Functional mushrooms + microdose THC for great relief without the high.

Ingredients With Purpose

CBD + MICRODOSE THC | Full spectrum CBD + microdose THC provides great relief without the high

L-THEANINE | Relaxes the brain without inducing drowsiness, improves critical attention, and enhances mental alertness

REISHI | Encourages healthy cortisol levels and provides stress support

ASHWAGANDHA | Supports balanced stress states in the body and promotes relaxation

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our Serenity Gummies are crafted with a full spectrum CBD extract meaning they contain the full array of cannabinoids, including THC, and terpenes found in the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids and terpenes work together to orchestrate a powerful cascade of mind and body effects. In other words, ​​the effect of the plant in its entirety is greater than the sum effects of its individual parts. This is often referred to as the ‘entourage effect’.

The answer is a resounding YES. All of our products have been specially formulated by our in-house clinical herbalist to be effective on their own or as a part of a daily CURED stack!

Microdosing cannabis involves consuming small, controlled amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), the two primary compounds found in cannabis. Unlike higher doses that may induce intoxication or impairment, microdosing is intended to harness the subtle effects of cannabis to enhance well-being and promote balance. Read more HERE.

The short answer is, anytime, anywhere. There is no wrong way to take Serenity. They’re your daily answer to fighting stress whenever it hits, or before it ever arrives. Need a few more tips? Click HERE to check out our blog on a few of our favorite microdosing protocols.

37 reviews for Serenity Gummies

  1. Alixandra Borland

    This gummy does not disappoint! I was looking for a CBD product that would help me relax in the evenings without alcohol. But also just help my overall stress levels and these gummies do the trick! I definitely notice a greater effect if you take one a little bit before a meal (as they recommend).

  2. Alexis Jameson

    Incredible product.

  3. Karah Van Kammen

    These have been a total game changer for my sleep quality. They help me fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested without any kind of adverse effects. With continued use I feel they’ve contributed to my ongoing anxiety management practices. I am on a monthly subscription with these and feel it is well worth it.

  4. Stephanie Kaiser

    These gummies are IT. The quality of my sleep has improved so much, and I feel refreshed and in a much better mood when I wake up (which is a big switch considering I was always tired and cranky). I feel noticeably happier and more relaxed throughout my day, and my body pains from my occupation have lessened too. If you’re considering buying these, do it. And get the subscription because you’re going to be hooked.

  5. ktlea1677

    I have nothing but great things to say about this product. I am a light sleeper and this helps with sleep tremendously without feeling groggy in the morning and helps me relax! Love it.

  6. Emily Moore

    These give me the best.sleep.ever. I pop two 30-45 minutes before bed, sleep great and wake up feeling refreshed!

  7. joeandleeta

    I have a condition called burning mouth syndrome and have not been able to find a cure. These gummies are effective to relieve the burning a bit and also definitely help me sleep. Thank you so very much! Leeta D

  8. Jodi Miell

    Love, just wish I could eat have the whole bag. Has greatly help my stress level and restful sleep.

  9. Danielle Robinson

    Helps me get a great night sleep!

  10. evygarcia

    Helps me wind down before bed. Follow with a night cap about an hour later.

  11. Ellen Sparks

    Love these products. I’ve used the Serenity gummies and the night caps. I take 2 gummies a few hours before bed just to relax. Then the night capsules an hour before bed. Game changer! This last year has been the most stressful of my life and these have helped so much!

  12. Sheleena Loch

    These have been so helpful in more journey of trying to get my stress and anxiety under control. They help my mind and body relax and are really good for sleep. The clementine flavor is my favorite.

  13. steph.walker917

    Just recently discovered these Serenity gummies because of a fitness influencer I follow. I had been feeling stressed lately with work and for some reason it was affecting me more than normal. Hearing about these happened right at the right time. I find that if I take 1 I am level headed and don’t let things get to me as easily. Wasn’t sure 1 was enough the first time so I did 2 the next day, ha ha 2 was not the right choice to make for me at 9am on a Friday. Lesson learned. Lol I signed up for the subscription service so I don’t need to worry about not having them.

  14. Caleigh Bertolaccini

    I absolutely love these gummies!! A few months ago I was struggling really hard with anxiety and these gummies calm me down so well! They are a life saver for me! The best way for me to describe how these work for me is just to say that they “mellow” me out. I take one before bed every night and sleep really well! I also fall asleep quickly. Having one in my system helps me the next day as well! These really have been the best fit me!

  15. Shannon Lee

    These are daily for me now!! First time I took I wasn’t a fan but I kept hearing reviews about them and gave another try. I have taken every night for about 6 months now, I’m hooked!!!!!! Destresser !! And better night sleeps!!

  16. Teresa Peters

    Tested them out today for real because I was in such a funk, getting tense about everything and just feeling crabby. I can say that the day got better. Most of my angst melted away. Glad I got two bags because I’m sending one with my husband on his trip and still want some for me.

  17. Chelsea Rider

    These gummies are IT. After a hard day of work, a strenuous workout, or when my mind won’t shut off when I’m trying to sleep, it’s Serenity to the rescue. I prefer the passion flower, the clementine are a but too astringent for me, but if that’s all they had I would still get them, they are that awesome.

  18. Dootsie Williams

    I love the Serenity Gummies! Especially the Clementine. They are delicious. The other flavor I’m not as fond of . Perfect to take the edge off without being too much . I try to watch my sugar, so I rinse the sugar granules off the gummies before I eat them . you might want to make some of the gummies without the sugar in top for people watching sugar. I will continue to buy this product .

  19. Ashleigh Johnson

    Serenity Gummies are truly *one of a kind*. I have tried every CURED product and they have changed my life but, these just might take the cake for my favorite. Highly recommend.

  20. Christopher Golin

    These gummies a great. I take 2 after dinner every night. The relaxation and great sleep that follows is a huge part of stress relief after a long day of work and workouts. And not feeling groggy the next morning is the icing on the cake. The taste is fine, I prefer clementine over passion fruit.

  21. Christine Cwiklo

    Wow. I am completely shocked at how well these gummies work. Both my husband and I have noticed improved sleep, a major improvement in generalized body aches and pains, and improved mood since taking these. I have tried every other gummy available with no improvement in anxiety, pain, or sleep. These gummies are hands down the most effective I have ever tried. I highly recommend these, and we will be purchasing them again.

  22. Maria Burke

    Honestly wasn’t sure about these at first. But recently I’ve started taking one every morning and have noticed a huge improvement in my anxiety and OCD tendencies. I feel overall better able to handle everyday stressors and triggers with taking this. (Note that I am not on and have never taken medication so am in no way suggesting that this be a replacement for meds for those who need them.) One is enough for me for everyday – I reserve the second one for particularly stressful days.

    I’ve only tried the clementine flavor but it tastes more like grapefruit to me. It’s not bad but it does have a very distinctive bitter aftertaste. Perhaps I’ll try the passionfruit next. Regardless, I see myself continuing to purchase these!

  23. Whitney Allerheiligen

    I got the passion fruit flavor. I will have to say, they have a little bit to them. Haha Next time, I want to try the clementine. I do enjoy the way they help me relax as I head off to bed. I can feel my body winding down. I’m also looking to try a Zen or night cap with them.

  24. Jessica Smith

    Love! These have become a staple for me. I suffer from PPMD and these help me control my emotions and temper during those 2 weeks.

  25. Jessica Smith

    Love! These have become a staple for me. I suffer from PPMD and these help me control my emotions and temper during those two weeks.

  26. Hieimora

    Thank you! I came across these through Nikki Blackketter and I am so grateful for having these in my life. The amount of stress and chaos that keeps pounding was taking its toll on me. I went from a sample to essential. The peace has returned within me.

  27. Monica Dieterly

    I tried the clementine gummies for the first time this past month, and I can honestly say this is the first CBD gummy I have had that truly WORKS. I am looking forward to trying the passionfruit flavor – I did find the taste of clementine to be a bit strong, but that wasn’t unexpected seeing that it’s a quality CBD product.

    • Customer Support

      Hey Monica!
      Thanks so much for leaving a review! We are SO glad that the gummies work for you! They truly are amazing and we look forward to continuing to help you feel your best!! — Brielle C.

  28. k.teague216

    These gummies really help me wind down at the end of the day. I usually use them at night but I suppose they would be good for any time of day. They help me feel less anxious and I can relax and decompress from a stressful day. I’ve tried both flavors and both are yummy. I’m excited to try more products from them.

  29. Amy Olsen

    Fantastic products! I love the Serenity gummies and Zen. I have confidence in these products and love the work this company puts into developing a quality product. Customer service is excellent too.

    • Customer Support

      Hey Amy!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! We are so glad that you are loving the gummies and Zen! We appreciate you and look forward to continuing to support you 🙂
      — Brielle C.

  30. Lisa Glut

    These are AMAZING. I have taken just one gummy about an hour before bed and it has made a HUGE impact on my sleep quality. My deep sleep and REM sleep has almost doubled. I actually wake up feeling like I slept rather than tossed and turned all night. They don’t “knock me out”, rather they relax me so much that I am just so chilled out that I am ready for sleep. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I’m able to fall back asleep without issue. After trying a few nights, I immediately ordered a bag!

  31. Lyntavia Hairston

    I gave these 5 stars because the effects are phenomenal. I read another review about the taste, and I’d have to agree that it’s a little bitter at first, but it’s definitely not unbearable. Plus, I was always taught that what’s good for you isn’t supposed to taste great all the time. I noticed my sleep better, anxiety less, and I believe it’s helping in other ways too. I will order again once these run out.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Lyntavia!
      Thank you for the review and we appreciate your feedback! We are so glad to hear that you are loving the gummies! They are great for getting a better night’s rest, reducing your anxiety and stress! We look forward to continuing to support you! – brielle c.

  32. Jennifer Hunter

    The afternoons are the time when I struggle the most with anxiety. These gummies help SO much! Now I can end the day with a sense of calm and stay relaxed enough to get a good night sleep. And no residual blah feeling in the morning. Thank you so much for this amazing product!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Jennifer!
      Thanks for leaving us a review! We are so glad to hear that the gummies are helping you with your anxiety and getting you through the rest of the day! We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to help you feel your best!! – Brielle C. 🙂

  33. psu186

    ”HEAVEN” I had to double check my sleep tracker to make sure it was recoding correctly!!! I thought RAW CBN was good but these are next level! And they taste good :+)
    Thanks Cured for continuing to put out quality products that we can depend on.

    • Customer Support

      Thank you so much for the amazing review! We are so happy to hear that, and we appreciate you and your support so much!
      Looking forward to continuing to support you! – Brielle C. 🙂

  34. Brandy Lazzara

    These are amazing! I started with a half during a stressful day and felt confident that that was a good afternoon dose. I now mostly take 2 at night and fall asleep so fast and STAY asleep! My sleep scores have been so good even when I think I slept bad. I only took off one star because of the taste. Pretty strong medicinal taste even with the sour sugar coating. That’s just my opinion though. Definitely a great product.

    • Customer Support

      Hi Brandy!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We are so happy to hear that the gummies are helping you sleep better! They are great for winding down after a stressful day. We look forward to continuing to support you! – Brielle C. 🙂

  35. Lindsey Gaines

    Absolutely love these!! These have been a game changer in my sleep. I have a hectic and stressful job and I take two of these the nights before I work and it has drastically helped me to sleep through the night and wake up feeling ready for the day. Totally recommend!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Lindsey!
      Thanks so much for the review! We are so glad that you are loving the gummies and that they are helping you with the craziness and stress!
      We look forward to continuing to support you! – Brielle C.

  36. Kaytlynn Hunter

    I really like these gummies!

    I’m not going to lie, I did not like the taste at first, but I loved how I felt! But after a couple you get used to the flavor, just don’t expect a sweet gummy, which I’m totally okay with!

    I’ve taken them in the morning, mid day and night. I love taking them at the end of the night, it almost relaxes me more than the CBN oil before bed. But their totally fine to take in the morning! Love these gummies!

    • Customer Support

      Hi Kaytlynn!
      Thanks so much for the review! We appreciate your feedback and are glad that you are loving them! They are great for any time of day, but I also love taking them to wind down at night!
      We look forward to continuing to support you. – Brielle C. 🙂

  37. Angela Myers

    Tiny but powerful! These are a game changer for relaxation, unwinding, and truly finding serenity in the chaos. I take one ~30 minutes before bed along with Zen and one of the Night Capsules. *chefs kiss – you will have the best nights sleep of your life.

    • Customer Support

      So happy to hear this! We appreciate you and your support, thank you so much!
      – Brielle C

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