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We’ve noticed major improvements in his sleep and his anxiety, he’s a lot happier and less stress panting. Overall, I love [Raw Paw] for him and it's so safe and makes me feel better knowing I’m buying top of the line CBD for my fur baby. "

Ariella S.

Both dogs are still very active and this seems to take away any twinges or soreness that they may experience now and then."


Frequently Asked Questions

Each 1/2 dropper serving contains 4mg CBD!

When it comes to dosing CBD for pets, the general recommendation is to start with 1-2mg per 10lbs of your pet’s bodyweight and then evaluate and adjust as needed.

Yes, cats can benefit from CBD, too! Simply adjust the dosing as needed.

24 reviews for Calm Paw

  1. Amanda Hail

    Our 5 year old Goldendoodle has kidney disease. Adding raw paw to his diet (along with his rx medications) has made a noticeable difference in his mood and comfort. His internal medicine veterinarian isn’t able to officially suggest we give this to our dog, but unofficially he was happy we were using the raw paw.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Amanda!
      Thanks so much for leaving a review. We are so sorry to hear that:( but SO glad that the Raw Paw is helping him!! Wishing you and your pup all the best! We look forward to continuing to help you! — Brielle C. 🙂

  2. psu186

    My pitty is petrified of thunderstorms- shakes like crazy- as soon as she sees the bottle come out she waits patiently and takes the dropper like a champ- 10-15 minutes later she is much more relaxed- still hates the lightning and thunder but handles it so much better with RAW PAW

    • Customer Support

      We are so glad that the Raw Paw is helping her with thunderstorms! And love that she gets excited when she sees the bottle 🙂 Thank you for your support! – Brielle C.

  3. Catherine Finkenstaedt

    I use Raw Paw daily in my dogs food. I find that with daily use their aches and pains as seniors are managed so much better than dosing them with Metamax after a long walk….instead they can take longer walks without pain the following day. Plus it’s a much better alternative to a chemical based option…so I take CURED myself daily and at the same dogs my dogs get their happy juice too 🙂 THANKS CURED for giving me an affordable option to help my family of three furries!

  4. Bridgit Montgomery

    Raw Paw drops are a great addition to my dog’s medicine cabinet! She’s almost 10, 85lbs and slightly injured her knee earlier this year. Whenever I notice her favoring that leg (usually after some excited squirrel/bunny chasing), she gets these drops. Raw Paw helps to calm her down and clearly eases her pain. Thank you!

  5. Rick

    Both of our dogs, Sydney, a Malamute mix, 8 years old and Tazz, a Corgi mix, 7 years old LOVE Raw Paw !! Both dogs are still very active and this seems to take away any twinges or soreness that they may experience now and then. They love the taste and look forward to it on my homemade treat !! Thanks

    • Ashleigh Johnson

      Hi Rick! Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review on behalf of your sweet pups. We’re so glad to hear you’ve noticed they enjoy the taste and have seen improvement in those little aches and pains that come up 🙂 – Ashleigh

  6. ariella.smith

    We’ve never used CBD oil on our 14 year old Rusty boy, but this oil does wonders instead of putting him on anxiety meds that just end up making him drowsy morning and night. We’ve noticed major improvements in his sleep and his anxiety, he’s a lot happier and less anxious panting. Overall, I love this for him and is so safe and makes me feel better knowing i’m busy top of the line CBD for my fur baby. Great product & will be getting the CBD treats as well.

  7. kritmiles

    I can’t say enough about this product!! I have two senior dogs, both rescue pitbulls. They both experience anxiety and are frightened by loud noises. Both are experiencing achy joints and inflammation, to the point of hobbling or not using a leg because of the pain. Both have had cancer. I have been giving them CBD for about 4 years now. I switched to Cured when they started selling raw Paw. I noticed significant positive results when I gave it to them. Both are calmer, RUNNING on all four legs with ease. Maggie is cancer free and Buddy we are still monitoring and I’m pretty sure it’s helping prevent more tumors. But, you do have to be consistent long term for this to keep working. Daily dose in each meal for both! Thank you CURED. My fur babies thank you too!

  8. Erin Parker

    Great product! I’m already seeing a difference in my Labs joint stiffness AND she loves the taste. I don’t have to hide it in any food she will lick right out of her bowl!

  9. Jessica Hoenigman

    We’ve used several brands of pet specific CBD oil over the past year but our 15 year old girl seems to prefer this one. We’ve noticed improvements above her baseline from taking the same dosage that other brands reported. Overall, very impressed so far. Great product.

  10. Sydney Enos

    We had our dog on Prozac, but we decided we did not think she needed to be on medication for the rest of her life. This is the first full spectrum CBD oil we have tried for her separation anxiety and it seems to be doing the trick.

  11. Carolina G

    This is the second oil I try for a pup that has major separation anxiety, aggression towards other pups and a bacteria resistant ear infection that won’t go away. I can see a big difference in her anxiety. If I didn’t go outside with her she would sit at the door and cry and jump but since I started the oil she actually wanders the yard and when she’s ready to come in she stands there waiting to be let in… no more crying. It didn’t do much for her aggression and her ear still bothers her a lot but it does help her sleep through the night where before she’d wake up whining in the middle of it because of her ear. Overall, I’m pleased with the results and will be purchasing again.

  12. Heather

    My dog has separation anxiety—so badly that I can’t leave him for more than 3 hours a day (he comes to work with me). After giving him Raw Paw, I am not only more comfortable leaving him alone but I no longer come home to him howling just after taking a quick trip to the grocery store. Very great product and I think the quantity will last me a good while. Love cured!

  13. Rebekah

    I have a corgi with some tight hips. I add this to his food once a day, and he is doing so well! I highly recommend CBD oil for your furry friend, and I feel like I’m getting great quality with Cured!

  14. Ky

    My dog had had high anxiety since I rescued him. Ever since using raw paw he is calmer and it also seemed to help his joints! His vet tech even noticed a difference in his anxiety. Thankful for this product.

  15. Ky

    My dog has high anxiety and gets worked up easily! Ever since I started using Raw Paw he is calmer, especially when we leave the house. His vet tech even noticed his change! Love this product for him and I’m so thankful for it.

  16. Rebecca Hance

    I’ve been giving this to my 14 year old doxie for 2 weeks now and she was having issues getting around and sleeping all the time but now she seems to be feeling a lot better and not sleeping as much and playing more!

  17. dess.garcia

    I love it . It’s been two days and my dogs finally seem calm. I tried another brand with a “higher dose and it didn’t work” I love it and I will be ordering as soon as the tincture is over . Thank you for making such an amazing product!

  18. Katie

    My 4 year old german shepherd has some stiffness issues as well as anxiety issues. In just 2 weeks on CBD oil I’m already seeing improvement in both of his issues! He’s feeling better physically and is more confident and relaxed!

  19. Cheryl Shaeffer

    Works great for anxiety on long drives. This is by far the best brand I have found. I’m also hoping it will work to reduce inflammation in the long run.

  20. Jessica Warren

    My dogs have done the best with this brand of cbd. My 11yr old pup is now acting like a pup n my 2 yr old now cane me left out when no one home. Her anxiety is no where are bad as it once was

  21. tessa.e.moore

    We started using this on our puppy for crate training and separation anxiety. He absolutely loves it and thinks its a treat! It has helped him to keep calm and relaxed when we leave.

  22. Christopher Yozwiak

    I’ve been giving this to my GSD, who is almost 12, for 3 weeks now and the results are amazing. He no longer has noticeable joint pain, his coat is shiny and soft, and he has been playing with the other dogs now. I highly recommend this product! Thank you Cured Nutrition!!!

  23. kristina.kazanas

    My dog loves this stuff! He always wants more. I started adding it to his dog food and he will eat it right away. He has bad separation anxiety so I’m hoping this helps him in the long run!!

  24. livferiozzi

    We add this to my puppy’s and my 11 year old’s food once a day to help calm their nerves. After one order, we can see a difference in health in my older dog and a difference in behavior in my puppy. I am ordering more! They don’t seem to mind the taste when it is mixed with their food or dropped onto a treat.

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