have issues falling asleep, but I have issues staying asleep and not feeling well rested in the morning. This CBN oil really helps me stay asleep and I feel so well rested when I wake up. I rarely hit the snooze button anymore. This is a great product.

  17. Amanda Jones (verified owner)

    I use this every night before bed and it helps ease me into sleep, calms my anxiety. A staple in my routine!!

  18. Elena Riker (verified owner)

    It didn’t work for me. I use the pure caps and was hopeful that this would be just a bit better. It didn’t seem to affect me at all. They did give me a refund so that was good! Thank you Cured nutrition for trying to support me!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Elena,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We are bummed to hear that our Raw CBN Night Time Oil didn’t give you the effect you were looking for. We’d love to help you find another solution for better sleep. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime for assistance. – Ashleigh J.

  19. jkkitrosser (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to try this but after speaking with one of the Cured team members I felt more comfortable about trying to get a better night sleep using this product. I am going through menopause and so insomnia has been an issue for a while. This product without a doubt helps me not only fall asleep faster but also aids in a much less wakeful night. If I do wake up I can easily fall back to sleep. Five stars all the way! Thanks Cured team!

  20. Amanda Martinez (verified owner)

    I have pretty severe night anxiety and would go weeks without adequate sleep. I was taking Zen and this helped some, but adding this oil was a life saver. I’m sleeping through the night and waking up rested in the morning.

    • Customer Support

      Hey Amanda! We are so glad to hear that Zen and CBN are helping you sleep better!

  21. Shannon Kane (verified owner)

    Y’all. I use this every night and won’t go a night without it. I used the Raw CBD oil before this, and both work. But the difference is in how FAST I can find asleep with the CBN! This combined with Zen? Best sleep I’ve had in years. (Don’t worry, you’ll “get over” the earthy taste and soon welcome it, because you’ll know it leads to an amazing night of rest!)

  22. Alexander Duncan (verified owner)

    I have been using the nighttime oil consistently for a few weeks now and have immediately noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality! I wake feeling much more refreshed, glad I can get this on subscription 🙂

  23. abreu505 (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the raw nighttime oil. It provides a deeper sleep and relaxation effect. Kicks in quite fast. Wake up fully refreshed. Very pleased!!

  24. tiarose26 (verified owner)

    Definitely the best sleep aid I’ve ever taken. I never liked taking sleeping pills so this is a game changer. My fiancé and I stay asleep and wake up rested without the drowsiness. I also noticed less snoring from my fiancé because he’s in such a restful and peaceful sleep! Highly recommend this for sleeping! Very helpful and looking forward to buying more products!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Tia! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide such great feedback. I am so pleased to hear that you and your fiancé have seen such a difference in your sleep since incorporating Zen into your routine. We’re grateful for your support and are here if you have any questions on other products that may also benefit you! – Ashleigh J.

  25. Asja Lausevic (verified owner)

    I take this on nights when I’m feeling particularly fidgety and restless. It calms me and I’m able to fall asleep relatively quickly without waking up throughout the night.

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Asja! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I’m glad to hear you’ve found a solution for those night’s when you’re feeling restless and fidgety. We look forward to continuing to support you. – Ashleigh J.

  26. Tiffany Johnson (verified owner)

    I have been using the raw CBN night time oil for almost 2 weeks and I am getting much deeper, restful sleep. I have always woken up multiple times through the night and I no longer am. I am also using it in conjunction with Zen. I feel like I have so much more energy during the day now!

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Tiffany! I am glad to hear you’re loving the combo of CBN plus Zen and feeling much more refreshed and ready to take on your day. It goes to show how important sleep is for our overall wellbeing! – Ashleigh

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