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Find Your Best Routine, Find Your Best Self

Finding your best self doesn’t have to be complicated. The quality and direction of your life comes down to the small, repeated actions you take on a daily basis. With time and consistency, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Your routine is your power, and nutrition, meditation, and visualization are the building blocks.


Your Routine, Your Revolution


We’ve all heard the quote by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Well, we would argue that you are also the average of the five thoughts and things you spend the most time thinking and doing. Your routine has the ability to move your life in a positive or negative trajectory. So, the question is: are you ready for a revolution?


Transforming into your best self doesn’t require a yoga retreat in Bali or a weekend-intensive mastermind with the trending business coach. In fact, three of the most potent ways to change your life are available to you right now. So, if you are ready, if you are dreaming of a radical revolution and self-evolution, use these nutrition, meditation, and visualization habits to find your true path.


Fine-Tune Your Unique Nutrition


When it comes to feeling your best, nutrition is critical. However, many of the mainstream diets and fads tend to miss the point and overcomplicate the big picture. Instead of ruminating over what foods need to be removed or restricted, ask yourself what foods and supplements can be added! The best nutritional approach is one that is sustainable and considers the entire individual, which means that mental, emotional and physical health need to be taken into account with equal consideration. 


To find your best nutritional routine, focusing on the state of your gut microflora is a simple and effective place to start. The microbes living in your gastrointestinal tract are major determinants of every aspect of your health. Read this blog to learn more! 


Instead of signing up for another miserable juice cleanse, try incorporating more antioxidant foods, reducing your overall stress load, prioritizing food diversity, balancing your microbiota, and mixing one of these five key nutrients into your daily meals! To supercharge your gut and brain health, pair our powerful Aura supplement with a morning probiotic.

Tap into Your Power and Presence with Meditation


There’s a reason meditation has flooded the health and wellness scene. Countless research studies show its efficacy with decreasing symptoms of emotional distress, improving insomnia, reducing blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, reducing overall stress, alleviating gut distress, boosting mental focus, sharpening memory, and even providing relief from chronic discomfort.


The good news is, there are as many ways to meditate as there are people walking this earth! Every style has its own perks and promises, which means there is no “wrong” way to go about finding your best meditation routine. Regardless of which style you choose, your consistency is what matters most!


If you need help finding a practice that feels right for you, try one of these three approaches the next time you’re reaching for your meditation cushion. To supercharge your rejuvenation and presence, take one of our Raw CBD Gel Capsules thirty minutes before you drop into your body and breath.


Create a Life You Love with Visualization


You are the architect of your life. So, the most empowered life is going to be the one that you are intentionally and consciously creating with your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. This isn’t to say that you should heap on the pressure! Instead, use this as motivation to find ways to bring greater joy and meaning into the ordinary moments of your day. 


You are capable of visualizing your way to an abundant life. It begins with finding a routine that boosts your internal coherence, taps into your creativity, and devotes a few minutes of undivided attention to getting clear on what you would love to experience. Start your day with a new morning ritual, turn down the lights for a bedtime rehearsal, or sneak a few thoughtful moments into your afternoon with a journaling practice. 


If you are the artist and your life is the canvas, visualization is the paintbrush! Use a few of our favorite tips to design your best self! To supercharge your creative abilities, improve your morning mental clarity with Rise and find your most restful REM sleep with Zen.

Your best routine will be unique to you! You will know you’re on the right path if you feel yourself moving closer and closer to the best version of yourself every single day.

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